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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  March 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and flood stages about 11 feet. now, it's five feet and no one is concerned bit. they were cleaning out butters today. later in the week it might be an issue but not right now and not after the rain we've had so far today. from long before sun rise, rain fell on marin county today. it dampened the commute and ruined a few umbrellas and in what appears to be the bi biggest news of the day forced a backpacker to endure a lot of wet, cold and misery in conditions similar to this. rule one of overnight hiking check weather report. rule two don't lose your backpack in the dark. three, keep your cell phone battery charged because that is how search and rescue found him this morning. >> i could tell the environment here was extreme. and when located he was hypothermic. >> marin weathered the rain welsh it made for spectacular
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viewing and elsewhere, runnoff was a concern, but only a minor one. in san rafael, shamrock building materials had sandbags ready but no taker autos we're waiting for people to call for flood bags. >> it hasn't happened yet. the creek last flooded on december 31, 2005. just above that creek at the rank salon, andreas remembered the high water spot with tape on the door, not that he's concerned. no one is worried as of today. >> we only flood every what? 100 year? every 20 years. so it's been seven years since the last one, we're not due yet. right, paul? >> and if bob says it's not a problem it probably isn't a problem, not yet, they say no news is good news, and tonight you're looking at it. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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and let's turn to other end of the coverage area now this, video taken in mountains and david louie is live from the summit of highway 17. taifd? >> compared to that video you just showed you can see here on highway 17, it's a combination of drizzle and mist. it's a welcome break and gives the ground a chance to absorb the runnoff. it had gone so long without rain, the hardware store in this small town moved on to spring. >> with nice weather we've been putting rain gear away, putting out spring time projects. people coming in for plants and getting gardens ready. now we're going to have to switch back. >> shelves were restocked and another aisle, batteries ready for usual power outages when winds bring down lines. jant cruz mountain residents brace for storms that slam
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into the coastal range. there is four inches expected this week, it was somewhat surprising how quiet it was where people pick up sandbag autos they've been coming in all winter in good weather and weeping ahead. we've gone through two and a half trucks full of sand. and linda and other long-time mountain dwellers say it hasn't caused flooding problems. many in cabins and homes are built near, or adjacent to, creeks and rivers making them vulnerable to flooding. >> it's a concern. you know? driving and accidents. things like that. safety is an issue. i think as far as this affect on us, and the environment it's, like, positive. we need the rain. >> and we spoke today to the colder creek fire chief, with more rain this week, he says he and his fire crews will be looking for heavy runnoff in other phone shall signs of trouble.
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along highway, abc 7. >> there have been a lot of hassles but the storm has been more than a nuisance. in oakland, winds knocked down limbs on to a string of power lines north of lake merit. public works crews spent the morning dodging rain drops and mulching branch autos rain created slippery conditions around the bay area. patrol reports a 25% increase in typical number of accidents during the morning commute. the east bay in particular had some major crashes from overturned vehicles to some minor fender bender autos and tough on the roads and air, not a great day to catch a plane at san francisco international airport. winds and rain delayed dozens of flights today, several flights to reno cancelled because of the snow. officials in san jose reported no major delays however. the storm likely to last all night and there is another one not far behind.
