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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, wicked wildfire, the fast-moving flames threatening hundreds of homes. >> flames are getting higher and brighter. >> the fire doubling in size overnight, even seen from this plane. >> and the new challenges firefighters face this morning. severe storms, more than 50 million people in the danger zone, the pounding rain and the heavy flooding. high winds ripping off a church steeple. >> oh, boy, that was a big one. >> and giant hailstones in oklahoma. rob marciano tracking it all. new overnight, gyrocopter
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pilot speaks. what was he thinking when he pulled off that crazy stunt outside the u.s. capitol? >> at no point did i feel that it was not a good idea. >> and why his biggest fear never happened. and rock on. the new names inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> here in cleveland tonight, ringo starr! >> it's a beatles reunion, the best moments of the night, with an unforgettable jam. >> epic. really good. >> okay, good morning. much more on the beatles mini-reunion coming up. but here's what truly dominating the interweb overnight. the outrage at target. >> as rob calls it target. so much excitement about target's new discount line of lilly pulitzer clothing, plus beauty and home products, but
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when people went to logon an error message, twitter exploding in frustration. one of the stars of sex and the city even weighing in. sara will have much more on that. and whether there has been any resolution. i know you want your lilly. >> i can hardly speak. i'm so upset. we start here with breaking news of a serious variety, the stubborn and hard-to-reach wildfire forcing hundreds of people out of their homes in southern california. crews scrambling to put this thing out and abc's kendis gibson is on the ground covering it all. kendis, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan good morning. besides the morning fog, the smoke from the fire is all around us. an ominous sign. but things have improved in the over night hours. residents have been told they are allowed back in their homes. walk around and i will show you. the fimp was right there. back in a basin, feeding on dry vegetation that hasn't burned in decades. overnight, hundreds of homes evacuated as a wildfire
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threatens this california neighborhood. >> flames are getting higher and brighter. >> reporter: residents forced from their homes, schools turned to shelters. the fire almost doubling in size overnight. more than 800 firefighters from the local departments responding. listen as this fire department is en route. two water-dropping helicopters and two air tankers used to tame the unruly flames. which can be seen from state routes 71 and 91. >> the vegetation is so thick, it's creating its own weather. it's pushing the fire forward. >> reporter: rough terrain challenging firefighters as it spreads quickly, threatening 300 homes and already consuming some 300 acres. >> not only do we have the evacuations of homes, but we have large animal evacuations occurring at this point. >> reporter: the dark smoke and the bright orange flames even catching the eye of this southwest passenger on approach to l.a.x. and the closest that the flames have come to any homes right now we're told is within a quarter mile. these are some large properties
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still, stoo close for comfort for many home run e owners. paula? >> so many folks on edge this morning. kendis, thank you. we turn to severe spring storms hitting texas hard. even more dangerous weather are on the horizon. rob, i know you're tracking it all. you just told me that some spots just keep getting hit over and over again. >> paula, the stubborn pattern in place, now beginning to finally shake loose. that's going to expand the threat area. again, we had over 115 reports of severe weather from colorado, in through parts of oklahoma. where we had hail, 2.7 inches in diameter. by far, once again, texas was the hardest hit. developing overnight, more heavy rain. dangerous hail and damaging winds. for a third straight day, texas flooding wreaking havoc on
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highways, cars nearly washed away. did rising water pushing into yards and even homes. high winds ripping a steeple right off this church. in texas emergency crews rushing to the scene. and lightning striking down at dallas/ft. worth international airport, powerful bolts illuminating the night sky. forcing flight delays of 2.5 hours. winds gusting to 75 miles per hour, and at one point, nearly 90,000 customers in the area without power. in rocky, oklahoma, tennis ball-sized hail, pummelling the ground and denting up cars. >> oh, boy. that was a big one. >> reporter: and tornadoes reported in eastern colorado. >> it's kind of sneaking down. >> reporter: look at this funnel cloud caught on camera. in yuma. just east, kansas, an area pelted with hail and dangerous
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lightning. since thursday, 25 reports of tornadoes from colorado to mississippi. the severe threat expanding east sunday. it has already done that. we're seeing severe weather across the panhandle of florida, also through louisiana and mississippi and alabama. you see the swirls back in through oklahoma still. the expanse of this, it's going so break off to the east. let's break down the severe weather threat for today. it's still parts of texas and parts of the plains. the core is through the arlatex region. arkansas, the lower mississippi valley region. dangerous winds, large hail and maybe some tornadoes, too. tomorrow the shift begins to go towards the east coast, pretty much the entire east coast will be under the gun, especially from d.c. south to jacksonville. the same thing. gusty winds and large hail. we'll see some rain expand, too. today's stormy conditions expanding up to chicago and that will get into the northeast, where we see several inches of rainfall as we go through the next 24 hours to 48 hours. much more coming up in a few, dan. >> busy couple of days for you, rob. we know you will continue to track it. thank you. now to the mailman famous or infamous for landing his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn. he landed somewhere else overnight, back in florida. he spoke for the first time since his flight raised
