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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 19, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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making news on this monday, july 19th. what next. at the bottom of the gulf? the oil well may be capped but now there's disagreement about how to proceed. afghanxiety. anxiety. secretary of state clinton is in the region and concerns about security could not be higher. and burning up, another heat wave has huge areas of the nation boiling and it's not getting cooler anytime soon.geta good morning. thanks for being with us on this monday morning. well, that newly installed containment cap on the blownout oil on the gulf of mexico may not be working as first thought. >> this morning, the government is demanding answers.
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emily schmidt is joining us from washington on details what engineer. >> rob: discovered. >> reporter: good morning. there are new concerns this morning abs been discovered near the broken well and questions about whether that cap should be reopened to keep the damage from getting even worse. for the fourth day in a row, there is no oil leaking from a capped w pressure is and well pressure is holding steady as hoped. but the pressure of what to do next seems to be building. bp likes the cap the way it is. >> we're hopeful that if the encouraging signs continue wool be able to continue the integrity test all the way to the point that we get the well killed. so, right now there is no target set to open the well back up to flow. >> reporter: but sunday incident commander thad allen says there's an unidentified seep detected a distance from the well. he wants bp to provide more seabed testing the and the testing scheduled to wrap up will now continue in 24-hour increments. the associated press quotes a
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government course say there may be leaking methane. scientists are worried. it's one reason the government wants to reopen the cap and siphon oil to the surface. >> once and for all they can get a good number on the flow rate. >> reporter: people who live in the gulf want to make sure it's only the beginning of the company commitment. >> and i guess everyone around here, as far as business is now looking forward to what bp does. and hopefully get things cleaned up. >> reporter: and we have some new numbers this morning. bp is now saying it has spent just under $4 billion in its oil spill response efforts. of that, it says, $207 million have gone in emergency claims to victims. vinita and rob, back to you. ae has wildfire has wdy destroyed homes in central washington and evacuations are a under way. flames broke out near yakima yesterday afternoon.
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hundred of the firefighters have been worked all night to put out the wind-fueled fire, saying dozens of home are still threatened. at least 56 people have been killed after two trains collided in eastern india. the crash destroyed two passenger cars and a luggage car turning them into a tangle of twisted metal. officials have raised the possibility of sabotage. secretary of state hillary clinton is on a mission in pakistan this morning. >> she's try to shore up suppore for the afghan war tomorrow ahead of the summit on the future. nick schifrin is joining us from kabul with details. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, hillary clinton i. what she's doing is unveiling $i $500 million in development projects. the hope is if the u.s. can win points with the pakistani people and the pakistani military and
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the pakistani government can go after militants in afghanistan. it's those militants who have made afghanistan more violent ever ever, increasing security fears. >> reporter: in the afghan capital, police are gearing for a fight. hillary clinton an and her counterparts from 50 countries have arrived here. and the city is on edge. the major general is responsible for keeping kabul safe. the enemies of afghanistan will do their best to show the international community there is no peace or security, he says. those enemies succeeded. the suicide bomber killed three people here. the remnants of the bomber or the victims remained on this street long after the attack. this will give you a sense of the scene of a suicide explosion. over there, there's body parts from the suicide bomber, we won't show you those. over here, a motorcycle that was either hit or used by the
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suicide bomber. a sense of fear. obviously, worried about the journalists. the air around here smells acrid. do you and your family trust the government and police to keep kabul safe? >> i don't think so. every time, everybody minute, i feel like i'm dying. or they're coming in kabul. >> reporter: violence remains the fundamental problem here against afghans and americans. but what hillary clint what the afghan government want to do this week, move beyond the violence and figure out how they can help the afghan people, people like amal. the u.s. has spent $25 billion on recovery projects. his life hasn't improved in the last nine years. he can't even afford to take hi sick children to the doctor. all this help and money coming in, where has it gone? he says, i haven't seen
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anything. the u.s. says billions have been lost to afghan corruption and american projects that haven't benefited the afghan people. the goal for the conference fixed both those problems, but that is a massive challenge, especially when violence is the highest it's been in almost nine years of war. and that violence continues today in southern afghanistan. an american soldier was killed by an ied. he is the 41st service member to be killed this month. and that puts july on track to be the deadliest month of the war. rob? >> nick schifrin in kabul, thank you. suicide bombers have carried out the deadliest this year. a second gunman stormed militia headquarters in the far west anbar province, opening fire before blowing himself up. nearly 50 people were killed and dozens more were injured.
