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anyway president. chinese leaders. on the stairs. that was taking a ride to north korea asked to support both plan to build traffic comes down to sch. here he is basing its wartime drama doing is under question. i prefer summit with south korea and all the areas of high ranking official making contradictory comments leah opened its first gold trading market leading brands action commenced its first year of the stores and more. fun
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times. if it were yours and korea. those of you were watching from around the world it's monday the twenty fourth here in seoul find a job when they do so much for joining us. we begin this evening in the hague where in about an hour from now the third nuclear security summit will officially kick off as a leader of the most recent two thousand twelve summit host nation has to bach and is expected to give remarks at the opening session will be bringing you live coverage of the presidents speech at eleven pm korean time but first the staff but the wrath of the president talked packing day and the netherlands for bilateral talks with dutch prime minister michael wright said any summit with her chinese counterpart to thinking we can apply for presidential office correspondent is time
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to indicate that you can have it this time ago with the best leader iga chain and agony. i love me back and back an economic hike and i didn't get elected the market trading partner why do you. agent. welcome back rectification didn't really know yet when the project. the fact that the title. what greater cooperation with the act in the area that energy biotechnology and information and complete it. actually it could be cuddly at us the first time a korean president had made a tote bag it hit the country we have a go at the president on what he would one have to be guided by the last bite back to the alexander technique. i had time at the meeting between president back deputy
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prime minister should the law take that i'd like you click the pic. i made it back today he then took effect of that opening speech along with dutch prime minister and he went. in that the upn finding the lead pack. a new surprise about earlier on monday discussed dealing with north korea's nuclear program with her chinese counterpart. by john meeting and she for the fourth time ahead of the attic. the key economic development. continuing with it you have to go back into that. he said. we ask that you put a weapon and eight aj. i like it all down to sleep. i think i like it that i need to be there then don't read that back but people keep wanting attention
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if i can be a burden that would be crippling to the barn cat pee. later that you can thank him. i guess thet the idea that he can but korea china and th i should be completed within a year leon half nap hoping that they would be helped i think that aspect i think he'll ride the sun thank you very much for that report as their presidential office correspondence use on the present pots trip to the haiti. and headed back trilateral summit among korea the us and japan scheduled for tuesday japanese prime minister shinzo abe's said it's important to face history and passed it onto the next generation but this sincerity is once again questioned after contradictory comments made from his close aide on sunday has the details visiting me
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and frank house museum in amsterdam on sunday. japanese prime minister said the law that stressed the importance of preserving history for the next generation you like to feast the historical facts in a humble manner but also we'd like to pass on the lessons and the facts of history to the next generation. the anne frank house is where the german born jewish girl kept a diary of her life in hiding before she died in a concentration camp in the thick of it it is one of the best known them orioles to the victims of the holocaust is being seen as a diplomatic move ahead of its first official meeting with south korean counterpart president talk in a high speed refusing to meet hopping and till death do you think that when a bout of cold japan's landmark apology issued in nineteen ninety three to the victims of its wartime sexual and treatment during the second world war south korea japan and the united states will need for a trilateral founded on
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the sidelines of the new year securities that it was kind of hopes will serve as a nation. the revelations with all i've been there. cecil be my first official meeting with president karzai hope it will be our first day was building a future oriented bilateral relations the comment made by top a special advisor to the week she had you done that day which is once again beneath the eyebrows about japan's security. referring to everything the rabbit in japan and korea seattle for a reported plan provides a nineteen ninety three apology either that stressed out they did not deny the possibility of issuing a new statement over the matter he said tokyo should consider issuing a new political statement on the so called comfort women issue. if fresh finding the marriage of the government verified the apology was prepared south korea's foreign ministry said it was inappropriate for a high level japanese official to deny them be supplied to make
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the topping and urged tokyo to be a fireman fact. on friday at the end. experts say province south korea china summit we bring in dr tong geelong's senior research fellow at the center for international area studies at university of foreign studies. for that to be. dr john present box one on one with chinese president hu jin ping certainly held a place of honor it was her first especially effective for european four and comes ahead of the trilateral s kores and japan. what significance it did does this tiny hole but the timing and the meaning of korea time now sonic can be viewed with the three points. love the first is that the crate on a sunday show adult the close relationship between the two countries and between the two rebates and the second is that by looking into korea china summit before the trial of me thinks quick and easy read to concessions while about
