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the next in the broadcast north korea fires off twenty five rockets into the pc without any prior notice on sunday. the missiles are capable of carrying explosives and chemical weapons. on top to create medical association and the government reached a tentative deal to avert a second doctor strike the frightening overwhelmingly his belt and bring in and toward russia however the press and of itself is widely seen as illegal. i've done is speaking. the tanker at. you
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were watching from around the world it's monday mart seventies here in seoul on tuesday announced on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin this evening with a standoff between korean doctors and the government to merit the negotiations over the weekend seems to have been a fruitful as the two sides have agreed to terms and some sticking points happens a lot has more on the big o c student results second doctors' strike following last week's one day walkout may have been averted with a tentative agreement reached by the korean medical association and the government. the k in may and the ministry of health and welfare have been in on the official negotiations since last friday on the government's plans to reform the medical sector the retention of
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the agreement on a number of tissues after marathon talks on sunday at last until midnight and make separate announcement about talks on monday. the agreement covers four points. the introduction of a tele medicine system that would enable doctors to diagnose and treat each and using remote monetary and interactive services the government's plan to let hospitals set up for profits of secure rees the form of the nation's health insurance system and shorter work hours for medical president sent a text. the candy and the government agreed to conduct a six month trial run of the tele medicine system in order to test the safety and effectiveness. the system was a major issue that sparked the medical association state on strike last week. they also agreed to congratulate shortened over eighteen hours of medical residents and then turns right around one hundred hours a week which is twenty dollars more than in the us and at this and then came a day and the government
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are on the bus that may be to tackle other issues such as health insurance before members of the medical association will now vote on whether to go ahead with the second six day strike slated to start the march twenty oh four is a lack of recent agreements there is a high chance the strike will be canceled. the association plans to make a decision on the matter in the next two or three dates. the last item year. a day after north korea fired dozens of short range missiles into the ec soul increase its vigilance and or regions hearing that the common if they would carry out additional provocations our defence ministry corresponding to an end and has more on seoul's response and what analysts say the latest missile test might indicate. south korea's defense ministry officials say the thing north korea's missile launches on sunday were in response to ongoing annual military drills between seoul and washington on top. north korea fired off twenty five missile three
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different times on sunday review of this as an arm protest against troy military exercises with the us north korea needs to stop. well kim said monday that the ministers keep you close eye on the possibility of future provocations as last package from missile launches as can be on standby. caden did not give any prior notification of sunday's losses from the north's east coast. the rockets which were shot into the ec are believed to have a raised seventy km experts say it's not unusual for north korea to test fire missiles. but it is the president that for the regime to fire up so many him one day. officials in seoul believe the rock is for sophia made surface to surface frauds which lacked precision. but a very powerful. in the snow. but in the senate can carry up to five and fifty immigrants of
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explosives. you can also deliver chemical weapons capable of destroying a minute recall north korea has test fired six missiles along with eleven rocket from the rocket launchers. in the midst of the annual military exercises with starter late last month and will run through mid april sawyer wants to say that rules are purely defensive coming up with tv convince them as a rehearsal for invasion. bill's latest rocket launches came just two days after coming up for it to demonstrate its nuclear deterrence. the comments seem to be a firm indication north korea may be preparing for a fourth nuclear test. to london. i dun do this. and over and carry on china's top nuclear envoy who would alway has arrived for an official track of the tells about the purpose of this dissent or even how long it will last for not disclose north korean media reports that he landed on monday. the visit by the move comes amid a recent push to restart the six party talks aimed at the new rising the korean peninsula is in his first trips to counting and since the execution of north korean leader kim
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simmonds was awful. uncle tom some cake. the chinese official me to official visits to the north. last year. but about a week left until the new security summit in the cave where leaders of korea and japan are set to attend all eyes are on with the president talk and prime minister of it will finally sit down for the first ever summit. seoul says it is open to the one on one but stresses tokyo should first take sincere steps on historical issues. a case on acetate. with speculation by the president at the menu and japanese counterparts and next week's nuclear security summit in the netherlands. so he says there's no reason to oppose a sincere and constructive dialogue with tokyo. korean presidential spokesperson kim wilde told reporters monday. what's the point is whether any cost to bring out a productive outcome. not having tops for talks. the spokesperson said
