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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 26, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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america this morning. >> get more news later or the news this machine morning, developing news, paramedics in antioch rush a person to the hospital after shot and serious wounded. >> also san francisco police may soon be getting a boost from a special source of civilians. the chief wants 15 people to investigate in the crimes. >> and clouds covering the bay and a little mist falling around the coast. cooler than average weather beginning. >> and new injury accident sunnyvale. i'll have details coming up. live look at bay bridge toll plaza, light traffic. >> and transit is warning
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commuters is to expect another week of late or no show buses. >> good monday morning. we're starting off a brand-new week. 4:31. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. developing news in antioch where police are investigating a shooting at a convenience store. it happened shortly before 1:00 this morning at a seven-eleven store on hillcrest avenue. police answered to a call of gunshots fired to the area. they found a clerk injured from gunshot wound. we have no word on his condition. list have no suspect description nor the circumstances surrounding the shooting at this time. >> san francisco police are moving forward with plans to hire 15 civilians to respond to minor crimes that often get back logged because of low priority. it will help free up sworn officers to focus on violent crimes. how this pilot program will
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work. >> joe knows firsthand how long it can take for a san francisco police officer to show up at his door. >> it took four hours after my apartment was broken in to. >> the delay is common for nonviolent crimes since officers respond to urgent cases first, but starting in january, they will launch a new program to improve response time. civilian investigators will be trained to respond to lower priority cases, from conducting interviews to collecting evidence. police chief george gascon came up with the idea and introduced it into mesa, arizona. to jim hammer the program makes case. >> in a petty theft cases, there is no reason to have an police officer to investigate that kind of crime. >> it will include 15 civilian
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investigators and each could cost half as much as a sworn officer. even so san jose police chief bringing in civilians has drawbacks. >> it's difficult to get detectives in uniformed officers to cooperate and coordinate and work closely together. it's a little more difficult to get civilian, non-sworn people to work with the sworn officers. >> the program will last six months, whether it stays or goes after that will in large part depend on feedback from the public. >> i think it's great if they can speed up response time. >> they have to have an eye for things, pattern recognition. civilians can get that quickly. >> it will cost million dollars. 15 investigators are set to work in a couple of the ten-district
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stations. >> fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of yesterday's apartment fire that killed an 8-year-old girl. they identify the girl a visitor from north carolina. she was staying with relatives when the fire broke out sunday morning. fire officials say there were two adults and five children inside the first floor unit. they all made it out with minor injuries. 8-year-old girl was trapped in a back bedroom. >> very small apartment. they went to the bedroom and they found a little girl there. she was by herself in the room on the floor. >> she was supposed to go home to durham, north carolina today. the first fire station that responded to yesterday is on the list to be closed. >> a fire warning remains in effect, 15 beild fires have been burning. most are in remote areas in
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lassen county. lightning strikes triggered them yesterday. the largest is 50 acres. the mixture of storms and strong winds is expected in the same area. >> commuters riding a.c. transit are being warned to expect cancellations as a labor dispute continues. agency reported an average of 200 to 250 drivers calling out sick every day last week. a.c. transit the sickout begin after a new contract was imposed on the union last month. they deny any organized sickouts. a judge is expected to rule to suspend the contract while both deal with an arbitrator. >> preparing for lane closures as a three year seismic retrofit project is slated to begin. they are expected to allocate
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$735 million in toll money to fund dumbarton project next week. it could wrap up by april of 2013. commuters can expect lane closures overnight and during the washington, d.c.s. -- weekends. >> joe mcnamara has come out in favor of legalized marijuana. he is a research fellow at stanford. he has written an editorial supporting the proposition 19. he says he and an increasing number of law enforcement officers have learned that marijuana, especially in violence but obscenely profitable black market is caused by the prohibition and not the plant. legalizing will allow police to
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fight violent crime and not waste time on small time pot busts. >> meek mike, i remember him. didn't you see mike nicco? >> used to be long time. >> you got a tan? >> a little bit of a tan. one day's worth. still very cold in southern california. weather-wise, good morning to you on this monday. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s. cloud cover a little thicker, you may find mist from time to time. i didn't feel any coming in but most of it will develop now over the next two hours. we'll see clouds along the coast. still fog pushing through the golden gate over toward oakland and richmond and few lingering clouds up in the north. temperatures, upper 50s along the coast. low to mid 50s around san francisco, marin and san mateo and py down into the south bay,
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north bay valleys and upper 70s to low on 80s in the east bay valleys. temperatures pretty cool. san francisco will be 6 degrees cooler than average. oakland, 7. san jose, 10. concord, 12 degrees cooler. you should be 90 today, only 78. silver lining you won't have to pay pg&e for any air-conditioning bills. good morning, frances. >> welcome back. we do have an injury accident in sunnyvale. apparently a car drove off the freeway but actually ended up on city streets. chp is at the scene and may find some activity off to the left hand shoulder. major road work, lanes have been closed, win way traffic control, until 6:00 this morning. you may want to hold off until then.
