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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the eye the next to the broadcaster dance across three adequate to the call for japan to address its wartime sexual slavery before an anticipated three u s japan summit next week. a tall foreign ministry says korea will not recognize russia's annexation of crimea in respect to ukraine sovereignty. a big upgrade nominee pledges to do and besides communication with them or give it to gain the trust of the people. i've done it again. the words and
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korea and woe to those of you who are watching from around the world. it's wednesday marks nineteen here in seoul time to hang them from limping so much for joining us. we begin with possible stirrings of a trilateral summit momentum for talks between korea japan in the united states seems to be gaining steam increasing pressure from the us to improve seoul tokyo relations obama can select three pastors from japan may bring the three countries together at the upcoming new for security summit in the cage the un reports curry and you can have seen release and did in recent months due to lingering historical dispute with the two countries along with the united states may meet for talks next week sources in polls say the presidential office of national security is looking into the possibility of holding trilateral talks on
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the sidelines at the nuclear security summit in the heat next week. excited going really stands between cole and tokyo as to resent. last week japanese prime minister seemed to love that place to honor a previous government apology to korean well they they were forced into sexual slavery during world war two president bob welcome that this remarks to fall and day and think this is the genuine sportsnet. the japanese prime minister continued his overtures to poll earlier this week we called reactive hand most import in neighboring country one that shares the same strategic interests and basic values. a government source adds that the united states continued pressure on korea and japan to resolve their differences at all to play the role of the possible trilateral summit. if the talks due take place. possible topics included north korea's nuclear program. the state of affairs in the north after the hurt and execution of time some cake and other issues of mutual interests in
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northeast asia. you can even use. add to raise awareness of japan's wartime sexual enslavement of korean women call a status hearing held demonstrations on campus for the very first time it was a show solidarity with ongoing weekly protests were koreans gather you from the japanese embassy in seoul. every wednesday for affairs correspondent on sunday reports in eighteen twenty three years and it fitted in some salt again standing in front of the japanese embassy in seoul. every wednesday alongside the survivors of japan's wartime sexual enslavement. in this state they continue to demand a resolution to be unsettled tragedy. this week the police is extended throughout the capital. these demonstrations are urging japan to apologize for its wartime sexual enslavement of women are being held simultaneously at twelve universities across all know by doing so these college students are trying to cast
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light on the so called comfort women issue although the comfort women issue is making headlines at home and abroad. no action has been taking to resolve the issue i decided to participate hoping to see these places can help resolve the matter the issue has become death the discord in korea japan relations. seoul stressed tuesday that killed him of faith and fears that the resulting comfort women issue. and then speculation about possible fraud between the two neighbors at next week's new clear security seven at the cake. since taking office last year. i'm talking eight has refused to meet with his japanese counterpart criticizing him for his distorted perception of history. around two hundred thousand women mostly kirby and were forced to serve the japanese military during the second world war only fifty five korean survivors remain alive today still bleeding heart felt apology from japan. that
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could happen if this didn't help their efforts will contribute toward healing and kate came up. i have a comparable mn his human rights being violated will be compensated and i think our demonstrations will help create a society where justice can be practiced. i didn't use. china has shed some light on the country's top nuclear envoy visit to kenya. they did with foreign ministry spokesperson told reporters on wednesday that would alway a ride in north korea on monday for discussions on the state of affairs of the korean peninsula and the resumption of the six party talks that have been stalled since late two thousand made this trip follows one by china's vice foreign minister of the woods and in the last week it back to back visits are again then bringing them back to table for kenya crustacean dialogue involves two koreas the us china japan and russia. and speaking of engaging with
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north korea japan's red cross and got the official brazil top of their north korean counterparts in china's northeastern city of shenzhen on wednesday during the two day meeting the two sides are expected to discuss pyongyang's return of the remains of japanese nationals from the end of world war two. a topic that follows up on a previous round of talks earlier this month. the more tension lies over an informal meeting between a foreign ministry officials from the two sides japan will likely demand an investigation into korea's north korea's abduction of japanese citizens in the nineteen seventies and eighties. sharon meanwhile is expected to ask tokyo to ease sanctions on the regime north korea and japan reopened da last two weeks ago for the very first time in more and then when you are president packer has not mince words over her drive to work the regulation in recent days going as far as to describe red tape as a lump of cancer but is everyone on
