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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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northern countieseshrough at the afternoon. and we are already still seeing a wintry mix in cedar rapids, near the quad cities, in the north snow is continuing. >> yes, and e heaviest of snow is still up and waterloo, reports of thurify inches already. more is on the way yet. here are the latest road conditions, travel the is not advised north of highway 20. and we have mix of partially to 100% cover roads in cedar rapids--covered in cedar rapids and slick spots at iowa city. winter storm continues in northern iowa. and the winter advisory a bit ago, that has now been able to expire. and now allocate what is ahead, the rest of the day, and the snow--and now a look at what is
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the road warriors in a bit, and look at the temperatures and the gusty winds as well. kelly. well, thank you for joining us at noon. snow is falling across mump of the region, creating difficult driving conditions. we have team coverage of the meyer,who joins us live from the cbs 2 road warrior on interstate 3-80 in cedar cedar rapids.jason, how are road conditions ere you're at? the cbs 2 news roadwarrior is live to bring you the latest
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>> all right, thank you, jason. it looks lqke the roads are clear out there, too, right now. so, that is good news, that the snowplows are out doing their job. well, our live team coverage continues withthcbs2 corder stephanie--reporter, stephanie johnson, she has been talking to road crews this afternoon. let's go out live to her now.
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bridges or on ramps be careful aware of the slippery conditions.the roads are wet so give yourself extra traveling time.cathy cutler with the iowa d-o-t say y roadcrews have been out all day trying to keep the roads safe for drivers. "we knew that this snow was coming and predicted to be pretty severe in certain areas of the state so we did send our trucks out yesterday the snow was going to be severe, so we did start the trucks out yesterday and pretreat the state roadways. that helps to break the snow, ice barrier. using a lot of brine to treat the roads.coveringhe corridor in cedar rapids stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. the iowa caucuses have come and gone.. gone..we had to wait until earlrl thanks, stephanie. the iowa caucuses have gop and gone. and we head had to wait until early this morningo find a
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last night, rereblican's numbers came in, texas senator ted cruz got the most support. support. it was a tight race for second place, donald trump and marco rubibiwere the only two other candidates to get more than uble digit support. pocket. and rubio took johnson county by nearly 1000 votes. and now on the democratic side,ment race is really close, iowa democratic party chair said this is the closest democratic caucus in state history. hillary clinton officially beat out bernie sandnds by a small margin. both are leaving the state with a similar number of delegates. right now t2 to hilly, 21 to sand herb--to hillary, 21 to sasaers.
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across the face as the primary pro-continues. here--process cons. >> reporter: democratic bernie sanders was already rallying supporters in new hampshire, he is calling a big win after a draw in iowa. >> we just got in from iowa, where we astounded the world. and now, in new hampshire, we are going astound the world again. >> reporter: democrats in iowa split the votes nearly 50/50 between sanders and hillary clinton. clinton's cacaaign is claiming victory. >> i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: on cbs this morning, bob said that the results show clinton'n'campaiai has problems. >> bernie sanders, a socialist who never suggest office as a democrat gave her a real run. this was not a victory for hillary clinton. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz won with 28% % the vote, but it is the third place finisher who is getting a will the of attention.
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>> reporter: marco rubio greeted voters in new hampshire after finishing just one popot behind second place finisher donald trump. >> we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> reporter: marco rubio is now in the top tier and he is going get a lot of love from the polls in new hampshire but ted cruz will look to make a dent in that lead after monday's win. i think the voters sent the message that they want a consistent hampshire's primary -- the first in thehenation is tuesday. craig boswell, cbs news, des moines, iowa the first in the nation primaries are in new hampshire next tuesday. tuesday.then in abouthree weeks, nevada democrats will caucus on february 20-th while republicans in south carolina will hold their primaries.then the opposite parties in those two statesesill follow that next week. new this afternoon, afternoon,the criminal case against bill cosby heads back into the courtroom today. today.attorneys for the
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throw out the only charges ever filed against him for sexually assaulting a women despite dozens of accusations over the decades.the request today is based on an agreement cosby says he made a decade ago with the former district attorney ...that he would never be prosecuted on his deposition is not known if the judge will announce a decision at conclusion of the hearing. two viviinia tech freshmamaarar still behind bars in a murder mystery that has puzzled investigators.the two appeared in court yesterday, charged in connection with kidnapping and murdering a 13-year-old girl. but ititould be weeks before autopsy results show how she died and her family is struggling to make sense of what happened.authorities believe - david eisenhauer knew tpe girl and used their relationship to lure her out of the house.natalie keepers is accused of disposing the body.right now the motive is not clear. now that febuarary has come are you dong on those getting healthy new year resolutions?
