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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, no bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning, thanks for joining us on this friday, september 9. i am matt keller here for reregular. >> we made it.
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did it seem like a long week? >> we were not here on monday. >> jessica castro here and alexis smith and hopefully friday "lite" and meteorologist mike nicco has a good forecast? >> forget the memo filling in for reggie you have to bring us breakfast every day. reggie is the greatest. >> now, a look at what is going on, live doppler hd is showing the cloud cover, about everywhere this morning get ready for mist and drizzle through 9:00, and maybe an hour later at the coast, and here is how it looks from the roof, swallowing the bay bridge, the day planner is starting off cooler, mid-to-upper 50s and we will end up in the 60 at the coast, 69 to 75 at noon, and 78 to 85 inland neighborhood and by 7:00, 50s and 60s and a few 70s. this your neighborhood, that is coming up next. all the traffic map in the vehicle fire in san francisco northbound 101 before you get to vermont street, you can see we have delays that are starting to
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fill in here and it is just before the 88 split a vehicle fire two right lanes. i am trying to confirm the fire, the fire department is on the scene calling for a tow truck with moderate damage from the vehicle because of the fire. the backup situation is coming up ahead. >> if you are dry the bay bridge we have new information for the problems the eastern span, the rainy day fund is almost drained. how this can affect you even if you do not drive on the bay bridge each day. >> yes, it can affect all of us. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the rainy day fund had $900 million when it was founded in 2005 and today, just about $67 million trends and that is far short of the $184 million that authorities say they need to complete work on
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the eastern span. the san francisco corner circle reports many setbacks drained the fund including leaky tower foundations and cracked rods and push welding and now the toll pays have to make up the difference. the metropolitan transportation commission said that toll hikes will not be necessary. instead, cash was allocated to improvement to all of the we toll bridges and that will be used to cover the costs. the rainy day fund is about to drop again with the program oversite committee approving a $13 million budget to caltran for the final nine months of the fiscal year. some committee members are frustrated saying caltrain needs to reign in expenses now the new span is opened for three years. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that caltran is seeking damages for botched bridge construction and they are also trying to limit costs on the tear down of the old span of the
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bridge. >> thank you, tiffany. the union for santa clara police officers say they are going to encourage their members to continue working 49ers game, despite the controversy surrounding colin kaepernick. the santa clara police officers union responded by saying officers could choose to not provide security at 49ers game. that was put to rest after the silicon valley naacp organized a meeting were two the police officers association and the santa clara police chief. >> the 49ers play the first regular season game on monday here on abc7 and our coverage of the espn monday night football begins at 7:00 p.m. on monday here on abc7. >> two bay area nonprofits have a infusion of cash from the 49ers with foundations that received money yesterday, and we spoke with the c.e.o. of the san francisco foundation. >> we are impressed they have
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decided to step into the body of work in a critical time. we are looking forward to working with them to make sure their investments are meaningful. all the statement they said we have chosen to work with the two organizations because they have a proven track record of affecting change in the face of problems and the reach to meet the greatest impact. >> new details on the san francisco board of education suggestion to replace the names of schools bearing the names of slave owners, the board president suggested that the schools like george washington high school be renamed because washington occupied slaves. he said it does not represent values schools should have and received national backlash. he has apologized now way it was received and wanted to credit a conversation and let schools know renaming is an option not a band-aid. >> a big name from facebook is getting into the political game in a big way. >> jessica castro is at the live desk with the story. >> that is right, billionaire
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co-founder said he is going to be giving a $20 million to help defeat donald trump. here is a look at twitter. he calmed the republican presidential candidate divisive and dangerous and is a hillary clinton supporter and announced the huge contribution while you were sleeping, and it happen last night on the web site but not all of the money is going straight to hillary clinton only half to hillary clinton and other congressional democrats. the other half will go to the league conservation voters and a group called "for our future." this makes him the second largest democratic contributor in the entire election. the story caught our tax because facebook is based right here in menlo park. >> questions. this morning regarding the fine against wells fargo and the big enough to have a lasting impact they were fined $185 million after employees opennen authorized bank accounts and