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board with her idea. well she sent to find out on thursday during a discussion and business leaders and government officials to school this time have to detox. the ministerial level meeting concerning the regulations that president pumpkin and down to preside over the pasture again to a much broader discussion between the government and private sector. at two pm on thursday guard officials and some fifteen businessman was saved and to discuss the gods wish to what you read elation attendees will range from representatives of major economic organizations and watched wal mart's small anime size companies were expected express their opinions on the reform proposals. present baucus stress and de regulation particularly in the service sector is a key part of or creative economy vision. she is called repeatedly for lifting and relaxing regulations in a ball matter
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tell this is built on creativity is seeing de regulation is the fastest and easiest way to spur economic growth for the people. a nice beach mark your first year in office last month president bonnie raitt to read her dedication on the farm the mood and didak again until i get to that. she did tell that he did to me to tell. tim gill. i pushed me to. thirsty for our discussion will be televised nationwide completely unfiltered when he pulled on his sword kersley will cut the sausage in the table and then the whole process will be open to the media using further details on the format and participants are set released thursday before the meeting began. his son. i am nice. curry has a new central bank governor ddr got the stamp of approval wednesday after being questioned at the first confirmation hearing and of the bank of korea sixty four year history will take office
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people farce a ponzi head reports. e g ii veteran bank of korea officials have as its next governor appeared for a parliamentary confirmation hearing on wednesday. he said the central bank should focus not only on the nation's inflation rate but also on trial. e however dismisses market expectations of a rate cut in the core inflation is not a major threat to the green economy now so it's right to focus on growth. but the current interest rate level does not seem to be an obstacle in the nation's economic recovery. when i'm sick now. experts say his comments are realistic with many believing that everything has to have that low levels that the law. they predict that the central bank could act on it and the coming months. is it really been sent to the pan cooking to surmise countries
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is to show us a shoulder income will increase the interest rate. and then go crazy and we also make them all. the move will increase the interest rate during the hearing he also said that fully acknowledges the importance of communicating with the market he added that the central bank has to retain the trust of them all. he also conceded that the central bank did not communicate effectively with the market last april when it kept its key rate unchanged the conductor of the market had high expectations of a rate cut now and that's because the central bank had sent singles market without me there was a problem in communication will wind up with a young east confirmation hearing. like seriously with no major moral issues such as buying them back. right after the hearing lawmakers accepted his nomination which is very unusual. he takes off as a bold first replacing outgoing governor occasions to twenty added onions and tomato consumers looking for more
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cost efficient and eco friendly options when driving are fuelling interest in electric vehicles and here in korea the nation's resort island of cheque has become the test bed for you these are nine and m s's report on the path to a carbon free paradox terry and had about two thousand in the key vehicle charging stations as of the end of last year. no clutter of those on stage annihilation of the joint covers above two percent of various territory. city officials have been pushing to transform the island into a carbon free zone saying there's only about two hundred km of road around the post and i am and is not as early as the mainland. it helps a lot that cheque is in ireland peace initiative is part of a smart grid projects started seven years ago currently there are four hundred ninety seven charging facilities on cheque ireland making it one of the world's best places within the charging infrastructure it that way. so far candy
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aisle and has a puppy haven't fixed the leak that people's writing and by the year twenty thirty it plans to up that number to three hundred and seventy thousand. and people are different becoming more aware of the merits of owning one of these peoples the government's meant to provide subsidies for new media owners has also helped make them more popular including tax breaks to subsidies can mount as much as twenty two thousand dollars or potentially half the purchase price. we waited for the past six months because i heard about the government subsidies. a new addition. i didn't think it was going to be not his ways are not happen and i expect it is comfortable and i'm addicted. did i land began offering e the rental car service is at the start of the year's welsh there about thirty of the k car is ready to be rented out with we commented on average as of now. officials plan to make another thirty cars available for rental by the end of the year. i'm down and in use tissue. earlier
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this week the government unveiled its creative economy vitamin project which aims to combine science and technology with existing industries like agriculture education and health the twenty three products amounted to about fifty six million dollars had been established so far and the move is in line with pres impact of his creative economy dry for more we're joined by dr moon's longtime professor of graduate school of management and korea advanced institute of science and technology work ice welcome to the program. and she brought a professor with a navajo big of an impact of the ict have and the global economic growth. as you know the food industry. was so strong for the cost. puts you on fifteen years. but things have been changed so not good and all that for these