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the time as possible anxiety they can be closed if i'd bought by the time that the makings of the neck the state's korea and japan and the thirties that one time i put this as a second as two of the countries the crayon to call the defending its use in northeast asia the cooperation of the time i use the extreme the navy show by having the korea china summit quickly to show that the two countries that cooperate in bed this race and this can call attention from other countries in and turn it on the two leaders reaffirmed that north korea should be the new high rise will the side effects as having any effect on the possible resumption of six party talks to tok about the resumption of six party talks. well the chinese delegation chain of six but the bills would always be good too. north korea that the place last week showed the dimensions of christ's love me still and always visit to north korea to place last week and he too is
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expected that china with a try we tried to persuade north korea full full full full other members of six party talks to well holding meetings again by trying to see north korea show well in essence what we did the assumption that the meetings on painting to be successful. i think that the six part the postman to be resumed when to many a picture. recently the united nations released a report on human rights violations in north korea. the present i mentioned this report and the possible veto of china on this route on this investigation. to think that her words will have an effect on the chinese leader. well i don't think so that will put time and no creates a that they cannot be discarded beazley and taking the politics condition of northeast asia in focus duration week in this respect that i know a lot even though
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crazily and when it comes to the human rights issue. tie a knot is not. free from the cup to get all show and i don't think of a timeout with the cube of north korea is me what can and it's a consensus. so for all the korea china summit as teams have served as a venue would be the two sides to solidify their close ties of albany have any impact on the upcoming korea the us japan trilateral meeting unfortunately after the trolley time at the meeting was conference yesterday while i do without which the special assistant to japan is prominent in what expressed negative at the tv again regarding the nineteen ninety three caused a statement. this kind of a buckley said the key to my campers ability to kennedy the patio reiki and present relationship between china and korea became so that the grandstand and taking a surprise that the team and
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prominence on the changes and the fewest at the cube into consideration the trial at the summit while unlikely i'm likely to keep or east he promised the frozen relations chiba japan. dr johnson so much for joining us in the cia to think if any i like your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the tetons chum limited a new of the heart of seoul. right i need to be done. well i had to be on and on into the next deadline. although according to plan korea will ink a deal to purchase forty f thirty five d fighter jets from washington later this year will be going through so called the foreign military sales process which could see the government hundreds of millions of dollars defence
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ministry correspondent his ambition as well korea has announced plans to buy a forty at thirty five a fifth generation fighter jets the lucky martin later this year. the defense acquisition program the station said monday that will go to the us government's foreign military sales process to complete negotiations with washington over prices and conditions in the third quarter. the fms process gives a foreign country the ability to pay them now specified set by the us government. at the time of delivery. not when the contract is signed korea's total budget for the fighter jet project is approximately seven point four trillion won or roughly six point eight billion us dollars. a recent assessment by lockheed martin. so does say that the prize for one of thirty five they could drop to eighty million dollars by twenty nineteen. when production is in full swing beside that could eventually mean lower prices for international buyers including korea. the apa said
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it will monitor the development of the f thirty five which has not been tested on the battlefield yet the weather's this was all tree is known to apartments within the north korea the dap also approved the plan to purchase an unspecified number of our queue for global hawk unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles through sms the high altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle can operate in all weather conditions and distinguish an object as small as zero point three meters in size while carrying fourteen hundred kilograms of internal payload. experts say the state of the large spy plane fits well with south korea's missile defense system. all the kill chain which is designed to detect impending missile attacks. i was pre emptive strikes. to them in. i don't do this. ray has opened its first ever gold exchange market as part of efforts to bring the underground economy how to be obeyed and help rein in tax evasion and illegal
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transactions are two g on haskell. korea's first ever gold exchange my guilt industry doors the on monday it offers a free three dealers and private investors to meet gold transactions when granny example bullying of ninety nine point nine nine percent purity are bought and sold in exchange might be a securities firms and forty nine futures trading companies have registered and participated in the trade. investors can restaurant called on exchange in units of kilograms that ring prices of gold aren't just any real tight with one grand closing the first day at just over forty six thousand korean won by forty three and a half years the list. this is all why the government's efforts to prevent taxi beach and in the illegal trade of the precious metal and additional seen her yet on an estimated seven hundred tonnes of gold. seven times the amount held by the bank of korea. the sunday times is