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credit cards in existing customer's names, 5300 employ is have been fired and 1.5 million customers were affected. that is a major victory for consumers, consumers have to be able to trust their bank. consumers should never be taken advantage of by their bank. >> they put money in another account. >> at another bank? the fine is only a small percentage of their around, saying they made $5.6 billion in net income. >> in the settlement wells fargo is promising to fire managers and team members with enhanced training and monitoring and controls. customers will see more documentations when the credit card politicians are filled out and a confirmation e-mail to customers one hour of opening an account. >> investigators digging for the trends of a cal poly student
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would disappeared 20 areas ago found items of "interest," in the cold case. kristen smart was last seen in the bay area 1996 and officials found items of interest at the first of three sites where the file agent are working on a hillside near a landmark on a hill above the campus. the items are now being analyzed to see in they are related to the indicate. >> you can see more san francisco police officers wearing body cameras, and every patrol officer is scheduled to be equipped with one by thanksgiving, and officer assigned to ingleside wore them recently and the ating police chief chaplin said they will be phased in over the next two months. the "san francisco examiner" reports the public can only see footage on a case-by-case basis. >> police are searching for a robber who took a purse of a woman at a shopping center after 9:00 on wednesday in a parking lot at santana row. a masked man came out of a car with a gun, walked up to a woman
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and difficult mapped her hurricane. she did not give it up without a fight and she was dragged as she held on. he snatched it away and want back into the scar. express not found the suspect. >> the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we start inland east bay neigborhood where we are 60 in antioch, and brentwood and pittsburg at 58, follow by concord and correct at 57 and san ramon at 53 degrees. as we look and we have mountain view and san jose, cloudy and 61 and san carlos and oakland at 59 and napa at 57, pacifica is 52 the it is cloudy at sfo so if you have someone coming in we will have flight arrival delays. i will me in 15 minutes. i will put it on twitter. beach are gray, and chilly, so we call it "fair." on the water it will be nice, and there is only going to be breezes in the usual areas but no small craft advisory and walking the dog it will be
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misty. san jose and 280 at 17, you can see san francisco holding pretty steady in the my 60s and mid-70s the next few day on the peninsula and we drop to 70 on sunday and everyone and going to be cooler on sunday after being close to average today and tomorrow, and dramatically cooler next week in my seven-day forecast. stick around. that is next. >> looking at southbound 680 through walnut creek this morning, not see the visibility shes but it is out there especially in the bay bridge and golden gate bridge so keep that in mind. on the traffic map getting you into the vehicle fire northbound 101 this is just before you get to the vermont street exit near the 880 or the 80 split, and this is in san francisco. the vehicle fire we got word from c.h.p. the fire department last the scene the fire is out and they are waiting for the tow truck and everyone involved is off to the shoulder. no longer a blocking situation. the red you are sighing on the traffic flow should end quickly
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at this hour. still lacking light from the central valley, too, and we will check on the drive times before 5:20. >> native machines opposed to an oil pipeline on sacred ground bring the forecast to san francisco. coming up a major form court ruling they are ready for today. >> if you plan on voting in the november election get ready for major reading, the huge boating guide
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>> happening today a federal judge is expected to decide whether to block construction of an oil pipeline that goes through sacred native tribal land in north dakota. you can see the demonstrators who show their opposition to the pipeline. on tuesday the judge hatted construction pending the decision. it crosses sacred tribal lands in north dakota and south dakota before it gets to iowa and illinois. >> there are treaty rights not having permission to go on the land to put the pipes down, and the pipe will go under the ground and under the river and it will contaminate the water. >> the standing rock sioux tribe filed the lawsuit. in they win in court construction will continue along an altarred right. >> tourists were stranded in cable cars in the french atens.
