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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  January 25, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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less than two weeks ago broncos in the bay area for super bowl 50 but how are the panthers taking the news? politically incorrect when vendors trash republican morals who's behind the political paint job. >> finicky feeder chip fugitives make a surprising phone call while on the run you won't believe who they dialed undercover operation exposed his planned parenthood video city to a grand jury and think before you into how this tattoo limited the career
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figured out you guys know to play like when they know that they won the afc championship and outside the turn their focus on hosting the lombardi trophy thanks for joining us here at 9:00 o'clock on different talk taco have a ticket hosting here to less than two weeks until super bowl 50 in santa clara keep an eye on that countdown clock right there at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen will catch you who will capture down all the way to the big games that griffith is joining us with the next step in the broncos wrote to the championship now we know what color the broncos will be wearing big news tonight what will cover uniforms the broncos will be wearing the designated home team they announce they will go with the all-white uniforms last 10 make it that was back in the super bowl back in 1999 tbd atlanta falcons that year as for getting a win this time around the broncos have some kind to challenge against of
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in the carolina panthers number one turnover shelter of the course of the year top five offense cap five defense act of the film on this morning briefly watched the last couple of games and they've been dumped domenic denver versus carolina to stop defenses and euclid and quarterbacks 26 -year-old can manning. winning in a similar to our guy he has his own way he does his thing has way he doesn't special that's one of the things i think that's become a var guy he's doing things special right now. >> the special player that can do it to the air or on the ground and not that that will onto for the broncos game plan too much from what they did against tom brady and the patriots he cannot because if you do that with this pocket quarterbacks they can get the that get the ball deep down the field data get pressure on them but you have to be decisive is actually running
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and has that the panthers are turnover prone defense is prepping for pain in the broncos offense lets just say they watch game built at number 18 some of them since they were 10 years old and. >> the gaia grew up watching it'll be fun to get a chance to play against someone on that stage we got a be ready to go because it will bring their a game cam newton is nine years old peyton manning made his nfl debut were from the broncos secondary and what they must if you're about cam newton in the pen of this attack super bowl experience doesn't come cheap but there are ways to save a few bucks here and there coming up at 930 the problem solvers reveal some of the best travel hotel and ticket deals in the meantime send us more of your broncos fan photos right now show us your united in orange team spirit by e-mailing pictures at will that italy gotten thousands already of pictures and were doing our best to show them all right here into the super
9:04 pm and also add them to our slideshow on our website sports authority is reportedly having major financial troubles the store missed a $21 million interest payment last week prompting concerns over the company's future ashley michaels michaels is like the sports authority field with the impact it could have on colorado. >> dab business insiders are reporting that sports authority is thinking about bankruptcy and possibly closing some other stores across the country we don't know any of that for sure but one expert we talked to says if the store is having financial troubles he thinks he knows why you'd either call it my all high in this go or by a throne name sports authority field. >> it was really a reaction to dick's sporting goods kind of coming into the market marketing professor dara
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$60 million gamble there was a lot of talk of whether the company could afford it now five years later i have a lot more in your budget to leverage to activate the >> online shopping has exploded which also probably couldn't the sports authority just because people in your name just because they know you're affiliated doesn't know they want to go to rei the next day but with all eyes on sports authority could get a bump in the right direction
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other markets. >> they cannot make its yearly $6 million payments that i have a naming rights contract that goes until 2021 a teenager that fell through a pond and parker has died back scatter passed away this afternoon the legend high school student had spent the last 11 days at children's hospital after falling into a was one of three teenage friends who fell into the water one friend survived the other friend patrick winsted not the developments of the ongoing trauma involving a dog shot by police commerce city pay the largest financial settlement in state history in connection with the death of someone's pet denver confirmed
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$262,000 to the family of the chocolate lab tipple of next after the police shot the dog dead in a garage the incidence was captured the payment was part of a settlement to avoid a federal civil court trial settled scheduled later this month you not going to kill a family member and get away with that whether their furry four-legged or whatever they are they are still members of the family and people are not to stand for it anymore colorado civil law does not allow pet owners to recall . -ellipsis that exceeds its value but recent federal court cases setting violations of the fourth amendment loss of property change the landscape and pet law if you get a call from someone threatening to do or you in three you in jail for missing jury duty hangup it's a scam the scam artist claims to be a sheriff's deputy dealing dj badge number then they demanded payment of fake arrest warrant because you didn't show up for jury