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questions about security in washington, d.c. he was safe to say, unapologetic. and abc's mara schiavocampo is on the story. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. absolutely right to say, completely unapologetic. speaking to the tampa bay times, he had a lot to say about what he calls an act of civil disobedience. he says when he landed at the capitol, more than anything else, he said that he was just confused why there wasn't a mass law enforcement presence already waiting for him. overnight, doug hughes speaking out about his high-flying political stunt over washington, d.c. >> i didn't see any vehicles. >> reporter: hughes admitted that he got further than even he anticipated. >> i expected to get intercepted on the way. >> reporter: hughes saying he envisioned a blackhawk helicopter hovering over the u.s. capitol with guns pointing at him. but he found a completely different scene. >> people were not frightened at all, they looked at it and people waved at me.
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>> reporter: while flying the gyrocopter the 61-year-old postal worker felt that authorities didn't even know that he was there. >> at no point did i feel that it was not a good idea. >> reporter: quickly after landing, hughes realized that he was safe and that police knew he wasn't a terrorist. >> really that point is when they're aware that they're in control of the situation, aware that i'm not carrying a bomb, i didn't feel at risk anymore. >> reporter: facing a possible four years in jail, hughes returns to florida where he's ordered to be on house arrest. ç >> we've got bigger problems in this country than fussing about whether or not the security around d.c. is iron-clad. we need to be worried about the piles of money that's going into congress. we need to pay attention to the
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priority and the purpose of the flight was. >> do you consider yourself a patriot? >> no, i'm a mailman. >> reporter: hughes is charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and violating restricted air space. in addition to house arrest, he's not allowed to travel to d.c. unless it's for court. and he can't operate any flying vehicles. which given the circumstances is reasonable. >> i'm struck by the words he used. at no point did i think it was not a good idea. >> he stands by it. he defends it and he wanted to raise attention to the issue. >> i believed he said that he would rather die at the age now than live to 80 and see the country fail. those were his words. >> we'll see how it ends up. he might spend four years in jail. >> mara, thank you very much. lot of news breaking overnight. for that as always, we get it to mr. ron claiborne. an emergency in the mediterranean. >> that's right, a rescue operation, dan and paula, right now, off the coast of malta after a ship there capsized. alex marquardt is live there with the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ron. an u.n. official this morning called this one of the greatest tragedies in the mediterranean sea. italy and malta now launching a
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major rescue operation, around 60 miles off the coast of libya, where this boat capsized overnight with over 700 migrants on board. most of them now feared dead. so far just 28 survivors have been saved. this is the latest incident in the humanitarian crisis that's growing by the day. in the past week alone, more than 10,000 people have been rescued, trying to make this treacherous journey from africa to europe, but hundreds more have drowned. ron? >> alex in london. and back here at home, delaware state university was put in lockdown after two shootings on and near campus. three people were shot at a fraternity and sorority cookout event saturday night. hours later, shots were fired on a student housing complex. just off the main campus. no one was injured. they have a description of the shooter. no word if the two shootings are lynched. the victims are all in stable condition. and the fbi is responding this morning to a scathing report that says nearly every
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fbi examiner gave flawed hair sample testimony during two decades of trials. according to the washington post, the bureau's experts overstated forensic hair matches testimony. of the trials reviewed so far, 32 defendants in those trials were sentenced to death. the fbi and the department of justice will review all cases before the year 2000. that meets certain criteria. including where the defendant was convicted. and a senior trip for a dozen of uconn students takes a horrifying turn, when the bus they were riding in burst into flames. >> get off the bus! >> everybody off -- >> some of the 52 students on board said they heard a loud bang and they got off the bus. rushed off the bus to the massachusetts freeway. seconds later, huge flamed rushes through the bus. investigators say the fire may have started under the wheel well. and finally, a louisiana woman was curious why her dog would not go outside. until she looked outside at her driveway and found this alligator.
