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the asinine for signing the nation's history history have a bit and when zach has been found that dot the affected regions and fears that the virus could transfer to humans. free education with the north south korean president of the day it's safe to share ten thousand presidential committee for review the case that that will be launched in april. a few years as courier us fta entered into force a look at the trade pact this economically devastated the two sides to the stores and more taxes on prime time
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it appears in korea and what are those of you who are watching from around the world it's friday mark fourteen here in seoul on tuesday and come limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening at the nation's top off this president can and will embark on a weeklong trip to the netherlands and germany on march twenty third the presidential office of tata said friday that the president will be attending the twenty fourteen nuclear security summit in the hay for the twenty fourth to the twenty fifth there she'll be giving an opening speech as the leader of the previous an ss those countries. the president talk will also hold some a top speed. dutch prime minister mark baxter on the sidelines of the global event. till then make this day visit to germany and meet with chancellor angela merkel the korean leader is set to focus her tongue and not only
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as strengthening bilateral ties with germany but also learning from the german experience of re unification and speaking of reunification south korea is laying the groundwork for realizing the unified korean peninsula present bought today has mentioned the possibility by not been as of late and has pledged to set up a special committee to prepare for the time consuming and costly process archie sun reports. the skin as tries to achieve a successful and the music station on the korean peninsula is moving from lack of yet slowly. the south korean presidential office on friday an outfit and packed lunch and i knew needed vacation preparatory committee that is expected to launch sometime in april the committee which was proposed by the presidents on the first anniversary of attorney office last month when he atleast once every three months to set direction
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for him to korean unification and seeking ways to prepare for the process. in fact the south korean president has cemented the word and he thinks he shouldn't be funny since beginning my second year in office. that's gonna last for an incident that put up what we do so they let him stop. we got the better for me to have popcorn use it a go and teach it to me that our global finance column last week president acts at this info i knew if i become the ad goes beyond overcoming division to create a new feature on the peninsula with their new a new korean threats and only freedom and peace. one of the main themes of the president's upcoming state visit to germany is expected to be in the front and when you use the cliche and aftermath of the historic event. however it takes two to tango. despite tony amazing the unions of code reward invited family members last month and having agreed
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to discuss more about the humanitarian aid that can turn down sellers offer for a red cross office last week and with no sign of suspending its missile testing. korea earlier this week she was the sound of breaking an agreement to stop slandering vanilla. she is not as nice. japanese prime minister shinzo ave says there are no plans to revise the landmark apology to a few issues back in nineteen ninety three for the military's excellence leaving the screen when entering world war two. our house on he reports the sincerity of his remarks are in question as they come just a day after one of his most trusted aides flatly deny the country's war atrocities japanese prime minister issued a law that says japan will hold a lead mark apology issued to the victims of its four times actually played next speaking at a fashion that the house of councilors but
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did canadian friday. abbott said the acquittal statement contains tokyo's historical perception of the so called comfort women issue politically in regards to this issue now is the core statement. just as cabinet secretary to the sucre has said in a news conference on in ministry she has not been to this though. the club statement released in the name of and chief cabinet secretary gale a cornell in nineteen ninety eight acknowledges and apologizes for japan's forests excellent treatment of roughly two hundred thousand when entering the second world war the japanese government had declared earlier this month that it would improve the accuracy of testimonies provided by korean comfort women which established the basis that the statement the move has raised speculation step and was attempting to backtrack on its apology. on that list long called for a view seems to take a step back friday
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it's about fitness for the tribune she was a deeply saddens me to think of those who have been through these indescribable hardships as for my thoughts on this point i hold the same views as previous prime ministers with us president proper bomb aspect of it that the two countries in april washington has been calling in tokyo to mend ties it's all indicating that it may have been pressured to show a change in position. but while the japanese leader may appear to have east is right wing stance. his comments come just a day after his top government spokesman said there was no evidence of japan's forced recruitment of women. on sunny and nice. in recent months. tensions have been escalating with china and japan surrounding the disputed islands known as staccato in japan and down you in china to prepare for a
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possible worst case scenario military officials from tokyo and washington are currently holding talks review how they will respond to the altercation occurred in for defense ministry corresponding command in joining us and the studio and have been welcome. hey guys as does so touched upon military officials from japan and the us or why. upper today a bilateral defence all of them started on thursday and on. other seeking to view the upswing defense pylons which was last updated in nineteen ninety seven. this meeting is mostly focus on how the two allies would respond to harm incidents to fall for trouble for skill attack on japan and japanese officials are aiming to zero in specific threats running as territorial apostles what they say in the east china sea. was very keen not to be cited to closely with japan as emphasizing the need for broader discussions. but the us is neutral sovereignty of its two dollars but to
