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of the sentence there were fairies operator thursday in search of the size of the tragedy that left more than three hundred people dead or missing south korea's foreign minister said the new blood test by north korea now i teach high calling of painting to laugh. dancing with ninety unit this. yes that is the link to the plate by the end of this here. for the group's management succession. i don't. news of
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the way and i am excited to be in so it. search continues both for the missing passengers of the sunken ferry and who was responsible for what part of the mess pgn has been covering this story since it first broke joins us now with the latest itchy and tell us about how the government is trying to keep the ferry operator from continuing its operations while the government is trying to invoke the business license of the ferry operator given all this it means we can find. in fact there was negligence on the part of a captain in the crew members of the silver ferry and two more witnesses told authorities earlier today that the captain and crew who were in the ship's steering really did not fulfill their duties to help the passengers to safety and also ceo of
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the ferry operator his name is keen to see who was arrested today on multiple charges including negligent homicide in the straight to the un prosecutors stated that there would be to working up to this address and they believe they argue that the overloading of cars on the ferry would not have been possible without his approval. try to prove that the ferry operator knew about the vessels problems by continue this as for the sake of profits. and unfortunately the tally of the missing and remain unchanged for over twenty four hours but we're just getting reports now that two bodies had been recovered at the twenty ten and easy to see and now it's up to hunter said no one had pink on friday while thirty three are still missing but i'll update you guys would want that. but back to the search operations the search operation inside the ferry were suspended for most of the game due to strong currents. so the search operations to operate in a hare decided to expand its coverage as far
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away from the face at eighty km. that is because of concerns that somebody had drifted away from the shed i've mentioned this before but it's really good seniors for all of those involved in the search now more than twenty diapers have been taken to nearby hospital after showing symptoms of decompression sickness. this is a diverse disease that includes a qp me and palaces and it is raising concerns that more adventures to ensure the safety of these civilian surge diverse and art are necessary and of course certainly hoping that we don't see why casualties from the rescue team at least thank you very much tea on the four of them for that update abt the week of this skeletal ferry incident to become real government has stepped up efforts to uphold a stricter regulations to ensure the safety of the passenger ferries operating in korea the ministry of oceans and fisheries says it plans to expand an ordinance that was
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limited to only cargo vessels and foreign ships to include passenger ferri have roots in korea within the next six months the measure was passed at the national assembly late last month. the doorway and opposition parties each electing a new floor leader today but the winners will have a little time to celebrate and they now face a critical challenge of handling the national assembly's investigation into this of a disaster and its aftermath the king's fund reports. the pity party. you don't need a new one cool effect return money from the central kentucky region if the first from the region to be elected party floor heater and is known to be an added that the action close to president mccain and his running mate to four young who was named the party's new policy committee chair is part of a different action from the party stronghold of tom campbell the province. at
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the last eight of your competition and the only candidates who applied and appointed him without a boat on thursday. analysts say a consensus most likely formed within the party to endorse the need to team up for a more balanced representation of various party factions the opposition you copy the alliance for democracy in the kit the first female libido inconvenience constitutional history. three ten lawmaker upon fun. ok not the winner after the runoff is thought to have garnered support from the party's new live action including the common cold the leaders as well as harm nineteen years lawmakers have electoral victory comes two months after the former democratic party merged with the independent on a high content you can the political theme and highlights can't expect that it had taken to the newly formed party. well can you put on the ice face a tough task of negotiating when the power to carry out a parliamentary probe into last
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month a little arrogant and the government's response. he of the moving party said in a bit too early for a prominent investigate the accident as the priority now is to find all of the missing passengers he also got to work closely with the opposition and national safety the opposition spot on the other hand that she will push for an immediate investigation and an issue locally cooperate with the bowling side but also keeping a check on behalf of the people. she is hot. i didn't use. the final verdict is in south korea's defence ministry says that the review unmanned aerial vehicles recently found on south korean soil did in fact come from north korea thinking and then once more. to itself to us investigative team looking into the real mentor get peoples that were discovered in south korea into a two week period starting in late march. as stated definitely that they were sent from the north. but these reports