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55 spent the night after rescue efforts were suspended. another 65 escaped after be rescued by helicopters. >> we were there ten hours on the cable car. the cable failed at 2:30 in the afternoon and before midnight they got out out. it was quite an expense. the helicopter rescue failed because of the fog moving in. >> engineers blame high winds for causing technical problems with the cable cars and they connect the french and italian sides of the alps. >> early heads up for this year's vote are guide out of the mall box you may need to bring a spotter, at 224 pages because there are 17 ballot measures of the voters will have to make sense of the measures including the one that makes marijuana legal for adults. that is 17,000 words. of course the bigger the guide the more expensive it is to print and mail with the total
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cost close to $15 million. >> chelsea clinton is giving her first national tv interview since returning to the campaign trail and doing it on abc. show sits with everyone from the view today and former first daughter is talking about motherhood, the election and what it is like campaigning with mom. you can catch it on the view starting at 10:00 right here. you could soon be able to use free apps to watch tv rather than rent an old fashioned cable box. the fcc hops to settle the issue by the end of the month, the average household spends $230 a year to rent 9 cable boxes and so far consumers are opposed to use free apps to watch programs saying it opens the doors for thieves to steal content. backers say the knees of consumers should prevail. >> for matter how you watch catch the new season of "dancing with the stars" that premieres on monday at a special time at 5:00 p.m. try here on abc7.
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>> now, in the first look nasa spacecraft lifted up starting a seven year mission to a far away asteroid. david? >> in the "first look," with that, the chase is on. the target is the asteroid that is scheduled close encounter to take samples and answer some very big questions about the origins of life. >> we have done something amazing. >> it is a multi year five million mission to be a asteroid that could actually have a close call with earth, too. >> what we call a global killer. in a movie, bruce willis blows one up that is threatening earth. but the chance is 1 in 3,000
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chance of hitting us. more at 7:00 a.m. on "first look," for abc. >> there is a chance they say at the end, a chance of it hitting us? >> always a chance. we are just a rock floating through space. >> bleak. >> why are we here, mike? >> third rock from the sun is all i know. >> move on, walnut creek this morning where it is cloudy and becoming cloudy and temperature of 57 degrees. we talk about the moist morning, of drizzle that is identity there, the mist, and a little frizz factor in the forecast and extra hair spray. cooling trend begins on sunday and it will bring thunderstorms to the mountains for us, probably just more drizzle in the morning hours, the best chance of measurable drizzle is the next hour around half moon bay and pacifica and thin it is
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looking dry in the morning. temperatures in the south by at 78 in milpitas and 80 in san jose and gilroy is 85. 72 in millbrae and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70s. low 60s along the coast and mid-60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s to nearly 80 through the north bay valleys and upper 60s in richmond and berkeley and oakland and mid-to-upper 70s for the rest of our east bay neighborhood and the first pitch with the a's and marineers is 7:00. 83 in men and 88 in brentwood. lows tonight less cloud cover and back in the 50s. my seven-day forecast is the cool of the days are monday and tuesday, the days with the best chance of drizzle in the morning. >> no one knows how to shellac it better than meteorologist mike nicco so listen to him. you want to put center rod on your hair. we have fog on the golden gate bridge so reduced visibility in
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a few areas and maybe a little bit of mist the i had to flip my wipers on a couple of times this morning. ryville is filling in with no blocking issues this morning. it has been light and we had an early vehicle fire northbound 101 in the south side of san francisco but it is clear on the shoulder. westbound 580, tracy to dublin is the slowest spot, and only 32 minutes and we are in the green southbound 680 through the tri-valley and northbound 85 looking good in south bay so overall we are looking light. we will look at our traffic maps in less than 10 minutes. >> bart is helpsting up efforts to convince voters to approach a huge bond measure. we were in oakland as the mayors of oakland and san jose and san francisco road a train to san francisco in support of the bond measure with the money replacing more tracks and upgrading aging computer systems and fixing electrical systems.
