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the broadcasting the adapter enable starts between the two koreas the us reportedly imposes a no sail zone and the ec can think of additional missile launches the guy that wrote the second highest mark on record last month that by growing shipments to advanced countries including the new west and china. his tenure since korea and chile. it's free trade agreement the bilateral pact that is to create in wins with eighth
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the second half. you were watching from the world it's tuesday april first year and so i need to hang them sean went baby so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the escalating tensions on the korean peninsula and day after the two koreas peppered each other's territorial waters with artillery shells word gets out that north korea has imposed a no go zone in dispute it seems it's a move seen as a possible preparation for additional launches of the south north of serious consequences if to redeem carries out another provocation defence ministry correspondent even been reports. south korean defence ministry spokesperson keys look in a press briefing on tuesday. so there's really no
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signs that north korea is preparing for a new edition of occasions but he added that the south korea military is ready just in case you will retaliate if north korea tested in an appropriate level to stop their publications. the ministry says artillery rounds part of monday afternoon with a multiple rocket launchers which lacked accuracy especially compared to the precision of the canine self propelled heavy artillery. his bus after rio i bought this to say that out of the pop of the show's five of the board relied five military drill. route one hundredth almost three and a half kilometers over the border in south korean waters near the little island south korean military retaliated while the new rule to gauge. that is based on the principle of taking a knife or not. in response to the hundred north korea showed the man to set up the feeble little mind the south korean military response was threefold. with three hundred k not self propelled to the artillery
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shells fired into north korean waters. however judges may be on the rocks. this time of the eastern coast of the peninsula. according to local media reports citing an unidentified high level government official. north korea or the additional cells on the dc from monday to friday. that as ray speculation that when ye might be gearing up for another list of this a lot in another development and unidentified on an aerial vehicle was found crashed dumping don't allow for a monday afternoon. one hour after the two koreas stop exchanging fire. the south korean military is investigating to determine wick april. whether north korea was involved. even then i didn't do this. north korea also launched a verbal attacks in south korean president talking head denouncing her recent proposal to lay the groundwork for unification. this prompted
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the south to lash out at the condo this state for repeatedly displaying provocative behavior toward the south korean leader a unification ministry correspondent on sunday the snp was to be on tuesday for launching the attacks on south korean president talked in a truly feel the ocean the news paper the north denounced the south korean the year for her recent comments on north korea economic difficulty calling her derogatory names like an eccentric old need and in any yet. president fox remarks were part of her friend being petitioned speech given last week in the german city of craft and where she laid out her plants are present in every test together. oh and i had packed and all possible plan during earlier this year and soul cd case the ministry said in remarks to the nineteenth and purity into question. such actions by north korea raise suspicions about whether its so called important proposal
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form in the inner korean ties which was just an empty shell in fact that president pot proposed to relate to bring the kicker vs together and meet the humanitarian aid holding yard into a korean family the union and assisting in the recovery act infrastructure projects experts say every intention of verbal attacks can be interpreted as a note to the president's offer. we see in the room and he has been with me talking to him and his team his cohorts candy are made this information peaking. it was korean people and seem to mind to it. he leaves. was late to salt lake if escalation in the chair for me and pensions. maybe for the country gets to hold another round of high level talks have been fed and bacteria. the recent always talking keep
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the communication channels open. if for nothing else to do a test. north korea's intentions and to monitor for any signs of change and to look for opportunities talking things that may be the best way to solve a complex next bit sad that after ye should not be made about its partners and ten cents. but i love may not be an option for now as if the government that it does not plan anything in a high level talks at times seem one penny candies. north korea has once again placed itself at the center of international criticism for its latest from our publications united states a slab countdown for his actions and even north korea's closest ally china has expressed deep concern again uses the un has this report. meanie states called north korea's firing of around one hundred artillery rounds into south korean
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waters on monday after dangerous and provocative adding that come against its will to isolate the regime even further. so we remain steadfast in our commitment to the defense of our allies and we remain close with nation with both the republic of korea and japan. us state department deputy spokesman and mary hart said she was concerned about north korea's deliberate decision to further escalate tensions they can choose to further escalate. you can choose to come in line with the cash obligations and rejoin huge national meeting unfortunately we've seen recently particularly if the former. us defence ticket reach the cable urge north korea to discontinue such problems he said. he said she would discuss the issue with his chinese counterpart. a trip to beijing and next week chinese foreign ministry spokesman homeland expressed concern over the rising tensions on the korean peninsula and call for restraint from both sides of the small side should remain
