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new. what what what will or will the best nights. at first i hope this is the single market to foreign operators to boost the tourism industry. as i parked next door to ours are riding high in the global market for a one point five billion us dollars. last year defying the west russian president via your blogs and recognizes quite yet as it's been a safe haven the late great to be absorbed. these
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persons or events of my time here is a glory i love to those of you for watching from around the world it's tuesday marks eighteen year and soul mind and come and pay too much for joining us we begin with what can be of major change to the tourism industry for the first time korea has opened its tightly controlled casino market to a foreign operator is given a green light to the construction of a foreign owned casino and resort to attract more tourists in spending from china about two one has our top story in the history of luxurious employees and twenty said in a press briefing tuesday it has granted approval. these detainees and upgrades and us
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in the caesars entertainment group and a casino which will be for foreigners. the casino will be located some fifty km west of scarlett and don't jungle iran which is part of the intense three d commanding zealand and the vocation of the czech international airport the approval is only the rice needs of consumers said its grant to develop a kind and be selected. these mindless the construction of two hotels serviced residence as an accommodation center for an estimated cost of roughly seven hundred million us dollars and completion is expected in two thousand eighteen the entire development is expected to cost over two million us dollars and will be complete if i can eat real reason the ego and caesar's consortium first of may that the proposal to develop a casino resort last year the proposal was rejected on grounds that the plan did not feel stagnant regulating
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qualifications the consortium won approval for the planet after enlarging the size of the best thing. as the meetings notable that a baby assets makes. it was only valid when when fincher success with them on a certain conditions such as undergo an annual audit. this decision was made after a storm valuation suddenly the ministry's be with the gold coast edition sports industry the government expects the casino to boost employment and bring in tax revenue as well a stand and contests heaviness of the domestic casino industry it will be the second casino in korea. sixteen of which are exclusively for a foreigner. still on the ibm team. the ongoing political wrangling over a new security related bill president talk of a call for quick gratification of the long pending legislation the korean leader who is set to attend the upcoming nuclear security summit in a stressed that it would hurt the international community's
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confidence in korea if the bill has not passed before then you re on at school president of the man has urged lawmakers to crawl to pass a new clear security belt ahead of her attendance at the twenty fourteen nuclear security summit in the netherlands next week then ss is a biennial gathering of world leaders to prevent nuclear terrorism. a cabinet meeting to state president talk express regrets that the national assembly has failed to approve legislation related to protecting new clean materials in preventing nuclear disasters and the two years since whole host of the global conference. a the twenty twelve will communicate participating nations had agreed to work toward preventing criminals and terrorists from getting their hands on you free materials. to me. i love that
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and ditto. uk. we will see a kid. the lean and mean opposite a party to me that they knew their security legislation is important bill has been held up in the national assembly. due to political wrangling over other issues of contention the rulings have a tea party condemned the main opposition democratic party for refusing to pass the urgent del conte of the political warfare that's us that an extraordinary session of the national assembly to be convened on thursday. but without the tee pees cooperate said the bill is likely to pass. the dp sense that any party is to plead for the past because it has refused to pass bills related to the public's likely head you get the news. and staying in the political spirit the reports races on among the ruling said
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the party's main contenders who are vying to become souls next mayor in cheer for the party is expected to choose a candidate before the end of next month political correspondents in and built up with the party hopefuls on the campaign trail. this unity party has three competitive candidates vying to become the party's mayoral candidate the tycoon turned politician tom moment in the form of prime minister can come see it as supreme council member if he had with a seven term lawmaker its honking a visit to the wood and tin fish market gains hopefully tuesday in a bid to win the hearts of everyday citizens. one of the new hands in the picture the smart kid is a symbol of scholar. the market provides fresh seafood to some ten million souls citizens every morning. it might be coming to scold me or i will make the ghent in a place where people can come and enjoy tom lennox head minister he
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received as the frontrunners to college. the incumbent mayor once was. in a joint survey conducted by gallup korea and the trees on the board news paper pop was the head of tong by only zero point four percentage points well within the margin of error which forty two point five percent. intel's pound thirty four point three percent to forty seven percent sixty six year old kid who served as prime minister under former president young but as adults makes holy vibrant city. he snubbed at the recent merger of the main opposition democratic party and independent lawmaker and tours whose political group it's going to turn you into its has been solely for the main opposition bloc which there is a great tool for political practices. i think it's better to use the term upstanding collects them. former two term lawmaker eat the head would also laid out provision for school two sentence once all to become economically vibrant city again. i will do