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as the drones were headed back when they crashed after running out of fuel. the gps corners of the uab show that the flu over key military facilities at that dozens of pictures. a clear violation of korean armistice agreement and a non aggression pact which forbids the north and south from infiltrating each other's their states. south korea's defence ministry caught in a clear military provocation and a plan to submit the results of their findings to the united nations. north korea has hundreds of men area vehicles in its possession. dozens of others are believed to have flown over to stop before returning safely to the north but modified. this is a piece of bell's purpose from the boat up to ten kilograms of explosives. this raise concerns about possible attacks and a south korean military men to get in as security. wallace says this will put to deal with an image of incursions and tacky repeats. double much harder time taking the smaller
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growers. seoul says the plaza purses low altitude radar of the military gadgetry to prevent further and patrician the problem then. then it's up. soccer has once again warned north korea against conducting a nuclear test saying that such a move would be met with severe consequences. but north korea says soul is the one stirring the pot. sunday sun reports on the ongoing efforts to keep peace on the korean peninsula. if tongue and pushes ahead with a fourth new protest and the fines each monastic community expect swift and strong punishment. this was the gist of the stuff between foreign ministers warning to north korea. twenty seven routinely pay the heaviest prize a new sentence. chairing a meeting at the un security council on wednesday. he knows that set a test would have a huge impact on the strategic landscape in north east asia and. i would post a series
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trains to beijing as well. we must keep you on north korea now if the chinese youth minister agreed to meet other new contest. you do the math made the most serious cause for which you at the same time his tressel was to build a peaceful and new korean peninsula. their present upton has brain education drive. the county and continues to brutally attacked present cost initiatives. the north korean daily blog oceana said thursday that pops and issues only story the potential for war. it also says south korean government was pulling the nation with a diabolical idea. meanwhile the us confirmed wednesday that secretary steve john kerry met with bumps every china's inter national director of the communist party. long considered a team that's in between china's commies party and north korea's workers' party is believed to have discussed a possible resumption of the six party
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talks on north korea's the new car is ancient the sun. i didn't use. your gateway to the day's biggest stories in korea and around the world. breaking it all on the hottest interview and a whole lot more. join aidan sean ryan and jenny from the heart of seoul begins and i knew last week nights on and on tv. business is korea's foreign currency reserves rose to an all time high last month the bank of korea said thursday that the country was holding three hundred and fifty five point eight billion dollars of foreign currency. as of the end of april up the one and half billion dollars from the previous month. it represents the tenth straight month of increase. the center of my attributes that rented to a strong euro and fridays
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in investment profits korea had had the seventh largest foreign reserves in the world as of the end of march tyne and leads the pack followed by japan and switzerland samsung group's anti affiliate the samsung sds has announced its ipo previous stint as it is expanding overseas to become a pioneer in communications and healthcare services country reports on how the move puts the company on track to becoming one of the country's top twenty firms in terms of market capitalization. ntsb ip solutions affiliate of korea's largest conglomerate samsung group has announced plans to go this year expanding business to overseas markets. the company claimed wednesday that conglomerates for women from participating in the markets preventing growth the seattle times nst and say it'll make a new wheat flour and to secure new growth technology and pioneer in communication and healthcare services and
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markets abroad. having traded at around one hundred forty four us dollars per share in the over the counter markets it is estimated that after the listing the company will be valued at around ten point eight billion us dollars. now this exceeds the value of lg electronics at ten point seven billion currently ranked eighteenth in the nation. with the company's announcement comes on is expected to speed up work to succeed the group to slaughtering of times i was chairman of the knee this all day sunday is a researcher at idk security said he believes the company will move to divide its businesses and a bigger team is in the future it can help cement a top shareholders and clients within the current the electron is currently holds the largest share of more than twenty two percent of homes on sts. each day on the first sign of econ he holds over eleven percent of the company shares while the touring team was seeing anything on both have over three percent of the companies will share it i feel the manager is called the flick of this month along
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with a decision on the size of the share offering. honey can i be of use. and stay with another samson name as someone who is the latest apple vs samsung will email the height of the week and it's certainly growing a lot of it now i see some cool on the battle and who walks to the war. that's right and were then again when it's night from professor moon's hometown who is joining us here in the studio so professor what is your evaluation of this ruling between samsung and apple was the winner. there is only now and there's no bruise than we can think that the force of winning at the moment the cars on. the it is a norm that. two years old. and i'll go fight is still going on in nine different countries. the incarnate word
