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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, live at five,a seemingly harmless shopping trip to walmart this morning in a southern right now, a seemingly harmless shopping trip to wal- mart in a southern iowa town turned deadly. but first our weather first forecast. >> it's december but the weather is dreary. cool temperatures and highs in the mid and upper 30s. same. i'm sorry to say, as we go into tomorrow. radar is not showing snow and so that's not going to be a problem. but these clouds are persistent and so tomorrow, we expect those to be in here once again, the morning commute is a dry one, temperatures should be 33- 35. and winds 5-10 and then the afternoon, you guessed it, more clouds and readings back in the
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on, the first accumulating snow for the weekend. we'll tell you what that amounts to coming up. three people are now dead and two others hurt after a truck slammed through the front of a wal-mart in central iowa. one of the injured people is the driver. investigators said they don't have any reason to believe it was intentional but looking into every scenario. the store is closed. they haven't released the names of the people involved. e and killed in coral ridge mall resolved their lawsuit. she was killed by mall security guard in june of 2015. he was tried and convicted of her murder. her family filed the lawsuit claiming the mall and their security should have done more to protect her. the suit was dropped and the lawyer said the matters are
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the resolution was. a veteran police officer shot and killed in tacoma, washington after respond to go a domestic violence call. authorities shot and killed the suspected man after a standoff this morning. the suspect was using two children inside the home as shield. but a sheriff's deputy got a safe shot and left the children unharmed. >> even though he had two kids, we negotiated through the night and negotiates failed and we took one of the kids and he grabbed the other and one of our officers felt he had a shot and took it. and the suspect is deceased. both kids are safe. >> they found several webs in the home. the suspect in a jacksonville hostage situation is under control. police said multiple people
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bank. >> at this time there's one suspect, trying to commit a bank robbery and multiple further got a call that one person had been shot but we haven't been able to verify any of that information. the swat team and hostage negotiators were on scene... we haven't been able to verify it. >> they were not scene with hostage negotiators. >> they asked people to avoid the area. protesters in charlotte, north carolina are demanding answers, wanted to know why the police officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott isn't charged. he did have a loaded weapon, scott did and this contradicts what his family said. they said he was holding a book inside the car.
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>> tennessee rescue and fire crews move into the areas scorched by the wildfire. and scott sandborn joins us with the latest. >> it's hard to believe someone intentionally set them. three more bodies were discovered and the number of dead is ten and 75 are injured. also, the gatlinburg fire chief said that the devastation has been unfatma toll could rise as numbers of than half of them in the city of gatlinburg. still, there are signs of hope. larry waters/ sevier county mayor: "we still do have some active fires going on, but certainly the rain has been assisting that effort, and we thank the big guy up above for that rain.... we have rescued three people who were
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positive news for a addition, dolly parton's dollywood foundation is offering one-thousand dollars a month for six months to familes who've lost their homes. a change to federal overtime rules that was supposed to go into effect today has ben put on 2 news reporter joe who need help who lost their homes. cbs 2news reporter explains what it employers. >> the change in federal overtime raises the threshold to $46,000 but that change is in limbo. a federal judge in texas granted a temporary injunction blocking the change as part of two lawsuits. the increase would raise the
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4.2 million. to manage the increase, employers have to pay the over time, and raise salaries above the threshold. employers have already made changes to the payrolls. >> many employers felt a sense of relief that it was blocked, for those who made the changes, especially if they had increased the employees salaries overtime, difficult to reverse that. >> today the department of labor filed an appeal against the injunction, but the ultimate fate of the change still depends on the outcome of those two lawsuits. you might be wondering by the obama administration proposed it. opposition because it would increase a firm's overall cost.