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it's day two of a smothering heat wave in the northeast. the last four months were the hottest on record putting 2010 on track to be the hottest year since records have been kept. jeannette calle is joining us with the latest. >> reporter: well, rob and vinita, the heat and humidity will lincolner. . this is ahead of a cold front from the west. that sparks a system over the great lakes and ohio valley yesterday. and it's marching eastward for today. so there will be widespread showers and thunderstorms across much the northeast. take a look at the high temperatures. new york city around 90, boston, 89. the heat will fuel localized stronger storms later this afternoon into this evening from boston down to new york city, including philadelphia, atlantic city and now our nation's capital. behind theer weather will be in place. however, it's still going to be
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humid but not quite as warm. syracuse, 84, buffalo, 80, burlington around 81. across the south central, it's been very hot with temperatures well above the normal. rob, vinita, back to you guys. the nation's midsection could be hit with severe storms. des moines and cincinnati could see storms. >> denver is having a heat wave1 soo. southern california has cooled down to more reasonable readings. anchorage is a cool spot at an enviable 64 degrees. when we come back, new criticism over the shuttered gm. that's part of your business news straight ahead. and deadly flooding in kentucky. thousands are without power and water and it could be that way for a week. stay with us. ♪ [ instrumental: upbeat ]
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this morning after the big selloff on wall street friday. and ireland's credit rate being cut. markets were closed in japan for holiday. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse ope lower. on wall street the dow fell 100 points. the nasdaq lost 17 points. the economic recovery continues duri quarted quarter, but the pace of growth slowed, that is the conclusion of a survey released this morning. despite the slowdown, more
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businesses do appear to be hiring. 31% say they added workers, the highest in three years.expect t 39% expect to hire more workers over the next six months. a government watchdog is criticizing the way the obama administration handled part of the auto bailout. a report says the treasury department failed to consider the job losses from general motors and chrysler to shut downing the dealerships. however, the treasury says its actions avoided a potentially catastrophic collapse. and ford is looking to revive suv sales with a new fuel-efficient explorer. t"the wall street journal" is revealing that unvill unveil a vehicle later this month. it made the vehicle significantly lighter and a smaller engine. gas prices are soared a few years ago. at the movies a dream opening weekend for the latest
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leonardo dicaprio movie. "inception." the movie is about a dream that sneaks into people's dreams. "despicable me" opened second. >> when we come back on this monday, the latest on zsa zsa gabor, she's having major surgery to and the golf season's major championship goes to a south african on a very significant day fo e'll be
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a state of emergency has been declared in eastern kentucky after flash flooding killed at least two people over the weekend. >> one woman died when she was swept away by high waters. the other victim was leaning off a bridge and then fell into the rushing waters. it is time now for a look at your morning road conditions. minor flooding on i-95 from boston new york. wet along i-75 from minneapolis to st. louis. scattered wet spots on i-10 from jacksonville to houston. >> if you're complying expect delays in chicago, boston, philadelphia, new york, and the nation's capital. in an exclusive interview with abc's "this week," vice president joe biden took issueww with wouse press secretary robert gibbs about the fall elections. >> the vice president said reports of the democrats demise are premature. david kerley has details. >> reporter: with his main getaway over president obama
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returns to the dissent over parties are of members fearful of losing power. nt joe biden on abc's "this week" boldly predicted it won't be that bad. >> i think we're going to shock the heck out of everybody. we're going to win the house and win the senate. >> reporter: that after the press secretary admitted that the democrats could lose control of the house. simple statement of fact, and calling it gibbs-gate proclaiming they will win enough seats. >> i think we'll be slightly over 40. >> i know the guys are popping the champagne bottles already over there, but fact of the matter is, the democrats will retain the majority of the house. >> reporter: a most abc news poll says that while voters have just 32% confidence. >> and what we're proud to say no to and what the government
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wants to us say no do, insurance companies, car companies. >> it's scaring the living daylights out of them. >> reporter: the democratic chair was emphatic despite the low poll numbers, president obama will be on the campaign trail and candidates will want him there. unlike his weekend in maine, it will n saven to save seats in november. zsa zsa gabor is undergoing hip replacement surgery at a los angeles hospit the 93-year-old actress broke her hip over the weekend at her bel aire ohm. gabor has been using a wheel chair since partially paralyzed in a car accident. time for sports. highlights from espn news. good morning, i'm adnan virk. it was a man nicknamed "shrek" that took over the tourney, in fact the open. it was really his to claim at