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calm and not do anything to worsen tensions that you should work to protect peace and stability on the korean peninsula. the two koreas on monday afternoon exchange fighters across the disputed western sea border known as the northern limit line. tell me i had the gradient levels of threats in recent days after the united nations condemned its mid range missile launches last week and against the backdrop of joint military drills between south korea and the united states. here yet and use some encouraging signs that the current economy is picking up steam the nation's exports posted a second highest mark in the record in march the trade ministry attributed part of the increased a growing global demand are on jane speakers. the next the lying korea's economy is gaining momentum toward a stronger recovery as advanced nations to stay consumption of korean products last month. korean trade ministry said tuesday
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that the nation's exports rose five point two percent in march from the scene period a year earlier to over forty nine billion us dollars that is the second highest mark on record and faster growth compared to e one and a half percent rise in february exports to the us jumped seventeen percent in march from the previous year while the rest of the european union rose fifteen percent. korea's exports to the western part of the killers alone in the first few months of the year due to harsh winter weather with a rate of increase remaining in single figures. with economy is under the company in the moment is getting stronger. so the second half of this year. yet if things go faster still experts that at this lovely cheney tea honey and he entered packed up the slowdown on global financial markets that cloud the positive outlook. my
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project mobile communication devices such as ten cents a word over thirty percent with shipments of automobiles rising sixty percent. korea's imports. meanwhile reached forty five billion dollars last month up three point six percent from the previous year helped by an increase in purchases of consumer goods the trade surplus came to around four point two billion pounds in the news. three dealers in korea are feeling better about the east of the nation's economic recovery business sentiment among them for the coming months as hip and your three year high. the curious chamber of commerce and trade ministry said the country's business survey index for its second quarter to one hundred thirteen up nine points from three months ago the highest level since the third quarter of two thousand eleven or reading about the benchmark one hundred means that optimists outnumber pessimists. the index has been on the rise for four
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consecutive quarters now improve conditions were projected across the board especially in the semiconductor industry and machinery sectors. it's been ten years since korea threatened to force its first ever free trade agreement but back then to deal with chili and a wide range of concerns over its possible negative effects of the country's agricultural sector to mention doubts about its benefits. now decades later korea has entered into nine free trade pacts with a total of forty six countries. if the worries remain doctor can tell professor of economics at sunderland university joins us to delve into korea's fta history and the effect of trade deals on our future will come from plant to hear professor pencil and started her assessment of the advocate of korea chile fta have a big impact korea's trade with the latin american countries well learned. in my opinion that it does in the success
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of both parties were very smart because they were confident the benefits and costs in the one where the so called pod is a greedy or tend to realize that yes it's going to be used to be beneficial. we ended up working for two out of. why no one was a wine and had been put at the end of cars from us. so it's a mutually beneficial and enter to win when they're in the story wilson sang korea has been on an aggressive campaign to sign fta since the only country the world with the cheese with the us eu and on sea on. and while all of these deals were being discussed. officials built korea as becoming this global trade hub has really happened and come to fruition. he appears to me over the past ten years. the performance of the fta with the term is turns out to be successful
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and to yemen into and it's not exactly sure whether they know their work that benefits only is it that costs are more mixed together. but as it turns out that i am therefore costner korea has turned into a much better job because i'm in establishing fta would any country doesn't mean that we would get the benefits of y'all would only do you know opportunity to become more competitive in the market and then you know we can create more jobs and that we can increase our gdp but there are people who've actually lost out from these deals on the crew are a bit and how they've lost as much as they claimed they would do and i'll be at the fta negotiations in order to know of right and because the suspect is that a better weekend. no farmers move to some people some farmers would be using. that's not necessarily true because as a contributor to court to
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sectarian a pic and china and korea of course we speak the end of the time and time is to come to reduce gooch population and are so many people to know which people tend to make a trial costs and pour salt on low income people can buy that their counterparts in the hunter people combine art and high quality there are two parts so it's too new to the room you know mccain even under the same. khartoum the product category. well chris pushing to conclude a new trade pacts this year with australia canada china indonesia and new zealand is is is there a limit to the benefits of trade pacts is there a point where enough is enough or can we just keep going on without really having to restrain ourselves. as i say again and i'm humans shouldn't have to listen to what these
