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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 24, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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this developing story tops the news at 9:30. thanks for staying with us. >> >> . senseless violence over an eviction notice. shattering families tonight. tkorp corporal was shot and killed this morning. he had been with the sheriffs office for 13 years. captain hancock was wounded but survived. master patrol deputy still in the hospital. critically injured. after under going surgery much of the afternoon. >> no one thought it would end
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>> it was nuts up here. this is the mountains. you have extremist up here. who knows who your neighbor is. >> meanwhile the investigation goes on into exactly what went wrong. and led to so much bloodshed. >> . we have been gathering details sp sharing information. on our web site. facebook and twitter. throughout the day. especially between newscast. sign up for push notifications on and get additional details including new revelations about the gunman. and the latest details on the deputies injured and killed. we started a tribute. on our facebook page. go there and offer your condolences. >> a young woman. furious after police lose evidence. of a sex crime against her. >> the evidence that vanished. video that actually showed the crime. a teenage employee being watched.
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>> as investigative reporter discovered the case hasn't just been dismissed. it may soon be sealed. >> 20 year-old has the most obvious question. to the most disturbing circumstance. >> how do you lose evidence. you're not even supposed to take that outside of the building. i don't understand. >> . 3 years ago. she was working a little seize sars pizza. the 17 year-old girl who had no
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while using the employee restroom. >> . you can tell it was me in the video. because of the rosary tattoo i have. the video. where a man's arm is seen next to the toilet. but. by the time police executed a
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entire computer. he told police he deleted all 4 videos from the memory. ex-planing keeping it was an invasion of the person's privacy. and he felt wrong for even looking at it. a few months later detective called tracy. remembering she provided the first copy of the video. >> ask asked if i had another copy. and i asked her why. she said well. we can't seem to find it. >> how do you feel about the fact police lost the key piece of evidence.
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>> his defense attorney says he had five people willing to testify. david was out of town. sell celebrating his anniversary. on the day the video was shot. >> . we will follow up. >> for sure. you can understand her frustration. >> no doubt. >> . renewing the fight against red light cameras.
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the sponsors toeltd a house chamber they would introduce the legislation again an ex year. >> a red light cameras. just months after the governor vetoed a bill that would have banned them. lawmakers are starting the fight again. this time they want to restrict where the cameras can go. representative steve proposing a bill that would only allow cams ras tphr school or construction zones. or busy highways. police officers testify these cameras are for keeping people safe. >> it's a local jurisdiction issue. each should be able to utilize
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>> problem solvers tackling a woman's duct cleaning night nightmare. woman sent our problem solvers these photographs. she claims they ruin her home ventilation system. and spread dirt throughout her entire house. we found the same owners have a track record of unsatisfied
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>> . the story new at 9:30. >> . >> when it comes tos officers doing good deeds. the denver police department has
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>> during that ride. learning he was having trouble at home. but wanted to be a professional basketball player. when he grows upl. up. he didn't even own a basketball. the officer bought him one. and started a collection to sends him to basketball camp. and raised additional money to donate to the camp. in his name. >> >> always speed bumps. things that come up. hope to be there for him. hopefully he sees me. someone he can trust. and help him along the way. >> . the denver nugget stepped up in
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>> sending former player and team ambassador. to deliver gift bags and tickets to an up upcoming game. >> southwest airlines shows a baby shower for a couple. instead of accepting the gifts they donated them to tony lopez jr. and his wife.
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>> i talked to officer lopez -z father. this morning. he's a commander. they are expecting a bib by on may 5. his grandson. so. they gots lot of i heard crazy stuff. on southwest airlines flight before. never heard them put it to a vote. should this couple have another baby. >> across colorado. you can see all the storms. koeltd air to the east. you look to the west. nothing big racing in our direction. we get to enjoy more weather like today.
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temperatures go up. i mention this last night. we were going to warm up. we did today. a few degrees. hitting 50. you can see what's sweeping in our direction. even warmer temperatures. over the coming daying. outside right now. 32 downtown. we're just at freezing. we have gone to 26 at the aeurpbt. winds out of the southwest at nine miles per hour. southeast at nine miles per hour. 20s in georgetown. 15 con ter. 34 boulder. 20s down in parker. and castle rock. >> our future cast is very quiet. look to the west. coming out of of utah. nothing spilling in our direction. i think like today you may see one or two high clouds arpbdz. nothing but sunshine. from sun up to sun down.
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i think we do another round of 40s and 50s. 50s to the south and east. will be just a little cooler. than what you posted today. which was in the upper 50s. really. i don't think you'll notice a difference. with the sunshine. >> because we're going to start so cold. it will be a mild afternoon. i'd suggest a jacket for the kids. as they step out the door. to grab the bus off to school. and you drive to and from work is a breeze. nothing but dry conditions. i mention snow. and we talked about this yesterday. it looks like march could come in like a lion. and that includes the possibility of shoveling the snow. >> >> colorado's own american idol. not one of the 4 contestants elected by judges to advance to the top ten. but.
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it's all up to you. she's asking for your vote. tonight. she posted this video. ex-planing how you can vote. there are five options. including text. call. or logging onto fox. facebook or google search. 6 contestants will learn tomorrow if they will move forward. or not. >> let's support our hometown star.
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hit with a foul there. shawn miller. just lost it. got teed up for that. and the crowd was into it. love it. the cut out. they had everything working. up and active all night long. scott said it was as true 6 man advantage. speaking of scott. having himself a ball game. season high 26 points. nine rebounds. go ahead and storm that court. buffs fans. a huge win. >> not to over look the now. tonight. the now. avs hosting the sharks. avs are clinging to an eighth and final play off spot.
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one to one. second period just finished. set to go into the third period. again. score tied. combine is here. in all it's 332 of the best players available for the nfl draft. and summed up on the web site. a series of test. designed to help teams and their evaluation before the draft. here's what's going on today. in indianapolis. coaches, general managers from every time .n league. meeting with the media. >> . >> there's no hurry here. i want him to enjoy what just
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and we'll go from there. >> i think that's accurate.
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>> he did the same th-pbg last year. that worked out. pretty good. >> it will be different this year. i don't suspect it will work out the way it did last year. but. next couple weeks.
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this is where it all started around 9:30 a.m. take a look behind me. the house with the white trailer. police are still going through the crime scene. tonight. there. we're told this is going to be an extensive investigation. that will last the next several days. we know who is how. we need to no why.


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