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>> and asia curry is a chef and cookbook. >> their and will now have her own show and now another title to her resolution name, grand marshal of the grand prix next sunday with the official command to the drivers "start your engines," and it will be her first visit to a motorsports event. >> fabulous. >> next, seven thing you need to know use start. >> incredible rescues, after a >> incredible rescues, after a devastating earthquake in afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. who know it wasn't a day at the beach...rough it. unless someone got buried. to the fullbacks... gearheads... and those with green thumbs. to the sticky... the stinky... even those who get a little icky. to all the beautiful mess makers,
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keep it up... with delta in2ition plus h2okinetic, you can. see what delta can do. dive into delight, where chocolatey-goodness intertwines with 20% of your daily fiber. so magical it could have been called paradise of heavens. but it wasn't. fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. >> he are seven things to know before you go. number one, not korea said they are conducting the 5th nuclear test and evidence came from the u.s. geological survey reporting a 5.3 earthquake in the area of the explosion. the united states and other
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world leaders are condemning it. all the alameda county d.a. will talk about the charges following a association scandal that rocked several police departments and several officers have been fired, resigned or suspended related to celeste guap. a news conference is planned around noon. >> a roast is planned against urban she'd the law enforcement training event in pleasanton that could impact your commute if you drive in the area. protesters will be there at 8:00 at the fairgrounds in alameda. >> caltran said more money is needed to repair directs in the new span of the bay bridge with the rainy day fund running out of cash. your tolls will not increase but, instead, money will not be spent on projects for other bridges. >> speaking of the bay bridge a look at 9 drive right now the inbound side, on the upper deck, in problems, and a big difference from yesterday at this time when we had the police activity, but you will notice we have quite a bit of fog in many areas and you could deal with
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reduced visibility. >> i will track the fog and mist through the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. we will look at what is going on from the roof camera the trees and the flags are not as unfurl as yesterday and it is not so breezy our extremes are 60 in bodega and daly city and pacifica and up if 80s in brentwood and antioch. >> pre-orders for the iphone 7 are now available. price starts at $650. wireless head phones are not included. phones ship a week from today. >> chipolte is settling law lawsuits of more than 100 customers who got sick after eating at restaurants, the term of 9 private out of court settlements are not made public and they have been working do revive sales since the outbreaks ofest cold and neurovirus and salmonella made more than 300 customers sick. >> italian firefighters rescued a cat from the rubble of a collapsed hit in italy two weeks since the earthquake hit. the cat was found in good spirits and attempted to scratch
5:26 am
the hand of the firefighter who trying to pull him out. he was take ton a clinic. we have a federal 90 minutes of news including the struggle for home buyers. >> deadly train crash in spain with 9 information coming in as crews work to find survivors. >> the sent underway right now for this woman accuses in a local bank heist. ♪ sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> no more snooze but the done. time to face friday. it is almost the weekend. it is september 9. >> i am natasha zouves. >> and i am matt keller, here
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for reggie aqui. natasha zouves has been up for hours. we hope you wake up and getoff coffee and stick around because we have jessica castro and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco who is bringing some good news for the weekend. right? >> i try. we will try to serve what you want. money? >> money is nice. that is my job, too? >> breakfast. >> not making it rain. drizzle. mist. that is possible. here is a look at live doppler hd you can see how cloudy it is but inland east bay neighborhood where the clouds are trying to take over and our exploritorium at pier 15 you can see the clouds trying to swallow the taller building and damp through the morning commute at 52 to 58 and at noon temperatures are 60 at the coast and bright elsewhere, with 70s and it will be gray at the coast 60 at 4:00 and 85 inland and 57 to 76 at 7:00, so comfortable evening.