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san mateo bridge, no trouble here or elsewhere around the bay area at this time. it's now 4:39. >> still ahead, everyday medical devices that injured tens of thousands of children a year. >> also, san francisco muni raised fares, so why is the feds giving it high marks. >> and latest news, we'll at the time you where you can find the highest [ male announcer ] using frontline plus shows your pet you care... by unleashing a complete killing force against... ...fleas and ticks. and not st grown fas. unlike other products from your vet, ...frontline plus also kills flea eggs and larvae, ...and keeps killing for 30 days -- on dogs and cats. that's why it's... .the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. there's killing, and thers complete killing with frontline plus.
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buses a glowing review despite a failure to hit the target on on time performance. audit found san francisco municipal transportation agency operated within the rules in 21 out of 24 categories. however, the report does note areas where the agency has deficiencies, including following behind on maintenance reports, publicly posting fare discounts. >> average price for gag stayed the staple rising less an penny. national price for gallon of unregular unleaded is 2.73. california's is 3.10 a gallon. bakersfield averages 3.05. and san francisco highest averages $3.17 a gallon.
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>> a new study released says contact lenses are the top cause of medical device complications among children. researchers with the fda found that more than 70,000 children and teens get emergency room treatment for medical device related programs. many involve infections in contact lenses that wear them for long periods without cleaning them. other problems is puncture wounds from illegal drugs. infections with implanted catheters in kids with serious illnesses. >> we have a story that is almost unbelievable. a family planning for a funeral discovered their daughter was alive. >> and the ahhs turn to screams of terror have people running for cover. >> bp may have a new chief
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oprah: the interview that got you all fired up. the most scrutinized mom in america. >> oprah talks to octuplet mom nadya suleman. oprah: you didnt thinknknknknknk welcome back. 4:46. check out the warmth midwest, mid-80s in seattle and near hundred in salt lake city. low to team any around d.c. and new york. flight arrival delays so far so good. only threat of organized severe weather is in north dakota and minnesota. scattered thunderstorms around the south east and we'll have any flight delays at salt lake city fire investigators are trying to determine what caused fire fireworks to malfunction and shoot into the crowd.
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the mishap injured ten people at a pioneer days celebration. >> the injuries are mostly minor burns and bruises. authorities say some of the fireworks shot horizontally. they had to stop the show before it reached the grand finale. >> and a family preparing to bury a daughter is instead at the hospital bedside this morning. 19-year-old girl was one of four involved in a single car accident a week ago. two of the girls died and third was critically injured and badly disfigured. they miss identified one of the girls. investigators realized their mistake after using dental records to identify the girl and
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realize highway abby was still alive. >> we could have been by her side and given her more strength. >> she remains in very critical condition. now, the family of the 21-year-old who thought yesterday their daughter was alive is dealing with the realization that she died in the wreck. you can hear much more on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> back the work in the gulf, chief executive of bp may be out of work by the end of today. they are going to vote on tony hayward's fate and reports are that he will be ousted. >> he famously made wrong predictions. >> the environmental impacts is likely to be very modest. >> in pristine waters and the
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ultimate gaffe in the gulf. >> now, tony hayward may have his wish -- at a bp board motorcycle he is expected to be forced out replaced by bob dudley who's low key style is different than the brit. there is a lingering anger. >> the surprising response, forgiveness. >> i think he cede lot of bad things, but we regret saying things later. i feel sorry for him. >> work on drilling a relief well has resumed less than a day after tropical storm bonnie's remains blew through. thad allen say they may be able to kill the damaged well within a week. >> with an optimum outcome is the casing pipe do the static
4:50 am
kill and proceed. >> that static kill could shut the well down for good. they plan to clog it with mud and cement. then they would go with the relief well ending the ordeal. >> our time is 4:50. the atmosphere is tense this morning on the korean peninsula as they present fair for joint exercises, they are conducting anti-submarine exercises. they believe a north korea submarine is responsible for sink ago vessel in march killing 46 sailors. north korea has vowed to retaliate with nuclear weapons. it chris 20 ships, 200 aircraft and about 8,000 u.s. and south korean sailors. >> looks like we're not the only ones getting below average temperatures. southern california, too?