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she called some alligator wranglers to get that gator under control. the men are featured on a history channel reality tv show "swamp people," they were able to tape up the gator's chomping mouth. all's well that ends well. >> good to hear. >> you don't want to wrestle with either one of them. unless you're a professional. >> and i'm not. thank you, ron. >> you're welcome. moving now to dramatic bodycam video. a young officer faced with a life or death decision. that rookie cop being rushed by a double murder suspect saying that he did not use deadly force unless he was absolutely sure and this morning, that cop is being praised for using restraint in contrast to recent incidents where police have shot unarmed suspects. abc's gloria rivera has more. good morning, gloria.
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>> reporter: good morning, paula. this footage takes us straight to the very where an ohio policeman is locked in a battle of wills with a murderer, face to face with him in a nine-mile car chase. >> i don't want to shoot you man. >> reporter: watch as police officer jesse kidder his finger on the trigger, confronts an alleged killer on the run. a three-county chase on the ohio/kentucky body border, ending in this life/death standoff. the suspect goading the officer. >> get your hands out of your pocket! >> he was trying to goad me into opening fire on him. >> reporter: officer kidder, a marine who served two tours in iraq and received a purple heart, keeps his cool for over a full minute. even when he trips and falls on his back. finally help arrives. but this video almost didn't exist. he wears his own personal body camera given to him by a friend. his department doesn't issue the small recording devices becoming so prominent in the wake of
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recent incidents across the country. recently this body cam rolling as he shoots an unarmed suspect. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: and in south carolina, north charleston offering all members of its police department the devices after a cell phone video led to the arrest of officer michael slager. charged with murder for shooting an unarmed walter scott. but experts say that the cameras have far more to offer than just images of police accused of behaving badly. >> officers i think are a little bit more aware because of body cams not to not take action as quickly. >> reporter: the footage in ohio helping to brand officer kidder a hero. calmly facing the unthinkable and getting a suspected killer off the streets. officer kidder has said it was only after the events in ferguson, missouri, that he made a decision to wear his body cam every day to be held 1,000%
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accountable. dan and paula, ron, he's a two-time veteran, two tours in iraq and the recipient of a purple heart. he's had experience. but this was really testing him. >> absolutely deep, deep training. gloria, thank you. they attacked her on everything from benghazi to chipotle. from her secret e-mail account to her wardrobe. this weekend, 19 republicans all of them either possible or official candidates for president descended on the state of new hampshire. there was one clear theme. who's best positioned to take on hillary clinton. let's bring in martha raddatz. who is in washington where she will be hosting "this week" this morning. good morning. which of the attacks on hillary clinton seemed to resonate the most with the audience in the first in the nation primary state? >> well, this is, of course, the party faithful, dan, so lots of applause for everybody. rand paul has the harshest words. say he was guilt of dereliction of duty.
7:16 am
which should preclude her from serving as president because of her handling of the attacks in benghazi. he also said that she'll need two campaign planes one for her entourage and her baggage. i don't think he was talking about suitcases. but much of the venom was aimed at president obama as well, dan. >> hillary, herself, arrives in new hampshire tomorrow, is this lack of a competitive primary, on the democratic side at least thus far, the conventional wisdom, is this good or bad for her in the long run? >> well, she's trying hard not to make this look like a done deal. democrats and independents feel the same way. a recent bloomberg poll saying 72% of them think it was a good thing for her to have a serious competitor, we'll see about that, dan. >> very much an open question. as we said, martha will be mosting "this week" later this morning. shy will have all the news and analysis of campaign 2016. martha wants to know what questions you have, you can tweet her at @martharaddatz. with your questions. paula, over to you. an emotional and somber day. it was exactly
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20 years ago, when a massive truck bomb blew up a federal government building in oklahoma city. killing 168 people. and injuring hundreds more. now, at the time, it was the deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. today's anniversary reopening those wounds for so many survivors and abc's neal karlinsky is in oklahoma city with more. good morning, neal. >> reporter: paula, 20 years ago this morning, the government building still stood over there. at least just for a little while longer. today it serves as a memorial to the 168 people killed who are remembered here every day, but especially this, the 20-year anniversary. 9:02 a.m., a blast so powerful it could be heard 50 miles away tore through the murrah federal building. >> we interrupt you briefly to tell you of a major explosion in oklahoma city. >> reporter: the devastation was hard to comprehend. 168 killed. 680 injured. and another 324 buildings and 86 cars across downtown oklahoma
7:18 am
city damaged or destroyed. until 9/11 it was the deadliest terror attack in u.s. history, this time committed by americans. antigovernment extremist, timothy mcveigh, executed for the crime. terry nichols, still serving a life sentence. marcia kimball lost her daughter that day. >> placing the wreath is just the expression of my love for my daughter and how much she means. >> reporter: the memorial includes 168 chairs, one for each victim. this couple is here to remember their aunt. >> it seems like it just happened. but it's been years and it doesn't feel like it at all. >> reporter: if there's one image that crystallizes the day into a single moment, it's this, a fireman cradling the lifeless body of a small child. 19 children died inside the building's daycare, a horrifying loss. pj allen was there, the youngest day care survivor, today he's a 21-year-old college student here to remember like everyone else.
