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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 18, 2010 8:00am-8:30am PST

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good morning.
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thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. chp says westbound interstate 580 will stay shut down for another two to four hours in oakland but eastbound lanes are finally opened. they have been closed since a midnight gun battle. two officers were slightly injured the suspect is hospitalized. it all begin with a traffic stop on interstate 580 west of grand avenue. chp pulled over a white toyota pickup truck they say it was speeding. they saw several guns and the driver pulled out one of the them and fired. officers then called for back-up. >> he was shot multiple times by officers. he was also wearing body armor. that may have been why he was able to survive the encounter. the man is described as a 45-year-old man from grove land near yosemite. he is in stable condition at
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high land hospital this morning. two chp officers were treated for mine injuries. they are promising a thorough investigation after five officers opened fire killing a man they say rushed them with a knife and n each hand. john alston reports. >> the shooting in oakland will come under scrutiny of the bart review committee. >> from what i see, they acted properly. we do know we have some community people that have observed it. i think everything is proper. >> before 9:00 a.m., oakland and bart officers shot and killed a man on 33rd avenue near east 16th street. >> right after that, i heard it. >> it started around the fruit veil bart station when police got a 911 call.
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man polled down international boulevard. oakland officers joined the chase and tased him but the man kept running. that is when this witness looked outwitted. >> i saw the man walking backwards like this, saying shoot me. shoot me. and none of the police say anything, they were gathered together. >> oakland pd tried to fiarz a second time but he charged them with the nievs. >> at that point other officers on the scene who was there to protect the officer who the taser in the hand struck the suspect who falls to the ground. >> it comes two days after the governor signed a new law allowing civilian oversight of the department. now now the new shooting investigation will have to play out. >> my desire we wouldn't have to taser anybody. everybody has to protect
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themselves. so with that, that's all i can say at this moment. i want to make sure we look at the investigation and see the facts before i make a statement. >> the full investigation could fake weeks. bart civilian review panel won't go into effect in january but this shooting is exactly the qeipd of incident the panel was designed to investigate. >> indonesia has issued a tsunami warning after a powerful earthquake hit off the coast of new guinea. 6.8. it was centered in the ocean 200 miles northeast of capital. hawaii has no warnings in effect. they say no pacific wide tsunami is examine expected to reach the west coast of the u.s. or here. >> no oil is leaking in the gulf. bp have extended testing on the
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cap through this afternoon. they want to see if it can stay permanently sealed. >> this 80-ton cork called the stacking cap. late yesterday in a statement, admiral thad allen the u.s. government and bp allowed for the integrity test to continue another 24 hours. bp has hinted it could keep it sealed for weeks. >> there is no evidence that we lack integrity in the well. >> scientists had feared the pressure of shutting that oil in could rupture the cement casing. that is not happening. >> as long as its holding the pressure that is building inside of it, that is a very good sign. >> yet the government may ask bp to open the valve in the stacking cap to begin capturing the oil and siphoning up to ships on the surface getting one very important piece of
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information, the amount of oil that has been leaking. >> they can get a good number on what the flow rate was. >> the sum total could be up to 22 bye. there is visibly oil around the well though millions lurk in the gulf. then there are two relief wells, first, this one five feet away from the target but it could take two weeks to close the distance once they intercept the well, force feed a con cubs of mud and cement killing it for good. catholic fire has sent a mapping specialist to the gulf this weekend. he'll help the state of florida map the spread of the oil near the florida coast. that state sent firefighters to california to help battle fires and they say this is an
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opportunity to return the fire. >> vice president joe biden he never viewed comments by mcchrystal's comments as a personal attack. in the article, he joked that he did not recognize biden's name. he told this week that president obama's decision to fire mcchrystal was the right thing to do. >> i was asked, and i did on my own survey, i think six four-star generals. every single one said he had to go. the president made the right decision. he changed the personalities and put the strongest and policy in place. >> the replacement was general david petraeus.
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>> actress zsa zsa gabor is hospitalized. and a july heat wave grips most of the nation. wewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewq
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actress zsa zsa gabor if s in the hospital after breaking several bones. she is seen in much better health is thought to be 93 years old.
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she fell out of bed last night while watching tv. her husband says she broke her hip and other bones. she is partially paralyzed from a car accident in 2002. she suffered a stroke back in 2005. >> southern california is baking for at least another day. this time it's not a dry heat. rare high humidity heat wave is predicted to last until tomorrow. nothing stop morning workouts. it reached triple-digits north and east of downtown los angeles. utility companies blames the heat wave for knocking out power of 37 homes for -- 4700 homes for a short time. much of the nation is sweltering >> the extreme heat is gripping every corner of the country. >> 90 degrees already, 8:00, we're sweating.
