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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 16, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight. a christmas shopping trip turns deadly after a shooting in a mall parking lot. the home to high end stores placed on lockdown. the search for the suspect under way overnight. fighting for freedom. new questions about an american that disappeared in iran seven years ago. this morning, secretary of state john kerry talking about the case in an exclusive interview with abc. gigantic jackpot. megamillions fever is taking over. why this will likely be a record. and could even reach $1 billion. and party waves. surfing swans hanging ten and going back for more. it's a video that is quickly going viral.
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good monday morning. we begin with breaking news. an overnight manhunt for the suspects in a deadly shooting at an upscale mall in new jersey. >> it happened in the short hills mall. in the suburbs of new york city. man was shot and killed in a car jacking in the mall's parking lot. the 30-year-old victim was getting into his range rover with his wife when to men approached them. >> they shot him in the head and sped off in his suv. the packed mall was immediately placed on lockdown. >> they said there was an emergency and that nobody could go out the building. >> did you have any idea there was a shooting out there? >> somebody told me. one of my coworkers said she was outside when it happened. >> police are not releasing the name of the victim. violent crime is rare there. the mall houses some of the country's high-end stores. a colorado teenager is fighting for her life after friday's high school shooting. 17-year-old claire davis is in
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critical condition and if a coma. she was shot atpoint-blank range by karl pierson. he was there to allegedly shoot his debate team coach. something his friends say was out of character. >> he's not a monster. he's -- he's one of the best people i knew. he's not this -- this -- killer. he's -- he's karl pierson, one of the best people i knew. >> pierson took his own life as school security closed in. colorado's governor said the investigation into the incident is just now getting under way. the high school where the incident happened will be closed today. secretary of state john kerry on the defensive this morning about an american hostage who vanished while in iran seven years ago. >> in an exclusive interview, kerry denied that the united states has abandoned robert levinson. his family insists he was
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working for the cia when he went missing. tahman bradley with the details. >> reporter: this morning, there are questions. for years, the u.s. publicly described the retired fbi agent as a private citizen traveling on private business. levinson's family now admits that's not true. that he was, in fact, working for the cia. senator john mccain is looking for answers. >> they apparently did not tell the truth to the congress. the cia did not tell the truth. >> reporter: the cia first told congress that when levinson disappeared in 2007, he was not working for the agency. later, levinson's family said it discovered he was working for a rogue cia unit. >> the cia sent bob levinson there no iran to do investigations on their belaugh. >> reporter: levinson's not been seen or heard from since this video three years ago. >> 33 years of service to the united states deserves something.
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>> reporter: the iranian government insist they're not holding him and have no idea where he is. the state department continues to work the case. secretary of state john kerry in an interview with abc dismissed any suggestion that the u.s. is not doing all it can to find him. >> there hasn't been progress in the sense that we don't have him back. but to suggest that we have abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect. >> reporter: secretary kerry says the u.s. is working a number of different channels searching for proof of life. some kind of sign levinson is still alive. john and diana? >> tahman bradley, thank you. we're getting new insight into the mind of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. a five-month investigation by the boston globe found the older brother possibly suffered from mental illness. friends say the parents chose to ignore his increasingly disturbed state of mind. he was killed in a shootout with police. his younger brother is awaiting trial. ten days of mourning are over now that nelson mandela was laid to rest.
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several thousand people gathered in a huge white tent sunday for a service for nelson mandela. world figures from prince charles to oprah winfrey were among those attending. and bidding him a final farewell. nasa planning for two if not three spacewalks to fix the broken cooling unit on the space station. engineers still trying to fix the problem remotely right now. the final decision on whether astronauts will have to go outside of the station to make repairs expected to be announced tomorrow or wednesday. if necessary, the spacewalk could come as soon as thursday. a couple of hollywood greats being remembered this morning. peter o'toole. >> through his decades-long career, he went on to set the record. eight oscar nominations without ever winning one. he accepted an honorary oscar in 2003 and spoke some what unkindly of it. >> that was a bit rude of me. i didn't intend it to be. because it's an honor.