5:30 am
the commute hopefully is comfortable, too. alexis? >> only one slow spot westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass but slighter than usual. we are seeing friday light volumes using our speed indication at 21 miles per hour. in it were anywhere, any other day it would be 10 or 15 miles per hour. more drive times at 5:40. >> this morning a protest is plans that could impact the commute for urban she'd a huge law enforcement training event in the east bay. amy hollyfield is joining us in pleasanon with the latest. this is gate that is going to be impacted, open now, so it is not impacting the early bird commuters but later this morning they will close this the pleasanton avenue entrance to the ace train station and computers say they have been announcing it because they knew it was coming because of the
5:31 am
training exercise the 10th year at at alameda county fair and one person had to google it, a training exercise for first responder and protesters here because they call it a militarized war games and here at 8:00 to protest but law enforcement official believe it is fess for them to be prepared. >> we have to train each year because the skills diminish over time and we want to make sure we are sharp. we protesters disgrace because they are here officials close this gate and have everyone enter off of angela street. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. >> more on fall out after the underage sex scandal that rocked several believes, the alameda
5:32 am
county d.a. will talk about crime natural investigation. d.a. the hold a news conference around noon in oakland. the mayor has fired four officers. and suspended seven officers. other departments have had resignations and suspensions. all are believed involved with celeste guap a 19-year-old self described prostitute. we are learning more now of news that is putting the world on high alert, north korea claiming they have successfully tested a nuclear warhead and jessica is monitoring the reaction. >> now, what we are seeing in the last 15 minutes, the u.n. security council has called for a closed door meeting this afternoon. the house of representatives chairman is calling for a strong response and we expect president obama to address the nuclear test some time this morning. in fact, we heard from john kerry saying he is confident the
5:33 am
president would make a statement and i am look for an exact time on that. if you are just joining us, not korea has confirmed they successfully test add nuclear warhead that could be mounted on to a ballistic missile. this is the 5th nuclear test by north korea but this time around, even china is condemning their action. the test produced an earthquake at 5.3 and the entire world is on edge and concerned. we will have more as it develops through the morning. >> trouble. >> happening right now at least four people are dead including the driver in a derailment of a passenger train in spain. this happened in the northwest part of country. 47 of the 60 people on board are hospitalized. helicopters and doctors were sent to the scene. one car is off the tracks. the others partly derailed. it is believed to have hit the bridge and the train was headed
5:34 am
to neighboring portugal. >> in develop news from the central valley, a sheriff deputy is in critical condition but is expected to recover and this is after a shootout that left a suspect dead. it happened last night an hour north of fresno off highway 99. sheriff said that two deputies were responding to a domestic dispute calm at 6:00 and they encountered a man with an assault style weapon, opening fire, wounding a deputy and the second deputy shot and killed the suspect. >> colin kaepernick's protest news cause police to boycott working 49ers game. the police officers union initially responded by say that the officers could choose to not the provide security at 49ers game, but the chief said that was all talk and there was never going to be a boycott. >> it is politically motivated and i cannot play. i am here to serve the people of or city and that is what i an doing. >> he is the rosa parks of this
5:35 am
era starting a conversation that cannot be denied. >> the officers are going to show up just like they have done the past great yours and provide a high legal of service of a show of support during the oning game of the regular soap last night. take a look. that is a linebacker brandon marshall kneeling during the national anthem, marshall and cap were teammates in never, the latest not to stand during the national anthem to profit social injustice against african americans and other minorities. >> former 49ers bruce miller is expected to make his first court appearance hours after authorities revealed a disturbing detail. miller is charged with seven felonies including assault with a deadly weapon, battery and criminal activity. he used a cane to beat a man, 70 years old. the 49ers released him that day. >> san jose police want your help to identify a "person of interest" in the murder a