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>> active weather sometime, here is a look at live doppler 7 hd to take a look at what's happening now. it's have interesting picture, most of the rain is concentrated in the north bay. there is a wide path of almost nothing happening down south. you can take a look here. that is much even -- more active earlier into afternoon. and heavily concentrated. there is heavy rainfall across the north bay now. and across the three-county area of the north bai. take a look at this picture, there is a wide path into morgan hill there are dry conditions with no rainfall. there is rainfall in the santa cruz mountains. there is heavy rainfall there. there is is sharp contrast, san jose just a trace of rainfall. no measurable rain there, yet, only 14/100ths in livermore,
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two and a quarter in st. helena. over an inch and two thirds in santa rosa. three and one third in there are wet spots. keep in mind rain is continuing to fall and these totals will continue to grow. >> thank you. >> and don't forget about flight tracker feature it can give you up to the minute information on flight delays and you'll find weather maps with street-level radar. you can send your weather video to us. >> and the rain here, of course, means welcome snow in the sierra. george warren is reporting live from truckee. tricky driving conditions there. >> yes. well, actually right now there is a mix of light rain and snow and there is here at truckee about 6,000 feet elevation. temperatures above freezing but just above us, here at 7,000 feet, snow falling today
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and in fact, near whiteout conditions today at sugar bowl kept crowds away. it could be a temporary situation. tahoe area resorts called ski lake tahoe issued a statement saying their models showed this storm and others to follow could lead to a erro error- -- record-breaking march. sugar bowl expecting perhaps three feet of snow over the weekend. they've got catching up to do just to call this an average season. >> this is unbelievable. it's a blegsing we're getting it this week. it's very warm when we've arrived. >> we got here there is almost no snow. now, it's starting to accumulate. >> were you having second thoughts about your decision? >> some whachl we thought we're going to leave a couple days early. >> and so if you're coming up here just so you know on interstate 80 chain controls have been moved down to about 4,000 feet. no chain controls on highway
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50. so for the record winter has not quite given up on us yet here in the mountains. >> thank you, george. to a case of apparent road rage now. police say their shot spotter system led them to an 8-year-old boy wounded last night on the 3000 block of birmingham road. police say the 8-year-old was riding in the family car. the father accidentally cut shun off and the other driver then followed them into a neighborhood and opened fire. >> this is one of the cases we have shot spotter activation. we have a phone calls. so... >> the boy's father drove him to the hospital, he's recovering from his injuries tonight. at this point police do not have have done in custody. >> the criminal case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi may be jelted but whether he'll keep his job is another matter, to avoid a
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lengthy trial mirkarimi pleaded guilty yesterday to false imprisonment. tonight the mayor says he's looking at the language that defines false imprisonment in the california criminal code. >> you can discover a lot of language says it's linked to someone challenging for that office to be held with. i mean, it -- just the word imprisonment which is a part of the duties of the sheriff gives us cause to review this. >> the mayor says that he got a phone call from sheriff mirkarimi but there are no plans to return it the abc 7 news eye team reported our story last month. tonight a much-needed clean up of unside and out and the owner comes fwoi make a last minute property claim. >> also ahead a warning for muni riders and an appeal from the police department to be smart with your smart phone. >> a work at home overtakes thousands of dollars from an
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elderly woman. 7 on your side gets the money back. >> and later tonight a pop star comes to town to salute a rock star mom. stay with us.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. if you ride muni chances are you've done it once or twice. but muni is hoping you'll think twice about doing that anymore. abc 7 explains why. ride any bus and you'll see people listening to music, texting and talking on smart phones. it's a modern past time for digital generation. but it's also an all you can eat buffet for a thief. >> i hate thieves.
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>> robert says he's learned to be vigilant on the bus. >> i watch people's movements and axz. they come close enough to try to steal something i put it up. >> many are distracted and on this bus crawling up mission street it seems everybody knows someone robbed of their electronics on the bus one of my friends got her phone stolen, another had his head phones stolen. >> in this tape a thief grabs a backpack full of camera gear slipping out the back door of the bus,. >> you're coming to a stop. you're near the rear door. they'll just snatch and away they go. >> that is why there is a bold campaign of bill boards showing perils of distracted riding. >> if you look at this art work it's how goits. this woman is not paying attention, someone else is. >> this is just a start of the public awareness campaign. riders were already well aware of the problem. some are taking steps to protect themselves. >> don't take it out.
