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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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10, a late fallout break of twisters hits eastern iowa, the communities impacted and why november tornadoes are more common than you think. >> we'll be tracking colder temperatures in the days ahead. automobiles, play a major role in deciding where to put the largest industrial park in iowa, we'll show you where it's gonna be in the corridor and what it means for all of us."now, the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 tornadoes tear through iowa at the end of november.where they hit and why iowans could be dealing with snow. we're going to show you where they're hit. our chief meteorologist joining us in the weather center. i know you say this is rare, but i can't remember this many tornadoes in one day this late in the season. >> it's happened only two or three other times in the weather center.
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season for tornadoes as cold air returns to the midwest and we had eight touch down in iowa today and from what we've been able to tell so far that is the largest outbreak for the state of iowa. we've got some video of the actual storms tonight and here you can see one in grundy county. this was taken by a friend of mine, storm chaser kevin walters and you can see the storm system as it moved county, now you're looking at parkersburg. there's two funnels there. the one on the left produced a tornado. most of the activity regarding tornadoes was in butler and grundy counties where there were at least six reports of tornado touch downs there. the rain has moved out of eastern iowa. no more thunderstorms to be concerned about. a front has passed on through here and that'll start building colder and colder air as we go through the next several days.
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there's a little bit of snow in the slight tip of the state. tomorrow we don't expect much in the way of weather. temperatures in the middle 30s, but the skies will be clearing and we'll have some sunshine tomorrow afternoon, looks like temperatures tomorrow will make it back in the 40s and much colder beyond that. we want to thank our viewers for sending us photos of severe weather. when you capture severe weather and news, download the cbs2 news it." we've been tracking some of these mountain fires that are going on right now and wildfires in gatlinburg, tennessee. it's a small, eastern tennessee mountain town, and because of some of these droughts they haven't seen in decades this bad and winds altogether, the firefighters are fighting up to 14 different fires and this is a view of what it looks like from inside a national park nearby,
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pictures, as well, giving you an idea for how close some of this is to homes, and property damage. this is a home right here and this last video really kind of says it all. we'll take it full screen here. it's people as they're evacuating along the road that. fire looks like it's no more than a few feet away from the very side of the asphalt they're driving on. they're driving on the wrong side of the road so they can get away from that fire as it comes down the mountains and travels through. we're hearing gatlinburg has been evacuated. police are telling people to leave. at first these were voluntary, now it seems like they're closing off parts of downtown and making sure people leave because this fire is so unpredictable and spreading so quickly. scott, back to you. cbs2 news 10 at 10 with more of the corridor's top stories. alliant energy announcing plans
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hammillis live in cedar rapids to explain what this all means, matt? matt ham mel is live to explain what all this -- hammel is live to explain what all this means. >> reporter: alliant thinks big and it is talking about the largest industrial park anywhere in the state of iowa. it could mean jobs for the future, as well as opportunities that we haven't seen in the corridor for a long time. footballs all make this an ideal location. 1,300 ache -- automobiles, all make this an ideal location where factories and distribution centers could build and according to city leaders quickly move their products all over the country. >> it really puts us in a different situation. its a tracts companies that would make -- attracts companies that would think they could get
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rail line brings it to a whole different direction. >> that could mean land for massive warehousing or manufacturing the size of an auto plant. alliant has done this successfully before where international paper and others are located on c street. this would be at least twice the size and all the prep work on big cedar will make it position as companies are looking to maybe expand their footprint around the sates or it could even be expand their frient around the united states or it could even be global -- their footprint around the united states or it could be global, and what that means long-term for the region is a growing vibrant tax base. >> it is an unbelievable opportunity for the area, and eastern iowa. >> reporter: alliant has options
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user of electricity would develop in the industrial park it could help to stabilize business prices on energy. at the very least, it could probably make it so we don't see any large increases in energy costs in the near future. covering the corridor tonight in cedar rapids, matt hammel, cbs2 news 10 at 10. lynn county now controls 485 more acres of land after buying multiple parcels just south of squaw creek county park. it will cost 7 $7.2 million, which will be paid through local option sales tax dollars and county bonds. the goal is to preserve the natural habitat, but also protect it while local cities expand around that area. right now medical marijuana supporters are hoping state lawmakers will expand iowa's limited cab bus oil law. lawmakers propose a bill that
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iowa, which is illegal. in 2014, legislature pass said a law that allows residents to possess the law that treats epilepsy that. law is set to expire in july. a suspect is now dead after a knife attack at ohio state university in column because ohio. police say abdul razak ali artan's violent rampage began before 10:00 when he drove his car into a group of students. he then got out of the car and started attacking students with a butcher knife. officers shot and killed the suspect. in all, 11 people suffered injuries. governor branstad is pushing for police laws and when video can be released to the public. this follows the controversy surrounding the officer-involved shooting in cedar rapids. iowa's open record law bars them from releasing dashcam video. the iowa public information