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increase in this type of scam murals depicting republican presidential candidate being vandalized on the university of denver campus the latest target as governor john kasich kevin torres is life on the campus and kevin case it was made out to look pretty evil they spent the night retaining everything they know that people do silly things and that stuff like this happens there wondering why people take the extra step to do something so simple i've seen the american dream some dreams have all the ones that are marked up and in this place they are painted with partisan beliefs so far we have senator graham paul governor john kasich as a member of the student republicans carolynn marie carolyn murray couldn't believe what happened each of a different republican candidate at the hands of artist aubrey andreas i feel
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begin with the mural of kerry purina's big red riding that says it fastest on it then transitioned over to governor john kasich it was john kasich painted and i had g-man somebody spray-painted don't vote republican for whatever reason the vandals only target republicans in a negative way the democratic mural doesn't get the bad stuff there is :-) now as an artist aubrey conder wants to get revenge i feel like if i said no i thought about it the reality is that paint and hasn't has even gotten to donald trump yet it's the more modern candidates go over like this it and then i am not excited to see what happened for tromp they are irritated but they definitely won't give up after all that everything is pleasant college republicans
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back off but then again they are going to take donald trump for next week so they are preparing what they say could be much more vandalism. >> the university of denver is warning students and faculty of another fondling incident touched anyone many or as every josephine the weekend investigators are not suspect tonight if you have any information about the incident call police it is just the latest in a string of sexual related crimes since the start of the year and a contentious zoning issue before the denver city council tonight public, is not expected to wrap up for another couple of hours at the zoning changes approved it will reason on property in the west highlands neighborhood to allow a big two-story medical building were single-family homes are zoned as they say the west highlands has seen
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traffic worse up the street about three blocks we have a huge apartment complex going in as well we are already can i have explosive growth in terms of traffic and with that it will tip it over the edge neighbors as a whether is a whether or not opposed to redevelopment they are dissipated the volution happen hopefully before midnight and update tomorrow morning we'll have will have it for you under the colorado when a young man's ink comes back to haunt him on new line 930 how a southern pride tattoo guy in the way of his dreams of serving his country pussy fugitives on the run in the mountains give police a ring why they actually wanted to be taught and proud pets are united in orange at the big run on broncos gear for the four-legged fans right after this and the snow showers interrupted during the late afternoon and early evening have all fizzled out at least across the metro area we still have some snow from the palmer divide to the south but the next round may not arrive for
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broncos country united and orange on the road to the championship as promised more pictures that you e-mailed to as we just can't get them on the air fast enough that somebody used in sending to as and if you haven't e-mailed your fan photos and yet get on it we would love to share your broncos team spirit just e-mail as they come in all ages young and old e-mail us at and watch fox 31 denver for the next two weeks morning noon and night for pictures as we head to the super bowl baby will put your picture on tv it seems as if everyone is still celebrating yesterday's big window for the patriots not just everyone but
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us now to explain. >> i doubt you'll be shocked to learn broncos jerseys memorability that is flying off the store shelves all across colorado sports authority in the big box stores are having a time keeping tough time keeping up with all the demand that they aren't the only stores battling broncos maniacs be met their judgment may not be clouded coloradans are certainly viewing life after a colored lens following yesterday's paper because when not just fans of the two leg and variety dogs and cats even horses are getting in on the football fun. >> absolutely it's been often the broncos leashes and collars even jerseys flying off store shelves we sold a lot of these other very popular broncos fans wanting to share the excitement with their worry and even feathered friends the industry is taking a turn and people are so much into the paraphernalia for their pets they love it they love dressing them up they the car) call in their boy
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game he watches the screen at a puppy can see anything in billy never forgets to wear his broncos bandanna simple yet stylish but pet pride isn't always cheap they don't even blink an eye they love it alicia lynn will run you $15 a jersey 50 bucks that the most popular are big dogs in the denver broncos jerseys but i'm barking up the wrong tree if there was ever a time to fork over the cash of this is certainly at the super bowl is made for super fans no matter your shape or species and there's no business like pet business americas will spend almost $400 billion on pet that's up from