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that i'm making the capital and financial medical and towards the top can also create more jobs to stay blind to release the market it's widely thought to any three of this committee candidates would they wanna use the four year barrel term as a springboard to run into two thousand and seventeen presidential race the rulings had a party is expected to take a single handed it to take on incumbent. i once owned by april twenty ten it's all citizens will have to wait until june for it to decide whether he wants more of the state or a new face in city hall. snowed again. add onions. when you think of nationalism tearing up our regions the latest flashpoint may be in ukraine and crime yet but here in northeast asia. a chronic pain with frequent flare ups has
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plagued relations between korea and china and japan before more of this explosion of nationalists and it can be seen in military expansion and territorial create the brain dr tong geelong's senior research fellow at the center for international area studies at humboldt university of foreign studies in the studio. thank you very much for joining us. nice to be. well dr tell what seems to be the main factors compounding the growing nationalism here in northeast asia when it comes to milk the station of the reasons of may shrines and can be explained in the two perspectives one east highest information least. it stinks to be to show when the typical income of the state to reach is around five thousand to seven thousand dollars the sentiment of nature the sun reaches the highest point in time i set the clock and another thing is that chinese government intentionally greatest nation is the sentiment as a way of whack in the new find of the country and securing stability and directed the growth of china on a
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visit and to deprive patient and japan's ration was to go right. well there are living concerns that this nationalism is going to create friction between our countries especially when it comes to our needy cooperation on north korean issues team that's going to be a problem moving forward well it's not possible to predict a go of the future exactly but what i can say clearly is that even though there is some possibility of breaking up the busiest in the prison system. i don't think that the d a breakup history. so we should remember that there is nothing full contact the united states and the us has a lot of states and the reason. and the well has a close relationship with the northeast asian countries and i'm sure that mr take the role for maintaining the peace and cooperation in the reasoned and we have the means to that the united states. well an inconvenient truth has righted the ship and in most cases japan
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golden goal against lovely this recommendation and thus the cba said twenty fourteen as the new europe of nineteen fourteen during which he saw his calculations the balance and power. the two of the outbreak of world war one county see this as a possibility. let some sense like that but my lp new niece different canvas each nation of whom were of one hundred years and years ago is quite different from that of northeast asia today. am i the vet for a while. how can three beloved has been globalized and the weapon system has he changed the locks and they do distance of the financial institutions will not allow the northeast asian countries to grow to go to wire whole gamut. to this reason right wing moves under the ave administration seem to have really contributed to some of this nationalism and attentions. can we expect to see amy at peace oriented policies out of this government. meanwhile heat the pan so the situation but at the same time i fix is
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needed. well we should demand that that not many citizens agree with what the prime minister is this thing. and i believe that there is salam or stiffen its citizens may be common sense and those who upsets into it right up to ride a two shift and the nation least the sentiments which fill our nation to deny least equate the second kind of transformational alliance with these offences citizens who value peace prosperity and humanitarian needs the leaders of korea and japan are set to meet in the hay is in a matter of weeks now if you think ill be able to read something of an agreement or i'm making progress in terms of bettering their bilateral ties twelve. but now with the situation is quite the kind of deadlock. so we doubt the cnc apologies from japan. i don't think that they can make a concrete result even though they can not in content but they can meet again. ri was a key so much for joining us tonight
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think better of me. do your duty to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. join the tetons shot limit and uga of the heart of seoul. drying time he be done. well i had to be on and on tv next to her. demand for korean automobiles in the european market is picking up for the first time in four months the market share of autos produced by hyundai motor and its affiliate kia motors in europe's top six percent in february. that's according to the european automobile manufacturers association which said korea's top two automakers sold eight hundred ninety new cars on the constant last month that says seven point six percent on year john. total sales in
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the first two months of this year also grew over six percent compared to the same period last year. volkswagen off the market share in europe has over twenty four percent. n korean automakers aren't the only ones making inroads into the global market the country's auto parts industry is also making great surprise on the world stage posting exports of more than twenty six billion dollars in two thousand thirteen. our son the son as well this i read reviews on a blue engines and transmissions. like i was a day seven days a week to ensure that shipments before the deadline. that's because netflix parts or twelve percent from a year earlier largely because of orders from on the first overseas which now represents a forty percent of the plant's overall production. whatever demise of the high quality of creamy auto parts in our case we do not engage in aggressive motion. but foreign buyers directly
