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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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31 pw-rs of we're projecting sanders to be the winner. 58 percent. a commander victory here. let's get right to political reporter. with the closer look at the national results on this super tuesday. >> we have another projection. just came in. minnesota going for sanders. you add them up. 4. including colorado. those are the states that sander has won. hrao ets look at colorado results. it's a major blow to the
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governor hickenlooper. senator ben net. nearly all the state capitol. all endorsed clinton. but tonight, colorado democrats voted for sanders. you're not going to get a lot of crying in the clinton campaign tonight. nationwide. because she won the big prize. virginia. georgia. and texas. all going for clinton. no doubt she's closer to the nomination. this evening. than she was 24 hours ago. >> much of the massachusetts to
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he's won the majority of the states. >> the person who won the most states on super tuesday. has gone onto win the nominee. >> you can get complete super tuesday coverage. on the denver app. we will be updating results all night long. plus. turn on push alerts to get instant updates. on the nights big winners. >> when batteries on his hover board exploded. in his friends were playing video games. feet away. has the hover board was charging. several batteries melled into the carpet.
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>> . firefighters say an escaped plan can make all the difference. the difference between life and death. >> . 3 fires in the metro area. just in the past month. where families have been trapped on a second floor. and died from the flames. or fall. it got the problem solves thinking about the fire escape ladders. and do they work. >> . we put them to the test. >> there are a number of safety ladders on the market. that claim to be light lightweight. easy to use. and most of all. safe for the entire family. >> when we put them to the test. we found, you don't always get what you pay for.
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>> and that's the hard part. she wishes her family would have had a plan. to get out alive. >> . i think everybody should have a plan. >> denver fire spokesperson says. it's the one thing most people don't think about. until it's too late. >> a fire escape plan. can mean the difference. between life and death. so we asked firefighters. to help us come up with a second floor escape plan. in my denver home. firefighters say after calling 911. >> what's the first thing i should do. >> get your kids.
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>> we purchased 3. to put to the test. >> first we tried the 32 dollar ladder. after putting on safety gear. i went out the window. >> the ladder moved around a bit. i managed to make it down. >> . not too bad. >> . i want to hook the back end. >> next the the more expensive first alert. for 55 dollars. >> . a little more stable. with wider rungs for my feet. and rubber backing. the that clinged to the brick
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>> you're not going to be thinking about throwing that lamp out the window. >> . but in an emergency. an escape plan and a ladder. can save lives. >> this is video every parent should see.
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car seat is so crucial. >> . when you get one gig internet from centurylink and prism tv on a super-fast fiber network directly to your home, it's amazing.
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but do you think his delivery was a little flat on that one? um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it. ...with prism tv plus gig internet speed
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he moves the if your honor churn around in his bedroom. luckily good hour after moving his bedment an suv tears through the wall. and ends up in the exact spot where his bed would have been. >> . what could have been a terrible accident. caught on camera. in china. take a look. a toddler falled out of the back of a van. his grandfather who was driving
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you can see the boy get to his feet and chase the van. luckily the driver who recorded the incident pulled the child to safety.
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realized the kid was g caught on camera. jamming out in their patrol car. it has gone viral. for good reason. take a look at what's trending. >> . music playing >> this is a side of police officers we don't usually get to see. tkphou. plenty of people have seen this video. posted on the police department facebook page. >> . detective mark post and officer say this is how they act all the time. >> we did get a few requests. >>
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message of support. for their law enforcement family. going through some tough times. >> their chief says it shows the human side of officers. and sends a positive message. of what police officers are really like. >> no one in this tiny town in western colorado usually known for its peaches. expected this video to go viral. with hundreds of thousands of views. and thousands of comments from across the country. >> even some marriage proposals. >> they say they won't be giving
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>> just having a good time at work. >> if you want to see the entire video. you can find it on >> dave and i sing to you all the time. >> journey is one of your favorites. >> . >> great looking weather coming our way. warm temperatures. but.
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>> >> salt lake city. roll on through. as i mention. it's going to roll on through. with a lot of wind. >> a storm system up here. whipping up. we're going to see a bunch of winds rolling across. with cloud cover. into your wednesday. we're at 44 downtown. and at the airportment wind is only at 14 miles per hour. >> lots of 30s and 40s over the eastern plains. the mountains only a few to spots. like near steam boat.
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here in the 9:45 at night. >> that winds. which i'll walk you through it. coming up a at ten. will have the temperatures jumping up into the 60s. and even 70s. in southeast colorado. partly cloudy. winds picks up. through the morning and into the afternoon. it will blow the temperature up to 63. a little breezy in the morning. kids want a light jacket. as they step out. with temperatures in the 30s. >>
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after a record 340 days aboard. iss. scott kelly is back on planet earth tonight. he landed moments ago.
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>> >> there are big games. then there are big games. the avalanche going into tonight's game against the wild. with a post season on the line. win and they maintain the grip on the last wild card spot. with 18 games left. or worse case the wild tie the spot. i hate worst case. the wild have had the avs number in big games recently.
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>> the wild score 3 unanswered. to take the lead. so. semyon varlamov takes a seat. to start the second period. >> shoots we go to the third. a solid night. except a few break downs like this one. 4 to 3. wild. that would be the game winner. they add a couple empty netters. winning 6 to 3. kicking the avs out of the play offs.
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>> using the franchise tag on von miller. he will be playing for the broncos next season. you cannot afford to lose this kinds of locker room leader ship. >> that means jackson and market. >> peyton manning watch continues. regardless of the conversations ab his retirement. or return. friday is still a huge day. physical. if he wants to return. his 19 million dollar salary. becomes guaranteed.
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fences. to keep the ball in play a little more. >> . just play defense for one second. >> white team wins. >> no way. >> . >> back to the broncos. is it looking like peyton manning might not retire. >> there's so much speculation.
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it's all semantics. >> . nobody knows. >> keep us posted. >> things will happen. the friday physical is big. and next wednesday.
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3 big stories tonight. donald trump winning. the lions share of states in voting tonight. clinton winning 6. but sanders bucking the establishment. and projected to win colorado. >> a massive turn out across the state. we are live with the results. >> from colorado. sandsers just over 58 percent of the vote.


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