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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 16, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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was in the right to broadcast a boat ride to korea's resort island of txdot turns deadly. after hundreds of passengers mostly students the school were found themselves on a sinking ship after a lousy day. he'll hold their first working level talks resulted in wartime atrocities of sexual slavery. but despite some reports of a possible shift in japan's position. it's a wonder he may not be enough the black bear fruit instead ukraine ap on the brink of civil war has brains armed forces mobilized over to the pro russian forces the ukrainian territory. i
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dun use it instead. a fan when april sixteen kids how to use on the charm and things so much for joining us we start off with the sinking of a passenger ferry off the southwestern coast of korea earlier on wednesday. i was over four hundred and sixty people on line about two three hundred and twenty of which were students traveling with several teachers to the resort island of taking
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the coast guard has confirmed that means the foreign debt so far and we have a thirty one in a studio to give this with details about the accident she want. his hair was all very starting to think you're on the nineteenth this morning i found two km off the coast of single iranian felt mr can we at least four people had been confirmed at the park including off their employee kept yelling to me. in the male high school an hour with the newborn because of the sport tree and two others who have not yet been identified. still five the number of people this year stands at one hundred and seventy four with the remaining two hundred and eighty or so people still missing and a search operation is still going on earlier today we did hear from the president saying that all of the rescue operation should be finished by sundown. of course it's much well after that how work of rescue operations going and what the government is talking all at first to see
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if the people is like and recommend packing hand and defence minister tun planned to have ordered that all immediatly coast guard and nearby vessels help with the athlete. dozens of ships and in the parish crafts along with hundreds of specialized courses and scuba divers. i've been searching for survivors. even rescue operation was to be getting a wonderful cook and nine thousand cars on it. even the coast guard's that you will keep searching for survivors. sea one to seventy tales about the time when the ferry actually start to see what is it that i say it was around eight thirty at the ferry to add it to fend off a new one tomorrow. after that the passengers heard of mouth bass sound and bishops that they started to tell. i fixed the worse than ddt and listened to a divider say about them only. he was going on my screen for thirty to forty minutes in the very things were falling and people were sliding down
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the ship. nobody will be with you. the waves were called when the reset all of them all as i should tell a good clean fun it is like climbing the four cornered and he couldn't get out of the heavens because the critical to the restaurant should tell that by sixty degrees and slowly climbed to ninety degrees before caps icing and that was when i was risky. if you're considering that this happened earlier in the day with all of the rescue of forces that shapes the helicopters all of them rushing to the scene the number that of missing people still seems quite high here that there have been criticisms about announcements in the ship telling passengers to stay where they work well padded back tribute to the situation now. this is a better state he would instruct it to spill into what is in the announcement. i kept going on and that seems to have cost more people are kept in heaven and the coast guard's that there is high
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possibility that the passengers may have gotten trapped in the power was cut off after dish its capital account. well early that day the reported number of people rescued was much higher and you know getting hopes to families and an entire nation was with the sudden change of that fake it. well that's helped me in this afternoon. yet a number of people emailed it to be around one hundred emails and text but the government had a briefing at one pm think the actual number of making people look at the lethal leigh hunt at much higher than the earlier today because there were tears in county lst two hundred people would double counted ten causing confusion in defeat there and then take a lot. julian on spamming is the reason for the confusion in the number of rescue people. the reason it was revised down from the earlier figure of three hundred sixty eighth in the current one hundred sixty four is because some of those were rescued
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her come in twice. so is there any indications on what caused the accident. well we don't know any p eric on a conference that as of now but we should note that the ferry was driven by a backup captain and two mr captain was on vacation and issues that up from a very bad and that is usually due to heavy falls. so are the stuff the kids kept pinching the ships were to try in a riot at the destination take to iran on tying the all silly. note that this kind of thinking i was kneeling to be filled with trucks cement listen to what it takes a break. tongue and chair professor of the navigation synth korea in the meantime ocean university has to say about this. you'll put my finger plays possible reason for this to a new suspension intercontinental iraq's design of the ads is pretty close to shore when the unidentified ross may have causes. we killed the suspect other reasons