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contact the supply contract worth it though. this plot epitomizes steady growth in exports of queen of hearts which is about double the pace of death for completing simple cards there was extensive overseas production by local automakers and in kenya helps increase auto parts exports. but gm ford looks back again and other foreign companies accounted for well over a third parts exports the race. what's exports while the rectory twenty six peeling us dollars last year to become the country's seventh biggest export item this is gaining momentum as a diversified street corners faces tough competition as it was to move up and industries in order the toughest competition comes with one accord to report least monday by the korea international trade association. grease bottom parts exports in the very end its magic and get the highest at cedar point five six being over half of the industry's export items
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are identical to go the chance to be met with many korean auto parts heading into today's enticing over those from japan and germany will offer just as good a quality guantc!namo but market leaders in germany and japan. it was a far higher standards justice face painters basket to him experts say the big challenge for corey car parts makers is improving their research and development capabilities particularly for in our match with criminal appeals that cesc electric cars. it's winter time. i can use starting next spring a clause in the curry a us free trade agreement will take and that will allow american firms to own program providers in korea. the sun industry insiders have raised concerns the koreans broadcasting industry will suffer as a result the government is already preparing and am now reports curry ana's receive one and piano competition in its broadcasting industry the next year and a canadian
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troops will be allowed to own program providers are a key piece in korea and eighty three a us free trade pact ratified in two thousand paul he needs are those that create content or have acquired the right to broadcast television and radio programmes for example to me still brought ten stations or cable channels and to better cope with the upcoming change officials from the ict ministry and the crick and teachers can extend their heads together but industry experts to consider possible negative effects to your skype competitor heads in the rapidly changing body and the competition the global market. the government came over to congress a plan aimed at improving the nation's broadcasting industry last december. this plan will be fleshed out in our lives by the end of april. insiders say american media groups have been visiting korea since the last year to conduct market research and evaluate its potential. but experts insults a u s companies making a foray into the domestic market will not likely have an immediate
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impact in the industry the effects will not be visible in the short run but because the us dominates the world content market we too need a long term plan. it could work for the better and serve as an opportunity for our contest to set foot into the american market officials say the province up to for the pp should also be modified so they can focus more on producing creative content rather than relying on commercials and update the news. and. what a summer top stories on the global fight from the fallout of the referendum results and find me at the mystery surrounding the missing malaysian airline or legalize the folly of the new center all russian president vladimir putin on tuesday night made it official and aches in crimea in defiance of the west. how war
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washington and the european union reacted. will the west is continuing to push for greater sanctions on moscow for its intervention in the region. the russian president vladimir putin remains defiant and showing no signs of backing down addressing a joint session of parliament on tuesday who's to say crimea was of vital importance to russia underlining its historical and cultural links with codeine and sign a treaty with the leaders of crimea for the ukrainian black sea peninsula to become part of prussia. following the signing ceremony the kremlin announced it now considers crimea russian territory. despite strong opposition from the international community earlier the european union and the us to impose sanctions and asset freezes into russian and ukrainian officials. meanwhile the ukrainian parliament has approved the mobilization of up to forty thousand troops to counter russian interference in the country experts say the current crisis in crimea could spark a rapid shift in the geopolitical landscape
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you're on the korean peninsula. if the united states and european union imposed new sanctions on russia in may for seoul to freeze economic cooperation projects with moscow declining a russian american relations could also have implications for dealing with north korea. that's according to thirty eight nor the website run by the us korea institute at johns hopkins university. increased dialogue between washington and moscow on the north's nuclear program had helped to push for issues related to the six party talks. but the recent opponents could make on gang less inclined to make diplomatic concessions especially on the new car i station. after eleven days in courtenay their first and twenty six countries there's still no sign a malaysia airlines flight three seven zero. unleashing chairman said tuesday that the search area has now been expanded to over two point two four million square nautical miles acting transport minister his honeymoon in hussain said
