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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 4, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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at the mountain source. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> one meter away. i'll never take my life for granted. >> i could see one man at the front on the ground with a pool of blood forming. >> i look over and opposite is in guy is throwing a table at somebody. >> this is our city. we will never let these cowards win. >> defiance tonight in london in the face of great tragedy. complete strangers helping out those in need. good evening. i'm eric thomas. and tonight we are following new developments after that deadly terror attack one night ago. british police have arrested 12 people, including seven women in east london today. their arrests follow authorities shooting and killing the three terrorists suspected of ramming a van into people along london bridge, and stabbing others at the borough market a short
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distance away. the death toll stands at seven. 36 victims remain hospitalized. 21 of them are in critical condition. this is a live look right now from near london bridge. it is monday morning there. abc news reporter ariel reshev has our story from london. >> reporter: a saturday evening shattered by brutal acts of terror. >> we heard a crash almost. >> a big loud noise. >> a lot of loud noises. >> reporter: a white van veering into a crowd on the london bridge, mowing over helpless pedestrian. >> and some guy come around the corner, run, run, run, they got blades, they've got knives. they're going stab you. they're terrorists. run! >> reporter: three suspects taking off on foot toward the borough market, stabbing people at random. >> it's indescribable the state they were in. you never think you're going to see something like that. >> reporter: harrowing eyewitness accounts. strangers standing up to the attacker, trying to deter disaster. >> terrorist, cowards. oy. and i picked up a chair. i was throwing at them, trying
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to get them to chase me so i could get my hands to get them away to where the police could see them and obviously take them down. >> police unleashing 50 rounds, killing the three suspects, all wearing fake explosive belts. authorities raiding residential areas of london, looking to root out any possible accomplices. >> work is ongoing to understand more about them, about their connections and in fact whether they were assist order supported by anyone else. >> prime minister theresa may condemning the violence. >> question not and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. things need to change. >> the mayor of london trying to reassure residents. >> londonlers see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. no reason to be alarmed. >> and to restore some normalcy to a city shaken but resilient. this was the third terror attack in the uk since march, the second in just two weeks. a village legal be held for the victims on monday.
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ariel reshev, abc news, london. tonight the empire state building in new york city went black in honor of the dead and wounded in london. some bay area residents who were in london last night at the time of the terror attack arrived at sfo today. some understandably shaken. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live from sfo with that part of the story. lilian? >> eric, bay area travelers we talked to say while they were not in harm's way, it still feels good to be back home bay area residents arrived at sfo after a trip that had them a bit on edge. these two friends from alameda say saturday night's attack changed the final hours of their time in london. >> we were actually planning on going to the bridge to take pictures. but we decide not to when we heard what was going on. >> she was in london convict family. panic struck her sister's home the night of the attack. they knew her niece was spending the night not far from london bridge. >> she went to a friend's and
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stayed at her apartment. she couldn't get out because it was too scary. >> the carlsons were worried that a terrorist attack would hit london during their stay. they had arrived in the uk a day before the manchester bombing which elevated the country's terror threat level from severe to critical. >> there is so much hustle and bustle that we kind of stayed back and always aware of what was happening around us because of that. >> despite saturday's incident, people with flights booked to london proceeded with their plans. >> i think it might be safer now than i think they're on guard. so hopefully we're in a good spot when we get there. >> agreed think about not going? >> not much of a choice at this point. yeah. hopefully everything will go fine. >> the people we talked to say while travel has its risk, there are no guarantees here at home. >> a reminder that terrorism is real. it could happen anywhere in the world. kind of hope and pray that it doesn't come to your home. >> back home with the threat of terrorism still very much on their minds. at sfo, lilian kim, abc 7 news.