5:36 am
popular prefer. look at your screen, police want did speak with the man walking down sidewalk there, a front view, this video was taken near willow and first where someone shot and killed we the professor on july 28. he lived in san jose with his wife and two young daughters and his wife gave us the family photos and talk economics at foothill college. >> police need your help to find a bank robbery suspect. the photos were provided of a woman who robbed a united states bank branch. the robber want to the bank inside the safeway store on mission boulevard and handed the bag to bang teller and demanded crash. police say she threatened the teller with a gun but no gun was seen. it is not clear how much she got away with. if you recognize her contact the police. >> with all of the problems on the new span of the bay bridge the rainy day fund they had is almost govern. that means the commuters could be responsible for paying up to
5:37 am
$270 million to fix the construction defect on the eastern span. so far the metropolitan transportation commission said that tolls will not need to be raised for now and they are look at using machine they landed to use on improvements for other local bridges. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that sever problems need to be fixed including leaky tower foundations, damned rods in the bridge support, and welding defects in the structure. >> we hearing from the family of the eight-year-old boy who was bit by a rattlesnake. he was playing with a friend on wednesday when the snake bit him with no warning in concord. his mother said he did not panic, and when i got to see him he was completely still, very brave, very calm, but i am his hour so i could see the fear. >> his foot is still swollen and doctors have given him anti-venom. >> the popular bay area restaurant chain is now facing a
5:38 am
lawsuit. the san francisco chronicle is reporting employ ease of restaurant say they were not paid all wages including overtime and does now get proper brakes or sick leave and is seeing compensation for 100 works and the instrument has locations in san francisco, oakland and alameda. half of prospective home buyers in the bay area sent for homes in other areas of the country. that is reflecting how expensive i is to live here. the median home price is $800,000 and the average represent is $3,400 a month. at the love buyers thing it could go further in other difficults, seattle, mob tray, and fresno are few of the places that buyers are looking. >> your accweather forecast with mike nicco. temperatures in the south bay wake up to 56 in cupertino and santa clara and sunnyville 5960
5:39 am
and san jose 61 and los gatos it is still 70. we have 55 at san francisco, and novato and danville and 56 in alameda and lafayette and fairfield. cooler when you step outside. here is the hourly planner from oakland, 6:00 this morning, 2358, and lunch time temperature is a cool 66 with a sun breaking free and has been out around 70s in the afternoon. grab a coat this evening we will fall into the mid 60s as quickly as 6:00. now, around the rest of our neighbors, 80 in san jose today, and richmond is 67 and petaluma is 77 and an that rose is 80 and mid-to-upper 80s inland east bay neighborhood and close to yesterday, a little bit of warring today but why think the cloud cover will be so extensive so we will see faster sunshine, and 63 in san francisco and antioch and livermore, at 90, and then the next cooling trend begins, 60 around the bay, 70s as you head into the south bay and north bay and barely a few 80's. we have a couple of mornings of
5:40 am
pretty heavy drizzle possible. i will show thank you and the correspnding temperatures in the seven seven. alexis? >> it is filling in and starting to be busy. we did have the bay bridge meeting lights on and it is going slowly. aside from the car poolers, but they were flipped on continue machines ago at 5:30. changing over to our traffic maps and heading down to the south bay, a little bit of a delay there as you can see on northbound 101 between 680 and 280 split and further south from gilroy to the morgan hill area it is looking good today. we are friday light in most areas and the drive times reflect that, as well, westbound 4, antioch to hercules is 30 minutes. highway 4 to the maze is 18 minutes and highway 85 to the san jose airport is only eight minutes. we are hearing quote have a new problem in marin county and we will look at that in lows than ten. >> fighting hate in the east bay a big support a family is
5:41 am
