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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> pelley: and a pint-sized martial artist strikes terror into the heart of a usually unflappable reporter. >> can can you make that sound for me now [screaming] captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the nation's capital and the nation's largest city are struggling to recover from a blizzard they will be talking about for years. the storm is blamed for at least 45 deaths in 11 states, mostly from car accidents and snow shoveling. nearly 27 inches of snow rose on the sidewalks of new york. parts of washington got 22. but glengarry, west virginia, population 277, takes the prize at 42 inches. we have a team of correspondents on the blizzard of '16 and we'll go first to kris van cleave in
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>> be careful. >> reporter: washington, d.c.,'s government says it's using everything it's got to dig the city out of nearly two feet of snow. man, machine, even bigger machine to scoop it up and haul it away. in some areas it's barely made a difference. people were told to stay home, and many schools will remain closed until at least wednesday. some streets have yet to be touched by snowplows. d.c.'s metro worked to clear the tracks as it tries to restore full service some time tuesday. >> we want the city back just like everybody else does. director chris geldart. you look at manhattan got more know than d.c., and they in much quicker order were back to schools in session, roads being clear. is there more that should have been done here in the district? >> here in the district we know our conditions and what our roadways look like and what it's like for our residents and children out there, and we're making the best decision we can
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>> reporter: robert greffenius's wife is 39 weeks pregnant. he spent the day shoveling path to their car. at what point does this stop being fun? >> uh, about 20 minutes ago probably. >> reporter: one block over the only thing moving was a snow-loving dog. mara fedele is a bit of an island, surrounded by a sea of snow. >> somebody needed to get up here, like an ambulance or a firetruck god forbid, doesn't look like they're getting in here any time soon. >> reporter: in the suburbs where even more snow fell, 70-year-old steve melinkoff spent five hours shoveling his driveway when a plow left him this. >> i was so outraged by the state i'm liable to have a stroke now thinking about it. rather than shoveling it. >> reporter: the city admits it could take all week to finish the cleanup. the snow they have removed ends up here, and there is a lot of it, but the big unanswered question here, will thety be ready when commuters come back
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scott, another snow-induced gridlock could take fraying patience and turn it into anger. >> pelley: the mayor has announced the government will open tomorrow and the schools on kris, thanks very much. in new york it was the biggest snowfall ever in a single day. david begnaud has found that it's a royal pain in the borough of queens. >> reporter: it's been nearly two days since this blizzard proved through here, and look at they're still stuck. people who have been waiting to get to work, waiting on the city to bring in a snowplow now worry the snow will turn to ice and removing it will be nearly impossible. 62-year-old gicu tudora spent 45 minutes today shoveling snow around her vehicle. her neighbor dennis mooney has seen front-end loaders clearing queens. seen. i've never seen anything like this before in my life. >> reporter: 22-year-old
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to get to work. >> this is ridiculous. there's three feet of snow and nobody has come. >> reporter: city officials say 97% of new york city streets have been plowed following a storm. but the streets of maspeth in queens are not among them. gino fazios sent 30 of his employees home today for an unpaid day off. >> we don't understand why it's always this area neglected every time there is a major snowstorm. >> reporter: the storm dropped 27 inches in 24 hours. at times it was falling nearly three inches an hour. but most of new york city recovered quickly. new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> what we'd seeing is a lot of good work has happened. you can get around this city by in large today. a lot to be proud of, but more work to do. if i'm living on one of those blocks, i'm going to be upset. i want to get my block cleared. >> reporter: back in maspeth, maria terronova is still waiting to be dug out. >> we're the forgotten block because the plow didn't come down at all. >> reporter: in new york city,
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and, scott, there's so much snow left to shovel, the city is hiring emergency shovelers. if you're 18, employable and willing to work for $13.50 an hour, they want you. >> pelley: david, thanks very much. speaking of queens, the two big airports there, laguardia and j.f.k., had about 400 flights canceled today, but that's down from 1,300 yesterday. since friday the blizzard has forced cancellation of more than 13,000 flights throughout the country. it may be that the biggest destruction was along the jersey shore, which was inundated at high tide. and jericka duncan is there. >> reporter: this is what west wildwood avenue looked like when the storm hit. two feet of water flooded homes and businesses. in nearby cape may, there were record tides, more than a half a foot higher than when super-storm sandy hit in 2012. you lost everything? >> yes.