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thought to be treating chair without a past entry eighteen cents transaction fees will be weaned until march of next year to help exchange crap when he creates is expected to offer a stable and efficient treating in miami for dealers and potential investors and the liquidity of gold within the next two years. the market will be open from ten am to three pm weekday school candy was gone from five the victory eighteen golf this is how side of the capital's to give soul and down i ten east. and all the culture front the korean wave washed ashore in china this past weekend k pop concert hosted by aidan tv in shanghai on saturday featured some of the industry's hottest acts century thousands of fans from all over the country and as ru mi on reports the concert is just the first of many to come. she thought and time that filled this eighteen thousand seat stadium on saturday with
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the in breaking the fourth and fourteenth in shanghai the concert was organized by adding ntini create a global television network in tiny satellite broadcast during practice. it's just what the emt workers in china. i took this lot worse for didak and sure enough the concert i've been in stanford pics here and i hope you'll visit to china more often. some die hard fans didn't give a second thought to travel and life are over ten dollars to the baby. i drove all the way from shane doan. the way for two months of this costly i'm a big fan of korean pop so i decided to wear this helmet to the concert. this is just a small glimpse into the case of race has been rapidly expanding in china and new years and a handsome didn't miss out on the chance to see their favorite person artists including big names he drank in and then are all the beer at the mercedes benz
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overcast with a spectacular three hour concert. and this cluster is the first of many more to come. i needed to be anti good to be. it was hosted by entergy been added to the incident in a cream based in korea and did my entertainment in china the four groups signed a memorandum of understanding the head of the concert agreed to promote more full tilt against the teams played and korea all. with more clustered in england and television programs i'm excited to work with korean study done tv and i hope to deepen our relationship through more projects together in the future the concert will be broadcast on itv and teach you were one hundred million households around the world of april eleven and eighteen you can even use the same time. later some top stories
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on the global front of the possible signing of grief and then assimilation airliner to new revelations from the ever snowed in weeks to go live to poly. the new center. so paulette start with what could be another levy in the search for that missing plane gives the details. australian planes ever responded to objects in the southern indian ocean supporting earlier sightings by a chinese plane in roughly the same area. the latest breakthrough in the search for the missing boeing triple seven came from new data from a french satellite show potential debris in the remotest the south west of australia. france's foreign ministry said radar echoes had picked up several objects about twenty three hundred climbers from the city of perth. australian prime minister tony abbott said the naval ship was being sent to investigate these new sightings with a us navy poseidon in japanese or going vessel also on groups malaysian authorities are saying that area could be
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reached within the next few hours. by tomorrow morning at the latest. shifting to the list of elements in ukraine nato supreme allied commander in europe general philip green bluff has warned of a significant threat of russian forces gathering on the border with the eastern ukraine. streaking in brussels on sunday three of us in the massive russian military forces is very sizeable and very ready and could even pose a threat to moldova on the other side of the country. moscow says it is complying with international agreements on troop deployments and it has no plans to invade any country. key as interim present always enter turkey meanwhile has ordered a full withdrawal of ukrainian armed forces from crimea. he said the decision was made to the growing russian threats and military personnel and their families. looking now at the latest updates of a massive mudslide in the us state of washington authorities say a b c people have now been confirmed dead in it with eight others were probably injure. officials say they're they're still a
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number of people remain unaccounted for after the deadly mix of mud and water and walk smashing to announce a community destroying some thirty homes experts say the mudslide was likely triggered sunday by on city ground so that heavy rainfall over the past month local racing everything is being done to search for survivors and a bit dangerous conditions across the flowing train. the landslide happened amongst the route five hundred korean year or so washington near the canadian border. and finally trains the new its revelations surrounding the u s spy agency recently released documents show the nsa hacked into the email servers that run east to china while wait five years ago. the german weekly der spiegel cited in the report classified documents leaked by former intelligence contractor edwards noted is as the national security agency targeting gain access to highways client database an email archives in early two thousand the line. the latest
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reports reveal to us buying seeds even targeted top chinese officials including former president hu jintao beijing's foreign ministry says it is deeply concerned about the reports and is demanded a clear explanation from washington on the alleged surveillance there are of suffering to national looking castle stores around the world. see you back here tomorrow night welcome to the sport some speed into the korea baseball organization scenes in this at the dawn after a cold long winter. the league's nine teams their coaches and players gathered at a press event in poland to mark the occasion. they discuss the big offseason changes to each team has been with the caveat was cold but the heat of the team's messages were clear to win the championship. and speaking of that the frontal