7:19 am
>> i know that oklahoma will never forget as well as the country. because it was such a tragedy that day. >> reporter: at exactly 9:02 this morning, they had a moment of silence. 168 seconds. one for each of the people killed here 20 years ray go on this very solemn day. >> very solemn indeed, neal, thank you. we were all just discussing during that story. can't believe it's been 20 years. just like 9/11. we all remember where we were that moment. >> one of those events. absolutely. our thanks to neal karlinsky for that excellent coverage this morning. before we take a break. we want to check the weather once again. rob. >> spectacular saturday across the northeast and i think it's going to be similar for this sunday in spots. live shot for you out of philadelphia, where the city of brotherly love enjoying temperatures in the 50s. got up to 81 yesterday. my goodness. 6 it was glorious. 80 degrees in the big apple. things are going to change though as we go through time. some severe weather that we want to tell you about. these two systems are combining,
7:20 am
the moisture is coming up. tornado watch posted for the florida panhandle. a tornado warning in alabama. we will watching this carefully. good until 3:00 p.m. eastern time. flood watches also from the same area up through georgia. western parts of the carolinas and parts of virginia and the northeast, too, so this storm is going to really bring not only storminess to the south which it's really been doing all week. it's getting up to the north. chicago, back through detroit, heavy rain and windy conditions. imbedded thormts within this. it all moves off towards the east tomorrow. i'm afraid your monday, from d.c., up to the 95 corridor, through boston, will be a bit of a mess. we're going through a pattern change. bye-bye to 80 degrees. we will see cooler temperatures slowly but surely throughout the week. by the end of the week, pockets of warmth it will be in the 50s from chicago back through buffalo. out west, glorious conditions today. temperatures in the 60s and 70s
7:21 am
>> coming up later on the broadcast, we are going to talk about jelly fish on the shores of oregon and washington. i have time pronouncing that name. we'll give it a go. >> give yourself time. >> thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america" -- a gruesome murder, a former marine charged with killing his girlfriend four years after she disappeared. what her family is saying this morning. we'll lighten things up with a little beatles reunion at the rock and roll hall of fame.
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coming up here on "good morning america" -- the former marine accused of murdering his girlfriend in panama. elaborate effort he took to throw them off the trail. all of the big moments from the rock and roll hall of fame, plus a very big reunion. keep it here.
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♪ ♪ tell me that you love me baby ♪ ♪ i want to be your man ♪ ♪ i want to be your lover baby ♪ what a moment from last night's rock and roll hall of fame unit. paul and ringo united. a lot more from the big night including green day and joan jett, before we all start singing "i love rock 'n roll." we'll stop right there. >> let me tell you what i'm upset about. i love the clean lines and the bright colors of lilly pulitzer -- >> the colors are gorgeous.