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>> yes it continues. temperatures below the average. few records and cold low temperatures in oakland and concord. we are flirting with those again this morning as this cloudy air mass and cool air mass is keeping temperatures below average. that is where we all sit this morning down around the monterey bay, same conditions. everybody is 55 except for salinas at 56. cool temperatures not only today and also tomorrow, that is in the morning and afternoon. it will be cloudy at the coast and inland you'll see sunshine and warm weather will begin on thursday. you can see how deep the penetration of cloud cover, well into the central valley and linger through about 8:00. by noon, we're seeing clouds in sonoma, marin county and all throughout the bay until you get down to about the san mateo bridge and we'll see some sunshine.
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eventually by 3:00, most areas breaking out and part of marin county and cloud cover. same thing around the central bay, anywhere from richmond down to about alameda, even oakland and back toward the san francisco airport. 50 degree temperatures there. 70s inland areas and few 80s show up especially in the east bay valleys. for the south bay, low to mid-70s with saratoga and san jose. mostly sunny with upper 60s to low 70s for you. increasing clouds and keeping san mateo in the upper 60s. half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, sunset not even breaking out of the 50 50s. low to mid-50s for downtown south san francisco. low to mid-70s through through the north bay valleys and drizzle and mid to upper 50s at your beaches. clouds coming through and 63 and 65 and warm spot, fremont, 72
4:53 am
degrees. inland neighborhoods in the mid-70s through the san ramon valley to upper 70s to mid-80s to from concord out to brentwood. 74 in hollister. monterey bay, mid to upper 70s. thunderstorms and high fire danger in the sierras today. 78 in tahoe but dry, 103 in palm springs. cool around l.a., only 75 degrees today. >> cloud cover once again and mid to upper 50s. seven-day forecast, tuesday and wednesday could be just as cool compared to average as today. warmer weather will start thursday and friday and hold steady through the weekend. >> still looking good on bay area phrase despite injury accident in sunnyvale, north
4:54 am
101. here is a live shot of 880. headlights on northbound 101 and that is southbound on the right-hand side. if you are driving through san jose caltrans will be repaving on and off ramps and may be closed overnight through the san jose area, but they haven't specified which ones exactly. check out 101 in san rafael, moving well southbound out of novato down to golden gate bridge. wal hurt in critically, good commute for contra costa county riders. and only trouble we see is for east bay, eastern transit bus riders, another week of delays or no-show buses. get the latest at it's 4:54. after a decade of construction,
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scientists in menlo park have turned on the world's biggest x-ray machine. three-mile long laser that extends beneath 280. richard hart takes us on a drive to discover. >> not every accelerate i've worked out as quickly as this one. >> i think the entire group is excited that this machine has worked as beautifully. >> the machine is a laser, nearly three miles long, crossing highway 280 six stories under ground. first to produce hard x-rays, x-rays that enable to see processes that were only a dream 20 years ago. >> people have been working on images of viruses and we're interested in proteins and dna and things of that sort. >> not just snapshots. it's so fast, that images capture before molecules have time to fly apart. that means the first atomic movie. >> x-rays are so intense we can
4:56 am
take holo grams of molecules. >> it's so short that atoms don't have time to move very far. we can see the motion of the around the atom. >> it generates a pack of electrons and shoots it through a tube the size of a straw. imagine stretching it through three football fields that the grain of light never touches the side of the straw. >> its small chamber this like one. it's funded by the u.s. department of energy is just getting started and already it has scientists around the world beaming. boy scouts of america are getting ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary with a jamboree that begins today. 10,000 boy skiots from all over
4:57 am
the country took part in a parade. it was the largest boy scout parade since 1937. more than 46,000 scouts, staff and volunteers from around the world are expected. they will display their skills at everybody from fishing to robots and testing their own dna. >> there has been changes in the last few years. >> doing his job, next moment he is lying in a pool of blood. the latest on convenience store shooting in antioch. >> and top cop has a new idea to have friends and neighbors investigating crimes. >> and a warning going out to people at a popular park [ male announcer ] using frontline plus shows your pet you care... by unleashing a complete killing force against... ...fleas and ticks. and not st grown fas.
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