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and try to be very discreet about it mostly leave knit the pocket. >> you don't play with your phone on the bus? >> no. it's a high-tech phone. >> they're now stolen in a staggering three quarters of robberies in the city. both on, and off, the bus. they're valuable, easy to sell, making them as good as cash to a crook. >> when you're lookinging down, not paying attention it's like taking $300 to $500 out of the atm, then counting it and not paying attention. >> tonight a state assemblyman has drawn up a bill to help eliminate violence at sporting events by banning the people who cause problems covering roib and inflicting great bodily harm and this becomes a misdemeanor to attend a game after being put on one of the lists and there is a $10,000 fine, if you think bit, most
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of the perpetrators are people who love sports. we're going to take away what they love the most if they're going to be nuisances at games. >> he has brian stow and the violence in mind, he says the primary aim is to make families feel safe again going to ball games. >> in san jose, workers begin dismantling a mountain of junk in the yard of a hoarder's home, it drew national attention after reporting it three weeks ago in a you fix it report. and there is a the story now by san jose. >> but truck, tractor and hand. a private contractor and county dug n bit by bit, load by load, a dozen men began to haul away a mess growing since the 70s, rudy has been the most-vocal neighbor on street. >> now, you can see the house. >> this is what the house looked like just three weeks
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ago and we reported you how the 58-year-old's manic collecting pushed neighbors to the edge. that prompted the county to take action. yesterday declaring it an official public nuisance. this morning a clean up. >> if have not seen a job on this scale for a single resident. >> baker showed up this morning, and look looked resigned and didn't want to talk to us and didn't stay long. >> investigator larry london one of many official heerz to make sure that the belongings were treated respectfully. he says koit take up to five days for the yard alone. >> everything determined to have value to the estate we're putting to the side. they'll catalog it. warehouse it. >> the public guardian is in charge of the stuff and will go into the house to begin process of unraveling what is left of the messy estate. and his deceased parents are
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still listed as legal owners and the county located his sister. who gets what will be decided in probate court. and there is just a spectacle. >> can you imagine the stuff coming out of there? >> after these years, relief. >> there is service we've been getting here, especially from channel 7 they've been doing a lot of coverage here, i appreciate it. >> and that is amazing. >> what a change. >> there is a lot of wet weather on the way. >> and there is a full forecast. >> there is some active weather, it's raining now around much of the bay area, here is a live view here in downtown san francisco, we have light rain and are looking eastward across the bay. interest there is reports of light rain over clear skies. there is a look you can see there is rain that is wide spread. and there is rain concentrated
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across the north bay and that is where it's been most of the day. most of the heavy rain. there is some down in the mountains. there is a rather wide and long path of dry weather reaching from peninsula throughout the south bay. we do have areas of rain across santa cruz mountains, winds are calming down a bit in spots. it's been gusty foremost of the day. there are gusts at 36 miles per hour. half moon bay, 31 miles per hour. novato, 24 miles per hour gusts. and there is on we go to highlights, rain with us for a while. there is rain continuing throughout the morning with a break tomorrow night into thursday, then, another storm coming in thursday night through friday and into weekend. and that one could be a stronger storm. satellite radar shows the frontal system bringing us this current bout of rainfall moving slowly as it has been for the last day or so. it's one of the reasons rainfall totals are beginning
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to increase so impressively. there is a second storm going mainly to the nornl. the third storm is one go owing come in at the end of the week and bring us stormy weather friday and saturday and beyond. and so let's take a look at the forecast animation at 7:00 this evening. of course, the rain will be with us then continue continuing overnight into rush hour. there will be pockets of heavy rain and it will be wide spread. the front moves and finally into mid morning areas, there is a front sweeping through, there are showers, and a dry spell from tomorrow evening overnight into thursday afternoon. there is mainly dry spell. there could be showers on thursday, looks like a mainly dry day. taking a look at rainfall projections by 5:00 we'll be looking at another one to two inches of rainfall in the north bay. three quarters to an inch and a half on the peninsula. and up to another three inches in the santa cruz mountains.
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in the sierra, winter storm warning in affect until 5:00 in the morning. expecting another four to eight inches of snow and another two to three feet above 7,000 feet. and wet conditions and mild with low temperatures into low 50s and cooler in parts of the north bay. and tomorrow, will be a cool day as well. highs mainly into upper 50s to right around 60 degrees, here is the accu-weather forecast. mainly dry on thursday. and at least partly dry. another stormy period begins on friday, continuing through saturday. it's st. patrick's day. tapering off to showers, sunday, then, monday, we'll have a dry day, spring arriving monday night at 10:14 pacific time. >> okay. thank you. >> there gou. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a new pitch to turn cal train into a high speed electric train. >> and a new partnership bringing some good jobs to san francisco. stay with us.
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the news at 6:00 continues.