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>> in the west it was a triple digital scorcher and overnight lows in parts of the region stayed above 90. >> when it's time to run in the afternoon, people never cool down. >> i don't think people understand it might be dangerous. >> it felt hundred throughout the middle of the country from dallas to des moines. in chicago where part of downtown was closed for filming of the new transformer movie, thousands spent hours in the hot sun. >> i'm going back to take a shower. >> it stretched to the northeast, in new york folks headed to central park before opting for central air-conditioning. at the national zoo in washington, not everyone was as lucky as this panda that found some shade. >> we were all sweating. >> i wore a white shirt on
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purpose so i could sweat through. >> this heat wave is adding to a sweltering summer. last june was the hottest on record. july could be one for the books, as well. that is why we love living in the bay. >> that's right, our national air-conditioning beginning to peel away from the bay. temperatures will be warmer and have a look at detailed forecast coming up. >> also coming up, oakland's street dance that is world famous. [ woman ] for fast relief of itchy, irritad skin, try cortizone-10 easy relief applicator, the strongest itch relief medicine with no-mess healing. cortizone-10 easy relief applicator. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we do have our natural air-conditioning and it keeps us from being the rest of the country. >> lucky us. it was the breeze that helped cool but they are baking still in the sacramento valley and san joaquin valley and hills of oakland, a little bit of fog that is left over. you'll notice from another visible picture, not much left of the fog. hayward and oakland still patchy conditions but even sunshine at
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sfo. we're at 75 degrees in antioch. another hot day inland. in san francisco, looking a little brighter, 57 and 64 in redwood city. this morning, low clouds clearing early. it will be a warm day inland and fog and cooler temperatures on tap for tomorrow. here is the picture, you'll notice mount tam clearing out. palo alto and all the east bay except right around the bay. the fog is getting stripped away rather quickly, big dome of high pressure continues to edge up right along the shoreline. still hot in san diego, los angeles while we have the influence of our sea breeze for most of the bay area, but by tomorrow, everyone will enjoy cooler weather, although it hasn't been that warm. breezes will -- look at sacramento, 98. yesterday it was hundred.
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yosemite 96. tahoe asset record of 90, today, 84. most of the numbers come up a few degrees in the south bay, 87 in campbell. 90 in los gatos. and you'll see low 80s in redwood city and palo alto allowing for the temperatures to respond and even the 60s with some sun in pacifica. fog lingering and then we'll see sunshine and golden gate park, daly city and around the airport. 70 degrees. big spike in temperatures in the north bay as the wind slackens. hell in napa, 76 in only and pleasant day here. a little bit of warmth here, 95 in antioch and 92 in danville. 90 in dublin. what would you expect in the summer. down buyer the monterey bay, holding on to a lot of fog but that will give way to mostly sunny skies. 88 in holster.
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forecast is more of a breeze kicking up tomorrow and more fog. biggest cool down on tuesday and then we'll keep it there, 60s at the coast and upper 80s inland. so feeling warm, but it's summertime in the east bay. >> all right. thank you. >> in the bay area toughest neighborhoods it's no surprise to see guys hanging out, but at 90th and macarthur boulevard that corner is a stage for performance that has gone global. >> an oakland street corner, police and young black men but don't let preconceived notions get in the way. it's a dance phenomena known as chirping. ♪ ♪
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>> rainy day performance honored his brother who was killed in a traffic accident on this corner. dance had become his life. >> it can up lift your spirit and get yourself away from trumps. >> they are self-taught. it innings moves from hip-hop to reggae it incorporates many different moves. >> you have to find a way for you to do it. >> this video was shot by a director of multimedia productions at the youth uprising organization. he added music and put on the web where it's gone viral in the last few weeks, recording thousands of hits worldwide. >> i was looking at languages i don't even understand. >> they have been special on the streets of oakland where they do
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their moves. >> if you see them hanging out on the street, they not loitering. they are chirping. r now, with the internet, they are influencing the global dance culture. >> when you are able to break it down and show the raw creative expression, that is when the truth comes out. >> the dance crew hopes the notoriety takes them and their moves to a whole new level. >> we've got the entire video on our website. still ahead, a celebrity wedding just a couple weeks away. chelsea clinton's plans are top secret. why there is so much media and me please. thanks.
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chelsea clinton is getting married sometime in month. her wedding is getting extra attention because so many details are secret. lindsay davis reports in a small town in upstate new york.
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>> first, vows on the vineyard and then speculation in upstate new york, now conspiracy theories, it's all decoy. they are hot on the trail of chelsea clinton's nuptials, will be there and what to expect. >> she is supposedly getting married at one of local estates. >> can you confirm or deny? >> personally, i can't. i have no hard confirmation it is happening. >> wedding details are kept so close, about the only thing it is confirmed it will be july 31st. there are 400 people on the guest list don't know where. they were given one clue, they were told to be within driving distance of manhattan. resign back new york is hundred miles north of new york city. -- rhine back, new york.
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>> i will say without a doubt that she will be married here. >> he went one step further and told us whose names were on the place settings, the mom's boss and few other faces you might recognize. >> if it's announced earlier or late, people will want to know and people want to come. >> this isn't the first time that something festivities were kept in the dark. j.f.k., jr. kept people guess go to the end. and beyonce and j. z., they didn't even trust caters, they cooked most of the food themselves. but most residents here say they know what it is cooking and it
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smells like a wedding cake right in their backyard. >> that is going to do it for us. we're off early because of sports. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. have a good afternoon.
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