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winds will tend to become the second team to win four titles in a row this season but with two key players caught their journey has become tougher. well the first pictures of the thirty third k beale season will be thrown on saturday with any of the nine teams in action on opening day. now listen to golf first in the pga met every was victorious at the arnold palmer invitational at bay hill for the first pga tour win of his seven year career every lifted the trophy after scoring a combined thirteen under par. as adam scott who had a huge lead going into the weekend failed to close out strong and with that the dirty world caught his first win of the two were in ninety three starts and earned his first ticket to the master sport meets next month. meanwhile on the way the site world golf hall of famer carry wet rallied from behind to win that eighteen pc founders cup in phoenix arizona. the thirty nine year
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old aussie started the final round six shots off the leader in the get go but went on a temporary care offset by a lone bogey to eventually finish at nineteen under par. meanwhile the world's number one that i can be and the anti sport and the retained her top ranking for the fiftieth st week. and moving on to spanish league football barcelona defeated the legal rivals around madrid forty three in another adult classical probe the cause of controversy brand well as three penalties one to ray allen to two parcels were awarded bought at the end of the fight when they'll miss these penetrate drowned out the noise the win puts bars the bag in the title fight just one point behind called legally years from now and have political madrid. the two rivals will meet one last time this season at the copa del rey finals next month the smell gets to play off action in the cave yell at
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the lg seekers hosted the kt sonic boom for getting to the semifinals. lg comes its way into their second win. i hope they come out firing in from the home crowd taking a seven point lead into halftime. casey got their best to complete the hot headed think you're thinking don't you. nine fifteen points but guilty to the crucial win send one to sixty one. the inquiry into town. and that's all for now this has been speaking to all see you back later for more from the world of sports fan what year we made our umbrella is tomorrow at spring showers are on the way striker more leftover striking down at the weather center. but don't allow the evening diocese from the brain will begin in sydney tomorrow morning and vastly spread to most part that the country over eighty millimeters of rain may fall
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on the mountains of tennessee which is more precipitation than average spring challenge the taliban not to go and collect another province is forecast to get about ten to forty millimeters. it's the same. the seasonal average temperatures continue for awhile with numbers jump into the low teens to wipe the end of the week at sky and the vet and the breeze is under the influence of a low pressure trough which is why we're seeing eye to eye. add the dry weather warning has been sitting on the province break in the rubble kite down to the mid to high teens know what's out for starting forced by the covert since his days reading so i better make it to nineteen degrees of times and was then hit the men's team clothing on sale at their present tense your kids at seventeen degrees bob talk to and from that top out at thirteen and eleven. i see that. thanks for the broadcasts on this monday nine tended to cancel
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the show and thanks for watching season. the row the idea. at the big international audiences are all interested in this is the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs are also interested in the system other countries because then again they're interested in the jar itself in the format in the way that that format is kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore
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its worldwide. what about international ministries. it is that. only hurt you watching the crime drama she also holds. just a blur to know about the culture of the motherland to barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway. changed through the super bowl honors you get you know idea what sometimes sleep his life over blenders because their descendants weaving. and of the main character is fabulous to watch is excellent and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of wannabe and sweden have to see this. i think scandinavia manager has suddenly become much better than it was previously i
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think has the us and uk have been awake until it just a question and that's preventing reading great books for years i think it's just a combination of pop culture and good writing of the stapler same phenomenon was as bad intentions. i want to find out we like it was the likeness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so is that it through the books and great fun. address one of the folks that brought for me. and lo and behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful there exists a look at it and is very very good after i i really like the wall and are serious about high time to qualify that because of what some of the diary is tough. and she is good and that is really going to take off. it begins when i'm
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reading and doing the karate kicks in your mail is taken when she was she doing you see she's a strong lady. when you see her with her family absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country. so whereas lysol longer for us on. she may end up being my face. now i'm very pleased that. the within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website is that investors are gone. because i really feel that if un the united states universal opportunity to buy. quarantine the stuff was. i just want to spread the word. you knew long
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woohoo . more than one hundred muslim brotherhood members sentenced to death in egypt. the clashes that followed the overthrow of president muhammad was taken in the tree cutting ukraine's interim prime minister skips a key nuclear security summit takes on an acolyte. amid growing calls for me or mike is in kiev to rebuild the country's atomic also. what is it briefly killed yemeni man say he's been subjected to a form of medieval border torture. on a quantum it might seems to us men to


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