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recognize in japan on ministers to. under the terms of the us japan security treaty. this will all get washington to come to pass defense that the word present but we must make clear that due to us officials who do not want us gets up then and potentially costly conflict between two of the world's biggest economies. so given that that's the case issues to the two sides of diana. well you might be surprised to hear but tokens will be concerned that the us might back out as commitment to defend japan. four of some of the reasons there are unable to do so. posts here and experts pee on the matter you might be due to possible for two reasons first it's cheap and fights on their own the influence of the united states and north quay station would be diminished and that includes the transfer to china will build a second there would be chaos in bilateral relations between japan china korea and he was probably gives china a reason to achieve military greatness and korea a reason to increase its military power which washington says and
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walks with a little weird this is one of the reasons why japanese prime ministers have thought this might be fun to pass bill to force this while listening constitutional limits of what military activities had to partake in overseas the japanese experts say that if washed and does not specifically address the threat posed by bj to undermine the credibility of the lions and encourage china to be bolder. who knew the legend and one super treat china as the enemy can revise its defence guidelines and intense defense support from the last one on the other hand to the us categorized as china as an enemy. there will be disorder and east asia. so washington is seeking more of a comprehensive approach. i have an s sketches to pour all over and between japan and china would depend able to defend itself without us backing. good question though don't know for sure hope it doesn't happen. but of lust list to compare the two
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countries built a shrine appointed trio's latest defence white paper which was released in points fall time is spent over twenty two billion dollars more on defense than japan and dax year. since then china has continued to pour billions and billions more into defence. time is now second only to the us in terms of defense spending. the next chart shows the military strength of china and japan as to my expected time the sheer size and population thomas nearly ten times stronger in terms of troops and in every aspect of the military branch. ellis also take a look at the two countries key strategic weaponry. i picked out two branches of the military to compare the navy and air force says they will be mostly involved if there was an arm fast over the disputed islands. a time over was dependable navy and air force strategic weaponry. chinese submarine far outstrips japan's buy a new leaf or fall in the number of fighter jets and bombers are nearly five to one. and this might account for why japan is so we needed to revise
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the bilateral defence nylons and without us is backing of tokyo. what struggle against china's military might. you will the number certainly you clarify the picture thank you so much and then. i do your duty to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the tetons chum limited and ut head of the heart of seoul right i need to be done well i had it on and on tv next in line. first no time in korea in our mole has tested positive for deadly eight five. any strain of eighteen and the ones that the tories believe that god came down with the virus after eating infected chicken is raising concerns that she was mean. the next are two men killed reports
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authorities have confirmed that a dog maggie farley korea's two tone of the province has been infected with the age five and a strain of apn employed in south korea's agriculture ministry said friday that the dog had tested positive for happy and tired bodies the gates to each bite strain meaning its immune system is battling a virus. it's the first time in korea that a mammal has come down with becky and pirates authorities say the dog became infected after eating infected check it out the park. prior to this case it was believed that the aei farmers could only be transmitted among the same species. more studies need to be conducted on the possible effects of the slide in the sprinklers on them there's no explanation yet as to why the dog was infected by the way it's raising concerns that humans can be susceptible to the beach by a knee strain but health authorities say that's very unlikely although
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the farms were kurds are being tested. apn influenza cannot be transmitted through the air all the poultry at the farm have ready the call the first rain of the eighteen influenza virus broke out in mid january at an apartment on the non profits of more than seventy cases of the virus had been four cents. it snowed again i did onions. tomorrow marks fifteen marks the two year anniversary of the ratification of the create us free trade agreement and data released by the korean government on friday shows that the deal has had a generally positive effect on the nation's trade figures for nine yen down reports on what the trade pact has done over the past two years. the trade ministry says korea's exports to the us have increased by ten per cent says that create us free trade agreement to give thanks to years ago. exports of industry cuts benefiting from the fta such as automobile and petroleum
