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the recipe. just visit our website. the i kept an eye with intentions of writing yet the threat of an earful about new contacts. talking of envoys from the us and china apple on top and tucker county and the new conditions she took the lead and counting and offer to join the investigative weekend rounds down. after we asked at the north remains the key suspect in the case the government and in the appeal of death in need and take cleanest on the swift activity that measures to boost the nation's youth employment if the eyes and my life back
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on primetime needs. fan. i don't. yes and hello to those that you are watching from obama but well it's tuesday it will fifteen yen and the fact that ron lim thingy so much for joining us. we begin this evening with pyongyang's bizarre offer to help so will investigate the suspected north korean drones that recently crashed in south korea. and then deny having anything to do with acne. an aerial vehicles. how is that they would be absurd to give the prime suspect had a ball of wool with any investigation into funny the yen has rejected north korea's demand to conduct a joint investigation into
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the grounds that depressed and south korean soil. late last month. an official at south korea's presidential office said tuesday that there could never be a case where the prime suspect was allowed to investigate at the games into his own try he added the south is conducting a darling scientific investigation to collect more evidence to prove north korea and determined. south korea's defence ministry called north korea's offer of the great tactic of psychological worth their salt that the left by the nearby cathedral is one of which flew over the present often. yet denied responsibility monday accusing the south of fabricating the latest case the north part of national defence commission that propels to jointly investigate all cases that's all blames him for including it on an end to end the two thousand ten torpedo attack on the south korean warship that killed forty six south korean sailors. south korea
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has helped the north responsible following an international probe. but then during the night that involvement. the commission has found to be a top presidential security adviser tendency to leak the south korean team in a joint investigation. south korea's defense ministry released an interim report on its investigation last friday preventing additional evidence light and to pass these few plants i didn't like ours and designs and further point that can happen if the perpetrator. he needs maybe not to the ongoing diplomatic efforts to msia the six party talks aimed at ending a combi of nuclear weapons program. china's top nuclear envoy has met the u s point man on north korea in new york following his recent meetings with counterparts in seoul and come to you leon has more the top nuclear envoy said china and the united states and met for over thirty hours on monday for the first of the three
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scheduled meetings. all that you did not answer any questions following the meeting. diplomatic sources in new york state that you discuss ways to stop comes out and carried out additional new commuter tax grandma wants to carry out i knew for a few years has been running high in northeast asia chinese him grumble a railway and its us counterpart green babies are to meet again in new york on tuesday and again and wasn't in on thursday. during the two leads expect it to debrief the eighteenth of august visit to the north korean capital last month based on counting on fiancee are to discuss ways to receive the six party talks on the new pricing north korea. the six way talks which involve the two koreas the united states china japan and russia have been stalled since two thousand and two. a bilateral meeting between china and the us is the latest in a flurry of diplomatic activities in recent days. prior to his visit in the nordic we met
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with the south korean counterpart to discuss similar issues. there are diplomatic sources in beating say the request itself yet refrain from holding joint military drills with the united states state controls are stumbling block towards resuming the six party talks. south korean envoy of time to report we said that's awesome but would not be considered the exercises are purely defensive in nature. you can even use. with china appearing to be in the driver's seat to resume the stalled six party talks and likely will recent efforts bring about the nuclear station of north korea or even make an improvement. now if that taking title if you research fellow at the korea institute for defense and that with the clock and good to be a full professor mini north korea watchers believe that this is a critical month. we can see north korea make another large scale provocation or they can come back to talks. what are they
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trying to analyze what explains this big discrepancy really depends on the open so the party still trapped in a sense of urgency because north korea threatened to beat any obligation and uniform so both had to get past. i think the week that conflicts to. i would always like to teach painting and control us what you've been on the stage it will christen parties. the unlikely up the mess of the duke has passed so i think there would always answer the known from so he driver's seat like a mediator. so i'm running out of time in terms of resuming the six party talks continue christ knows me and the past five years since the talks have been suspended with the new economy and further developed and flog its new blankie and missile capabilities do it due to lower the preconditions that we have set for the top student and community of love from the beginning of the shoot ten to fourteen