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video available to the public. >> if there is ambiguity, or if there is areas that need to be clarified, then it may require legislative action. so that's something that i think we need to carefully look at and determine what would be appropriate to, again, protect the public safety. >> the governor says releasing videos premature could harm an ongoing investigation, which is why authorities need to be extremely careful. it hasn't been a the presidential election, and in many ways the country is still very much divided. now, an effort to challenge results in some states is set to begin this week, prompting even the president-elect to weigh in. our national correspondent has more. >> i say, it's rigged. >> reporter: it was an exchange that stunned so many people at the time. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely accept the results of
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time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> reporter: here was hillary clinton's response. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in campaign is joining in an effort to have some of the votes recounted - an effort launched by green party candidate dr jill stein.jill stein/2016 green party presidential nominee:hacking is subtle, you have to actually examine the votes --paper copies of the votes-- and compare that result with your electronic result." kristine frazao/washingtonthe clinton campaign's willingness questions and a new round of campaign's willingness to play along is raising questions in a new round of criticism. the idea that we're going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons' and the obamas' is pretty incredible.but the brookings institution's john hudak says circumstances have changed.john hudak/brookings institution"in her concession speech she felt confident that the results in these states were accurate. the reporting
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russians were trying to hack our election systems is a new set of information."president- elect trump, clearly bothered by this, tweeted on sundaythat he won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people he won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions who voted illegally, given four pinocch ios by fact checker. who data cautions not to >> the recounts are going to reiterate donald trump was elected president in a fair election. >> reporter: in washington, i'm christine frrizaw, cbs news 10 at 10:00. a look at tonight's other sexually exploiting a student is now in the hands of a judge. at trial today, the judge reduced mary beth haglin's charge to an aggravated misdemeanor, after he decided haglin's appearance on dr. phil would not be allowed as evidence.the judge will now
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victim and haglin's interview with police.a verdict is expected within a month. a record 45-million dollar gift will fund a new neuroscience department at the university of iowa.the major gift will allow for the creation the iowa neuroscience institute.the insititue will conduct research to find the causes and prevention of diseases that affect the brain and nervous system. trader joe's will soon be coming to coralville.the popular grocery chain will open in the iowa river - sometime next will be located near i-80 and first avenue.right now - trader joe's only iowa location is in des moines. in johnson county - an initiative harvesting thousands of pounds of food for people in need is asking for your help.grow johnson county used the county's historic poor farm to help local hunger relief organizations last summer. volunteers grew 12-thousand pounds of fruits and vegetables this the group is looking to expand with new see how you can help out -
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website - cbs 2 iowa dot com that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes.still to come... "nice tornado, getting hail now as well." why an outbreak of tornadoes in november is more common
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - we've been through black friday and cyber monday - tomorrow what you can do to help others this holiday season. that's right here on cbs 2 at 5 a-m. weather first chief meteorologist terry swales joining us now and i have to be honest, jaws were dropping in the newsroom today looking at what was happening in short period of time all over the place. >> pretty astounding wasn't it? eight tornadoes came down here this afternoon, and then in other areas it was in the 60s and northwest iowa, it's snowing. just another average day in iowa. but any way, the threat of severe weather has shifted off to the east of us. here's one of the tornadoes, this sent to us by pam jones and this was near northern grundy county and that's a pretty
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large very long fortunately it was out in the open country. there's no leaves in the trees. oftentimes you'll see that when you're looking at a picture of a tornadoes, and these storms also produce some substantial hail. it wasn't the size of the hail; it was the amount of it. and you can see on the roads here there's tracks out there. it was probably an inch deep or so some spots and the snow plows were called in, in some parts of butler county they were so slick with the hail afternoon. now we're taking you back to 3:54 and this is where most of the action occurred up here in parts of butler and grundy counties, and there was a super cell here just to the southeast of parkersburg that spun up some tornadoes and there's another one just to the north of grundy center. these two counties took the brunt of the severe weather and once we got the sunset these things fell apart very quickly. the front raced across eastern iowa and the rain has moved into wisconsin and illinois and our forecast remains dry the rest of
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daytime hours tomorrow. so, if you're doing the commute thing tomorrow morning here in the corridor, looks like temperatures will be in the range of 35 to 37 degrees, and we'll be breaking out the skies by tomorrow morning so i'm expecting the sunshine and we're going to start a cooling trend as this big low pressure has dumped eight to ten inches starts spinning some cold air in our direction and this is the system that produced t tornadoes in the area. surface winds out of the south and that generated the storms today. essentially that's all gone and now you can see some light snow up here in northwestern iowa dropping temperatures to around 34 degrees in spencer, 39 in fort dodge and sioux city. and in our predictor, it indicates how the clouds start to part in eastern iowa. there could be a few showers
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around 6:00 a.m. most of us should get up to partly cloudy skies and we'll keep those during the dame tomorrow and it's late in the afternoon, some additional clouds will form in iowa and that will be associated with the air that could bring a few flakes of snow wednesday or thursday. we'll go in 35 in allocator, and waterloo and manchester, bottoming out around 35 to 39 degrees. the skies should be mostly sunny, and a few clouds coming in later in the afternoon. temperatures 45 to 48 degrees in our southern counties, might being a few spots to get close to 50 in the far south otherwise 48 in cedar rapids, 49 in iowa city, and 46 in tema and the forecast has the colder air wednesday and thursday, that's when we could see a few rain or snow showers.