getting after being targeted with racial slurs. valuable clues in a hole in the ground about [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
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>> all news, all morning, video of the aftermath of a high speed chase that involved the stolen cadillac driving down the wrong way on highway 4 in by burke
5:44 am
yesterday afternoon and the cadillac hit two cars and a motorcyclist going westbound in the eastbound lane. the chase ended near railroad and the two people inside tried to carjack others on the freeway before they were finally arrested. >> a community member in antioch are reaching tout a family targeted by vandals in a hate crime. on wednesday, the million cough cocktail was thrown again the rashon williams garage and swastikas and a racial slur were painted on the house. the family escaped injury. the mayor and city council visited her to show message. we will show you more love than one person can show hate. it is sad to say in 2016 the kind of act is still happening in our cities. >> new surveillance video of the persons toking the molotov cocktail. >> and now san francisco police are offering $250,000 to find
5:45 am
the gunman responsible for quadruple murder on january 9 of 2015 when they were shot and killed. police arrested and charge one person in july of this year but though believe more are there and they are offering a reward. >> today, scientists plan to set off a series of small explosions to see what will happen when anarch hits along the hayward fault the the u.s. geological survey will drill a hold in the ground and set up seismographs to see how energy travels through the ground. today, the experiment could help engineers develop buildings that will be door catastrophic earthquakes. if you like soccer, root beer floats if you like matt keller we have the event for you. >> two out three airport bad. the rootbeer float night and i promise to wear an aprop this is
5:46 am
a picture from last year, me and keith bruce the c.e.o. of the super 50 host committee and we with were quite the team. he scoop, i poured, and then we switched. check owe my scooper and gloves. >> dicking in. a lot of work. former 49ers center and women's national soccer team star brandy chastain are there making the floats sow can get in there and if you want the float come here. and the recommended donation is $5 with an a&w souvenir couple starting at 5:30 until the game starts at 7:30. >> it is tough work to dig out the ice cream. it is frozen. it is a good work out. i have to roast -- rest up.
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>> good sleeping weather. >> take a nap for a minute or two. but the stadium, that is just phenomenal. it is beautiful. levi stadium is nice, too. we are blessed. >> san rafael, you can see it is cloudy and temperatures of secretary degrees and we are looking south on 101 and it is looking good. fewer clouds and more drizzle and cooler next week. the highlights, and 60 miles per hour in fairfield keep up in the mid-to-upper neighborhood. in the north by we have mid-70s to around 80 degrees. from the south bay we will have upper 70s to mid-80s with san jose around 80 degrees. in the mountain view art and wine festival 11:00 it will be 73 to 79 where we top out on saturday, and 70 to 76 on
5:48 am
sunday. enjoy the sunshine. peninsula, temperatures in the low-to-upper 70s and low 60s along the coast, along east bay sure we have upper 60s to low 70s and around san francisco we are in 60s and a favorite at the chocolate telephone vat, the 21st annual, 58 to 4 on saturday. i will just pour hot chocolate on you to warm you up. cooler conditions on monday and tuesday. alexis? >> the roads in the south bay we are filling in. the typical spots are filling in with month major issues northbound 101, heavy here on that side coming toward us through the 880 interchange. we over to our traffic map you can see the red in a few of the busy areas. up to marin county southbound 101, we have reports of a crash involving a motorcycle and a dear and it sounds like the motorcyclist is okay but they are working on cleaning up the
5:49 am
debris. this is what amy hollyfield was talking about ace train riders later this morning at 8:00 a protest is planned at alameda county fairgrounds and gates are locked so use angela street. >> 5:49. the historic st. elizabeth's catholic school in fruitvale is closing for a year, with the student population drop because families have a hard time affording private school. it allows the school to set up a new program using a rain model, ten classes four day as week and work when day. it allows them, to earn some of their tuition through the corporate position. >> affected students at st. elizabeths are an sword by 9 other aid catholic high school.
