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only televised debate president and demonstrates our commitment for sweeping into right away says that those economy. she says it's time to taper of her thirsty leaned out the sale is package you sent major markets and are ready. a new leader mr burton missing malaysians here my dear mr elliott says it found possible pieces of debris in the indigenous to the stars are more next on one time
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fan. i know. the words and korea and woe to those of you for watching from around the world it's thursday marks twenty eight here in seoul and youtube. and john when things go so much for joining us. we begin this evening with present optimism aggressive campaign for tea regulation to unleash grow in a rare live televised debate the korean leader stressed that come down on red tape is the best way to revitalize korea's economy and create jobs for presidential office correspondent in time reports she did hear him and know come see us back into the aggies are going to teach them to be seen in the league and it's nicely done. didn't eat it again. you don't get to a gun has few hundred only to come out or you'll get it
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to other senior to find out what happens now. at a special televised debate anti regulation or state president not highlighted. speaking of regulatory reforms would encourage businesses to innovate and acted clean bath alternately leading to job creation as an example of unnecessary event is the president talked about how to proceed and that can be and tommies are not able to purchase the products pc and there's me. that's because they don't have electronic identification certification required for online transactions in korea the president then called for government and police to be more proactive in regulatory before proposing any valuation system where they would be rewarded for their tea bag innovation initiative. she also last for a balance between eating. i have to save regulations and posting one that i've acquired in the areas of welfare environment and personal information protection. some sixty
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business representatives from conglomerates too small and midsize firms also voiced their opinions. they said and regulation is often controlled by more than one main street which hampers new business prospects that could revitalize the economy the business media said tuesday in second place with ministry communicate more effectively. also on thursday that kevin and plans to cut the volume of the distant regulations to eighty percent of the current level by twenty sixteen and next year the government will adopt britain's control system which automatically eliminate existing regulations when you wanting to use too concerned there's no extra cost to the and businesses. she is that i didn't use. the presidents of south korea and china will hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of the need for security summit at the hague next week. beijing's foreign ministry spokesperson said thursday that chinese present shi jin ping will sit down with his korean counterpart
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happening and will also hold the other one on ones with the leaders of the us cause extend inland and the uk you'll be the third bilateral summit between president and chief since last year speaking of resuming stalled dialogue north korea and japan have agreed to restart their government talks at a press conference an official from japan's foreign ministry told reporters the two governments had come to an agreement on holding formal bilateral meetings but not much else. the decision came thursday after today informal meeting between red cross and got two officials from both countries. i would say the talks will likely center on the peak trading the remains of japanese nationals who died in north korea entering world war two the be the first government level discussions between north korea and japan since two thousand and twelve in telstra scrapped after counting and launch a long range rocket. janet yelling in her first the federal open market committee meeting as
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the chief of the us federal reserve announced an expected cut to the bomb tapering stimulus program. better him than any interest rate increase that we start next year said mark gets into the red ones he has more. us federal reserve officials have made eight another ten billion dollar reduction in their bomb buying stimulus program as widely expected after her first monetary policy meeting as fed chair janet daley said wednesday that the economy is strong enough to support continued improvement in the labor market. the program was at eighty five billion a month in december and the fresh cuts will take it to fifty five million. all yelling said that the central bank expects interest rates near zero for a considerable time after the bomb. she had said that they could start raising rates next spring. later we
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did other. we used to this statement is considerable period so i did i know that this is the kind of term it's hard to define but um you probably means the eyes the letter of rail six months or is that type of thing that fact right however to set the market that east saying it would look at a wide range of economic indicators to make a judgment on the economy's readiness for higher rates. it also said that it would no longer link its future decision to increase rates to the unemployment rate as the jobless rate has fallen faster than expected. despite the insurance financial markets reacted swiftly to or comments with us stocks and government bonds falling apart analysts say that the feds fresh forecasts show a shift to a more hawkish policy sense that what they had been seen as just a few months ago. i can use
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according to korea's finance ministry that's the newest tapering in the united states will have little to no effect on the korean economy. seoul officials said thursday that they would continue to monitor the markets closely in the event of temporary volatility from the announcement especially with sluggish growth in the chinese economy and the crisis in crimea the benchmark on speedo nearly one percent on thursday to close down as nineteen ninety. nationwide dr strike initially planned for next week will take place after all the korean medical association said thursday it was calling off the plan and accepting a tentative agreement reached with the government and contentious medical policies in aus been falling poll of forty one thousand caning doctors who was sixty two percent better to accept the deal includes a plan to carry out a trial run of the controversial tele medicine system to allow hospitals to build for profit subsidiaries. the plan six day strike was to start next