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because of the accident like an explosion inside the camper that i was thinking of you. on record and the fish i say that next step up to the comrie will be to use the phillies giant floating crane that they cannot think of hassle. isu i think it had acquired and to keep us updated my next piece cast. the world. chris then had held their first working level talks on the so called comfort women issue. the two sides met in so late wednesday to try to resolve their differences. he tells us that would take much more than one meeting to many decades of summertime senior officials from korea and japan netting sold wednesday as they seek to resolve
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the longstanding dispute over japan's wartime factual and treatment of korean and i'm following two hours of talks the south korean official who wished to remain anonymous told reporters that it inside to change if they think that they had held a productive discussion. me and asking demanding an official apology and legal compensation from japan for the so called comfort women. the campaign the issue was settled two and nineteen fifty five treaty signed by the two neighbors living the life diplomatic ties. every meeting is the result of an agreement meets the head of president of the hat first official talks with japanese prime minister seemed a lot and the netherlands last month but just one round of talks was not enough for that insight to overcome decades of diplomatic tensions the officials will meet again in a blanket and held a second round of discussions on the comfort women issue and perhaps even more. i believe there are many issues that korea and japan the two
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exchanged views on around two hundred thousand women mostly kirby and were forced to serve the japanese army in comfort stations during the early twentieth century when asked whether the events of that. the act they cannot get here and that that is not the first hill. he said. its first plenary session open this wednesday lawmakers passing to his long awaited defence cost sharing pact with the us over in washington high level officials from the two countries discussed the timing of the us handing over the wartime operational control to korea action until reports the ruling and opposition parties came together to pass a number of long pending bills this wednesday at the national assembly. after months of gridlock lawmakers passed the revised to tesco sharing
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pact with the us. polo washington had agreed in january to be due to special measures agreement lays out the cost side faced with a twenty thousand five hundred us troops stationed on south korean soil under the deal south korea will pay some eight hundred and eighty million us dollars annually from this year to two thousand eighteen eighty five point eight percent increase from a share last year approval of the package was delayed over concerns that eric was told to pay more than is necessary. the main opposition new politics alliance for democracy had expressed the most concerned wondering aloud whether washington would die for is the most whole share of the money to finance the relocation of the us military base in the country the writing by bill will go into effect after being signed by president command over and washington south korea and the us opened a high level military meeting of the pentagon on tuesday local time with all current and the life issues off
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the agenda. the two day integrated defence dialogue the dough was whole requesting for another delay in the transfer of wartime operational control of the us to south korea. school is currently scheduled to begin wartime operational control in two thousand and fifteen but the government says the nation's military needs more time to prepare for the chance for the two sides have reportedly agreed in principle on a delayed due to the ongoing threat posed by north korea. but the exact timing and other details are still being ironed out the two allies will sit down with japan for defense trilateral talks starting thursday. then again i didn't use. the nuclear envoys of china and the united states have wrapped up their second day of discussions in the new work on ways to resume the long stalled six party talks on the new rising north korea. sigh that play next highest close to the test of
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the classic details about what's been said that i love has been productive the teams yet has the details. chinese youth and lately how we in its us counterpart the baby's neck for the second time this week to discuss we steal or north korea back to the six party talks on its own kenya crazy if the btc the us state department said the talks had been productive and both sides have agreed on the fundamental importance of the kenya christ with her yet the chinese delegate did not comment about the clothes towards me. diplomatic sources in the united nations were paying close attention to whether we would propose an arbitration me and the human rights case you didn't like her yet tongue and threatened to conduct a fourth nuclear test in the international community crossed the line by bringing up the red's human rights abuses. the chinese delegation sent by eighteen twenty and last month has
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reportedly drawn up an arbitration and active the matter when he's hopeful the third and last meeting in washington. the meeting comes as fiji's foreign ministry issued any reinstatement to seek state at the post here any move that the resulting tensions and their needs and whether they be joint drills between south korea and the us and north korea's threat of conducting further nuclear tests. he also urged all ready to party steamy join efforts to ease the situation and said china would continue to play a positive role in promoting peace and stability in the region. and down i ten years that is spending a day of revitalizing the economy was on the mind of korea's top economic policy maker and king of regular meeting on this wednesday our economics correspondent nightgown reports on how the government plans to pump more of this year's budget into the first