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disease control and prevention recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise, such as a brisk walk, weekly for adults. however, best estimates from the cdc find that only 20 percent of 18 to 64 year-olds, meet these guidelines. some say if you have somebody along for the ride with you, it can make all the difference. "an exercisesepartner that's a little bit better than you, somebody who is slightly more capabl tends to be the kind of person that motivates you beyond what you would expect if you were exercising alone." alone."bottom line, when it comes to your fitness goals, irwin says they should be attainable, fun, and that starting off small is better than not starting at all. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, groundhog day is h he!we let you know punksatawnie phil's prediction.will spring
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winter, that's ahead.
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// ladies s d ggtleman punksatawnwn phil!!!! cheering // // punxsutawney phil. [ cheering and applausus] >> he e so cute. you would never know it because of our weather today, but will be here soon. and he did not see his shadow this morning, make it is because all of the guys are standing a little too close to him. hopefully he got a fun little
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work today. but a lot of snow out here today. driving has been a little bit hard this morning, it looks like the roads have been cleared, though, the last we looked. we are going head on over to are baccara right now with the lathe--over to rebeca right now with the latest. yes, the snow is still lling ininreas to our north. and the road conditions are going get better, but they could also be worse for the commute home, later on tonight. so we are continuing to track it for you, and on the satellite and radar, there is still a lot of activity going on. rain now in southeastern iowa, snow still happening to our and could lead to slick roadways. for today, in the south temperatures will start five inches in parts of the area, in charles city, mason city, there has been the reports of some heavy snow in the area, including thunder snow, it happened in cedar rapids, so we have gotten the reports, and justin showed them
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we could have more snow later temperatures for areas at get more snow.
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still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon, the holiday shopping rush is long gone, but believe it or not return season is setting in.and it might believe it or not, return season is setting in. it might surprise you where the
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we will be right back. the holiday gifts people get aren't always the gifts they want. welcome back. the holiday gifts people get are not always the ones they want. the past few wee, millions- over americans returned the items they received. you might be surprised where the returns end up. here is more. >> reporter: the holidays are long gone, but it is the most wonderful time of the year for michael. >> it is like chai i don't say back here. >> reporter: owner of of shore wood liquidators outside of chicago. that is because this is where
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return today amazon, home depot, and sears. >> most of it is just customor returns. >> rorter: the warehouse is full with everything fromomgo pros to ex-boxes, and an--to x boxes, an entire wall of drills. once they are tested, he will auction them off at about half of the price. >> the consumers assumed it is put back on the to the shelf at the store, which is not the case. >> reporter: his business has jumped 1000% in the past four years around online shopping is a big reason why. americans runed $260 billion worth of items in 2015. moore, crow of [ inaudible ] helps stores process the returns, he e says restocking items can be expensive for retailers. >> so a lot of times, they gist liquidate them for pennys on the dollar, or throwing them away in landfills, because it is cheaper.
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end up at discount retailers. dave came to the showrooms and found a toy truck for his grandson at a deep discount. >> what is a wrong item for one is the right item for someone else. >> reporter: a retued item rebought at the right prize. cbs news. shorewood, illinois. why one automaker says they
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a major tech company is saying goodbye to a alarge chunk of its workforce, welcome back. a big tech company is saying good-bye to a big piece of the work force, and a lot of questions aboucompany's ceo. here is our money watch report. >> reporter: yahoo could be
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the company is laying off 15% of the work force, the fate of the ceo, meyer, is still unclear. she took over in 2012 and the company has had a hard time competing with google and facebook. and weak earnings sparked a sell off at open. exxon mobile says s at the profit in the 4th-quarter was down 58% compare today last year. the prices have been at the lowest level in more than a decade. and bp says their profits fell 91% if the 4th-quarter compared to the year before. they are cutting 3000 jobs by the end of next year, that is in addition to the 4000 workers that the company already said they are going be laying off. and would you buy an expensive sports car if you could not drive it yourself?
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want full control of th vehicle. bmw and mercedes working on cars. and that is your cbs money watch report. i am jill wagner. justin and rebeca have the weather for us after this. but fist a take a look at the
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weather advisories are now in effect through tomorrow morning. heavy snow is possible, especially near and north of highway 20. to the south, rain and ice possible and could lead to slick roadways. for totoy, in the so winter s srm warnings and winter weather advisories until tomorrow morning. to the north, snow continues, so it is not quite over just yet. we are goingo get dry time but the roads, not advised near north of highway 20. and as we have the melting clearing out, we could have the icing over and more snowfall lalar on tonight. latest winter weather alerts, as we said, winter storm warning, that coronetting until tomorrow rning.
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more snow is on the way yet tonight an overnight, 6-8 inches is the storm total from today and overnight. 1-2 around iowa city, washington. and here is s e planner, the temperatures, again, the mid- 30s, we will get a little rain now with that snow mixing back in.
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20s tomorrow >> rick: i'm surprised to see you, mom. >> maya: yeah. eric said you wanted to see us? >> brooke: yes. i wanted both of you to know before the general staff meeting that i'm no longer working at spencer publications. >> maya: wow. that was fast. >> rick: what happened? >> brooke: it just didn't work out.
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being there.
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