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to create an atmosphere for productive discussions you'll have to probably take concrete steps to resolve its colonial and other historically she was with neighboring nations. on saturday a president that welcome the prime minister on this affirmation that they all act that he had no plan to me by the nineteen ninety three apology for one times actually mistreatment by the japanese military. this after i missed chief spokesperson last month said a special team will be the victim's testimony gathered for the apology known as chicago statement although it was the first time the comedian the deposit if we assess that is comment and historic its use. this is that the presidential office seems to be that tokyo would first need to prove that its sincerity. the abbe cabinet still intends to review how to clone the policy was sneaky and denies there is evidence when they went for ice to serve as military prostitutes. that however is a greater possibility for
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achieving dialogue with washington in the paint ahead of us president barack obama as a business to stalin and took the next month washington has reportedly been pressuring both solid and tokyo. in truth the same time. the united states wants stronger time adult eyes that both its northeast asian allies to ensure regional stability and cope with potential security threats from china. she is such items yes it's other top stories on the global front from the tense situation unfolding in crying the edited daughter of the japanese at the team meeting her family for the first time the goalies for poly after the center some call it start with crimea and the final results of the controversial referendum. will a crummy is voted overwhelmingly to split from ukraine and chewing the russian federation. in
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response the ukraine government has partially mobilize its army and called the forty thousand reservists meanwhile the us and european union are pushing ahead for greater sanctions on russia are currently has the details. the final results are in the six point six percent of voters in crimea want to join russia and splits from ukraine mosque house said it will accept the results. granny and election officials made the announcement monday morning for the results are final. the redux released on sunday. that is a penny and stretch into the streets to celebrate attraction flax then testing of course i supported. it's the right decision. however the european union and u s c the boat was illegal. eu foreign ministers are now set to discuss further sanctions against russia. it doesn't ease the ban and asset for
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the sun russian officials the us has rejected the referendum results that president barack obama born in moscow and washington is also ready to meet those costs of grisly his actions in ukraine the creamy yet upon him said the russian union and those only hope to ukraine boycotted the referendum and denounced the vote as a power play in moscow. it's unbelievable that could lead to something like this it's worse than hitler. the flu. those who visit my new referendum cannot be true. it should be a referendum for all ukrainian that this is not a referendum. it's a theatrical performance for russian people with cooler russia is legalizing the takeover of these territories the referendum which came just two weeks after russian troops to the soul of the crimean peninsula letters to police that when pressure on remaining in ukraine with greater autonomy honey we can do this. moving
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down to the ongoing search for the missing malaysia jetliner. authorities say a total twenty six countries are now searching for malaysia airlines point three seven zero with australia taking charge monday of the southern surf so malaysia's transport ministry said tuesday that he would focus its efforts on to bash their core doors in northern or southern parts majid was last known location. the scope of the search area was significantly expanded over the weekend which now covers over eleven countries in asia because it's down to the southern indian ocean meanwhile officials are shifting the nature of the investigation. malaysian police searched the homes of the plane's two pounds over the weekend. as per the background checks on all two or thirty nine people on board a flight simulator was taken away from captains of r e m on straws residents is being searched for any clues that might explain what happened to the boeing triple seven. an investigator said that the two pilots did not ask to fly together. and
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seeing in asia of the parents of a japanese woman who was abducted by north korea some forty years ago met their grand daughter for the first time last week. the japanese foreign ministry says mr and mrs steel co to spend time with twenty six year old kid had gone in mongolia the accord is done are meant to me it was abducted at the age of thirteen back in nineteen seventy seven to be trained as a north korean spy pyongyang has long claimed that she killed herself in nineteen ninety four to wish tokyo projects as a baseless claim. the north has a fiercely admitted to adopting thirteen japanese citizens from nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty three. but hundreds more are believed to have been kidnapped. there etc look at international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night
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there is rising speculation that korea's export driven economy may have reached the limits of its ability to induce growth and the local economy as the nation's outstanding performance on the trip front did little to boost the livelihoods of many working class families experts say the world's twelveth largest economy is being held back by sluggish domestic consumption and soaring household debt. for more on the apparent trend and how the government plans to resolve the pending problem for kenji and joins us now in the studio can welcome. that's what statistics are gaining some weight to the perspective that the export driven economy. when the brain that trickle down effect on the wealth distribution and its apparent than on the job front. the big ten prius as the number of employed people in the country has actually decreased gradually over the years despite a surge in exports for every increase in exports worth one million korean won when nine hundred and thirty three thousand us dollars in twenty eleven