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story different. he turned to cease. i say so the very interesting i'd take a professor so. if apple actually gets it out and then what happens that no real looking at some sort of highlights and sit cross licensing deal between the two companies known as the procession cds as possible because the bees hum songs walks in the area of more by common pleas. and the sums things up a new painting. this comes in his soulmate contents in the area of more and communication the pate on its debt and poor corners. he's the area of soaking and stop the out of the zodiac that has no content. so the gate well in very different areas. optical who went to work. these the euro compared to talk to him after he comes up soaked did you know who has a great way to hungary the school
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works. thompson's how to solve. has been frightening on the hub for global. in all it does. in reality it is a fight between four and pepper. from the stop. now we have to see. ok it that way and confusing consumers see it that way and how or if they affected in terms of their perception of samsung the brand but after seeing all of this legal drama you know that that the costume was only interested in course can this be the win over each year in terms of speed over innovation. the psalms or the war. and the speed up the new part of the trees. of course rumsfeld is pete and i think the five months or six six minus four and four. it's almost twenty. so the pain i think the game is over. and for you at three zero the desoto stone force it
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has focused on tokyo for the past fourteen years. you know i'll you'll query in the indian or so today it is korea that the damper in the arena. so it is legal battle was actually in your opinion helpful for these companies or his olive is fighting going to weekend and into an especially in terms of their focus on innovation you know it isn't. it isn't that tell by area the confidence to go. do you know at once. and you know gift of that too. it takes a call in the future. this comes on. and apparantly face picture is from chinese medicine infectious enough the assumed they knew the shoot. crows. delphi. you know me i think he he he he he. and really take
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the japanese chinese and japanese term users. as in norseman and prayers and ingratitude of course tobe smartphone. go out. oh yes it's always interesting to talk about eric are located to the station thinking that your professor thanks for coming down to us and that talking to us today. they see thousands are taking part in anti government rallies across the thai capital of bangkok that day after prime minister lunch and watched was ousted from power but more on that and other international stories we now turn to poly standing by at the new center. also the clear picture of the corruption case around the prime minister has thai citizens up in arms. that's right there of hygiene concerns of fresh political
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turmoil in the country on this thursday after the court's role they team up was guilty of abuse of power is by growing tensions the government is pushing for elections in the next few months. connie lee has more ousted thai prime minister you don't see a lot has been found guilty of corruption on thursday. thailand's anti corruption commission and guided her over a controversial bray subsidy scheme. the case now goes to the senate. she is found guilty there. you love will be banned from politics for five years. all of this country. d after that i constitutional court ordered the prime minister and nine cabinet members to step down for a piece in power. both sides of the government are now planning a mass rallies including teens. political tensions government is pushing for elections set for tonight. the government is working under the framework of the election commission
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we realized the election is essential the election commission also has its own duty to push for election to the ip. and so the elections thailand's commerce minister has been appointed acting prime minister. the political divide is clear. on wednesday about a thousand anti government protesters to move in on the march in bangkok welcome to perfect a worse team up to stand down. she has never shown any responsibility as prime minister. she should've left a long time ago. i'm still happy that they were acting justly the supporters of the ousted prime minister also gathered that there are no political backing and crafts. and there are growing fears of violent clashes the us has asked for a peaceful resolution with the state department urging all sides to resolve a time as political tensions in a peaceful and democratic manner that the thai people can choose the political leadership he deserves to
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lead its ruling follows six months of political deadlock when he must actors have been trying to get her out of office. the acid prime minister denies any wrongdoing. connie me. i can use. and moving on to hong kong were five defendants are on trial in what is shaping up to become the biggest corruption case in the city's history and the center of the dollar thomas in reading clock to billionaire brothers who controls hong hong kong property is asia's largest realty companies. others include hong kong's former chief secretary rev peel ply his new friends is quiet and sun hung kai executive director thomas chun. they're facing eight charges including conspiracy misconduct in office and allegedly taking more than freeze point six million us dollars in bribes. all five men have pled not guilty to each of the charges according to authorities shrapnel flying accepted unsecured loans and other perks worth millions of
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dollars are a number of financial entities while in office between two thousand and two thousand nine the korea schedule this summer for some unknown eighty witnesses for the trial expected to last for seventy days. it's been over three weeks since more than two hundred school girls were kidnapped in nigeria by the islamist group vocal around the nigerian government says it is doing everything in its power to locate and rescue the kidnapped girls. it appears that go around is still one step ahead the lack of progress has al rage nigerians and the international community thousands in the capital of the buddha staged a protest on wednesday. venting their frustration and in any effective action from the government. this past week the united states in the jury had accepted an offer of military and civilian experts to help locate the hundreds of girls were being held captive britain says it is also sending a small team of friends in china also offered this isn't all it's the latest act of violence and poker friend has been