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their first fashion show sleigh the runway -- in downtown cedar rapids."i like for a woman to look beautiful. i love style that has just a funk factor . so little out there but yet still beautiful."organizers say the audience will be blown away. one unique aspect is that the escalator will serve as the runway for the models!all of the fashion in the show is from designers around the corridor--like designer melissa marie collins of m-i-y.general admission is eighteen dollars and vip tickets are twenty-eight dollars. i'm actually emceeing the event along with steve shriver. make sure to join us on fox28 news at nine where i'll give you an inside look at the show! a cedar rapids woman walked the runway at the 2016 victoria's secret fashion show yesterday.18-year-old alanna arrington walked in the paris fashion show.also featured --
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bruno can catch the full show on monday -- right here on cbs 2 at nine. a very cold day out today in the corridor.... chief meteorologist terry
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cbs 2 this morning - this holiday season - tech is modernizing some toy classics. we'll show you some of the top tech gifts this year - so you can check off the wish list. severe weather slammed the is carolinas overnight. it's the latest in a series of severe weather slammed the carolinas and the latest in a
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ripping through the south. heavy winds snapped power lines and closed roads. more than a dozen confirmed tornadoes hit louisiana, mississippi and tennessee and alabama in just over a day. five people are dead and dozens more hurt. a tornado watch remains in effect across the southeast today. >> and now with our chief meteorologist terry swails. >> one of the biggest outbreaks of the year so far. and here we are, all into december. you usually see that in march. lots of active weather in the south and here, clouds and cool conditions and we're going to try to get some sunshine out in here on saturday. more of the same in the forecast, the radar now, no precipitation, and snow showers yesterday have moved southeast and we're not concerned about any precipitation until saturday night. that's when our next system
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produce an inch or so of snow. those clouds are hanging tough across eastern iowa and the parts of the midwest. that keeps the temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow, expect the clouds to continue. temperatures are going to be 33- 35 degrees as we get up tomorrow and winds out of the north northwest at 5-10 miles per hour and cloudy skies we're into the month of december and start with an average high of 38 degrees but by the time the month closes, we're down to 28 for an average high. and typically about 8 inches of snow falls during the month and the most we've experienced back in 2000, 26 inches of snow fell in the month of december. talking about snow, there's a disturbance out here in the
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see the clouds that are gathering. that's going to work its way to the southeast and eventually should pull up enough moisture to get snow develop on saturday or sunday. not going to be a big system but at this pointings our model indicates that places have the potential of seeing 1- 2 inches of slushy, wet snow. not going to cause much problems. but things could get dicey for a short period sunday. and that's not the only system we're dealing with. models are struggling to figure out a storm in the midwest next wednesday. one of our model doesn't do much with it and it may produce light snow towards the middle of the week. the european model has a different solution, it takes a much stronger low down through missouri and up through illinois and has 10 inches of snow on cedar rapids.
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and the other has a lot. the same situation we looked at yesterday. a lot of times one of the models flips but at this point, we just don't quite know what to tell you on this. stay tuned. there's a potential for some snow that could accumulate towards next week. on the predictor, 7:00 tonight, clouds around and midnight, not going anywhere and tomorrow is a gray day and just not going to get scoured out during the day. more over cast and temperatures that will stay in the mid to upper 30s and maybe sunshine back in our skies by the time we get to saturday, low temperatures will be around 31- 33 and cloudy skies around and southern counties, more clouds and temperatures just a shade above freezing, 33 in cedar
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then in the north, temperatures around 35-36 along north highway 20 and in the southern counties, places up there around 38-40 in our far southern counties and 37 is what i'm expecting in cedar rapids and you might make it up to 39 in iowa city and then snow on saturday night and into and and that's an inch to two inches and then a break on monday and tuesday and there's a chance for additional snow, that's tuesday or wednesday that's the big wild- card. it could be a snowstorm or nothing. it is going to get cold next week with a high of 19 degrees next week. still ahead, time to deck the halls, tips to avoid a big hazard. and a live look here at 380 at first ave.
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running smooth. back in a few moments. 222-kganemail us -- news @ cbs2iowa.comconnect with us on facebook -- kgancbs2.
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if you own an android cyber security firm if you own an android phone, a cyber-security reporters more than 1,000,000 google accounts have been breached through apps. hackers infected 1.3 android phones through illegitimate apps. those are apps not downloaded from google play. the malware traced back to apps
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malware can access your data from g-mail and photos and docs and it installs advertising software that tracks the users. consumers should stay away from apps that are uncertified and only download from official app stores. all kind of beautiful christmas decorations out but sometimes the decorations can become dangerous. it might seem obvious, but two holiday staples. candles and trees can put your home at risk. one mistake, not watering the christmas tree. and that causes the tree to dry out and that is especially dangerous when it's decorated with lights. >> make sure there's no exposed wires or the sockets are not improperly, or funny about the lights, throw them out. >> and get a new set. >> it happens when a simple
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cause the tree to burn but the fire can spread in 30 seconds through the home. a reminder, place small ornaments out of reach so the children don't put them in their mouths and keep an eye out for fragile decorations that can cause scratches when broken. nestli has cut their sugar by taste. they structured sugar differently so it tastes sweeter in smaller amounts. they'll use this faster percent increased risk of melanoma. beer, red wine and liquor did not significantly affect skin cancer risk.
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your weather first forecast when live at 5 comes back. first - a look at what's coming up new tonight at six. this is scott sanborn. the local athetics stores you can no longer visit for your sportswear needs. plus - the iowa schools hoping to create a safe space for undocumented students.these stories and more, all new tonight on cbs 2
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is next this beaver isn't waiting to the last minute to finish his christmas shopping. and it looks like he this beaver was trying to get ahead of thinks christmas shopping and caught roaming the aisles in maryland.
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him and take him to a rehabilitation center. >> looking for a tree. >> and then he can chop it down. >> an eager beaver. >> look at his face! [laughter]. >> goodness gracious. >> our weather could be prettier. it's been cloudy and more clouds tomorrow and temperatures about where they were today. high close to 37 for a gray friday here. >> have a wonderful evening and thanks for watching cbs 2news live at 5:00. evening
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also tonight, vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear of gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the-top light show at niagra falls.


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