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dropping into the 30s. they should stay there into the weekend and early next week. another system has a chance of producing a little light snow on sunday. something to watch over the next few days, scott? it sounds strange to talk about tornado touchdowns in november. they happen more than you think. our cbs2 meteorologist has more. >> 41 tornadoes have actually touched down in iowa in the days.last year, 19 touched down 11th.another dozen hit iowa during an outbreak in tornado touched down near iowa state's campus in ames, forcing an evacuation of the cyclone's football game.and a deadly f-3 tornado struck the town of person was killed and three others injured when this tornado ripped through the tiny town of stratford.and dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed in nearby woodward. next on c-b-s two you can make the holiday season bright for those in
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. >> announcer: listen through out the day for your weather first
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when opening hearts, inspires joy. and when we remember where it all began. that's finding the true meaning of christmas. that's what it means to rethink church. the people of the united methodist church invite you
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with the holiday season in full swing right now- cbs 2 . with the holiday season in full swing right now, cbs2 news wants to show you one way that you can give families in need a holiday of their dreams.
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its annual adopt a family program and they have between 500 and six hundred families in need of holiday help. many of the families are part of operation backpack which helps feed kid in needy homes and doesn't take a lot of money to make a big impact. >> sometimes a lot of donors think, is this in my budget. usually it's around, sometimes i would say $100 to $200. the families provide a wish list, but the donors don't have on that wish list. >> so far organizers have more than 160 donors. to find out how you can join them, head to in cedar rapids, the annual ice festival gets underway with the first of five district tree lights, and on friday night,
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village. the holiday lights parade, and a holiday tube a performance. organizers are still looking for people to sign up for the not so silent night caroling competition on saturday. for more information head to tonight in sports it's hard to believe it's already time for
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. championship - that's plenty of time - tonight - the saints started marching towards a repeat... xavier opens their season at home against mount pleasant... first quarter - matt mims calls for a screen - no offseason rust from this guy - bam - he knocks down a for a screen. no off season rust from this guy. bam, he knocks down a three, then a minute later, mims steps down and splash, again. xavier jumped out to an early 9-0 lead. jackson jones fires away from deep. he has some range, too. the saints were scorching from long distance but you have to feed the big fellas. they go inside to matt teshu. xavier wins 55-45. and the cyclones did enough over thanksgiving weekend to
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even with the defeat isu moved up from number 21 to number 19 and one of four ranked big 12 teams. the cyclones coach like how they're playing into december. >> i think we learned a lot about our team in florida. we had teams down the stretch opposite against a good gonzaga team, and that's an area we just have to grow in but really focus on cincinnati and what we have to do to get our team better. but it's a great opportunity. >> early judgy mo stud -- jeremy morgan has been a stud. he labored scoring 14 second half points which still led in scoring. his supporting cast needs to provide a little bit more offensive juice and ben jacobson says that's a little bit more progress. >> i think their struggles were most to do with xavier doing a good job on them and taking them out of some things. again i think that's part of the
10:29 pm
going to be best for us to do offensively and -- so sometimes we're going to look pretty sharp and sometimes we're not. the owl women lost the nation's tenth ranked team on thanksgiving night, but that's nothing compared to what's coming to carver hawk eye arena on wednesday. number one notre dame will take on the hawks as part of the big 10acc challenge. so far this season the irish out scored by over 30 points a game. they >> starting two freshmen, and we're throwing them the gauntlet right off the bat. >> our team is excited to takedown number one on home court. i mean home court advantage and i think our energy will help us out. >> iowa star quarter desmond king will have the chance to impress nfl personnel in january. it was announced king will play
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the defensive back has ten interceptions over the past two
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. tomorrow morning will start skies. temperatures should make it back into the 40s and it's after that when much cooler air will settle those temperatures back into the 30s which is where we should be for this time of the year. >> okay. be sure to wake up with cbs2 this morning and in the meantime
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>> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> stephen: i just want to say hello to flotus. i brought her a lotus. >> flotus is on the phone with potus. >> stephen: she'll want to see me. >> stephen: i want to see flotus, and you can quote us. >> i'ma kick you in the scrotus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. okay? you're on notice. >> it's otis. ? ? ? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's


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