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police used pepper spray, tear gas, and nonlethal projectiles to separate two crowds of people at a massive free speech rally in portland. the rally was sponsored by a conservative pro trump group. they clashed with an anti-trump gathering. some protesters protected themselves with made from garbage can lids. at least 14 people were arrested. our other big story tonight, the warriors 2-0 in the finals. >> the huge ovation, steve kerr just came out on the floor. and listen to this ovation. >> oh, yeah, that probably helped a little bit too. he is back. the dubs rolled to a big win over the cavs in game two of the nba finals, and the coach was back on the bench. >> it was funny in pregame. he said i'm not going win one for the gipper. i want them to win one for themselves. it was great to have them back. steve kerr announced he was coaching to the media pregame,
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having told his team. but most of the players saw it on social media. so the surprise was mute. but it was great to have him back. steph curry contines to prove why he was a two-time mvp with a triple-double, 32 point, 10 boards, 11 assist and the great use of lebron. 14 of 14, almost had a quad with 8 turnovers. kevin durant's 33 boards. unbelievable rim protection and a one-two punch that was unstoppable. add 22 points from klay thompson who rediscovered his stroke and that equals a win. in this best of seven series, larry beil has reaction from oracle. >> there had been rumors about his return for more than a week. and approximately an hour before game time we got confirmation that steve kerr was indeed going to return to the bench tonight for the golden state warriors. kerr looked good. he had to feel good after the warriors posted a 19 point victory over cleveland, and now own a 2-0 series lead. >> we got a really nice
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reception from our fans and our players. it was great to be on the sidelines again. that's what makes it so much fun, to feel the energy of the finals. so it's really nice to be back. >> it's always great to see. it was great moment for him, and for crowd and everybody showing their appreciation. to see him back on the bench was huge. the whole priority was his health. and i think he is in a good place right now. >> kerr is 3-0 this postseason. mike brown went 11-0 in kerr's absence. together 14-0 and only two victories away from another nba title. at oracle arena, larry beil, abc 7 sports. >> it was great to see, steve. we'll have a lot more from him coming up and complete warrior highlights and more reaction from oracle in sports. so stick around. we'll see you then. >> all right. thanks a lot. as the warriors delivered another big win, abc 7 reporter katie uteh shows how they
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brought their favor. she realized the dubs don't have mascot so she made two. >> it's so much fun. little kids, adults, even had a lady that was 80 something. >> puppet steph curry is complete with mouth guard. he and draymond have authentic toddler-sized shoe, warm-up leggings and jerseys. grinning ear to ear after winning tickets to game two. >> my heart dropped. no lie. my heart dropped. >> the nba cares program made oakland westlake middle school on a legacy school on friday. during an assembly he named all the players in attendance and their numbers. >> i call number 0, jones, 15. zaza pachulia 27. >> at 13 there is a wonder to being close to your favorite players. javale mcgee is really tall. really tall. i'm surprised by that. >> but maybe it's all ages.
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>> we came all the way to see steph play. >> the elliotts travelled from virginia to see the dubs in person. their sons who live here delivered. >> our sons paid for the whole trip. >> definitely worth it. i live life by experiences. so it's, you know, it's just all than. >> the experience of watching your team deliver. >> i think the warriors are going to whup the cavaliers. >> as the warriors head to cleveland for game three, you can catch it on abc 7. and fans can come here to oracle for a watch party. katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> wednesday at 5:30 here on abc 7. and before that join abc 7's larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry will be here in studio. shu will be in cleveland. tip-off for that game is 6:00. and we have much more warriors coverage ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a dryer ball.