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monday and followed him one day dr strike earlier this month. picking through classrooms and you'll find a popularity of the korean language is spreading around the globe in fact tens of thousands of students overseas are now selecting three and esther second the plan which they can and then delves into what's behind the korean language though. the ministry of education has been taking the initiative to spread the korean language around the globe. at a loss of five year plan to promote and one eleven. the goal was to enhance korea's global status forty three a government was also a chance to fund overseas talent. as a result tens of thousands of elementary to middle school students in twenty four countries are choosing korean as their second language what triggers the bow really had me at the heart and the factory at the team while not a stand and watch
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korean drama and listen to hip hop anyone to speak korean and chinese cookery as catania next culture has influenced young people abroad. what about in the twenty eleven there were a total six hundred ninety five korean language classes in elementary and middle schools in twenty countries by the end of twenty thirteen that number jumped to eight hundred eighty two classes in twenty four countries. in a solo over a forty one thousand students for the seventy six schools were offering korean and a curriculum classes were opened and when bulgaria no other countries for the first time daily with thirteen. so was the booming interest in the korean language here to stay. as we provide the training which means to make an effort to learn their culture. i mean we will continue to be successful and why we are foreigners will show their love and appreciation for it. this is the case is as it is working to expand a korean language program the one thousand
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classes in twenty eight countries by the end of issue then i did on this the breakthrough in the search for malaysia airlines flight. race seven no large objects found in the indian ocean are thought to be possible to bring you from the missing plane search crews are currently in the area but are having a hard time locating the objects too cheap or visibility of the rain and clouds are cunningly as well it's in you he hunts for missing malaysia airlines flight three seventy australian authority see that too i've just spotted in the southern indian ocean on thursday could be related to the missing airliner polling station with analysis of the satellite imagery to possible updates related to the search have been
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identified. according to satellite image is the objects were found about twenty three hundred km away from australian city of perth and indian ocean. and we must keep this in mind that i still like writing these updates will be extremely difficult. and it might turn out that i and all related to the search for flight in mice three seven zero the object foreign military planes have been dispatched to the area along with and families and navy ships and three helicopters. the objects are reportedly at large in size with the largest being about twenty four meters long and we needed to. immunity and then we went to the kremlin were great. this isn't the kind of treatment and the bali seven seven seven went missing in the early hours of march the families of the chinese passengers on the plane had been meeting now for nearly two weeks for answers their impatience and
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anger growing up. i'm telling you want but you know what you hold you with the plain lies. now you also know where it is you're cheating as she has family members indonesian airliner with two hundred thirty nine people on board was headed to the chain from all the sap when it disappeared. conning me. i mean. the four experts take on the hunt for missing malaysian airline or we bring in dr don and professor of aerospace engineering at western university in seoul that thinking very much for joining us. the queue. so professor on in this day and age of technology how do we lose a plane with two hundred thirty nine people and their cell phones on board. what are the limits of technology in this case a pick up the dome was more than a help with my forty seven cents m and r e cheese to be some kind of automatic tracking systems caused a car seat in short automatic communications of motorists being the persistent
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offenders before t systems and that all automatic ready to broadcast his current rotation and current co operating conditions and also into the town and then the porcupine has seen and unseen in the rain that i'm on the road season is right that the put the proper me is that the part of what some of the errors we see the class to meet peter sweet democrats can come off. for those tracking devices in the new army and police leader seems to be a new theory as to what really happened to the missing plane in some say it's a technical or a human errors some are saying this is an intentional deliberate act. what is your take okay i'm moving up from the fact that at the craft of force applied for a few different stories in their past and an ep of crimes and enticed to be paid to the reader and is desperately short of time and a free t shirt at the opera and has been cut yet. fever tree for all to you bake the radar system and then
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pull apart from use of reason are past the screen. you might be to keep the person might be hijacker what the title success. so if the pilot did indeed turn off all of the automatic tracking systems what technology do we have left to be able to trace this plane when they see that many nations are extreme covering an expanded search area what are they using to try to find a plane. okay i'm being built at is the love that you know i kicked the crap he had thrown on the sporting a pass but there are many countries neighboring that is out of its common in china and the shia and that they all operate the new treaty to most the right of the day or so that there's no way that unit he could not see to it the campaign of trying to pass but the problem these when they demand the aircraft has he based his feet. read the season or send an a for approval. the renal our own he's asked the indian ocean then nobody could see