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the highest honor the film industry can give one. i was disappointed about my children. i like to do something specific and earn the damn thing. >> he died in a london hospital. following a long illness. he was 81 years old. and oscar-winner joan fontaine has also died. she won that oscar starring alongside cary grant starring in an alfred hitchcock film, suspicion. she later appeared in "ryan's hope." and as panelist on "to tell the truth." she died yesterday. at her home in california. she was 96 years old. time now for the weather across the nation. there will be snow from the upper midwest to the great lakes. northwest pennsylvania could pick up a foot of lake-effect snow. unusually quiet and dry in the west. >> honolulu, phoenix, miami, all in the mid to upper 70s. it's going to be seven, though, in anchorage.
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cool 40s in the northwest. teen and 20s in the northeast. how about some holiday cheer from the first family front and center last night for an annual christmas tradition. >> the president was joined by the first lady and his daughters for the christmas in washington charity show to benefit a children's hospital. they had five helpers on hand for the 32nd annual concert and patients all dressed up as elves. >> malia and sasha were elves when they started there in washington. well, an important story for women. the connection between post partum depression and how long you go on maternity lead. final moments. newly released recordings shedding light on a fire fighting tragedy. and another family guy shocker. details coming up in "the pulse." ♪ music
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christmas" was third. i still haven't seen any of them. >> me neither. i'm too busy. >> i don't want to hear you and your shopping stories.
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you do everything online. >> i'm busy. >> froze season the one to watch if you're wondering. >> that's the one? >> that's the one owned by disney. >> the parent company. cha ching. we have new details about the newly wed who admitted to pushes her husband off a cliff. it was video that helped prove she tried to cover the whole thing up. and top dog. why this cool canine was given a real-life college diploma. (♪ maroon 5 "love somebody" ♪) ♪ ♪ shop the adam levine collection, exclusively at kmart.
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a lander on the moon. road conditions. icy roads could make the commute dangerous if the northeast. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in minneapolis, chicago, and detroit. the chilling final words of the brave men that died in the worst fire fighting tragedy since 9/11. >> the last moments were caught on film. here's aditi roy. >> reporter: you can hear the pan nick their voices. as they come face to face with the inferno. >> breaking in on 16. we are in front of the fires. >> they don't know their tragic fate is moment tos away. >> air take, grant any mountain seven, how do you copy me. >> i hear saws running. that's good. >> reporter: the chain saws may have been used by the hot shots as a last desperate measure. then the final transmission from the hot shots.
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>> yeah, i'm here with the granite mountain hot shots. our escape route has been cut off. we're preparing a deployment site. we're bourning out around ourselves in the brush. i'll give you a call when we're under the shelters. >> reporter: 19 lives lost in one of the worst wildfire disasters in history. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. an indiana newelly wed was killed hours after his wedding as he stopped to help a driver that had gone into a ditch. william riley knight was driving from his wedding reception to the hotel with his brooid. knight and the woman he was trying to help were both killed by oncoming cars. friends say that was typical of his character. >> he was very outgoing. always wanted to help somebody. he was -- he was good the be around my kids. i'm glad they got to know him.
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>> in were no charges field. police say this is just a tragic accident. new details this morning about the bride awaiting sentences for the killing of her new husband. newly released video shows the days of questioning that led to the confession. prosecutors say it was at the soernt of their case. last week, she changed her plea to second-degree murder. >> what part to you personally feel responsible for. >> for the pushing and him falling. >> prosecutors say the killing was intentional and that that video taped interview proved she tried to cover up her crime. in a new study finds that longer maternity leave can lower the risk of post partum depression. leaves of up to six months can be beneficial to the mother's mental health. in the u.s., most working moms return to work after only three months. a rather unique commencement
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ceremony to show you from the university of southern mississippi. mac david got his degree in education. >> right alongside him was his seeing eye dog, sy. he had sy with him in all of his classes so he asked if his dog could walk with him in his own cap and gown. congratulations to all of them. now for nfl highlights starting with one that dallas players are calling a complete debacle. they had a 26-3 lead against green bay at home yesterday when they surrendered touchdowns on five straight possession in the second half. >> tony romo threw two interceptions in the final 3:00. green bay keeps their hopes alive. last night in pittsburgh, the steelers kept their admittedly slim playoff hopes alive. they led cincinnati 27-6 at the half. >> the bengals stage a come back
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in the fourth. it was a little too late. pittsburgh wins this one, 30-20. a big day at a car dealership in seattle. the folks at jet chevrolet said if the seahawks shut out the giants yesterday, they would give away $420,000 to a dozen people. >> the final score, seahawks, 23, giants, sorry, john, 0. the dealership took out insurance just in case. a dozen people getting their share today. if you're going to do something like that, you have to be more specific. like, if the seahawks get 12 and the jets get 3. >> something that involves a safety and a missed extra point. >> just to say shutout. coming up next, the megamillions jackpot is growing by the minute. why it could surpass $1 billion. and hang ten. a group of surfing swans quickly becoming internet stars.