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there. >> you go. >> clearly there is no age restriction to being a member of dub nation. meet perhaps the team's youngest super fan. and making history on top of el capitan. a california climber completes the most dangerous rope-free ascent ever. and the new week ahead will bring warmer temperatures first, and then a chance for some rare june showers. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast ahead. ♪ >> and later, one love manchester. a high schooler steals ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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horse in the santa monica mountains near los angeles. this happened after the horse got stuck in a ditch near calabasas. an l.a. county helicopter helped sheriff's deputies on the ground with this afternoon's heavy lift. the paramedics took the horse's rider to a hospital. no word on their condition. the horse did survive, though. an elise rote rock c just finished what many of his peers consider the greatest of his time, ascending el capitan without any ropes. national geographic shared this photo of alex honnold after he reached the top. it took honnold nearly four hours to free solo el capitan's summit yesterday. abc 7 talked with another climber who scaled the slopes with honnold in the past. >> it's beyond many things we've seen done before. it's a combination of very hard technically difficult things and without a rope. just the danger factor is crazy. >> some in the climbing community have compared some of
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honnold's feats to runners breaking the four-minute mile barrier in the 1950s. you know, there are no age restrictions to be a member of dub nation. in fact, we may have found the youngest superfan of the team ever who one day could be an nba star himself. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard introduces us to a youngster from san francisco who not only had the jersey, he has the moves too. >> dryer ball. there you go. >> that's 3-year-old miles krogh, sinking a three-pointer from across the living room. watch him do it again. >> wow! >> here is his jump shot. >> yeah! >> when he was just 18 months, miles showed talent while wearing a diaper. scoring baskets over and over. even rapid-fire tiny shampoo bottles into the trash. >> you got all six? >> now and then he misses and doesn't take it well. >> you didn't make one? >> the only thing miles likes better than basketball is his favorite player.
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>> steph curry. he thinks he is steph curry. >> about that jersey, miles never takes number 30 off. he wears it to church, visiting santa at christmas, and yep, even to bed. >> we're walking in past a speed limit sign that said 30 mph and he hugged himself and said oh, curry. >> i had to ask the doctor at the last appointment, when is an obsession healthy versus unhealthy? because he is pretty obsessed. >> and are you kidding me? with this shot, not even looking. how did you get so good? >> practice! >> you practice. >> not beside for a family who moved to the bay area two years ago. >> he's from texas. i'm from indiana. neither of us are particularly warriors fans, but we are now. >> and miles could be headed for the nba. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> in a couple of years.
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some east bay high school drama students got a dubs boost at tonight's game in order to finance a trip to scotland. the highline drama students have performed to rave reviews through the bay area. they're so good they've been invited to the american high school theater festival in scotland. the trip costs $28,000, and the kids have just until june 12th to raise it. the warriors held a raffle for the students at the game, offering finals tickets and a basketball signed by the team. we're waiting to find out just how much was raised. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and accuweather was a spectacular finish to the weekend. the clear skies continue tonight. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you a really quiet picture. the marine layer is absent. we have plenty of stars out there. however, live doppler 7 may have a little bit of activity as we go towards the week ahead. the reason why we are tracking a chance for some rain. take a look. the next seven days is rather dry. it's rare, but it does happen to
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get some rain in june. and it looks like thursday is going to be our best chance in the next seven days to see a few drops. regardless behind this system that moves in late in the week, it's going to rapidly cool us off by friday and into next weekend for temperatures that are below normal for this time of the year. let's talk about outside right now. a live look from the sutro towercam. we're showing great visibility out there. no fog many this picture. and with sunshine from the get-go tomorrow morning, it is going to be a warm afternoon for the new week ahead. out there right now, 50s and 60s the name of the game. 66 currently in brentwood. we're at 52 in san francisco. 59 the current number in san jose. so the call. overnight tonight, plenty of stars out there. numbers falling about 5 degrees from where we are right now. so upper 40s to lower 50s will be your starting temperatures out the door tomorrow morning. your day planner on your monday. take a look at this. tons of sunshine out there from the get-go. sun-up 5:48 a.m. quickly warming by 4:00, it's a