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st. andrews. with tiger woods, during the day, 12 shots back. woods switching back to the old putter that he used prior to the tournament. putting in the 4th, he misses the putt. he shoots 72 and finishes 3 under for the championship. 9th hole, leader louis oosthuizen, putting for eagle. the eagle has landed. oosthuizen increases his lead four shots four shots. on the 12th casey, h paul caseys tee shot goes into the gorse left of the fairway. i didn't even know gorse bushes existed until this. casey ended up recording a triple bogey on the hole. oosthuizen, you can't stop him. only hope to contain him. his lead was eight shots. on 18. thank you, thank you, i'll be here all week. tapping in for par on the 1 green to win t open open
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championship. louis oosthuizen, a tremendo ass family in raising the claret jug. a south african that comes on top no less than nelson mandela's 82nd birthday. and bottom of the ninth, 6-5, bases loaded for young when you were young. off of sergio santos, alex rios overthrows the cutoff cuddyer scores. and they get the walk-off win. 7-6, the final. that does the sports update. in germany, a huge party on the most famous road on the auto bon. >> each fan got to sit at a giant table actually made up of 20,000 individual tables. coming up next, the stories
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we're following, including the latest from the gulf of mexico. ernor rob blagojevich set to get under way today.
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now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. engineers have detected new seepage near the blownout oil well in the gulf of mexico and that is raising new concerns about the viability of that newly installed containment cap. the government i bp t asking bp submit a full report by tonight. hoping to win over a skeptical pakistani public,
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secretary of state hillary clinton has announced more than $500 million in new aid projects for pakistan. her next stop, kabul, afghanistan, where she'll be taking part in afternoon international summit. president obama is focusing on the economy this morning, he will deliver a statement from the rose garden calling on congress to extend the unemployment benefits. in the last few weeks, republicans have blocked the extension three times, arguing it takes away the incentive to find work. former illinois governor rod blagojevich will be grilled by prosecutors on charges that he was going to trade president obama's senate seat. heat wave in the north with temperatures up to 10 degrees highernormal. and a fire is spreading over wa washington, blanketing areas in smoke. for some of you your local news is coming up next. >> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues after
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emergency wake-up call. it really is the fastest-growing disease in history. what to eat, what to do to stop america's silent killer -- >> kabababababababababababababab next on "abc 7 news," new details about the body of a gunman who shot it out with the chp and oakland on the hunt for a sniper. as police search for the gunman and lisa argen has our forecast. >> fog is entering the bay but where it makes the cooling into the east bay valleys. >> and frances, big changes for the golden gate bridge for the finally from us this morning, the growing frenzy as the former first daughter prepares to tie the knot. >> chelsea clinton's wedding day is less than two weeks away, but even the rich and famous guests
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are being kept in the dark. as linsey davis suggests, the only thing we know for sure is the date and the name of the groom. >> reporter: first, it was vows on the vineyard, then toitched to rhinebeck, new york. supersleuths are hot on the trail of chelsea clinton's nuptials. who will be there. what to expect. >> chelsea clinton is allegedly getting married at one of the local 78s. >> reporter: can you either confirm or deny? >> personally, i can't. >> reporter: the wedding details are being kept so close to the vest, the only thing at that clintons have confirmed, it's july 31st and that she is in fact marrying mark ma vinsky. they were told to be within driving distance of manhattan. rhinebeck, new york, is within
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driving distance, about 100 miles north of new york city. it's rumored here, it will be here at the former 50-acre estate. you can say without a doubt that chelsea clinton is getting married here. >> at astour court. >> reporter: he went one step further and told us who was on the place setting. her mom's boss, the queen of talk and a new other names. the son of the 35th president of the united states jfk jr. kept us guessing until the end. still, most rhinebeck residents ding caklike a wedding cake and right in heir backyard. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i already got my invite. >> mine's in the mail, right? >> for sure.


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