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number one in market cap is huge. and who wears number two. and i think some of the season on the street. and microsoft is maybe it will vote number six or seven. so i kinda steep. he's very strong and it does are exactly the dominant force in what the economy at the moment. so well when you say is the new trend that will dominate the i t industry this year the rehab on the twenty oh two in nineteen eighty i can say that though the computer was invented. seventy years twenty years ago the reception she and twenty hrs a day that we have smart and twenty years and eight we have rocked the menu devices nikon does kind of well we're overdue my sister sees the boise river which divides. as the smartphone
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market. these sisters. it is as you would associate at the moment the company likes homes on an apple. we tried to form shown on the market they are trying to push towards your device the chinese. china is like always and noble. these are great for us to fargo n d c area. so up to review the competition in the rear of the licence fee at one of the buzz word to the i t industry these days it's a cold night ot internet thinking about what that technology is all about the internet of things. he is things like these that you can. he's not. you need to go to the tradition of devices like to see an ascetic lives and it is or six times over call me. living entities. in
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five years. there were immediate. why hundred million and two teams. it wants to be committed to each other. so where to korea and industries and companies stand in this internet thing a smart kid. are we competitive in that field yes so as you know we are very strong country in times of semiconductors. and now acquired school occasion. we are number one or number two in the war. by the way you think although the subject that makes you feel that things are approved. i think she's operating system. so off. we had to kyoto. holmes was a rogue operation and in addition to that. i agree the system for tony's i do not read about the date of release. ms one engine
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the date on his usual engine industries dominated by the united states. so are the shooter operating system upgrade the operating system and an increase in june took on concrete the united states my doctor and they do so much for your insights tonight. i think. the son of top stories on the global front from the mounting tension and crying yet to the us fed's key policy meeting the goal after poly with a new center. openers been strong opposition from western powers against moscow's annexation of crimea with the situation in ukraine right now. what changes are on high line with reports the ukrainian soldiers were shot dead just hours after russian president vladimir putin signed a treaty claim in crimea as russian territory. pro russian forces
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have also captured ukraine's nato commander and his headquarters in crimea are clearly has the details the moscow the crowds chanted in russia russia. any guide me and cheers and applause filled the streets after russian president biden who tend to sign a treaty on tuesday. the problem and make rang me up part of russia it's such a moment to be kidding. he went to see that we are very proud of our current begin planning your code. putin says russia must now act as he trains new government. and if an athlete to stay in moscow's red square. he said. linnea has finally returned to its home port to russia. you know if they feel has done a lot together but we will do much we will need to so many past but i know i'm confident that we will overcome everything the result everything because we are together. glory to russia that's the difference
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seen in ukraine's capital kiev residence there are angry over patently his actions. i wanted the maths here people. i wanted to stay in russia and cover the russian said in an un cultured people and not return to ukraine. and tensions heightened into violence on tuesday when max gunman killed two ukrainian troops and injured at least two others. the ukrainian military has now been ordered to use the weapons to protect and preserve the life of ukrainian soldiers. meanwhile western leaders including those in the us and germany have contended that his actions. we would not recognize this. it ended annexation. but it doesn't seem like the russian president is showing any signs of backing down. honey we can use staying with the crimean prices seoul's foreign ministry said in a statement wednesday that korea will not recognize president clinton's
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annexation of crimea the united states in your opinion are still considering stronger sanctions against russia. but experts say western leaders are wary that any damage inflicted on moscow will negatively impact their own respective economies in the process. is this potential blowback that president putin is likely betting on as he moves on in ukraine. so far the us or eu have frozen assets in impose travel bans on nearly dozens of russian and ukrainian politicians and officials but this may change. us vice president joe biden said tuesday that washington would move four with additional sanctions on moscow moving down to the mystery surrounding malaysia airlines point three seven zero malaysia's acting transport minister has come within hussein said wednesday that background checks in all but three of the tune of thirty nine people on board have produced no significant information. but investigators still believe the plane was deliberately diverted either short or
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central asia or towards the indian ocean. and after twelve days search operations are now covering an area two point two four million square nautical miles which is roughly the size of australia and over in the united states the us federal reserve's policy making committee is meeting this week analyzer and janet guillen. this is their first meeting as fed chair is one of the expected that yelling will fall in the steps of her predecessor and announce the third round of quantitative easing. the fed will likely announce a reduction of ten billion dollars from its monthly ongoing program in april to fifty five billion dollars the results of the meeting are expected to come out early thursday morning korea time. that wraps up her look of international stories making headlines around the world. see you back here tomorrow night. well welcome