11:20 pm
warm afternoon. upper 80s inland. mid-70s around the bay and the coast comfortable in the low 60s with plentiful sunshine. highs in the microclimate starting in the south bay. 80, santa clara. 78, that number in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 76 for palo alto. 77 mountain view. 61 the number for pacifica. downtown san francisco mild tomorrow, 61 and sunny in daly city. into the north bay we go. bright and nice. 84 the high in santa rosa. 83 sonoma. 82 in vallejo. in the east bay tomorrow, 75 in oakland. it will be mild there. 77 fremont. richmond, 88 high in antioch. the same in pittsburg. 87 in con court. future weather, i want to show you the rain we're talking about. as we get you into thursday afternoon, a weak system will drop in from the north. try and bring us a light shower across the region. we're going to keep upping this as we get closer to thursday. you can track it as well on the accuweather app. let's plan the next seven days
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for you. it is warm and sunny on your monday. mild and bright on your tuesday. we're breezy and cooler out there on wednesday. there is that chance for some rain on thursday. behind that system, we are chilly for june on friday. look, that stuck in the 60s. but temperatures will begin to rebound by saturday and sunday. going back into the 70s. and meteorologist mike will have an update on the chance for rain tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. >> all right. next we showed you an al gate owner a golf course last nigh
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okay. you decide what would you rather face on the golf course. option a, this alligator spotted on a course in south carolina over the weekend, or this bear sighted in anchorage, alaska this week. a golfer and his friend were about to putt when the black bear looked like it might hold
11:25 pm
the flag for them. the pair made menacing noises but undaunted it followed them to the next hole, even grabbing a snack out of their bags. eventually it wandered back into the woods. yeah, i can see it doing the caddie part of taking the flag out. but not giving advice on what shot to take. >> the bear could probably run you down. not sure about the gator. >> well, it couldn't run you down. maybe me. >> that's true. that's true. no telling what you see on a golf course. that's why i go out as often as i can. steve kerr returned to the bench for the warriors tonight. what a thrill it was. for the players, coaches and fans gave him a standing o. steph curry was so motivated, watch, this he took lebron to have to travel from its source to the bottle?
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors seem to be on a mission to prove last year's meltdown with a 3-1 lead over cleveland was an anomaly. with today's huge win over the dubs, they have a 2-0 lead in the best of seven series which switches to cleveland for game three on wednesday. inspiration of the night, head coach steve kerr announced pregame he'll be back on the bench for the first time since april 19th. lebron james welcoming steve kerr back to the bench. dubs put up 40 points in the first quarter. kevin durant the loft to javale mcgee. great catch, one-handed throwdown. 29 point, steals the inbounds pass, throws it down. he had a triple double. second quarter, durant gets knocked down. still manages to make the shot. everything falling for kd. as good as the warriors playing the cavlalier, kept it close. third quarter, steph curry one-on-one with lebron. look at this.
11:30 pm
two mvps going at it. look at the handles by steph. james will be seeing this play in his nightmares. klay thompson hits the deep three. he finished with 22 points on 8 of 12 shooting. fourth quarter was the kevin durant show. going right by lebron. finishing the off-balanced jumper. warriors go up 18. steph finished with his first career play-off triple double. 32 point, 10 rebounds, 11 assists. yet he wasn't the best on the floor because durant finished with 33 point, 13 boards, 6 assists and 5 blocks. warriors taking a 2-0 series lead to cleveland for game three. here is larry beil with postgame reaction. >> steve kerr is back. klay thompson's jumper is back. steph curry and kevin durant remain spectacular. and all that added up to a 132-113 victory and a warriors 2-0 series lead. >> just trying to be aggressive and enjoy this moment, man. this playing in the finals. and the journey is unbelievable.
