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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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first checking for vitals. then chest compressions and breathing. >> count to 30. and i didn't count at all. i was just going t-r it. >> it wasn't looking good for fellow band member and close friend. but >> every second counts. >> . school resource officer was called. he wasn't far away. >> i didn't about two cycles. of cpr. had he came up. >> . i asked the football coach to grab my radio. while i was doing compression. so i could still communicate. >> it was team work. that worked perfectly. tyler says band members were running a work out. when his friend collapsed.
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very fit. that's what caught me off guard. he was so physically active. >> . take time to learn cpr. >> . chances are very slim. getting this situation. but it happens.
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with just two months to go. until election day. sitting at home. was the last place i wanted to be. >> . clinton also delivering a different message with her return to the campaign. trying to give voters a reason instead of a reason not to vote for trump. >> . as for the republican nominee. spent the evening campaigning in new hampshire. the state where he won his first primary. trump focused on his economic message. saying he will help create jobs. also attacked clintons judgment.
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>> attended a dinner at the university of denver. that just wrapped up. and also gave some students a big surprise.
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it was great experience. i'm a first year master student. i just started classes. and my first week. having him talk about foreign policy. it was a great experience. to get his insight on where the
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>> students very grateful to hear from the vice president tonight. as for those who paid money at the dinner. we expect the vice president over night in denver. so tomorrow morning if you can encounter weird traffic. it's probably a motorcade. >> . after years of renting space and busing homeless several miles outside the city. denver finally building its own homeless shelter. >> . we can look at building this shelter. out in a more mod modern way.
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shelter operation. >> . city says it's in the early staeupbls of planning how the facility would operate. people would be bussed here in the evening. and back downtown. in the mornings. and no walk ups allowed to the facility. >> unusual and scary afternoon. for a denver dog day care. a man running from police tossed more than a dozen bags of heroin. in to the puppy play area of the bark and play. on santa fe. just minutes before police caught him. tonight we're learning one dog ate some of the drugs and died. >> . >> on wednesday afternoon. dog mom got a call that sent her into a panic. >> they said she ate a bag of heroin. she's at the vet. i thought you have to be kidding me. >> . one ofp of 14 dogs playing ouz. when a normal afternoon turned chaotic. >> . never would have thought in a
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anything like this. >> . police were chasing a suspect. right through this alley. when he tossed 17 bags of heroin over the fence. right into the area where the dogs play. >> . this video from the day care shows employees quickly grabbing all the bags off the ground within seconds. but the pup already swallowed an entire bag. >> . employees rushed the dog to the closest an man animal hospital. giving her medicine to counter the effects. >> . her eyes were clouded over. she didn't have any energy. >> . hao*e he's thankful for the employees quick actions.
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it affected my dog today. but it could have been someones kid. >> . police identified the man they arrested. he's not officially been charged. >> . crashes involving pedestrians are a big problem in colorado. c-dot says last year there were more than 13 hundred pedestrian crashes. 59 pedestrians died on the roads. agency hoping a new approach to pedestrian safety will g peoples attention. check it out. >> . you can check out more of the new video. on the agency facebook page.
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a problem solver consumer alert. do you have a galaxy note 7 phone. the consumer product safety commission is telling people to stop using the phone. amid report of battery over heating. dozens of users reported fires occurred during the charging process. the says the company got 92 u.s. based reports of battery over heating. including 26 burn reports. and 55 report of property damage from fire. >> take advantage of this recall right away. >> . you can get a refund or replacement. sam sung says they have fixed the issue. and replacements note 7 phones will be available in the u.s. by
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tattered and nearly ready to fall in some places. >> . i'm always looking at sky. >> . at the sky. >> . it was humbling. to say the least. we just couldn't slap on a roof. >> . they are people who have a great amount of pride. and worked hard all their lives. but sometimes things just happen in life. like an illness t disabled. >> i can't work now. >> they can't afford to pay thousands for a new roof. thanks to the kindness of strangers. they won't have to. >> . he asked his client if anyone in the neighborhood needed help. >> somebody that need a roof. that doesn't have insurance. >> she immediately referred him to donald. >> i didn't know who it was. circling our house.