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present dog. >> somebody sent me a picture yesterday of the dog named it broncos he was asleep during the first part of the game i can take my dog to the game yesterday but i could leave the tv on for him the dodgy booties if you're going to go out for a morning walk may be a maybe a sweater for the pure gop called its already chilly out there tonight as we have clear skies, conditions overhead right now it usually leads it to a cold morning and that's exactly what we would will wake up to early tomorrow we did have some snow developed in the late afternoon and evening today all of that has sense of fizzled out we are quiet his that live shot toward the city as we have a couple of high thin clouds but that's about it pushing and from t front range done a foothills and into the metro area all the abilities to widespread but it represented the snowfall have faded away this is just ground clutter from the radar west of west of the city in the foothills zooming out to the bigger picture notice how
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to south even the palmer divide started to quiet down just to the south of castle rock here to sell the colorado springs on i 25 defined any snowfall left over that may even be gone over the next couple of hours let's keep it to get off start off at 1030 notice everything calm and quiet around the city a couple of snow pics to look to the south of colorado springs toward pueblo in the new mexico border but it's gone by about 2:00 o'clock in the morning and then from there all the way to summarize early tomorrow through sunrise early tomorrow should be a beautiful night a little chilly in the upper teens or so before we would things up early tomorrow but the sunrise will be nice with just a couple of passing clouds overhead that will pave the way for a lovely afternoon mainly sunny skies on cap tomorrow but when's it's still coming in from the north as we have high pressure high-pressure back to the west of us when that happens you get that push on the front side from north to south that's what we will be under tomorrow i get daytime highs today cap trap in the upper 30s we need to do a little bit better than that afternoon but probably not by much
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before things wrap up tomorrow as the high continues to migrate to the east and directions to the when's once it happens not only do we get the sunshine but you also get a want ad epic tends to climb and as a result of that would wednesday or so get back in the 50s perhaps even pushing 60 degrees by the time we get today in the upper 30s 37 high this afternoon and northerly flow even with us and we had the sun we had kept as well below average i know 44 colorado springs and 39 result out of upper 30s in the 40s they are across the plains and down to the southeast colorado 20s and 30s prevalent in the mountains of the six outside right now and then he does then clouds at dia for calling off quickly especially in the more rural locations just to the east of downtown were in the mid and upper 20s up and on the i 25 quarter one were
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the mountains in the single digits a few locations below 018 overnights may partly cloudy skies place no already wrapped up across the metro area that will continue to fade statewide as we go to the next few hours it will be call tomorrow morning as a start up the next day of their school week back to about 40 people in the before the end of the afternoon but how about the week we have lined up 50 on wednesday 56 thursday we topic 60 degrees on friday with sunny skies every single day for the rest of the work week the east coast storms at wind down leads an icy trail of destruction in its wake still had how millions of americans are digging out still from one of the worst storms to hit in a while confederate controversy when 18 -year-old says his tattoo stops him from living out his life and has
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>> massive cleanup effort under way after a snow storm battered several states along
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weekend erika gonzalez has new developments tonight. >> the weekend snowstorm still causing issues of her people all over the east coast schools and remain closed tonight as crews of struggle to clear the streets of snow the record-breaking snow storm that dumped it more than 2 feet of snow in new york city over the weekend came close to going go went down as the city's worst if we had had a .2 more inches at the central park monitoring station we would've had it literally the largest of snow accumulation in the history said head as the country's largest city bounce back from a powerful blizzard over to thousands of pieces out right now they have never stop the city's up-and-down east coast find themselves sticking out of a similar situation from the collapses like this church in silver spring maryland to crashes and spin outs of the weekend like this accident between a snow plow in a train in stamford connecticut severe
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connecticut so far there have been reports of more than two dozen storm related fatalities officials are taking in all hands on deck approach we're doing everything we can doubt needs to be i see the efforts of all the crews out there day and night 24 hours a day schools in dc baltimore and philadelphia remain closed today the federal government also closed after nearly 30 inches of snow covered areas around the nation's capital officials urging people to stay indoors and allow crews to continue clearing the streets. >> i continue to be grateful for the residents heaving the morning to stay off the streets and continue to caution is out on the streets now as for air travel airports are offering at least partial service new york philadelphia and washington and there there are still hundreds of cancellations and delays. >> fewer people are affected fugitives from the law make a
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make why to suspects actually doubt the police while they were running from them thinking about going to the
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to cost a pretty pe >> the super bowl stage is now set for the price of the big game isn't exactly the most affordable there are ways to
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the denver broncos on the road
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