11:31 pm
and we want to keep it going. >> just trying to stay with it. we know this is far from over. we know how hard it is to be the best team in the league. so we just have to keep going. keep our foot on the gas and keep getting better every day. >> pick your poison. both have been phenomenal on the offensive end. they're doing exactly what we need them to do. in order to win a championship, they stepped up to the challenge and they've been playing great. >> they won the first two games. well get a chance to go home to our home crowd where we play well also. they won two games. now we got to go home and regroup. >> i've been through a tough time. but great to be back out on the floor and feel the energy of the finals. i was pretty pleased with the way our team responded tonight. >> game three is wednesday. game four is friday. both in cleveland. and who knows if there is going to be a game five back here at oracle. larry beil, abc 7 sports. >> you hate to see them lose the
11:32 pm
game. but it would be great to celebrate game five here at oracle. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, a little one-on-one with steve kerr, a little baseball, and we'll tee it up without a bear or alligator. >> looks like the cavs have to be perfect on both ends. >> but game three is always tough to win for the opposing team. we'll see what happens. >> thanks a lot. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, an east bay church rises from the ashes.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headline, british police arrested 12 people during
11:36 pm
raids one day after a terror attack left seven victims dead in london. another 36 victims remain in the hospital. officials have not identified the three suspects who were shot and killed by police to end yesterday's attack. violence erupted when two groups of drort drorts in portl oregon arrests arrested at least 14 people. a rock climber just completed a daring first, scaling yosemite's el capitan without any ropes or safety gear. northern california native alex honnold completed his free solo yesterday. at one point honnold had to cling to el capitan's sheer granite face with holes barely big enough for his thumb to fit inside. a berkeley church had a lot to be grateful fors of after they reopened after a devastating fire last fall that
11:37 pm
destroyed much of it. leslie brinkley was there for the service at the inspirational landmark near the uc berkeley campus. ♪ we didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning ♪ >> here there was relief, joy, commitment outlined in faces at berkeley's first congregational church, built in the 1920s. red balloons and red petals in the sanctuary were reminders of the massive fire that ripped through the hallowed halls last september. the damage so extensive an official cause was never determined according to the senior minister. >> both trauma and triumph. the feelings are really mingled. well can have pain and joy at the same time. pain to see part of our campus desolated. but so much joy to be home where we feel where we belong. ♪ >> there were no serious injuries in the blaze. firefighters were given thanks here as the replastered walls
11:38 pm
and refinished pews and floors glowed in the sunday morning light. >> it was a little scary to see the damage. but i feel really happy to be back. >> the young and the old took it all in. church goer martha anderson is turning 100 years old next month. >> everything about it was just better than it used to be. >> there was $9 million in damage. next up is rebuilding these church offices, something they hope to begin doing this fall. in berkeley, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a helicopter came to the rescue of an injured mountain biker on mount diablo. you're looking at video provided by the contra costa sheriff's office. a deputy secured the cyclist to a cable and the helicopter flew both of them to an area at the bottom of the north peak trail yesterday. rescuers believe this was the best way to get the victim to safety because the trail is steep and unstable. the cyclist may have suffered a broken leg.
11:39 pm
san leandro police investigators are working to uncover what led two officers to shoot and wound a man driving a stolen van. officers tried to contact the 40-year-old driver around 3:00 this morning on st. marys avenue. that led to an encounter where both officers fired their handguns. the suspect was treated at the scene and is hospitalized in stable condition. he is cooperating with detectives. in manchester tonight, some of the music industry's biggest stars took to the stage. ariana grande led the charge for a benefit concert in manchester just two weeks after another deadly bombing there. abc news reporter looks back at some of the best moments. >> joyous, defiant in manchester. tens of thousands dancing and celebrating, refusing to give in to fear and terror. less than two weeks after a suicide bombing killed 22 people and injured more than 100 others outside an ariana grande concert, the singer herself
11:40 pm
returned to headline one love manchester. >> i love you guys so much. and i think that the kind of love and unity that you're displaying is the medicine that the world really needs right now. >> and she brought along some of music's biggest acts. ♪ i am a champion >> katy perry, miley cyrus, justin bieber. >> love, love, love! >> pharrell. ♪ i'm up all night to get some, she's up all night for good fun ♪ >> cold play. >> the choice of doing nothing or being scared or just showing up and sing. and that's all we know how to do. >> the show took on new importance just hours after a new terror attack, this time 200 miles away here in london. >> last night this nation was challenged. and all of you were challenged. and you had a decision to make if you were going to come out here tonight. you looked fear right in the face and you said no, yes manchester and the world is watching. >> the fans representing a country that refuses to be held hostage or live in fear.