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the aircraft on the radar screen and then or so up the proper amused or two maybe three feet he's not done yet. i interchange between nations promptly so that many nations hide what they see. mobile phones of passengers on on on the plane key thing to be able to catch the second owner track them down argument the remix to the country somehow the isf on the range might be at most are on that panama is that it was the other when they are frying along the indian ocean the best known if the video and it reacted in our yard on the air around the area professor before we let you go on and inhalation of thirty isn't done things better. oh yes the preaching of the twentieth of may disappearance. the upcoming chant over month of full post and it costs a bbq of being hijacked for pinochet by a
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so of interest to be interested to countries like china pool only to pass the laundry fifties the passengers will forward it to the full post here or search and rescue missions that they are enforced on the origin of paris and in that teeny sure all will resume our uni important because he could to save gotham the rest of us jeopardize and in the prop rubber meets the mission going with heidi is the fact sheet the fact that idf crafted has the fourteen up from the saudis and repent for each copy of from the store and rent a trusted you so much for joining us and share your insights tonight. the kids. the latest other top stories on the global front from the latest on the crisis in ukraine to a billion dollar fine against toyota and
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the us in a lot for poly the new center. all ukrainian government says it's planning a withdrawl from the crimea peninsula what steps are they taking me the ukraine durham is making preparations to give actually troops and their families from crimea. after more ukrainian pieces were taken over by russian forces on wednesday. western leaders meanwhile say they will slap even more sanctions on russia in moscow doesn't back down argentinian has the details it does not appear that the ukrainian military will be taking a stand in crimea the head of ukraine's national security and defense council said wednesday the plans were in the ocean to be located twenty five thousand service personnel and families from the crimean peninsula. the nose pink themed after pro russian forces stormed to a naval bases and cranny on wednesday night and embraced a russian flag. they're the latest in a series of takeovers by russian troops and local self
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defense forces. the attacks on the basis and cranny outcome at the united states and europe see ways to increase pressure on russia speaking from the former soviet republic of lithuania wednesday us vice president joe biden declared that the us was absolutely committed to defending its ally. we're making clear. we stand resolutely with our balding guy lives in support of ukrainian people and against russian aggression as long as russia continues on his dark past. they will face increasing political and economic isolation. the obama administration and its ally said there were aching to devise new and tougher economic penalties to stop the russian president plotting and put him from moving forces further into ukraine's eastern territory eli secretary general for new moon is scheduled to meet with women in moscow on thursday to talk about the unfolding diplomatic
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crisis. seasoning. i did onions. attorney note when a rest in taiwan were hundreds of demonstrators storm rolled in on tuesday night in protest of a trade deal with china. three days in the large group of mainly university students and activists is still occupying the main parliamentary chamber after barricade themselves inside. type a's police tried to take back the building wednesday but were unsuccessful. leading thirty eight officers injured at the center of the conflict is a trade agreement that the protesters stayed with her taiwan's economy and lead the country bauble to pressure from beijing china's taiwan's biggest trading partner and a treat that is meant to open up each other's services market across eighteen industries. the protesters say they will take further action on this president mike dean joe response to their demands by friday. shifting gears now to the billion dollar supplement between the us justice department and japanese automaker toyota
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the agreement comes after a four year investigation by us regulators to find represents the largest criminal penalty imposed on a car company in us history. toyota has recalled more than ten million cars from two thousand i did or prawns with their brakes six of the reader pedals and floor mats. us attorney general eric holder's said that trade had misled the to render regulators and congress to conceal known safety issues holder said that in addition to paying the one point two billion dollar penalty toyota will have to fully admit wrongdoing in the criminal case. toyota president ceo of gm toyota said thursday that he could not comment on the money paid to resolve the criminal probe said the recalls were good for the industry in the long run. there are several looking in. national stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night
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the welcome to prod transport from speeding ticket. you wait the champions league now and the quarter finals but the latest knockout phase having wrapped up and on this last day. manchester united and bored they were the last team standing. the menu came into the match down to nil in aggregates and he did nothing short of a miracle to advance past and could turn into a leafy our coastline. well that their cocaine as dutchman robin van persie scored a hat trick that the brits open it up and into the words mean well for me they lost the second leg match at the scene it to one but two goals through to the next round on my forehead champions league quarter finalists trouble be held on friday with the first match is set for people first and second. and headed to the greens slow play in golf is a major issue in the pga kevin na has been a usual
