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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 3, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc three federal agents wounded while trying to serve arrest warrants. >> local police agencies took part in the raid. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. amy hollyfield has been at the scene all morning. >> reporter: officers are still here. they've taken over this residential street looks like they've set up a crime lab in
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had middle of the street. we have just learned officers were here because they are investigating a triple homicide that happened in south san francisco in 2010. residents in petaluma can't believe investigators ended up here and that so many officers descended on to this street. federal agents cut a hole through the garage door in this house and stormed in around 4:00 this morning. they were with gunfire and three of them were shot. they are expected to survive. the violence woke up and terrified the neighborhood. >> you hear the gunshots go off and stop and then go off. it's not like it was just one or two shots. >> it was a gun battle, it was a little war in the street. >> reporter: the manager of the best western behind the house heard the gunshots and saw flashes and heard bangs of what appeared to be flash bang grenades tossed into the home. agents told the manager they
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had a situation involving shots fired and to go back inside. >> we stayed in the room. at that point we were on lockdown we didn't know a lot of what was going on. >> reporter: south san francisco police confirmed this raid was part of the investigation into a triple homicide that happened in december of 2010. police said the three victims in that case were gang members and this raid was part of a large gang sweep involving multiple locations. people living near the petaluma home say a man, woman and two small children lived here. >> there's traffic in and out all the time, different cars parked out front. suspected maybe they were selling something but didn't know it was this bad. scary to think it was next door with >> it doesn't happen in petaluma. it has been a crazy morning for us. >> reporter: this is all happening across the street from a strip mall it is a very busy area. the employees at the coffee shop told me they locked their
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doors while this was happening. federal officials will be giving a press conference later this afternoon. we hope to learn more about the suspect taken into custody, the agents who were hurt and this broader investigation that has taken officials all over the bay area. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. immigration officials in southern california are mourning one of their own now. apparently, shot and killed by his own 14-year-old son. the 42-year-old agent was shot in the head while sitting in the livingroom of his carson home last night. the son called 911 one to report the shooting saying the bullet was fired into their home from the backyard a agents have not released a possible motive. >> san jose police asking witnesses to come forward to catch the attackers who beat a 14-year-old to death. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: we are learning that the father drove that
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14-year-old boy from south san jose to downtown san jose to play basketball last friday evening. police are telling us that the father was there when attack occurred, although he did not see the tax happen, a lot of people did. so far, -- see the attack happen, a lot of people did see it, but they are not talking. heriberto reyes died from the assault. after getting out of his father's car at roosevelt park a notorious gang hangout reyes was act tacked. because he traveled 10 miles to get to this park and because his father was standing nearby i asked if this was a gang tack or something reyes wanted to do, a gang initiation. >> we believe it is gang motivated -- that can encompass a gang initiation a lot of times there are victims not involved in gangs. >> reporter: members of the anti-gang task force say if members of that gang see you wearing the wrong color it can cost you.
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>> if somebody walks through wearing the wrong color, looking the wrong way they are going to get beat up. >> reporter: reyes attended the inher -- intermediate school his death is taking a toll. ia they are shocked. whenever you lose a child it is -- difficult to grapple with some of the teachers were visibly disturbed. >> reporter: parents had this reaction. >> any time there's a death it is sad but it reminds the kids what they have to do to be detail and watch their backs itch >> problem with -- youth violence especially is horrible. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: we have learned the body of heriberto reyes is going to be flown back to mexico for burial. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning an east oakland restaurant is closed and owners are cleaning up after a car crashed into the building. the car slammed into the front
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of simpson's soul food after midnight. no word on how much damage it was at least part of that building caved in. police have not said what they believe lead to that crash. right now the caltrain board is meeting to consider adding train service. the agency is projecting a balanced budget this upcoming fiscal year, after massive budget and service cuts with ridership at an all-time high caltrain wants to add six more trains. the bad news, caltrain is projecting major budget deficient the city beginning july of next year. that means the extra trains added this year could be put the next. still ahead, a can's new tactic. why much of the -- al-qaeda's new tactic. in his own words, we are learning new details about osama bin laden's final days what he was telling his followers about vice president biden. more problems for the pan the injury that will have
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . terrorism experts say extremists looking to do harm to america are getting more desperate or more creative. detailed advice on how to start huge forest fires how to study wooded areas, read weather maps for dry
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conditions and make timed explosives and bombs. >> it does not seem all that far-fetched the wildfire moves quickly and can inflict damage. >> the magazine report says that american born al-qaeda leader and war awlaki urged -- federal agents have put bin laden's last words online for the first time they include a surprising plot involving vice president biden. the documents were seized a year ago during the raid on bin laden's hideout. the al-qaeda leader was killed last may 2nd. the document showed bin laden wanted to perform hit squads in afghanistan and pakistan to target president obama and general petraeus. he ordered followers to spare the vice president. bin laden believed biden was totally unprepared to be president and would lead the u.s. into a crisis. >> he said don't bother trying
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to kill vice president biden, secretary of defense gates or admiral mullen. >> the documents show bin laden still hoped for another big attack in the u.s.. but he was frustrated that spinoff terrorist groups were not able to win public support and worried that poorly planned attacks were leaving too many innocent muslims dead. we have a link to those documents on this morning we are learning more about the california dairy cow that died of mad cow disease. investigators with the department of agriculture have tracked down two of the offspring one was stillborn the other was found in another state where it was euthanized and had its brain cells tested. the usda says those results are negative for mad cow but the agency did quarantine two dairies, standard procedure, one will be the one where the original cow was discovered and the other is not too far away both in the central valley. meteorologist mike nicco, we had rain this morning, i
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got wet diving in. >> north bay had bulk, -- 4/100 mill valley. still out there and more on the way for the rest of us we'll talk about how it gets to your neighborhood and how much you are going to receive this afternoon. have you heard about this controversy? some calling ashton kutcher's new commercial offensive. it has been pulled from the internet. we'll show you why baby boy who got lots of attention on a recent visit to the zoo.