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u >> problem solvers tags along with the crew. as they get a good idea of what needs to be done. >> . people get down on their luck. >> . within minutes. the pinnacle roofing team decide -ts to repair and replace the entire roof. and repair the garage. it turns out to be a 20 thousand dollar job. they're happy to do at no charge. time to pick out some color. >> . okay let's see what's going to happen here. new roof. new gutter. paint replacement and so much more. there's also something else. they know now of the kind of love and support they have in the tight nit community.
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problem solvers will be back when the worbl work is done. to show off the new roof. and new bond among the new friends. >> . live radar. no this light stuff here. there's one little shower left. right here. there's akron. fort morgan. back down i 76. there's denver. pretty much mopping up the remaining showers. temperatures today 70s 80s. over the eastern half of the state. into the mountains and points west. cooler 60s and 70s by comparison. really not that bad for the this time of the year. denver at 78. 79 where we should be.
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we'll call it seasonal. >> . monument hill at 45. you're in the 50s unt f collins. and greeley. so future cast you saw the shower there. off to the east. i pointed ot live radar. it is gone. we'll keep the skies clear. into early tomorrow morning. at seven o'clock. as we get into the afternoon. little heating of the day. couple building clouds. couple showers. >> they tend to dry out.
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>> . wider view across the state. again. everything pushing out over night tonight. tomorrow sunshine early. and the building of the clouds. notice it's right across the spine of the rocky mountain. down into the southern valley. and from there. out towards the front range. i 25. whatever we pick up comes to an end. >> . as far as lows tonight. chilly 30s in the mountains. steam boat at 33. craig will match that.
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metro denver. everybody is going to enjoy a nice day in the upper 60s. to about 72. in downtown denver. so. you wake up in the morning. a nice 46 degrees. plenty of sunshine. bring in a few clouds and a stray shower. or two. maybe a rumble of thunder. and a high of pleasant 72. here's the rest of the 7-day forecast. we'll go back to the seasonal level. in the upper 70s. we get to saturday. a stray shower around. not much more than tomorrow. i think saturday turns out okay. sunday turning up the heat.
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we're done with the 90s. but it's close. >> . delivered by drones.
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stef curry. and clay thompson. when they got two on him. and he takes a shot. we're not the splash brothers. but we're football splash brothers. i like that. swagger there. >> . von miller comparing himself and to two of the nba best. splash brothers. you can get away with that. broncos preparation continued today. demaryious thomas had a better day at practice. dealing with a hip injury. it's a big workload for quarter back trevor siemian. a young inexperienced quarter back. of course just what the colts in every other defense love to see sunday. and head coach knows those coaches on the other side are preparing accordingly.
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broncos have plans of their own for colts quarter back luck. >> . h*es one of the quarter backs. you have to take him down like a running back. he doesn't make indecisive decisions. we have to stop the run. and put pressure on him. >> expectations for you. i assume that's the expectation again. hoist up another trophy. >> you have to shoot for the
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>> there it is. >> friday at 9:30. and seven o'clock on saturday. >> . >> hr-rlt. thursday night football. jets visiting bills tonight. >> . smash brothers.
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out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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finally tonight. something very different about the flowers on display. in north carolina.
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bricks. artist used more than 370 thousand. to create the 14 sculptures. everything from a giant praying man teus. to a butterfly. to ducks. they are on display through next month. >> . watch pwr where you step.
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every mall has a hoffritz in it. this has got to be a scary place to work. do you want to be standing there having people coming in going, "i need more knives? "do you have any bigger knives? "i'd like a bigger knife-- "a big, long, sharp knife. "that's what i need. "i like them really sharp. "do you have one with hooks and gouges "and blades that are serrated? "that's the kind of knife i'm looking for. "i need one i can throw. "i need one i can hack away with. do you have anything like that?" i am rich. with fans clamoring for our next hit album, we return to our extravagant private studio, where we turn gold into platinum. yes, i am rich. that's why i drink the champagne of beers. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation.


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