11:41 pm
lining up hours inside the so-called ring of steel, protected by armed police. >> you know you'll remember it, won't you, forever. >> it's great how we can all celebrate manchester. >> the show must and did good on. more than 14,000 free tickets were set aside for fans from the original concert. a show of support, tribute, and love. aaron katerski, abc news, london. >> if you want to find out how to help, you can find out on our website and our app, abc 78 perhaps the most emotional part of the concert was at the very end. ariana grande closed it out with "somewhere over the rainbow." take a listen and we'll be right back. ♪ somewhere over the
11:42 pm
♪ there's a land that that thatt of once in a lullaby ♪ ♪ somewhere
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people are gathering at the london bridge right now to reflect, to remember, and to carry on. abc's eva pilgrim reports on the heroes who stepped up to help during the stabbing rampage. >> tonight chilling stories of survival and selflessness. >> all i could see was one man at the front on the ground with a pool of blood forming. >> 19-year-old mark trying to help a man caught in the crossfire as police try to take down the suspects. >> i took off my belt and myself
11:46 pm
and the other man put the belt around sort of his head to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. >> and the man who took this video of terrorists inching closer to packed bars and restaurants, british journalist jeff ho, moments later trying to fend off those terrorists attacking a bouncer, stabbed in the neck but recovering tonight, according to his colleagues at the sunday express, who are calling him our hero. survivors recalling moments of bravery. >> people get under whatever they can to get low. i look over and opposite is this guy who is throwing a table at somebody. a heroic guy who saw what was happening and just bombarded these terrible, cowardly people. >> among the dozens injured marie and her boyfriend oliver dowelly. brett freeman stabbed four times, posting this photo. and waitress candice hedge stapped in the neck amid the chaos. londoners rushing to help. >> what was that response like?
11:47 pm
>> i think within 20 seconds you had at least ten people around him. >> taxi drivers turned heroes. >> as soon as i saw this genuinely i said i'm going to try and hit him. hoe was randomly stabbing people. >> a taxi cab swerved toward me. run, you have to run. they have a knife. that was eva pilgrim reporting. disabled service members are showing injury is just a word at the valor games in alameda this weekend. cycling, field events and archery are among the adaptive sports. the purpose to introduce attendees to adaptive sport and to promote adaptive sports in the community. >> i want to show other people that maybe haven't gotten -- i mean, i'm not very far there is a lot of people here that are farther on their journey. but i want to be able the show people that maybe are newer in their journey that you can go on. and life is out there. and there are adaptive sports. and everybody wants to help.
11:48 pm
>> the weekend valor games being hosted by the far west wheelchair athletic association. and it was a good day to be out and cycling. let's check in with drew for a look at the forecast. >> eric, that weather is going to continue tomorrow. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures. and then we'll track actually a chance for rain copping on later in the week. my doppler 7 along the satellite combined showing you we have clear skies out there. and that means it's going to be a clear night tonight. the upper 40s to lower 50s overnight tonight. as you walk out the door early tomorrow morning. and highs on your monday, take a look. 70s and 80s. it's going to be a really comfortable day. accuweather seven-day forecast shows we were warm monday and tuesday. cooler on wednesday. and that chance of rain comes in on thursday before cooler air will take over to round out the week. into next weekend, warmer and sunny and temperatures very seasonal this time of the year. >> seasonal. i like that. >> it's good. >> good. >> season. postseason i guess. 14-0. >> are you guys excite snirksd?i
11:49 pm
>> i am. >> i won't take that trip away from you. >> exotic. >> warriors took a 2-0 lead in the best of seven win over the cavs. and the inspiration came from the return of head coach steve
11:50 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> steve kerr announced to the media pregame he was returning to the bench to coach his team in game two against the cavaliers. he has been gone since april 19th and was so happy to be back. now he told the media before he told his players. but most of them saw it on social media and were stoked, evident of their play tonight. he got a standing ovation for the fans at oracle, and he told us all along he wasn't coming back unless he felt he could coach the rest of the way. he seemed good during the game.