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western states people found jobs after sharp reduction from nineteen ninety five when more than twenty people found jobs for every increase in exports obscene amounts in addition treated to a household that's not to tell what could one could really korean won or nine hundred and thirty nine billion yen stalin's is seen as a major bridge to the korean economy as it scurried domestic consumption. so what are some of the posts ways to boost demand and also john's while i think the key words these days is even care rationing cousin of any hats and the sides and lifting heavy regulations on the service sector which has high cement of restrictions with thirty six hundred and eight speaks of more than forty seven percent of all business regulations. so what does lying down and regulations believe me. well it's taken a sample at the medical sector. a bill was submitted to the health and welfare of
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the bellamy certain parts of the face and body off limits for plastic surgery based on the patients each official in the credit industry state regulations like this with her for due to their ease the growing demand for aesthetic surgery in korea and from what brought you the list is getting increasingly more reluctant to invest in r and d to religion to coppola's is due to regulations on the industry in this thrilling the lower town with the affected countries. kevin is going to feel. one of the largest medical tourism destination and the world where the popularity of korean tv drama thing that popped it right. after a one hundred fifty thousand for his team to korea for medical purposes in the year twenty twelve eleven. and deregulation what are other ways to boost domestic consumption while one of the best way to increase the country's population but like korean population which is just over a fifteen year
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reign is shrinking due to low birth rates and an aging population. some experts are suggesting other ways to boost domestic consumption an adf is to create open sale of fruit. economics ellen ellen make it easier for koreans and foreigners can do this next week media would cover the area within a two thousand km mi is where we are flying distance from an estimated eighty act and in this case they in turn international airport. it would include some parts of china and japan mongolia and taiwan and it would be an estimated one point five billion people and i talk to professor sydney on front of the department of the osce studies at carleton university. he says one sixteen selling its established business practices in korea are going to change it anymore a local expertise of foreign customers. when she visits to the keystone is not just a tourist sites of business and
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financial of that would induce global companies and international organizations to put their headquarters in korea so yet but added that the government's list of instructions for the residents within the kinsella so that they can con anglesey consumer ec and would all benefit to boost domestic consumption. i will hopefully it'll clear path to more pro thank you sharon for that report. for your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoying a gunshot limit and ut head of the heart of seoul. drying time he be done. well i had to be on and on tv next to her. construction companies overseas orders are expected to reach seventy two billion us dollars to sierra tower be
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an all time high and it comes heels of the decision by a local construction companies to collaborate in putting products as the unit rather than butting heads with one another against the hand reports. business is booming for korean construction contractors and foreign markets. the nation's overseas construction workers have picked up and the first order of district eighteen venetian one step closer to a record high in words the international contractors association of korea said monday that construction contracts overseas this year have already topped sixteen billion us dollars that's a nearly seventy percent spike compared to the first murder of two thousand thirteen the association attributed the jump to a decision by the local construction companies to build a consortium and wind projects together. mikayla engineering and construction corporation for example in the tub with four other local construction
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companies including gs nst and won three large scale projects in kuwait where more than seven billion dollars industry sources say that bidding on projects along with other local construction companies has become a trend as a means to avoid cut throat competition and with korea's construction companies expected to win more and more contracts for countries in the middle east this year the association forecasts that the nation's overseas construction orders will reach seventy two million dollars by the time that year is up. that would surpass the previous record high at seventy one billion dollars of state. absent a local construction companies say they transcend play their team strategy and other foreign markets as well. like blacks in america and africa the onions. korea seems to perform better on the tray fun compare to japan last year the korea institute for industrial economics and trade said monday. i bought
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her a lot the record high annual trade surplus of over forty four billion dollars japan posted a record trade deficit of over one hundred ten billion dollars last year despite the weakening yen. he is sick it says the competitiveness of major korean exports such as semiconductors and other parts contributed to the record surplus despite the unfavorable exchange rate the boycott of japanese products in china sparked by disputes over territory and history also played a role chris first ever electric vehicle expo is currently underway in the country's southernmost island of cheque nine and young who was at the events as korea is increasingly keen on replacing vehicles that run on gasoline the ones that run on that they are applying eco friendly and cost efficient industry watchers say indicate the closer you are approaching the point the makers are using cars