7:31 am
>> there you go, that's the type of look. target was supposed to be debuting some bargain versions of this. so many people went online for these bargains, it crashed the website. we'll tell you about that coming up. but first here the former marine now looking at a murder charge four years in the making. >> prosecutors have charged brian brimager will killing yvonne baldelli back in 2011 then covering up his trial. this morning, the young woman's parents are speaking out. abc's aditi roy has more. >> reporter: yvonne baldelli has waited years for this indictment. she was allegedly murdered in 2011. this morning, authorities are saying her boyfriend killed her. this morning, the emotional reaction from the parents of a woman brutally killed after the indictment of a retired marine charged with taking her life. >> he's a monster. >> reporter: a federal grand jury in san diego indicted 37-year-old brian brimager charging him with the gruesome
7:32 am
murder of his girlfriend. he, pleading not guilty. >> no doubt in our mind that he killed our yvonne. >> reporter: this snapshot of the california couple leaving everything behind, moving to the island paradise in panama. investigators say the romance went dark quickly. baldelli murdered only two weeks after moving. brimager proposing to the mother of his child in the u.s. >> mr. brimajjer killed her and deposed of her body in an unknown location. >> reporter: it was nearly two years later that her dismembered body was discovered in ed ined in a remote area. >> i was closed my eyes and i see her in that swamp. >> reporter: investigators said that brimager tried hiding the evidence. washing mattress blood stains found on his computer. sending e-mails from her personal account to family and friends to say there was no trouble in paradise. according to the indictment
7:33 am
withdrawing money from her bank account to make it appear she ran off from primager. indictment seen by baldelli's family close to the end of this four-year-long nightmare. >> i pray that he gets the justice that he deserves. >> reporter: he's been in custody since 2013 for lying to investigators and falsifying records. this morning, always facing murder charges. long road for her family. >> absolutely. very sad. aditi, thank you. back over to ron for another look at this morning's headlines. good morning, ron. we begin in southern california where firefighters spent the overnight hours battling a huge wildfire the blaze started saturday afternoon and it scorched hundreds of acres, residents in nearly 300 homes in that area have been evacuated. new video coming in from the rescue operation in the
7:34 am
mediterranean. a cruise ship capsized off the coast of libya overnight. so far, 28 people have confirmed dead. 20 others have been rescued. the golden state warriors, their star stephon curry, with 34 points and the home crowd chanting mvp. very likely to be mvp. he or harden of houston. the warriors beat new orleans pelicans. held on to win that game. more nba playoff action today, sara, including lebron james and cleveland cavaliers. i know one you will be watching as they take on the boston celtics. >> the celtics are definitely going to win. >> you think, well, 3:00 eastern time we'll see. finally, take a look at this. a plane car. police officer jeff known as
7:35 am
speedy cop, found an old abandoned cessna, he put wheels on it. he takes it to the drive-through. speedy cop's two old lincoln continentals cut in half. engine in the front and one in the rear. the car mashup more than 500 horsepower. the new supercar should be ready in a few months. a bargain price of 500 bucks. >> they're on to something. i love that. >> yeah speedy cop. >> if they need help repairing it, they go to rob. >> can you see the grease under my fingernails? i was just working on a car before the show. not really, i wish i had that. check out this -- these shots of jelly fish that are washing up along the oregon/washington coast. valella. >> what is he trying to say. >> i don't know. they are called purple -- check them out. they have fins on them that are supposed to catch the wind and keep them away from the beaches.
7:36 am
that's evolution for you. but the winds are been so strong they have been washing up. further south, in riverside, california, brushfire still burning, dry day today. we will see an on shore flow. a dry day today and near 80 again across parts of portland oregon. and here is a severe weather threat. not just houston, texas greats a break. the mid mississippi river valley today. large hail, gusty winds, maybe a tornado, that threat extends off to the east tomorrow. from jacksonville to charleston. maybe even d.c. overall a dry day today again across the northeast. it's going to be cooler, temperatures in the 50s and lower
7:37 am
>> this weathercast bought to you by flonase nasal spry. what are you writing down? >> this weathercast brought to you by -- >> two shots for the sponsor. >> actually four. >> i really don't understand what's going on right now. >> we're having a good time. >> 90% of the time. >> yeah. coming up here on "good morning america" -- speaking of a good time the new class of inductees into the rock and roll hall of fame. eclectic group. green day and a beatles reunion. and if new direction, you see how i did that, zayn malik's change. ahead in pop news. >> where is his hair? >> don't give it away. >> the video is giving it away. away. >> the video is giving it away. so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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♪ ♪ tell me that you love me ♪ ♪ tell me that you love me ♪ >> it got loud overnight at the party honoring the latest class of inductees at the rock and roll hall of fame. . >> i will tell you that i love you. >> thank you. i love you right back. >> the eclectic class getting
7:42 am
the call including an ex-beatle and a band shows how much it loves rock and roll. sara is here with the story. >> it surprised me a limit to hear that this ex-beatle ringo starr wasn't already in the hall of fame. surrounded by music lends young and old that continue to move us with that international language of song. you know their music. ♪ >> reporter: from ringo's easy listening. to green day's head-banging rock. all the while what he gave us in between. these eight artists inducted into the hall of fame. >> ringo starr! bill withers and green day taking over cleveland all for the love of rock and roll. >> joan jett also inducted. >> this young pop star posting this insta gram. >> taking over cleveland all for
7:43 am
the love of rock 'n' roll. ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ >> joan jett introduced by miley cyrus. the young star putting this along with paul mccartney. crediting the '70s rocker for paving the way for other female artists. >> to see that whole place standing up like that was, i don't know, it was like acceptance and it was overwhelming in a way. ♪ tell me that you love me ♪ tell me that you understand ♪ >> reporter: the night even boasting a surprise beatles reunion. >> it's always a thrill for me when i play with paul. >> reporter: plus performances from john mayer, john legend. and beck. >> one of my all time favorite punk bands was green day. >> reporter: green day shredding the six-stingers on stage as they received the honor.