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the focus is now on gathering satellite data and was a reader information and deploying additional error answer his teens. and its leaders say they still believe the aircraft movements were consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. china's ambassador to malaysia said that no evidence has been down that would lead any of the chinese nationals on board to a possible hijacking or attack. heading to the united states were scientists at the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics. cba found traces of echoes of the big bang of the fourteen billion years ago. it confirms a crucial connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity predicted by albert einstein. if they are applied as proceed to be one of the most important scientific discoveries in history. the gravitational waves were spotted by carting a telescope on a specific area of the sky outside the galaxy known as the southern pole or small fluctuations gave researchers new clues on how the early universe galaxies and stars
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were for. there are of superlative international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night all welcome to prime time sports and even to the world's number one ladies golf or i can be set to hit the links at the gp b c founders cup and is seeking her first lpga tour win of the season to follow recent victory on the ladies european tour. so come thursday in phoenix arizona still sees her top ranked rivals said pederson speaking the lists on the greens along with other stars like an idiot go agnes we are deeply by bill pike is too far when after finishing it off i peter two previous entries on store shelves are retained her top ranking for the forty ninth consecutive week. and
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heading to the ice for not figure skating olympic champion natalie mess on the call but is slated to sit out of the world championships next week precious to hear skating federation said they're not sending the seventeen year olds on the call button so she can rest and prepare for next season. deciding instead to send yulia live in the sky up the mall pairs gold medalist cut down of the losses are an axe and travel costs will be there either. and moving on to champions league the second legs of the round of sixteen continue on as cult us a ride is it's chelsea and the talmud ray meets shot up out of the sunrise your god will return to his squad at stamford bridge and it's going to be a bag of mixed emotions. god help all fade away as to that of the pants at the high one one b the first leg. meanwhile graham and since it's one
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thing that without god. as expected. and coming off the pitch former feats of vice president jack warner receives about one point two million dollars falling apart successful bid to host the twenty twenty two world cup. and according to the telegraph one of worst companies was paid the money by one of the companies owned by disgraced former fee for presidential candidate behind it being a mom. the pizza has descended into code of ethics but they'll propel any of the controversy surrounding their heating system. and here in school or the one minsk adl held their regular season awards ceremony and pocket details top steeply banked one the ndp on ours meanwhile katie stars monique currie had combed the best foreign player award and heading over to the main site for kb ahl playoff action. the kt sonic boom hosted the tt line l stands for game four with eight c up to one of the series the land had to dig deep to
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survive. both teams start by struggling on the floor and its twenty nine twenty eight ec leg up at the half helping the second half ricardo powell the elephants charge he ends with a game high twenty four. i can speak peace and the two scenes sixty six to force the serious side of the pie and that's all for now this has been ceded to see you back here later for more from the world of sports fan these days the high pollution levels are more the role of an exception here in seoul. that's right for details let's go over to our table down at the weather center. apple got home that is the yellow dust and wind will go away. but that we're still seeing high levels of yellow dust from the copy desert and mongolia here in the nation currently so it seemed one hundred and fifty eight micrograms of yellow dust which is three times the novel levels. things are
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looking for a battle for him and see where levels have soared to three hundred and five micrograms of those with respiratory problems must refrain from doing outdoor activities. they dived into a high pressure fronts that is moving south from high net worth seeing clear skies across the board. the odd one against will gradually move down south by smaller acted in an addendum that tomorrow might be of cloudy day here in korea with less than five kilometers of brisbane's median forecast in the seventh resist taking a leg at wednesday's readings salt content with that all these fourteen to respond table makes it to fifteen above and on sale at every change. that said your piece at fifteen degrees while coco and i can back it up added eight and two degrees. ablett aussie outback after midnight they spoke out after broadcast on this tuesday nights and the students all them shawl and thanks for watching season all i can. he
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takes key of our lives. be unique. today i'm going to a mysterious talents that you can see in korea. newington i do the eu the eu. he just sits. lifestyle. much of incentives to help balance the kids. when tanned skin sticks very the nt. stan. a
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cell wall. by the confessional lines at this cup water and sand while. with all this the balance. eye. it is
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the scene in it. ismail it's true. new long will
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the one who will . historic moment not only from russia but especially for the people of the crank me up on my white for self is craig meehan and d at large we feel that they have been living in another country that was not their own for the last twenty two years and with the recent events on it became extremely hostile to their interest so they have a very great feeling of coming home. in fact or western commentators viewing it. inside the store for remarked that the sense of the caribbean people feel very much like the feeling of the german people. when the berlin wall came


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