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half. financing mr yusuf says the government will accelerate its rate of spending the first half of the year to help boost korea's economy and made people actually feel the effects of improving economic conditions the second quarter's spending will be expanded to exceed the original first half of your guideline of fifty five percent. the money will be spent with a special focus on supporting the nation's small and midsize firms so that sixty percent of the year's budget allocated for the finance sector is used in the first half of the year the men executed twenty four percent of its finance budgeting the january to march period that slightly below its target of twenty eight percent. finance minister is now pushing to spend what was left all for the first quarter was more than its twenty seven percent again for the second quarter can waltz testing korea's economy is on a path of moderate country emphasize
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that takes talent and teens a chance the us into a scaled back the slowdown in the chinese economy should be closely monitored. he also placed a spec domestic investment i can and will continue to make sure it's the ability and our investment project is run as planned throughout the year it consists of nine teams has been a dead even make any sense of this property is a new light and then to seek investment for example production company towns ones that sell themselves. i don't need. means to posting one and smart and excise canadian company that could work full time jobs will be prevented from an annual tax audit the national tax service said that the incentive money for a company with revenues of less than twenty million us dollars and particularly for those hiring young people that and then on tuesday also unveiled a set of measures to attack the foundations of
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the leading employment rate which stood at thirty nine point seven percent last year far below the oecd nations at the age of fifty percent companies will have their benefits be moved if there's any sign of tax evasion. and speaking of employment korea's biggest companies say they're committed to hiring more women but the data suggest otherwise. according to analysis of regulatory filings from korea's top twenty companies female workers accounted for just seventeen percent of their workforce last year. just three percentage points from a decade earlier. at some companies like samsung electronics and lg display the ratio of female workers even dropped the data indicates that internet based firms appear to be more apt to hire women in manufacturing companies
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the check on stories making headlines on the global funds from the lunch the anti terror operation in ukraine to the mass abduction of students nigeria to go live to a party at the new center will start with ukraine kiev appears to be pushing back the pro russian groups in the eastern part of a country what are the latest developments. well ukraine's acting president will attend a church in awe said tuesday that special forces have re taken a military airfield in the eastern town of concourse authority city in march the first formal military action punky at his pro russian militants that the occupying government buildings in the eastern regions. this past week. when this is a ukrainian troops helicopters and several armored personnel carriers have been deployed to other key flash points. despite reports the gunfire. there have been no confirmed casualties. a russian separatists had taken over the mayor's office in the city of the nest and remaining control building in
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sa beyond russia's present clever putin has content here for the latest military operation. seeing ukraine is on the brink of civil war moscow has urged against using any force and a four way talks on thursday between diplomats from russia the eu the us and ukraine meanwhile nato says it will deploy more planes ships and land defenses in eastern europe in response to the crisis in ukraine. and turning out to china were official data released wednesday show that china's economy grew seven point four percent in the january to march quarter compared to the same period a year earlier. that's slightly higher than market expectations but it still represents the slowest growth rate in eighteen months for the world's second largest economy. but authorities have ruled out any major steam was nature's in order find what they called short term debts a spokesman for china's national statistics bureau said the key one group stayed within a reasonable range ensure that in this economy still faces downward pressure economists meanwhile are split over beijing's economic
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outlook. some analysts say china's gdp growth will continue to lose momentum for two thousand fourteen allows the government takes greater steps to stabilize the economy. and lastly let's focus on night cheerio president goodluck jonathan has blamed islamic militant group vocal around for a series of kidnappings and violent attacks ripping through africa's most populous country. as many as two hundred teenage girls were abducted by heavily armed men late monday night at a boarding school in the state of florida suspected pro government gunmen engage in a firefight with soldiers guarding the school killing two before the girls into trucks vans and buses. early in the day a massive bomb exploded at a bus station in the capital city of bruges a rush our class has killed at least seventy one people and wounded one hundred twenty four other us officials say the program fires that killed more than fifteen hundred civilians. this year alone there s overlook an international stories making