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wilewood said she ran to neighbor's house. >> i could hear gurgling, and all of a sudden the water rushed up from underneath. it didn't come in, it came up. >> reporter: all along the shore, the powerful storm surge slammed many coastal communities. drivers were left stranded as chunks of ice floated down the streets. close to 100 people were evacuated. even army humvees were at times the only vehicles that could roll through. on sunday governor chris christie gave an early assessment. >> the high tide this morning was survived very well by the people in cape may county. only minor to moderate flooding, mostly street flooding. we don't see any significant property damage happening in cape may county. >> reporter: it turns out christie spoke too soon. today his lieutenant governor kim gaudagno had to clarify for her boss. was there more damage than you and the governor may have initially thought along the shore? >> there are going to be days where you have some really ugly tides. that doesn't make it any easier
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i lived through sandy. i lost half my house in sandy. i know how hard it is for people down here. >> reporter: several emergency management officials say it is still too early to know the full extent of the damage. scott, that's because they say about half the properties along the shore are vacant until the spring. >> pelley: jericka duncan reporting. jericka, thank you. well, today president obama all but endorsed hillary clinton seven days before the first votes are cast in the race for president. this may be one reason why. our new cbs news battleground tracker poll in iowa shows clinton and bernie sanders essentially in a dead heat. here's nancy cordes. >> let's go get 'em. >> reporter: with a week to go, bernie sanders is trying to emulate president obama's winning formula from eight years ago right down to the feel-good ads and army of young volunteers. >> we're from the bernie
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>> reporter: but in a podcast interview with politico, the president rejected the comparison. >> new york i don't think that's true. >> let's take a selfie. >> reporter: and gushed about his former secretary of state, saying her skills are being overlooked. >> she has been in the public eye for a long time, and in a culture in which new is always better and, you know, you're always looking at the bright shiny object that people haven't seen before. >> reporter: that bright, shiny object has convinced 85% of iowa democrats that he understands how they feel compared to 65% who say that about clinton. in iowa, polls today carrie aldrich opened up to sanders about her struggle to get by. >> i'm waiting for disability to come through so my parents have to support me. it's hard. >> thank you.
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[applause] >> we are one week away. >> reporter: but it is clinton who has won the endorsement of iowa's largest newspaper. she is not a perfect candidate, the "des moines register" says, but no other candidate can match the depth or breadth of her knowledge and experience, an argument clinton makes at every stop. >> we need a president who understands and can do all parts of the job. >> reporter: president obama isn't officially endorsing either candidate, but he made it pretty clear where he stands, calling clinton "wicked smart" and saying she was a fierce competitor in 2008 who, scott, like ginger rogers had to do everything he did just backward and in heels. >> pelley: the old ross perot line from '92, nancy, thanks very much. the race among the republicans is nearly as close. our battleground tracker poll shows donald trump ahead of ted cruz but within the poll's
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here's major garrett. >> we're in the final sprint. 17 2 hours. >> reporter: ted cruz and donald trump are locked in a iowa. cruz tried to lighten the mood with a joke about trump's recent eroan yas reference of second corinthians to two corinthians. >> well, you know, two corinthians walk into a bar. >> reporter: but there is nothing like about this super pac ad questioning trump's credit denials. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. i am pro-choice in every respect. >> reporter: trump said he would not support cruz. >> i wouldn't vote for him. >> later trump reversed course on backing cruz and offered odd praise of his loyalist. >> i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? i could stand in the middle of fifth people and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters.
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>> i am going to introduce someone very near and dear to my heart. >> iowa republican senator joni ernst appeared with marco rubio but did not endorse him. the appearance gave momentum vying for a strong third in her home state. >> she made a promise she wouldn't endorse in the iowa caucuses and i respect that very much. i'm just glad she was here today to introduce us to the people of iowa, the people she represents. >> reporter: rubio's supporters define a strong finish in iowa as anything above 15%. that's a figure they argue would separate rubio from jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich and give him a shot at second place in new hampshire. >> pelley: major garrett, thanks. another new york billionaire flirting with a presidential run is former mayor michael bloomberg, the democrat-turned republican-turned independent. so we will turn to our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation," john dickerson. john, what do we know about bloomberg's plans? >> well, he's seriously considering jumping into the race. he's long wanted to run for
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an he would run if it looks like it's going to be a general election race between donald trump or ted cruz and bernie sanders. he believes those representatives of the wings of the two parties would create an appetite for a candidate in the middle who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. the challenge is that to collect the signatures to get on the ballot, that process starts march 1st. there may not be a clear signal about either party by that date. >> pelley: what are some of the obstacles he would face? >> well, he has no party and he has no organization, and he'd have to build all of that from scratch. democrats and republicans start with a huge lead in electoral college votes in a lot of the states that traditionally vote for those parties. bloomberg would have to compete on a much bigger playing field than democrats or republicans because he starts with no states in his column. and that kind of a campaign would require a brushfire tended by a charismatic politician who could rouse people and keep them
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that's not the kind of politician he is. he's more known for his policy ideas than his stirring speeches. >> pelley: john dickerson, an consider of "face the nation," we'll be watching you sunday. thank you, john. and late today in houston, a grand jury investigating allegations of wrongdoing by planned parenthood didn't find any. instead the jury indicted planned parenthood's accusers, two anti-abortion activists, who shot undercover video of planned parenthood employees discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue for research. the charges include tampering with a government record, but the district attorney wouldn't say today what that record was. el nio storms leave homes dangling over the pacific, and three inmates make an elaborate escape.