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consumers in other shows their piece of tissue that could even ask me to communicate that to get the popcorn and nutrition they said go in on their ignition key to getting back to the obstacle to peace offensive but the tylenol again. the crisp ringtone beach or that they live and often on the political thing to being an older dog who broke the patience of the supply. so i think the bomb north korea is trying to bomb. you get those on benefits from the fashion community. to get back to the new wishing table. but china has been pushing efforts to calm things down even as the south korea to refrain from military drills with united states. oh why is it about these military drills that south korea says is defensive in nature that upsets china north korea so much that in due time i use on was pretending to side with the you know north
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killing on to consider them to deliver the message to the washington. so on. i don't think he did use a big issue. so a day are trying to use the sun did to as though can you were shooting off steps to the st kilda side. i learned today that can turn it down until the end so i proposed a joint probe into the showers that were recently found crashed near in south korea told police the surveillance drones were sent by counting and elbows korea sheer sense of being uncooperative. this is pretty cute in this argument is always in robocop again the statement of work the main focuses of creating home and now also cortisol sauce company thicken the sauce crispy know them as deacon politicized the controversy regarding the good that you know. soho come to share this to
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the commode and that the situation. so i did north korea so creation of the country into a fabrication all go said this is the city absurd. so the symbolic be all clean out the thoughts going on the hosts to one day. so as to incite that they did create an awesome line of cars was is he into domestic politics and the sense of. on other regional connections is coming and that if they didn't put it aside. this was a stand. the doctor can think is so much for your analysis and i can get. the anime. i am. the long delayed the cells create us a defense of cost sharing pact as paris the first hurdle at the national assembly. one affairs committee gave the green light to flow in and washington's continued a special measures to prevent i'm sharing the cost of
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eighteen us troops in south korea. lawmakers agreed on a throwing paint than eight hundred and eighty million us dollars annually from this year through twenty team of five point eight percent increase from last year. a delay of the pack the purple spot concerns that meaningfully sent us for cisco me i would be forced to take unpaid thirty and then affiliated firms would have to suspend operations the bill will now be put up a vote at a plenary session on wednesday. if the fish helped us president barack obama will visit me at an april twenty ten and twenty six the presidential office in seoul says person's pocket and obama are expected to discuss ways to develop their strategic alliance as well as how to cooperate more closely on north korea's nuclear issue. south korean media is also reporting that the us president will likely arrive in seoul. along with a set of korea's nine last oil seals from the late nineteenth
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century. the artifacts considered national treasures are thought to have been looted by us troops during the korean war. obama's upcoming asian tour which also includes stops in japan the philippines and malaysia has garnered a lot of attention as it comes amid strained ties between seoul and tokyo over historical differences. and the us korea and japan will hold their first a working level talks on the so called comfort women issue in seoul on wednesday at the upcoming taco reality and only if the demand for an official apology and meager compensation from japan for the japanese military's wartime sexual slavery of cooking and when it claimed the issue was resolved to lead nineteen sixty five treaty. when the two countries normalized diplomatic ties. wednesday's meeting if it is also the nickname into his head at that time the sun that
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indicated he think of me and japan and the united states last month. about two hundred thousand women mostly cami and was forced to serve the japanese army income for stations in the early twentieth century. and the canal has apologized to the nation for the state intelligence agencies fabrication of evidence in a north korean spy scandal bochy one tells us more about the presidential apology and the eating choose the president expressed regret over the national intelligence service the next oversight and allowed on any of the fishers to use force evidence in the recent north korean spy scandal. you don't get to. too many in the cream bt deal to me and i thought communication headed to target to get to know who it's coming. karina and if i needed to revamp it felt
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completely. the pot that effect. if the estimate was this the public's trust land again. she loved sharing those responsible paid a price. responsibility for directing the forgery. one of the country by steve said he'd tell his age and the structure and hope resigned from he's released and president got accepted to visit me . nis she's not in th and also apologize again to the morning promising all every foreign film about a code of practice is leaving the agency to do. the agency will overhaul its investigation practices and will push ahead drug lords with excruciating effort would erode all wrong practices of the passing of this type of dancing never happens again. all that you followed the prosecution announced men the mandate and to document that mean that in the recent north korean espionage case with fabricated intelligence agency. two additional intelligence agents were charged with forging border crossing documents that were