11:53 pm
and i asked him afterwards how he felt. >> i felt pretty good, yeah. it's way better than watching the game from the locker room. >> you and have i been talking that about. and the ovation had to make you feel good. >> it's nice. the fans are amazing and they know i've been through a tough time. but it's great to be back out on the floor and feel the energy of the finals. i was pretty pleased with the way our team responded tonight. >> made some adjustments like they all do in game two. came out and turnovers were back in the first half. 13 turnovers. welcome back, right? >> yeah. they wanted to make me feel comfortable. >> but was it their adjustments or the team got a little sloppy? >> we got sloppy. they did a really good job of changing the game from game one. their game plan was totally different. and we'll watch the tape. but i would say out of our 20 turnovers, at least half of them were just i call them plays of insanity. so we've got to bring some sanity back to our game for game three. >> all right. steph had six in the first half.
11:54 pm
but ends up with a triple double. can't complain about it. >> we almost had a quadruple double. it's the beauty of steph. even when he is struggling through some turnovers or missed shots or whatever, he still brings so much force and energy to the game. and you know his skills are eventually going to take over. he's an amazing player. >> only three-point difference at halftime. but typical it seems like when you're sitting in the helm, you gather them back up, third quarter you put the clamp on. and that was pretty much it. >> i thought our guys just played with better focus in the second half. i think we only had six, seven turnovers in the second half. a couple of bad ones. but for the most part, we brought really good life and energy to the game. and we were able to extend -- extend that lead in the third quarter and get the job done. >> all right. you said you weren't going to come back unless you could go the duration. that what we're looking at here the rest of the way? >> no i'm done. you later. >> all right, steve. thanks for your time.
11:55 pm
>> his sense of humor intact. one of the most genuine human beings i've ever come across in that profession. it was great to see him become. all right. across the parking lot from oracle, the a's were this close to pulling off an amazing come from behind victory against the nats, but came up one agonizing run short. the rally skittles were out today. washington led 6-4, top nine. scored five more times. matt wieters, made it 8-4 nats. very next pitch michael taylor goes deep to lett. it was 11-4 nationals going into the bottom of the ninth. and then the a's rally. two runs already across. bases full for matt joyce. see ya! he brings everyone home with his fifth career grand slam. and it's 11-10. but the a's can't get the tying run home. jed lowry at the plate. fouls out for the final out. the a's score six in the bottom of the ninth.
11:56 pm
and lose 11-10. pretty much the story of their season. they host the blue jays tomorrow. hunter pence back. brandon crawford was 2 for 4. team trailing 6-3, he hits. crawford again, this time a bases loaded single. buster posey and brandon belt both score. giants take a lead. however, the bullpen can't hang on. after losing the lead bottom half of the seventh, michael franco, solo home run off derek law. two batters later, freddie galvez, same spot, second homer of the game. they're in milwaukee tomorrow. final round of jack's tournament, the memorial. jason dufner lost a five-stroke lead after shooting a 77 yesterday in round three. responded with a 4 under 68. four birdies on the back, including 17 on the approach.
11:57 pm
two-hour rain delay while on 18 dufner manages to drain the long par putt on 18 to hang on for the win. 13 under par for the tournament. and a handshake from the golden bear jack nicklaus. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. and as we've all been talking about, it would be great to sweep them, but i think local fans would love to see them win at oracle in game five. >> thank you very much. thank you too. thank you for joining us.
11:58 pm
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