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to primetime sport some speed in check. the world's top ranked golfer tiger woods to scratch themselves from the arnold palmer invitational citing lingering back problems. the thirty nine year old woods announced that he had personally apologize to arnold palmer who's torn mean he's won a staggering eight times in his career including last year police battled in plea to back pains since late last year to august but they caught within three weeks ago at the honda classic where he dropped out as was the cadillac championship repeat of his worst final round score ever. now with entry into the masters next month is in doubt. but for a new global catastrophe. he'll most likely be in augusta in three weeks' time. and going from one struggling superstar to one that's hitting his stride. kris jenner and although it's rewriting rallied rates record books
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he came to light the whole time goalscoring champions league season with thirteen goals after scoring two in his team's latest round of sixteen win against the shotgun. and with one more score tied it at the speed record shared by two footballers including cal classical rifle. the email message. and moved on to tennis. the sony open. not only start this fall tehran but also marks the tenth anniversary of the legendary rivalry between two big stars back in two thousand and four roger federer who beat me to that number one in a fresh faced seventeen year old rafael the ball in the third round in what would be the first of thirty three career matches against each other. twelve month old one that first match and holds the lease between the two twenty three to ten. and heading to the nba hardcourt phil jaques in the most decorated coach in league history is now the president of the new york knicks jackson makes his return to the big apple. thirty six
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years after leaving the team he spent his first eleven seasons with as a player to take over basketball operations and of the storied franchise of his thirteen nba titles two came as a player for the next and now they're counting on him to bring a trophy back to the garden this time as team president and now let's shift on over to play off action in the k b l e coli on borneo once hosted the sk nights in game four ofs. now the orioles were fighting to stay in the postseason. but it has paid that brings the heat early continue commenting fifteen point lead into halftime. now fast forward to the last quarter people healed find that conflict within a puppy in the last minute hearts they cannot capitalize as he wins the game sixty two to sixty and takes the series three games to watch. and that's all i have for now this has been steven gerrard i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports. a
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fan. there was a cloudy day here in seoul and the yellow dust remains pretty tells us connect live tracking them down at the weather center the camp meeting guys the good news is that the yellow dust will gradually move out by a meeting tonight as pronounced now is the one hundred and fifty one micrograms per cubic meter of yellow dots that is about three times the novel of all the other over hundred of those brides that the western regions however the eastern regions are the clear air. and what that does move south bring showers will move in a bug bite of the country will get a vase by the limited expectations so it won't be much all spell of three heavy snowfall lots has been listed on the mountains of taiwan province for up to twenty centimeters of snow will fall anyway think i need to guide the cause of that due to a low pressure front provinces out an outfit tomorrow spring showers friday will be nice and sunny and temperatures will peak in the mid teens over the weekend perfect for
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outdoor activity. holding on to thursday's meeting is held at the big day at six degrees but the high of thirteen want a quick look at green's bid team. looking on to live every day. i'm taking it to the low teens while to do and not get that top out at seven and i just want to read about updates for now but i'll be back with what after that and that's our broadcasts on this wednesday nights and each evening so until then thanks for watching all season. the rule of school
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in short its own motion that is about the idea is that many companies that use about three and two cats out the tension of the customers i won't die. hi i'm thinking that area because of all i'm interested in korean culture this is not part of my time out. i love the excitement i think that my friend. my first trip i have. i had to get more and more. the cover so that none of the eye john informed. i'm one
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hundred and ten total. with that. each one. the air the company to cover any of the employee. read your troublesome when he exposes them. local decision making the thoughts i will get a good player who didn't like it was totally shock and awe tactics too. through him it's no sin to screw you who know him to be simple several intersections. job well done. it also tasted it
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in him. you will . questions
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like why didn't you bring in naval forces had four and cranny of the ukrainian soldiers league baseball after that. they are shooting for. he had been allowed into iraq. amy is rejoining of the site is approved by the country's constitutional court the agreement celebrated open up its options in moscow people sing and of the long awaited return home also truly speaking of course we're talking about more than just sanctions. western leaders


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