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accused of carrying out another attack in corn state in which some three hundred people were probably killed i took a look and international stories making headlines around the world see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime time sports and speed in check south korea's world cup roster is now set national team manager whom i will announce his final pace with the squad that's headed to the big tournament in brazil and looking at the last defender kwok to be is the oldest at thirty two years old while seventeen of twenty three play in overseas leaks five players including midfielders antonio and his umno all our carry overs from the twenty ten world cup squad. it also includes striker talk to young who along with ford. ethan will have the most caps and sixty
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two. what the young but speedy team according to manager paul who added that their talents with make up for the lack of experience meanwhile former national team captain pop to some arrived in korea and visited the stellar whole ferry victims memorial street from the airport to pay his respects. talk is looking to host a charity match for the victims and their families in july. and moving onto the pitch. forbes magazine unveiled its list of the world's most valuable football clubs and the amateur top seed and will for three point four billion us dollars. the spanish club made number one on the list for the second year in a row largely driven by their success in europe. meanwhile barcelona came in second at three point two billion dollars twenty three percent jump in value one year while manchester united. opposite me. still a huge lesson percent from sixteen point eight billion. and now for baseball starting in the mlb
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new york and peace captain derek jeter hit his first home run up to this final season a solo shot in his team's nine to win over the angels of anaheim pietersen was good to get one after thirty three games it was the two hundred and fifty seven of his career now let's get to it there's a spot kick to touch up here in addition these towns on the lights visited the sk wife earns in utah. now some songs great band and her cakes on this case should be all about the pitchers duel until the sixth when taylor it's a two run homer for sums on. meanwhile back in her. he throws the dangling seven scoreless innings with nine strikeouts and walked and it all comes on from there as part of me who also locals long indeed for two runs and a dummy this one and like to ask a client did nothing. and looking at the other games come on to these algae sixty two next then comes and gets this one leaving the game over and see
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for t3 and tucson dominates look that fifty to six. well that's all i have for now this has been student and i'll see you back here later for more on the world of sports fan. morning sprinkles here and sold quickly gave way to clear her afternoon conditions and from our return to laurie campbell gown standing by for us that the weather center for him good evening guy is starting off with a note today is the fourth day after the tide near the accident site and smart tidal currents it reached a maximum speed of one point two meters per second which is the flawless and rescue operations began so hopefully more progress can be made and astra now dry weather warnings remain for areas along the eastern coastal regions. the humidity level and tackle has dropped to thirty one percent though please be on the lookout at the fire danger level is high
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thinking i might get the kind conditions and sale of high pressure system from the west sea where seem fairly clear skies across the back. now tomorrow is shaping up to pee at night then sunny day. accordingly because there will be a big gap in temperatures between today and i are taking up other leg at friday's reading of holiday wouldn't want you all hit their mid twenties well with antique that twenty two. holding on to other place they've said it tops out at twenty two degrees while to do and not conduct the debate team. that's all for now but don't forget to tune in for mark to midnight and that brings are broadcast on prime time news to close this thursday thanks for watching enter this again tomorrow. i was and jason kelly from hong
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kong and in general and for me to leave canada. oh well in the east. additionally taking this series even when the bomb. koreans always creep through the scene respect your parents and elders. anywhoo sydney the siemens to strangers incidents to his appeal to travelers. hospitality ringtone for nine straight years. when did they get lost just please please. tried to order something delicious and take years for family they had no difficulty with korean style. it isn't open
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yet. we need to welcome you i find that what extremely helpful. i think the people of any kind. but i did draw so i can speak to me like i was looking on the map. and maybe somebody came to me and say to you. it was very very very nice. not very tech copy right thing. it's the age disease and keep the baby now that i really hadn't changed. and blame oh it'll be a free custom. a contingent mean people will be but welcoming. beat eggs and each time we have. her yet. be it . she competes
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with new meaning with the program is brought you by critically. we'd from norway's mainstream crews were his lies to her group exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include characters and access to wilkinson while tony percent of the eastern ukrainian site that what i was in a referendum on top. sunday


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