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countries does mean that we automatically would oppose efforts and we need to go to medical reference to take advantage or to utilize the opportunity. ok a professor came in tied to how many murphy thank you very much translation i know what happened here the law. i want your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more going on a gunshot limit and you do have the heart of seoul. drying time he's the guy has lied and ten the next general election. as of our viewers in credit may have woken up a bit earlier than expected on tuesday morning due to of greater magnitude five point one earthquake is the third strongest ever recorded in the nation but thankfully did
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not cause any notable damage once a law passed to us. a five point one magnitude earthquake shook the nation at four forty eight aest tuesday morning with an epi center and wanders around one hundred km west of camp county in two tone of the province. it's the fourth most powerful earthquake ever recorded on the korean peninsula and the third strongest in south korea tuesday's quake lasted between five and seven seconds and affected an area spanning a radius of two hundred km is shaking buildings and other structures. even residents of scalia and communal province were among those who felt the earth move beneath them i was awake i also don't much matter to me to be battling we dance hundreds of citizens called their local authorities to report the quake and social network services were full of messages on the rare incident
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it's also grease concerned about whether korea is preparing for the possibility of strong earthquakes. while experts say a magnitude five quake with an epicenter on land would likely cause damage. the ad that koreans geological site conditions make the chances of a large magnitude earthquake like those seen in japan and china very small. consul at the ibm news. they're riding a motorcycle or widely considered dangerous but this new link develop a motorbike patterson's onion is about to report on can be a different story. two wheel vehicle that can be toppled. even after being cut by an suv. it's going to be a vehicle is parked motorcycle parts are converts the unfavorable and to see and hear her eyes. its most notable feature is its able to balance itself and stayed upright and fully stop or even when being pulled by a rope tied to a moving truck
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silly me then to the cohesion of the vehicle balances itself instead of falling over giving a brighter more protection daniel keen to bring american founder and ceo of the motorists who came up with the design with a thick grey like the special feature if you're wondering how to keep balance. we have all kinds of technology we use groups attacking keeping him upright. so it makes it onto the ball to you needed baby elephant not to do. think the heat cover and back from the government received the honors for our insults the previous week. and two person people is also in that street and came almost three hundred and twenty km and a two hour chart. he says the vehicle will be ready for the year for five to twenty four thousand dollars at the end. and. check some
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other stories making headlines on the global front from france's new prime minister to a un court putting the brakes on japan's billing program. a lot for poly at the new center to the start in paris where president francois long has kept his former interior minister as his new prime minister was behind the shaker. the move follows the resignation of the now former prime minister john mark bro and his entire government after suffering a brutal blow in sunday's local elections the ruling socialist party have lost more than one hundred fifty major towns mostly to the opposition drying the front national. primates are designated national boss was france's most popular socialist is expected to present a leader of government team leader this week. in televised press on monday alongside the tender reshuffle would mark a new chapter for his government it is time today sorting
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the face. so i've given my mole false the task of steering the french government. he has the qualities needed to be a tight team coherent and united. how can i put a comment i will fight the government's resignation is a huge blow to the president whose first two years in power has seen him become the most unpopular head of state in recent history and the snow turned to the crisis in ukraine in an unexpected move by moscow a battalion of russian troops were or to pull back from the eastern ukrainian border present by recruiting announced a partial withdrawal in a telephone call with german chancellor angela merkel. however it's estimated forty thousand russian soldiers will remain stationed along the border area mosque as deputy defense minister said russian military hardware would be deployed to pieces across crimea which intimidated by ukrainian troops. today the first rains of last tomorrow they will be followed by the others. today
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we will put together the schedule didn't finish the whole operation within the mom is. earlier monday russian prime minister dimitri medvedev is a crime yet with a delegation of government ministers kiev condemned the visit as a crude violation of international rules mean on the floor. foreign ministers are to meet in brussels beginning tuesday discussed that second be taken to support ukraine. then moving on to a recent ruling by united nation's highest court on japan's whaling program top un judges ordered monday that japan must halt its whaling operations in the southern ocean around antarctica and rejecting tokyo's claim that it constitutes as scientific research. the legally binding decision came in a twelve to four judgment. the presiding judge peter told us of the so called greek church program was responsible for killing thousands of pinko wales the court concludes that the special care needs young people in japan for