5:50 am
>> marijuana is off the street because the marin sheriff deputies, with this photo of two deputies standing in front pot seized during a traffic stop this week on highway 101 in novato. the department said that the pot was bound for las vegas much the driver was arrested. >> this is not necessarily where you would expect to find a farm we told you this would happen yesterday and now we can actually show it to you the vegetable and herb garden at levi stadium. the farm is the first rooftop farm at an nfl stadium with 40 different crops to be grown here and cook the at the space. the company continueds a farm under the scoreboard at at&t park, as well. >> that is thai basil, that is what that plant is. >> bay area coffee company is helping make new discoveries about your morning cup of joe. all the extraordinary case step the f.a.a. is taking to protect passengers from a new high-tech
5:51 am
has arrest. time to raise a glass to california creative and you
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> welcome back. what do you think of this? there is national outrage over a mattress store commercial promoting a sale during the anniversary of september 11th. >> what boater way to remember september 11th than the twin tower sale all day long for a special price. whoa, whoa, whoa. we will never forget. >> how does this happen? the ad is off the air and you can see a lot of people flipped it off the tvs and it went viral. the san antonio owner is apologizing do all of the
5:54 am
victims of 9/11 saying he is disgusted his family member would make this. he said that they will donate 30% of sales this week to the 9/11 foundation. airline passengers can no long are use or charge a galaxy 7 phone with a warning of the new smartphones after phones catching fire during the flight the it is unusual and samsung recalled more than two million of the phones and stop selling them until it figures out a fix. >> three words: unlimited beer tasting. >> two words, i'm there. >> you need to go to sacramento. the beer festival happening today and tomorrow. today, you can attend what is 15 as tap talk and leadership about beer from barrels to hops, use nobel, favorfully and cold. >> there are beers here that you will not find anywhere else not even half the tasting room of the breweries because many are
5:55 am
brewing special years for the even. all the unlimited tasting is from 3:00 to 7:00 on capitol 345 btween third and 7th street in front of the capitol building. unlimited drug. in front of where we did all of ourbly business in the state. >> some i would say that happens all the time. >> more inside. >> in santa cruz, 58. the water temperature nearly 70, today and tomorrow and 63 on sunday. in the mountains are dark in lake tahoe. the forecast shows warmer-than-average on friday and saturday, and 80 on sunday. the western area they will close streets for a party. clouds opening, 66 at look, 71 with strong sunshine and breezy by 3:00. sounds like all kinds of parties, by, first, dark here on the golden gate bridge and we have fog.
5:56 am
a little bit of mist and drizzle. keep that in mind it could add extra minutes to the commute, before tiburon we have a collision involving a make and a deer clean up is underway and it does not sound like lanes are blocked. drive times at 6:00. new details this morning of the zika virus and how it can affect people's eyes. some people get red eyes and a condition that threaten be their sight. researcher believe it can live in tears. a study from washington university school of head suggests the eye can be a reservoir for zika virus. it is known it can be transmitted sexually and now through contact with infected tears. the next story, most people have a hard time stand on a skate before, right? not kyle, the local skater hold as terrifying world record. >> he is the fastest opinion ever to be on a skateboard
5:57 am
clocking in at 89 miles per hour. the previous world record was 81 miles per hour. he said he was an before the run, obviously, but calm and focused when he get going and wants to get up 100 miles per hour. how do you stop at the end of that? you cannot just put your foot at the back of the skateboard and press it down. >> glad he is safe. >> disappointment for movie fans in the south bay, the change that could be impacting your weekend plans. >> commuters could feel the impact of the construction problem on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> a name change controversy, san francisco's top school leader is rethinking a plan to drop the names of schools
5:58 am
i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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was mr. bonejanglesny expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. >> this is abc7 news. >> good morning, you made to friday. it is september 9. i am matt keller here for regular re. >> here to get you going i am natasha zouves, jessica castro
6:00 am
is tracking the major news this morning. we have meteorologist mike nicco getting us sleeping weather. all the weather is not conducive to get up and going, it is cooler and drizzle out there, and misty, but if you like, that head out and maybe a nice jog. look at cloud cover, it is increasing on live doppler hd, and around most of our neighbors, it is try to pick it inland neighborhood. from mount tamalpais it is early colors of the morning sunrise and waking up cooler this morning, temperatures in the 50s and as we head to 4:00, we will be 60 around the coast, and 75 an the bay and 85 inland and 50s and 60s and 70s at 7:00 this evening. enjoy a wonderful day. how is the commute is. >> wonderful all things considered. not through the bay bridge but that is par for the course. the metering lights are turned on at 5:30 with no blocking issues just normal volumes. the drive times all the way in


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