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headlines around the world see you back here tomorrow night. well welcome to prime time sports speed into the salty figure skating controversy continues the international skating union or isu has received south korea's complaint and will decide what to do with it within three weeks korea skating union in their formal protest parted a result of the competition in which kinda mild won the silver medal but the makeup of the free skate judging panel which case it violated the isu skeptics roles global skin body will now decide whether to handle the case themselves were handed over to the court of arbitration for sport in the next few weeks. and heading to the us the boston marathon bonnie marked its one year anniversary with
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thousands paid their respects light rain fell as people gathered at the memorial held near the finish line on wilson street to pull a moment of silence for the victims and their us vice president joe biden was on hand to share words of inspiration from the city his remarks mum mum rang was proudd when he declared of their resilience. and meanwhile in the mlb team we celebrated jackie robinson day two on the man who broke a professional baseball's color barrier sixty seven years ago. as per tradition all of the players peter robinson's number forty two win their games on tuesday in the us. the number has been retired since nineteen ninety seven. on april fifteen nineteen forty seven and then brooklyn dodgers started robinson at first base toppling nearly seven decades of segregation italy. and
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moving on to the nba harcourt the los angeles clippers and their franchise record fifty seven when after beating the denver nuggets won seventy two won all five star point guard chris paul had twenty one point ten assist a double double with cling wrap and contributing twenty four points. he broke the record that the said last year also was the first time the clippers are in three playoff appearances in overall. he moved to l a in nineteen eighty four. it's time for wednesday's top he'll match of the two sundance faced off against the frontal winds in table now we fast forward to the second inning. this is where two sons can tell he drives in the first run. i heard the door. because the plate and hit his homer fourteen i want four kids for nothing to stop delhi the sixteenth hole and dad drives over this kind of white field wall the bidders
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dustin the turkey comes out after eight strikeouts in seven innings of work and team goals to win the final score line them up and the cute yet again kept on beating tequila eight the floor next novella g five to two nd and seeing what they are still battling it out in the night its second set. now that's all for now this has been speeding ticket cost effective leader for more on the world of sports fan rescue operations over at chino for the submerged fairy will get more difficult with showers and strong winds forecast tomorrow is your sole resident suffered through thick toxic dust when ultra fine just warning was issued. i'm not connect life wrecking ball gown standing at the weather center high for them. well guys making matters worse tomorrow rain will fall on scene though and that will be accompanied by strong winds blowing at eight
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meters per second. also that i will be at two point five meters which is about one and a half meters higher than today. here the capital as at five pm and ultra fine this morning was a city attorney so is the one eighty one m micrograms per cubic meter which is about four times the normal level. since then and that one eighty two micrograms and was then that he is seeing about one thirty one micrograms social event and the elderly says refrain from doing outdoor activities the dead he said at the end of the high pressures than that which is why we're seeing how nice guys now tonight's blog at the top five with a sophisticated smart alec was read to the spice of the country with none of the legends of the province is forecast at between ten to fourteen volunteers else has been installed region can expect less and vitality to the southwest will add some much needed was to add to
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the dry air and see if there's a screening of solid tops out at twenty two degrees while thompson was added seventeen and nineteen moving on to other breeds in second rate is twenty one degrees while bordeaux and months and the kids to thirteen and ten. see you back. and those other stories we're following at this hour and teen son in tow. sharman join us again for the latest on the ongoing rescue operation for the sunken ship off of korea southwestern coast on our next newscast at midnight for it. i am. two does. covering meal. i was
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enhanced. for me to be part of. no new teeth. i do. in june. you knew. each
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heartbeat. in it. dd. i know
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here in the city the following guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. the us. think about this. i don't don't have a clue as to the wb for you but after that. he has done in time. we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the equity in the empty stomach was going on. notice the summons dated. so be it tomorrow. after bowling ball
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the system of justice a very gifted and eight. it's a day the animated series the tutus more snow this year. we were. the issue. tgt
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