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the killing taking in treating the whalers. huge thanks to his bike too arsenal this is off center to beaea the e t immediate cancellation of all whaling her man's under the program. the decision japan said they would accept with disappointment. the case was brought to the international court of justice in two thousand ten by australia. that said the program was commercial whaling in disguise. there etc look at international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night the two prime time sports and he didn't share the organizers of the upcoming asian games taking place in south korea's port city of utah and have read have reached out to the international but the committee to help north
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korea participate in the quite trivial events organizing committee president condones it made the request to ioc boss thomas bach in a visit to the olympic council of asia in kuwait. fox said the ioc would do it's almost best to ensure north korea's presence at the games and earlier north korea about to send athletes for their free events but likely lacks the ability to do so. sports exchanges between the two koreas are considered very important especially as tensions run high on the peninsula. and go beyond south korean high squeaky now that's final polish ill will resemble a classic italian opera. the show will take on the themes and score the jackal know she's got a love story between on the prince and princess to write that. meanwhile dean continues to receive attention abroad not only with the winter olympics judging controversy. it also was one of the most attractive people on board as the designated by sports out
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with richard. the korean past fall the championships between the ltc acres and mo bisbee this is set to take off and prior to the start of the seven game series the two teams their players and coaches gathered for a press conference. the most interesting bit was that both coaches said they believe their team would beat the other in six games. well it all starts with lg posting will be spent on one for game one on one thing. and heading to the mlb first video replay challenges were made on opening day. chicago cubs manager rick went to rio was the first to make a challenge but replays confirmed that the umpires call me mama meant to lead the braves manager fran eaton fall this was the first to successfully challenge call and had built return. people came from our calls. at first base. and staying with me so let's get to tuesday night's top video mashup. he has ky burns to
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the road trip to scholars to take on the lg twins helicopter first lg starter due to troubles getting a five run rally. the landscape now lg respond to the second and third innings. since we tied sixty six in the sixth best in belize for korean war in the seventh and the goal attack on a couple more of the top of the night ended up sixth in the night. and we will get the other scores right now we have the key to defeating the feeding and see what cannot be next in the team to sign ninety three and time zone and harm are still battling it out and tom thumbs up six to five in the night as well. what's all have for now this has been to the beach and the aussie back to later for more from the world of sports. a fan it was all wonderful spring day here in the capital with blooming flowers and warm weather and willing to wait
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for the saints more from the let's connect live to our table down at the weather center. but down below. tv guide makes it to enjoy this lovely weather a lot you can get one this year my showers are forecast on thursday you can do one's best hours temperatures will drop to visit these not the greens with daytime highs dropping to the libertine thinking of a get the current conditions in a senate that inevitable about the high pressure system from the west sea which is why we're seeing this guy had to carry any neurological administration announced that what the outlook for an april and early april when we get more precipitation than you thought i looked like we're going to get one of the disease the average weather in late april. living on say wednesday's meeting is out with a plan to make it to that madee me smile with teeth that twenty degrees above it on sale at their present that tops out at twenty two degrees will go and i can to reach the mid teens. updates
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for this hour i'll be back with mark to the bank. thanks don't and that's the past this tc ninety nine due to pain so jocelyn thanks for watching season the school at all. and. our. i didn't like
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that. it's from. paul will this time the house. i was in the tt and you were watching them. she's in no way to nh. each seat the appearance by images of options the eighteen eighty eight c and h c hall
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watching the game uses it please folks if you're watching any means. she is i'm going to bed. he loves what she can. i matter how adding them up at all. and the ui what. and the state's three bunches of oats xi at it or they may meet them all your fortunes and there's scenes. yes i am. each mobile widgets it. some of the book of a job with the potential of the sun and the almighty. and ainsley thank you wait what's that
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you knew knew. the result washes before that i was conceived and sending more troops to east and europe the ukrainian quite busy with taking to long held tradition of breaking promises made to last the eyeshadows to be a symbol of hope is now falling apart and to many areas look something like this. on to trying. as we begin our special coverage of the presidential showdown the time to bond as a pledge to make. also in tnd


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