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suspect that the problem for every level of the sport the prose heated and there are rules on every court to keep the pace up but their efforts have left much to be desired. while the uk lpga has taken notice and is taking a step further starting this season bill connect the three hour rule where a player is given three warnings before being disqualified from clay. you can bet that other tourists will keep an eye on how smoothly things will go. and open to the major cincinnati reds closer role as chairman was hospitalized after being drilled in the face by one dr in a preseason game against the kansas city royals. he sustained fractures to his nose and left eye and will be kept in the hospital overnight for observation and stayed with the mlb the l a dodgers and arizona diamondbacks are desperately for their season opening series. but before the decade that they have to take on australias best but doctors
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were first up then you're down to nothing until the rtl police two run homer in the seventh tied it all up will be eventually won forty two. well the diamondbacks will be bold in their tie against australia on friday before opening day on saturday. now let's get to play off action in the kb yell it's the series deciding game five between the heat eleven elephants and the kt cycle. the teal and tries to get a head cold blood. he breaks away it's certainly nice to have snow came. he continues to drive the high point for teal pink and teal and just can't find a rhythm and feel and the game high twenty two and kt with sending nineteen fifty seven advancing to the semis where they'll face the ltc acres and that's all for now this has been given to us you back here later for more from the world of sports fan our
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thursday morning near the capital gone off to a cloudy start and those clowns have since turned to rain for more let's connect live tracking down standing by at the new no weather center that is how much were able to get anything i have now stopped raining here in seoul but makes it to grab an umbrella on your way spouse because the nation like ours can continue to believe that tonight. showers may be accompanied by strong winds and under qualified the potential of reasons will get less than five millimeters of visitation and think that one bill and go and learn the island. it'll be about five to ten ml in the day. it's looking more like winter over on the month of the time of the province where a heavy snowfall want as a stand up to seven centimeters airport has their breaking a leg at the current conditions. as you can see we're seeing the nice guys across the match due to a low pressure front. after the snow and sour spicy lived in the atmosphere days but temperatures will drop
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overnight as the fourth we moved down south so be careful not to get on. in the leg at tomorrow's readings. i was watching loads up to one to freeze but the high of twelve was made when percent free spending teams holding on to live every day and said the men save he made it to the low teens while point guard tops out at six. the thought of it for now but i'll be back with what to midnight. and after broadcasts on this thursday night in eugene so sean lamb thanks for watching the season. the un. i did. i
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am a student. what the market is sort of an accordion company in korea. the second thing is i want from me. a good listener. and i to stop its third sunday including in argentina the morse code often cody and his. as the mob. he knew he thought about before quitting and difficult. they could come from the number two and i'm so much fun to speak with the lutherans. it is like the sound of the war could be could be included in new and the top of me is my home baby boy thing. she looks the book sir. henning has been good to you. in many of
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these seats about forty years each. ninety six to five. i am a sahm to two thousand i was one of fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i wouldn't recognize. this of course that person today is the same this will only reduce like normal. we're off to princeton. well know everything about them and cut it off. what did she know these guys going to be disabled. when the apostle team tuesday. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes. you will be the same tomorrow i still could. so i'm excited to work into credibility in the conduct of life changing. no building giving the deceased's the changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops
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gold. can't beat that the us. he said. what is called the views the home it's no use to the scene in the inquest in another direction and in use them there is the same business this olympics. consider the sea. nature makes him the way around. nosy. looking at the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. lauren to that side to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. i think this is
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moved by love. it's a man who is longing for something he's only in a slump or something but he doesn't know what she's gone. i am i what's more it's a story each day exclusive for any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told but it makes the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington and london into a party happening here in philly this weekend is here. i'm not going to let me guess thanks to a doting advantage that i can take that steely checked in you on an eight g networks gotta work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on
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the m a c networks. wind nm moving with them . the on air resignation of an artsy american thinker celebrated in mainstream media the protest was purportedly the planned ambush stage manage the neoconservative think tank. he can steal property but that does not confer the right of ownership on the search consultants are the shoes are absolutely mixer bowl. usa is piling on the pressure gets moscow at the un security council with the russian envoy warning its rhetoric is putting any future cooperation of threats place a


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