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you can see
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right now we are following breaking news firefighters on the scene of a major fire in the 600 block of center avenue. witnesses say flames were visible on at least two of the building's three floors no word on whether anybody was injured. sky 7 hd is on the way we'll continue follow in story. we'll bring you updates on air and online at big blow to the giants this morning. one of the team's best hitters sandoval has a broken bone in his hand. it happened -- he left in the
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6th inning last night not sure when this injury happened it was recent and he fractured the bone in his left wrist. he broke the same ben in his right wrist last year. he had a 20 game hit streak to open the giants will try to avoid sweep by the marlins this afternoon. online ad featuring actor ashton kutcher has been pull after dozens of complains that it was racist. the ad for pop chips features kutcher in brown make-up portraying a bollywood producer looking for love. it was pull after angry e-mails began pouring in. similar ads of kutcher are still online,. a spokeswoman says those ads were never meant to offend anyone. new development in the controversial firing of a bart station agent who gave a teenager $300 in paid unused
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tickets to pay for rides to school. now a woman will put up the money to pay for the teenager's transportation until he graduates. the boy is currently a junior. the 66-year-old got a termination letter from bart tuesday the employee union plans to challenge the firing. this story is generating a lot of responds on our facebook page. patricia: that is why i love the bay area there are people who still care. now we just need a local business to offer a job to the bart employee who was fired. janine: good for her, charity that will make a difference for one young person. why can't bart give away all unused tickets to struggling students? join the conversation at mike has rain outside and that's worrisome for giants' fans. >> i can see why it is a 12:45 game. i'm still not that worried, it
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is very light and not probably going to some the game but for a few minutes if it does head out there just dress warmly temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. check out this beautiful rainbow this morning this is down from the south bay very nice, anonymous person sent this it came from over the crystal springs reservoir off 280 as this person was driving off to work i'm sure they pulled to the side. here's a look at san francisco as we look from sutro tower you can see how hazy it looks that's light and rain drizzle starting to push into the bay. you can see it right here better as we look from emeryville towards mount tamalpais and the golden gate bridge. we have definitely -- we have light rain out there. you can see it definitely showing up from fairfield down 80 through american canyon, vallejo all the way over 37 to
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sausalito across the golden gate now starting to move down to close to pacifica and daly city. more scattered showers off to the north that's going to move in during the afternoon. over the last couple of hours you can see the initial line moving through and scattered showers behind it that's why i think we'll have rain steady north bay along the coast showers south of there today, sunny, breezy tomorrow, rain gone cooler than average but dry and warmer weather will come this weekend. a little breezy heading out to the beaches especially. napa 64, 10° cooler than we should be gives you an idea of what these late season storms can do. in the afternoon hours we'll make a push at 60 especially areas that aren't receiving the rain bay shore, south bay and east bay valleys everybody else upper 50s to low 60s. this storm is coming in as
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rain and taper to scattered shower in the afternoon won't make it to monterey bay. upper 60s to low 70s inland. giants' forecast 12:45 first pitch we gotta win or we'll get swept showers lightly they may stall the game for a few minutes but they are not going to wash the game out tonight mid to upper 40s, a few 50s bay shore, concord, antioch and half moon bay. warm front bringing steady rain this morning, cold front brings us the scattered showers. during the morning hours you can see the rain move into the north bay now towards noon that initial line is going to move through the heart of the bay during the evening rush south bay anyone gone overnight. if you are lucky, a 10th of a quarter of an inch in the north bay everybody else possibly up to a 10th of an inch. temperatures warm nearly 10 to 5 between degrees through the weekend when they climax monday. >> we will not lose this game,
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san francisco's 6th street may get a substation a committee approved a plan the substation could open as early as summer around the same time twitter's headquarters will move the city will spend $775,000 to renovate a storefront rent could cost more than $297,000 if police stay in the facility for the entire nine year lease the board will vote on the idea tuesday. today at 4:00, the uc
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berkeley freshman who has turned his dorm room into viral video sensation. it has caught the attention of people around the world and in cal's administration building. at 5, new move that many claim is chipping at their right to bear arms. those stories at 4:00 and 5:00. celebrate sing sing -- celebrate cinco de mayo and the premiere of a new ballet. -- [ inaudible ] .
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in portland, a hungry lion trying to make lunch out of a little boy. >> the protective glass keeps the animal away. notice how the boy is dressed like a pwrafplt the lion tried lion trade to breakthrough
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the glass. >> mom wasn't aware what was happening until someone told her on facebook. she did dress him in that. >> who thinks about that. i think you will get wet a little not much i don't think -- it may stall the game i don't think it will cancel the game. looking at the radar, you are thinking why would i do that? just blue and green very light weather if you look over the last three hours or so, slow moving front that is going to kick up scattered showers for all of us as we head into the afternoon and early evening. less than a 10th of an inch just enough to make the ground wet. what we're talking about as far as what is going to happen later, sunshine, temperatures near 80 inland by sunday, mid 60s around the coast. that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us on abc7 news. who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> keep track on twitter at abc7 news bay area and talk about it at
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