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>> pelley: well, we just saw what the ocean has done to the jersey shore, but in the west, after four years of drought, el nio has kicked in with crushing waves and pounding rains that have left homeowners on the edge. here'son -- here's john blackstone. >> reporter: as the cliffs crash dramatically into the ocean, an apartment building teetering on the edge comes closer to falling in, as well. for residents still living in the building, the sea view from their balconies now presents more danger than beauty. >> we heard a ba-boom. what the heck is that? >> reporter: in his apartment, michael mchenry was packed to leave at short notice. >> i can't continue to have a professional life and social life as well as not know how long my property is going to be there. that's just no way the live. >> reporter: the order to go came this afternoon with notices going up that the building is unsafe. monica montoya has to be out by tonight. >> we have no clue where we're going to go.
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>> two months. i just moved in. i just got my place. i just proved in. now i got to move out. >> reporter: el nio power storms with high surf and heavy rains have been destructive on much of the california coast this year, but nowhere has the damage been more threatening than in pacifica. >> i love it here. this has been my dream all my life to live by the ocean, like right by it. >> reporter: pacifica has seen it all before. in 1998, the last time major el nio storms hit california, the bluffs here eroded so quickly residents fled before one home tumbled into the ocean. other houses were knocked down before they too fell off the cliff. in 2010, two of the apartment buildings on the bluff were evacuated and condemned. the building condemned today seemed safer until the cliff again began falling away. the powerful winter storms that have been hitting california are predicted to continue into march.
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> pelley: a british explorer died today of organ failure just exhaustion while trying to become the first to cross the antarctic alone. henry worsley was 30 miles from completing a thousand-mile journey when on friday he called for help and was airlifted to chile. in his final message he said, "i have run out of time and physical endurance." worsley was 55. the hunt is on for three men who broke out of an orange county, california, jail. they were awaiting trial for violent crimes.
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metal grill then steel bars and climbed down five stories on bed sheets. it was 16 hours before anyone noticed. the schools were closed today in d.c., so flurries of children fell on capitol hill, a 140-year-old ban on sledding was lifted there, and our photographer brian fuss got into the action. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> pelley: no harm, no foul. one d.c. resident can't get enough of the snow, that's the panda at the marl zoo. pure panda joy.
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karate kid. seth doane met her in japan. >> reporter: she wears a lot of pink and has an infectious giggle. but there's another side to mahiro takano. she has a black belt in karate and is a three-time national champion in japan. you're so sweet to talk with, but you look so serious, so scary when you're out there. "when i'm training or competing, i'm concentrating," she said. there's a lot at stake for this nine-year-old who stands about four feet tall. "i'm an ambassador for karate," she said. "hopefully it will become an olympic sport." she has raised karate's profile ahead of japan's 2020 olympics.
5:57 pm
music video, and is a fresh face for this sport of warriors which dates back centuries. at a competition outside tokyo, we saw her poise, power and precision. we had to ask about the ki-al, that guttural noise that shows strength. can you make that sound for me now sitting here? go ahead. [screaming] wow. you can do it any time. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: you're scared of her, as the coach? >> yes. >> reporter: takako kikuchi, who also coaches mahiro's older brother, says mahiro has boosted karate's preponderance later. >> when she started at my dojo, she was four years old. she was different.
5:58 pm
too young to participate in karate gets a salt lake city at that's all right. she wants to compete at the olympics after that. she may wear a lot of pink, but she tells us her favorite color is gold. seth doane, cbs news, nagaoka, japan. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. right now on cbs 2 news, "they pray on the most vulnerable members of our society."the national campaign combatting human trafficking right here in eastern iowa. iowa.and developing tonight - the scientific study of heart attcks."i had no idea i was having a heart attack."why doctors say the warning signs and risk factors are very different for women. happening right now, snow is beginning to fall just as people are heading home across
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some monday night cancellations. you can get them at cbs 2 iowa dot com. chief meterologist terry swails joins us now with more


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