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l is move to electrify cal train system. jerry hill is behind the effort saying the tracks must be electrified to accommodate bullet trains and wants it to happen by 2019, a decade earlier than planned. trains don't just reduce pollution but start and stop faster than trains powered by diesel enjinz some trains could operate on a limited
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schedule similar to baby bullet making fewer stops and therefore going faster than baby bullets do, today oo. the tracks will be electrified using overhead wires similar to the light rail system. the metropolitan transportation commission would chip in $750 million for the project. >> there is a partnership between canadian die byeo sciences firms and the city bringing four new companies to ucsf mission bay. the mayor joined officials today for ribbon cuttings to announce the formation of a canadian technology accelerateor saying the new technology firms will ben the goal of turning mission bay into a hub. >> we know the companies need and want the exciting collaboration that its had with qb 3 and partners here and association with a very, we expect to be a very successful medical research
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center with ucs. >> with this new companies the city is home to 180 companies. >> and coming up next, new at 6:30 late returns from two primary states, why it's been one of the least expensive campaigns in years. >> the chancellor at uc berkeley steps down. but after years, not everyone is sorry to see him go. >> from 7 on your side tonight how working at home can turn into a money losing proposition. the news continues right after this. ]x
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good evening, we'll start with presidential politics. polls have closed for 90 minutes in alabama and mississippi and if things hold it could be a big night for rick santorum. >> he's leading in alabama with 34.2% of the vote.
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and newt gingrich is second, and mitt romney running third with 28.4%. >> and in mississippi again it's santorum, gingrich and romney, in that order. and there could be a big night for santorum but a possible death blow for gingrich. >> early reports indicate the turn out in mississippi and alabama have been low, thunderstorms sweeping across that part of the country now. >> it isn't just the weather keeping voter as way. as it turns out. mark matthews is here with more on that. >> yes. low numbers in both states looks like a very low turn out tonight in alabama and mississippi. we've talked about the impact of the advertising driving down enthusiasm tonight there are numbers in. as of end of january telling a similar story. as mitt romney and newt gingrich battle it out, the
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spending numbers are showing the total raised throughout the end of january is $146 million including money from super pac. but take a look at what g.o.p. candidates raised four years ago. there is $310 million it may indicate a lack of enthusiasm in the base for candidates that are in front of them. >> saying the negative ads and economy are factors but so are the candidates. >> just a sense these are fem that nobody is super excited about on republican side. >> and he says that should be of little comfort to supporters. and enthusiasm deficit is cutting into both parties a monthing ayot president led mitt romney in haid to head match up but latest poll is
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slowing it slipped. >> it's a reminder changes and conditions can affect race in a very short period of time. >> there is gas prices up and the president's approval rating fell. >> maybe it's related to the fact you said we couldn't get a pipeline in from canada. those things affect gas prices. >> and there are republican contenders hammering that issue. >> there is a two-letter energy policy. n-o. >> and voters assign credit and blame. come fall, in spite of the lack of enthusiasm and anything that the candidates are doing themselves this race could turn on any anymore of conditions that neither side will be able to control. >> the money difference is staggered. >> it is. >> i know. we've been hearing about these super pacs. then, you find out it's not
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even close. >> not even half. >> interesting. uc berkeley chancellor called it quits after more than seven years on the job announce he will step down at the end of the year following a series of occupy protests on campus. >> students read about at announcement on the college web site. there is much praise from colleague he's been able to continue to build a quality of the faculty. that is the core of the university. >> you must make sure a berkeley quality education is available to the population of california. >> students body president says he brought inclusion to the university. >> he was an advocate for underrep sented minority students and i think his middle class plan was sort of
6:33 pm
setting precedent for the country. >> that plan makes it easier for middle class families to afford cal. he says he stayed longer than expected because he wanted to sort out impact from the california economic crisis on the university and there is some questioning whether the clash between students and police prompted his decision to leave. and he had security out siftd home before that incident. and he initially sided with police, then changed his mind wrote videos are disturbing and veents are unworthy of us as a university community. >> no chancellor could survive as chancellor on a campus after doing what he did to his own students. that is undoubtedly a major part of his legacy. we're very glad to see him go. >> his friend is a former uc santa cruz chancellor. >> you tend to personalize that when you shouldn't.