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that run entirely on battery power and are now in its beak on squarely at the mass market appeal anything standing in for them as crucial a season of his bid to buy infrastructure. this month. suzie pro stock and use it to be made. people don't want it to the government's so called wouldn't be tentacles friendly cars. we had to put the saints. is that the korean government has been and is still missing to ensure they are more in the kit carson venetian roads up until last year you have to live in one of the ten cities chosen b the government to the seats up to the st east but that regulation is expected to be lifted soon. evan continues to provide subsidies for those protesting at it because like the one i'm writing right now including various tax benefits and other incentives this year he could get up to plate two thousand dollars in subsidies the only other thing people so if that were present affordable and attractive
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foreign customers. major automakers are speaking with one voice and it tasted like a reminiscence of the oceans around the world. commercial director have been nosing the program says christians today nanny gets the prize to its market potential. what's on the footy truly a tease but that just a metal tub christensen said they reopened to the patient the newly opened to the coaches and an accent to prove a repeat of death. so was teaching about the ten percent of the market in two thousand which is the realistic target for it i checked cars have been around for decades but automakers have never been as excited about their mass appeal and liability as they are now big investment flowing into enhancing that a technology market watchers say competition beat the market in korea it's just getting started. i don't need a new teacher. the two prime
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time sports aren't even checked the twenty fourteen winter paralympics has come to a close marking an end to the record breaking olympic season in sochi. the russian pair libya's performed especially well when record in the medals. meanwhile south korea failed to win a single man. and moving on to speedskating south korea's kim zaki and russia's baker on or under and sue came out on top and short track world championships. the seventeen year old kim won three individual races to be crowned the ladies overall champion. meanwhile the resurgent that they are on one his first day in school for all title in seven years for his six poll. and heading to the greens australian jaunts and then beat out the feel that palm harbor florida to win the ball sport championship he rallied for birdie on the sixteenth and seventeenth holes on the final back nine to end with an overall score of seven under par before his
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birth. he will win in more than seven years and with the victory he puts in suffolk ticket to the masters tournament next month. memaw getting to football news superstore been no messy became barcelona's top goalscorer after scoring a hat trick in the spectacularly when cpl for most astute enough to tie the club record breaking opening goal and had gone to more he said the mill for a while before ending up with a total of three hundred and seventy one in all competitions the twenty six year old he's been writing so called record books. setting the standard for future generations to the top team insightful. now let's get to play off action in the kb old equally on borneo once hosted the sk night's fourteen three of the series dynasty the nucleus of two days cooking oil on board having
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any of that. in a commanding thirty four. to have hot shooting balls combined with the torch up forty lbs team were too much for escape and the audience when he won the sixty four to get one that says. and that's all i have for now this has been stephen said i'll see you back here later for more from the fan. we had a mix of warm spring weather and spring showers in seoul today for more let's go over tracking down at the weather center with doubt tv guide's known in some parts of the west coast regions are seeing a light showers at this hour estimate it to grab an umbrella on your waist down. look here tomorrow the central regions both to other provinces and take a look that up to twenty millimeters of precipitation and as vital and it will follow and i have had wonderful times on the province's it and go looking on as you can see sunny skies with a higher
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than seasonal average temperatures are forecast to top this week so make the most that this one spring weather mind you and me then they say this under the influence of both low pressure trough from the west sea which is why we're seeing the light clouds. that bass for tomorrow daytime highs will be between fifteen to twenty two degrees. however keep in mind that from early tomorrow morning to wednesday by the stubble to the right size to a name for future weather updates. but they got it tuesday three biggest sellers at top the day at nine degrees with a high of fifteen the mountains and had reached ninety. well they got to ride every since. at the vet said to make it to seventeen degrees bought four tops out at twelve. ikea bags after broadcasts on this monday nights i knew she hates all the shawl and thanks for watching season
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the allies that all of them so i went to school to speak out. how would it look small in ensuring that remain get to know what it means to be good to have the chills. if so what you want. that is still sees this kind is this book which counts more people talking. i always do. i bought peace peace peace peace but no one is spoken of by just one little yellow eyes that you don't want the secret war and that we could do was come with such issues on the front lawn. i went on about how we can get one life to the store will be the last official opening. in my cute baby quilts. he knew and meaningless. i knew
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check . the crimea formally asks to be reunited with russia after more than ninety per sample her show their support for breaking away from ukraine in a region wide referendum. the tiny boat and anti government rallies in eastern ukraine prompted harsh response from the interim prime minister who threatens the crackdown well father i activists say he should go nuclear. western nations refuse to accept the ride of crime means to self determination branding the referendum


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