7:44 am
just one of the star-studded jam sessions set to air on hbo may 30th. a chance to roll with those who rock the hardest. >> i love rock and roll. and i love it for the rest of my life. thank you. >> when ringo took the stage, he said that the stage felt empty to me and he summoned sir paul to join him. and with "with a little help from my friends." >> they're magic with just two of them. >> they had me at just the beatles reunion. >> joan jett still awesome and terrifying. >> she looks the same. >> amazing. >> so bad in such a good way. go, joan. >> thanks, sara. coming up on "good morning america" -- >> more sara. >> the crush to buy lilly pulitzer's new line at target. why some shoppers were tweeting out their frustration. it's straight ahead in a pop news investigation. sara has been covering this all night. i think about money kind of a lot.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
apparel. from $2 to $250. >> to see the designs on such an accessible level. >> reporter: if it's not accessible how can you buy it? the site showing this error message when logging on. hello halt no fury like a woman who can't access it. this makes the launch of the obama care website look good. even "sex and the city" star kristen davis had trouble, tweeting, target, i have now had my cart emptied three times after i hunted down the lilly for target things i wanted. what is happening? fans are also duping it lilly gate. if you need agiggle search the #lillyfortarget. i entertained myself this morning. more evident than ever, zayn malik is moving in another direction. he splitted with his band mates. sporting as dan pointed out, a close cropped hair style.
7:50 am
the singer accepted an award. and take a moment to share heartfelt words. >> i would also like to take this moment and thank four of the best guys i have ever met while being in the band. doing all of the amazing things we did. some of the things we did will stay with me for the rest of my life. and i thank you for that. >> and if you look really closely, you may have noticed a new nose piercing. which were told has sent fans buzzing. i'm sure they are really -- it's really a little piercing. i don't think we could zoom that far. you know that awkward feeling when you walk into a restaurant and ask for a table for one. for a lot of us eating alone it's uncomfortable. and turns out for this little cuety. take a look at the dog's owner places her dinner down. and another plate for clyde. hold on. bonnie doesn't want to eat alone. she backs it up in order to have some company and just continues
7:51 am
eating. look at that. >> that's awesome. >> why eat alone when you can eat together? >> i love that. >> finally that makes me love chihuahuas. >> you love your niece and nephew. >> do they eat together? >> they normally don't eat together. honestly. they sometimes get a little food aggression. >> food aggression. >> thank you, sara. great "pop news." we'll be back. advanced design makes it easy to protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks.
7:52 am
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and coming up, on "this week," martha right there will have the latest on hillary clinton's rollout road trip. martha wants to know what questions you have. tweet her with your questions. >> thanks for being with us on this sunday morning. we learn the chihuahuas are not as bad as we thought. see you next weekend.
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starting right now on abc's "this week." hillary reboot. hillary clinton reveals a brand new strategy on the campaign trail. but will it work? plus, the latest on her next stop just hours away in new hampshire. gop summit. republican hopefuls already swarming the granite state. which contender can break out of the pack and the surprising clashes on the trial. shocking security threat, how that mailman's bizarre stunt, buzzing over tourists over the capitol, could signal a serious new danger to the homeland. inside the white house, the secrets behind the doors of the most famous address revealed by the staff who have seen it all. >> from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos


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