6:34 pm
but it's inable you will. i think bob had felt bad about the way he was treat bid some of the detractors and by the press. >> he wants to see the construction of the cal memorial stadium completed, it's scheduled to open in september. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> and tonight's money matters a surge in sales drives wall street to the best day of the we're year. the nasdaq crossed 3,000 mark for the first time since december, 2000 and apple shot up $16 a share on unprecedented demand for its new ipad. and citi bank failed a new economic stress test saying citi and three smaller banks lacked a capitol to withstand another severe down turn z
6:35 pm
southwest airlines issued a warning and doesn't expect to turn a profit this quarter and they expected to pay 3.5 3.5s -- $3.35 a gallon but it's ln like 3.$50 and a genetic switch that could help doctors cure a life
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a discovery could help unlock origins of
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life-threatening heart defects, it's research they believe they can cure before they take hold more than a million people in the u.s. suffer from congenital heart disease but now, researchers believe a switch of sorts in the wrong position before birth could be responsible for some of the cases. >> when we normally think about heart development we think about what gene wez need to turn on so that tissue become what's it's supposed to be. >> instead they decided to do the opposite. using a model they turned off a newscaster -- master gene that develops cells into myocytes like these, he says they expected cells to lose ability to develop it was a shocker when we saw these making rounds. >> this is expected to be developing normally in utero. and there is a team that
6:39 pm
believes what happened next to hold crews to formation of heart defects in human autos this is a normal size. >> the team kept monitoring animals and while born normally, he says they began to develop a deadly defect as they continued to grow. >> there is almost four times the amount. we ended up with mice that were born but then, their hearts became massive. >> he believes they were caused by a second gene meant to be turned on or off after birth. if researchers were able to find workers for similar markers there is a potential for treating heart defects in the womb. >> if we can find earlier markers and intervention to prevent them that, would be an ideal scenario. >> i says the next goal is
6:40 pm
finding out how other genes in the harlt are regulated saying that could lead to a blueprint of how a heart becomes a heart. >> fascinating. >> and a lot more to get to here at 6:00. coming up a pop star's tribute to a rock star mom. stay with us. male announcer ] for some reason
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those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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home jobs can bring in extra cash. >> but some offers with wind up costing you money. >> yes. and michael seems like elderly are especially vulnerable. >> yes. one woman thought she had a chance to make big money in a short time but wound up losing it. after our investigation the u.s. postal service is opening its own probe into the business that made these promises. >> you can make 10 times your money. >> this 85-year-old barely gets by so she couldn't resist offer in the mail. a chance to make good money working at home. >> they said that in two to
6:44 pm
three weeks i would have well over $1500 to $1800. >> sounded great. she won't have to do much just send in money. the company would sell coupon booklets and she'd get a share of the profits. >> at that time it made sense. >> she sent 149ses today the company called profit printing then another $190 then three more checks. 1700s ndz all. she was told the more she sent, the more she could earn it was as if i was hooked on it. they can convince you you're going to be a millionaire by next year. >> the only problem is that she never did receive any money. and no coupons or paper work so she called to ask. >> saying we're so excited and you're going to be exciting because we're moving to beverly hills. >> a representative says the
6:45 pm
company was moving to beverly hills. she could invest and earn 10 times her money. she was fed up. >> what about the money that paid in already? which is over a thousand dollars? no. you can't get that money back. i said i can't get it back? >> there are a number of indicators that don't look good. >> jeff is a u.s. postal inspector. we brought this case to his attention, he says his agency would investigate donation biz. >> to say you zront to do anything just send us money and we'll make you boat loads of money there is something not right. >> she had all but given up hope. >> that is when i called 7 on your side. >> we did digging and turns out the address on santa monica boulevard is just this mailbox rental store. the bbb gives donation bids an
6:46 pm
"f" rating with three complaints and when calling and demanded a full refund the company did give her $2500 back. >> 7 on your side got my money back. >> no one would discuss the business, but attorney for the company contacted 7 on your side saying that as soon as we got the request we got her money back. woe not comment further. lylea says cases like this make the elderly feel targeted. >> you want to believe people are honest. thank god for michael and 7 on your side. >> if you're required to pay up front to get a job that should raise a big red flag. any sign of trouble promising cash for very little work. and i've posted information on
6:47 pm
how to spot an offer that may be good good to be true. >> great lady. >> yes. >> and the walt disney parent company of abc 7 announced a program to help veterans find job providing a thousand job opportunities to returning service members over three years and that is as well as a campaign to convince other businesses to follow suit. you'll fintd a link on abc 7 >> there is several storms moving in. >> the first one is with us and will be for a while this, is a look at live doppler 7 hd. there is mainly confined to the north bay and santa cruz mountains. there are pockets of heavy rain across the north bay and east bay now. it's pushing south and eastward. there is a wide path of dry conditions. that path is narrowing now as
6:48 pm
rainfall is spreading into san jess yeah. there are totals that are quite impressive. there is over four inches of rain, so just a trace in san jose. rain is on the way to san jose. there is showers with maybe a few breaks in the north bay of sunshining through. highs into upper 50s tow around 60. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a break on thursday. another storm coming in friday into saturday. and showers on sunday and then, drying out on monday and monday evening we marked arriveal of spring. >> and into april. >> and a grammy-nominated singer song writer made music for kids in fremont today and brought them money to help keep music in the schools.