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used against the former scholar state employee who is accused of spying for no recovery at the thirty four year old former state employee effect this from the north in two thousand ford and was charged with espionage. earlier last year he was acquitted of the spying charge against him last august. the prosecutors appealed the case. the forged documents were submitted during the trial prosecutors are demanding seven years in prison with a former senior employee. however i find abandoned on the case is expected to be released by the end of next week. still on a dummy you. a petty officer of a south korean naval contingency dispatched off the coast of somalia has gone missing. the joint chiefs of staff said the twenty two year old non commissioned officer who was aboard the tongue and naval destroyer went missing during an escort mission in the gulf and an aunt at around twenty three am local time three
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twenty and that in his local time at the disappearance of the time of his disappearance of the story was that water some one hundred eighty km southwest of apollo fourteen yen in escorting the rain merchant ships as part of an anti piracy efforts in the region. search operations for the officer had been ongoing both within the ship and in nearby waters with the aid of helicopters. about three hundred crew members are aboard the navy vessel officials say the officer was last seen around one am resting in his canon. meaning that the men at sunday on the set of measures on this tuesday to boost the nation's legacy your employment the package includes introducing us with our apprenticeship program for students. the president has the details. here students can develop specialized skills that are in height and handed the robot industry take some juniors in its
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first year at this so called my easter school or vocational school aims to get a job right after graduation i think i can easily adapt to the business atmosphere and learn a lot about the industry. there are around forty vocational schools in korea but the curriculum is slightly different from the european style up rendition program where students learn and three while the work. so now the government aims to develop an apprenticeship program like that of germany or switzerland in ty's school so students can receive direct train from companies more frequently. the plan starts next year at seven trial schools and companies participating in the programs will receive tax breaks those were part of the government's measures laid out on tuesday to tackle the nation's slumping youth in mind that greets you on through the week youth employment rate means young people are losing the opportunity to raise
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their labor competitiveness by working. it is also a factor that could erode the nation's growth potential the measures are meant to address the flagging youth employment rate which stood at thirty nine point seven percent last year far below the oecd average of fifteen percent. the problem is that the nation's small and medium size businesses are also struggling with the leverage for a change. with the nation's high college entrance treat most gentle people want to work for large companies thanks to tom and hyundai to them. government measures should focus on improving working conditions of small and medium size businesses and raising awareness events and meetings among the younger generation through these measures the government expects to create five hundred thousand jobs by two thousand seventeen progress will be reviewed during the weekly economy related ministers meeting i never use. i know
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on stories making headlines on the global front from the crisis in ukraine in kiev from anyone willing and gender equality. going back to poly after the senate well let's head straight to ukraine monday's deadline for the pro russian militants has passed with kid beginning to take action but it looks like western powers are putting the pressure on moscow. all efforts seem to be focused on finding a diplomatic solution but that hasn't stopped engines for ramping up the present impreza no legs and a church in awe as announces certain anti operations against pro russian separatists as they continue to occupy more buildings in eastern ukraine are clearly has more. yes continues in eastern ukraine
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the deadline for progress and protesters to keep rain came and went in to withdraw instead of the protesters took control of yet another government building on monday this tiny police station and were left. what if they think it's a job to hold the referendum that will force them to give this a referendum because it is the ultimate form of democracy that's it. at least ten cities or towns in eastern ukraine are occupy prompting the eu and the us it threatened greater sanctions including trade sanctions on russia. oprah's actions. the white house said it had urged russian president blatter putin to tell his pro moscow protesters to leave the occupied buildings in eastern ukraine putin denied any interference in the region and the west isn't buying it in the top rated video real bad. but this is something that is being planned in the prior russia
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the fool says the wealth of well armed well trained well equipped well coordinated. as feeders up an all out civil war an interesting she adds meters from the eu us russia and ukraine are set to hold talks in geneva on thursday and goes to finding a diplomatic solution. economy i mean moving on and stayed thirty nine of the hunt for then missing the leash an airliner. horsley monday search mission involving ten military and civilian aircraft and eleven ships did not turn up any more clues on the location of the wreckage meanwhile the deployment of u s navy currently within twenty one was cut short after exceeded its debt limit while scouring the ocean malaysian authorities say the photographs and data gathered by the drones are probably being an alliance the launch of the underwater vehicle marks a new phase in the six week search for flight three seven zero officials say the pair