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all right. it's time to check "the pulse," these are stories you'll be talking about today. we're starting out with a dollar and a dream. jackpot for millions of people across the country. >> the megamillions jackpot is up to $550 million. tomorrow night's drawing the fourth largest lottery prize in u.s. history. there were no lucky winners on friday the 13th. >> the jackpot has been soaring since october 1st. it's possible that if no one win this is week, you could see a $1 billion jackpot as you buy tickets for christmas gifts next
4:23 am
week. >> that would be a peer kl. >> way too much money. christmas miracle for one of america's favorite fissictional family. if you love the family guy, this is a spoiler alert. >> fans were outraged when they killed off the family dog last month. fear not, because he's back. brian was resurrected in last night's show, thanks to the magic of time travel. >> a time machine, eh? now that he's liflg happily ever after, producers say brian's death was a fun way to shake things up. >> time travel, $1 billion. >> a dream sequence. another celebrity stunner. is there family feud growing between the judd sisters. >> police sources say wynonna judd put a tracking device on her sister, ashley's, car. she said it was intended to keep
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track of her teen age daughter who has driving ashley's car. police say they don't plan to file charges. >> a strange family all around, those three. tis the season to hear about the seven swans a swimming. this is our "play of the day." >> four black swans catching waves along the country's gold coast. they decided to show off their surfi inin ining skills. the beachgoers were duly impressed. >> can you body surf? >> i don't always catch the wave. has to be the right day. when you do, it's awesome. >> do you stand or boogie board? >> i have never surfed. you get out there, you start to get curled back, you start swimming. boom, out of a cannon. hopefully, you go right up to
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 4:28. >> our breaking news is from the south bay. san jose international airport is evacuated after terminal a was flooded. >> this is a huge mess. the alarm system just turned off which is a relief. a hot water line broke and the steam triggered the fire sprinkler system. a few are now being allowed into terminal a. the call came at 2:30 this morning and they shut off the supply line to the system but not before the upper level was flooded include the breezeway over the parking garage. private companies have been called to clean it up but there is a lost residual drainage.
4:29 am
the water was 4" deep. the terminal was closed and maintenance crews were evacuated. what do you do if you are a passenger with every airline housed here other than southwest and alaska, including united and usa air, and american, and jetblue. most counters open up between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. so the passengers have to go in, check in, and then they will get on a shuttle bus and be taken over to terminal b for the flights. obviously this is a big mess. people are coming in and there is a lost details to be worked out. we are not sure how long the delays will be coming into san jose's airport. thank you, matt. >> another major headline for a record 9th straight morning the bay area is waking up to a "spare the air" day.
4:30 am
>> from our exploritorium camera, you can see the problem is ongoing cold water pattern trapping pollution close to the town unless the only source of heat is wood burning stove you banned from burning wood today. now what else do we face? mike nicco? >> the poor air quality could spread into more neighborhoods from san francisco and oakland to highway 237. everyone else has possible poor air quality with clouds and you can see it on live doppler 7 hd and that is how it will stay. temperatures are going to be well above average today and you can see not much haze in the air and not much in the way of low clouds but the clouds will push up into the 60-degree range everywhere and a few areas may see 70. >> we are starting off with construction as i take you into san francisco. this is where we have a project that is between


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