6:49 pm
>> and sarah with her number one hit "love song" she made museal math wrik for kids today. a $10,000 check to the music program from a contest sponsored by a soy milk company. she started as a young girl in eureka. >> i started playing piano at six. and i took lessons but it was mostly because we had music in the classroom. i got to really newer tour and learn i had a love, a passion for it now, she's encouraging a new generation. >> this doesn't just benefit the musically inclined student it helps all students perform better in other subjects. >> they're going to install a new sound system and use it
6:50 pm
for an after school band program and after school musical theater. it's the grand prize in an online contest called nice job, mom, we rock. she came up with tips for a healthy life style. >> and involve your son with daily activities, cooking, gardening. and cleaning house. >> sandy and her son got a trip to disneyland and saw sarah in concert. there are other payoffs from gains. her son won $1,000 from the art program. >> i would like to know what you're going to enter next. >> i won a computer last week. >> music in schools can lead to this. in fremont abc 7 news. >> coming up next, warriors trading away a popular player. >> and didn't get much in return. the story is coming up next in sports.
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you can see
6:53 pm
join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, unusually warm weather that is bringing spring time to the economy. >> then at 11:00 a final vote, santa clara is poised to seal
6:54 pm
the deal for the new stadium. the bigger price tag and just who will pay for it. and there is kind of a strange, unusual move today. >> everyone is a little shocked about this one. i read it and i was like, this is the deal? and they're hoping to rebuild. the era is over the gronld state warriors. they are sending monty to milwaukee. the best player and the face of the franchise averaging 22 points and six assists per game. he's going to go to milwaukee along with a promising forward and injured kwame brown. warriors will get andrew boga. and he is out with a fractured ankle probably won't play this season z former warriors steven jackson in the dog house in milwaukee. looks like grand theft by the buc who's play warriors in
6:55 pm
oakland friday. but again, they're looking long term and trying to rebuild. cal basketball teams getting ready for the plane game in south florida there is no respect from the selection committee. bears struggled and facing bulls don't help saying playing south florida is like getting a root canal. >> it's a compliment from a great coach. and that is what weigh want to do. we want to get under your skin and make life miserable for you. >> i'm not golg you to recognize the odds that have happening are not high. so let's go out and relax. let's try to just play. >> playing tonight western kentucky coming down from 16 and move on to face top-seed kentucky on thurts.
6:56 pm
and there is bay area will have four new inductees tonight. and former stanford and 49ers wide receiver gene washington is a four-time pro bowl pick. kevin johnson from cal, nba star to saving kings and there is george ash. er honored. >> well you know i never thought about it in those terms until later in life. and the first head coach, then to win a super bowl. you think about it and realize that that was pretty good. >> honor of playing 49ers. that is capped off with the bay area sports hall of fame is unbelievable. >> a's playing brett anderson on the 60 didash disabled
6:57 pm
list. on the field today a's and brewers in contactus league action. there is man reramirez, and geents fall to the clubs. >> interesting. >> yes. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and you can follow the storm tonight with live doppler 7 hd. you'll find it on our web site. >> check us out there. >> and thanks for watching we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night for now.
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