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the suspected crash site of the boeing triple seven to six hundred square kilometers in the southern indian ocean however it could take months for the underwater robot to scan the entire area. and lastly train to india or the country's supreme court has made me recognize transgender people as a third gender. the landmark ruling on monday grants the transgender community the same basic rights as other indy insistence that a move that seeks to end centuries of discrimination activist groups welcome the sweeping verdict saying it's the right of all humans to choose their gender india's on this circuit noticeable is that the judge would help the transgender community to overcome social and economic challenges about two million transgender people or ask me to live in india. there also for looking into national stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night
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the two prime time sports and speed in check. soccer and badminton do all you lead and td john has been cleared to once again claimed competitions after having their suspensions overturned the badminton world federation reinstated the two players after reviewing quote neil evidence given by the badminton korean association. back in january the bw were suspended him for years for violating the paper stickers saying administrative collapses twenty three ms prompt us although now be able to compete at the upcoming asian games taking place in korea's port city of in shock. and moving on to a world cup question which teams are most expensive when factoring in players values. let's take a look at the chart. while looking at it now. here are the top four singles the highest value at six hundred and seventy two point six million us dollars while clark and he now ranks second
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with me and no messy with one hundred and ninety million along the top. all players both brazil and germany round out the top four meanwhile in group h belgium comes in at first with russia and algeria next and south korea. tony meets his compatriots of value settle for second million dollars meanwhile twenty two time olympic medalist michael phelps is coming out of retirement and packing to pull where he belongs. his longtime coach bob bowman broke the news that the twenty eight year old is prepared to compete at the mason from korean arizona after almost two years. he retired after the twenty twelve london games. now speculation is high that phelps may be here now for the olympic appearance at the twenty sixteen games in real purcell. and then into the nba hardcourt the playoff picture is coming into fruition. now that all the sixteen spots have been well. the memphis grizzlies
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meant the final spot in the west but with two days left to go with the regular season teams are now jockey for position. the placement and seating or experience not only to determine which teams play which also because home court advantages given to teams with better records now let's end with toothpaste octavia match up the nc dinos took a road trip to coincide to face the look the giants now is whether taking on ox bring on the mound. now we go one consecutive hits a solo shot by and peacefully on the boat then we go on to another homer by swansea on to the leniency. now seven danny webber's in troubled times here's hoping the next three to giant snail ninth inning and the download but not anymore. the death takes the kids over to tie it up but now they are still tiny three to three at the top of the lead. ok you look at the other days we have yet to see the hamas five to four
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it is on beating from sunny and regulation four two one and the maxim analogy still going at it at the bottom up eleven three to one next. now that's all i have for now this has been fitted to the seabed to hear from more on the world of sports. it was a foggy day with breezy conditions near the capital but temperatures in some regions torturous while scoring twenty nine degrees from october till i can go down at the weather center now. an evening that is today daytime highs top that anaheim twenty nine point one degrees and yet in another province. as for tomorrow or early summer like conditions to continue all of the east coast and that has come along the western coastal regions will jump by about five degrees compared to today and the odd one against buying dust is back so it's currently c one hundred
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micrograms per cubic meter of buying the present level of the current active one hundred and forty four of my rantings of joy and time and again at around one hundred and forty six micrograms of those with respiratory problems should take caution taking out i get a drink and a sense that they say will practically be at the end of the high pressure system from the west sea which is why we're seeing white clouds hovering above sub region lara and breezy conditions will persist it already seemed like hours all up on thursday bringing temperatures down to illinois i do when they fall into that make it to twenty two degrees bought cake. he said twenty seven. their present tense concrete is nineteen degrees. oh and not content to top out in the mid teens seal bag. well yes and that broadcasts on its tuesday night and she found in style with a no show and thanks for watching all season. i am. i
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leaving. caribbean cooking use the tub. found out that he is my home. i would say the white thing. from there she looks. audio the all
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little the program is brought you by. critically. we'd from norway's mainstream crews were lies. the crew exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline. who can provide local characters and access to what's missing i know. government for testers across south eastern ukraine prepared to make a stand and defend


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