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products only fifteen percent increase over the past two years compared to two years prior to ratification. that's more than a double of korea's overall exports over the scene period. but imports from the us shank nearly four percent overall despite a ten percent surge of american imported goods benefiting from the pack like medicine and medical supplies. one area offset the overall u s imports was agricultural products. the sore spot that caused much opposition from korean farmers during the ratification process and i need to call. compared to twenty eleven and went to the macon native culture of pics last year showed a twenty percent decrease according to the ministry the report released by the korea international trade association on friday says a gradual recovery in the world's largest economy will help those korean exports in the future the report also advises korean companies to focus on products that are in the sony and demanded the us market for example by a diesel products and lighting
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equipment. at a forum held in washington thursday local time u s lawmakers also constantly if outdated peep except the fta is a mistake in not only the two countries' economic times but also their political and military alliance the airport say there were also critical voices from the american civil organizations. citing the decreased us export figures to korea. the sealed the deal has fallen far short of john thomas is an improvement in trade balance and don't need any means we were so far in the press where we look at some other hot issues then grab the attention of the domestic media this week from north korea's political show to south korea's electric vehicle trend we now go over to argue me on here in the studio so we are taken away. good evening let's kick it with someone who is emerging as a potentially powerful figure up in north korea with this article from timetable. now the headline of kiera renae sixteen dollars and a little sister young tom makes the pew as
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member of korea leads power group. now earlier this week the twenty six year old made her first official appearance during the elections for the country's rubber stamp parliament. turn out the polling station casting her ballot. don't the north korean state media as to what school is to find me in as a senior official alongside top party luminaries suggesting that she is a rising force in the higher keep the farm on the roll to the sister is playing at but going over to this next photo right here which house the title from hairstyle to glass is not something done and how work was needed now as teens abt me i cannot comprehend virtually everywhere and was also his defense coordinator in fact she's on track in the one to forty minutes former basketball star dennis law mins trip to north korea this according to the article. now that she's honest and very particular life with this hair style and class is seen on the upload
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all the very far a lad is also believed to have been her words in an effort to get them out like that max is that of their grandfather's the league leader its name is tom. but now that's disappeared in the cbd it seems just that out of her older brother's shadow and laughter we can see how far her power will go. now let's go number two this next and the elite and take a look of this article right here. that headline over here means that working moms who want to get him walking on acts else. now the la times about the hardships women faced because of the work culture here in korea which does not look kindly on woman who take maternity leave. the weights the air and when they do go on there the rp much insufficient. take a look at this part of a share which is translated by the translated version comparing natal care and the policies of several countries. you can see that a woman in norway and finland in at least seventy five percent of their regular
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salary while on maternity leave. but female workers in korea seen on the red one to get forty percent of their regular salary. experts quoted in the article states urging teams is in maternity benefits are necessary friendly and accepting hears us talk about that ending framed and the auto industry korea baffling when you're talking much and changing friends were talking about the electric vehicles and the headline over it. here we use electric car is a major trend of money and technology come together and know what we see here under the headlines right here. i did so and that's only an electric current is cuter than empty space in the middle is that it's a spanking stories on store cargo on the ride. the blacks here is where the driver's seat and now it's an on line looking student but it certainly caught the attention of investors here in korea. now with the chairman of the country's top online gaming firm and to others. having pulled their money to invest million
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dollars into late motors the company behind the electrics kid and the curry is also quickly catching up on the electric vehicle tried to yell motors unveiled the sole evening to see right here on the rides earlier this week stepped ahead and accepted that the markets in korea next month and in the united states by june and the coverage won't stop here are actually from aidan were going to be covering a lot more on the lecture people trained in the coming days here at dancing to have whatever reporters out intent on thailand to cut the very first internets an electric vehicle ix but that starts tomorrow. electric vehicles from tea at the end of renewed nissan and many others will all be on display so therefore to that next week. i am thinking very much for that report. and. looking
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out to some other top stories on the global front from the continuing search for the malaysian airlines jet that disappeared last week to another brutal knife attack in china. the goliath for poly at the new center suppose been seven days since played three seventy disappeared has there been any progress in the investigation. unforeseen there's still no sign of the boeing triples setting than the tune of thirty nine people who were on board the government of malaysia has denied recent reports of the plane could have flown up to four hours after bashing from radar screens. and as peter said thursday that a satellite detected five to six hour early electronic things from the aircraft after it went missing officials however say it's still hard to know where that it was headed and where it went down. a call from the search efforts. when us officials say they're winding their search for the aircraft shifting their focus west's war the indian ocean. india has deployed ships aircraft and helicopters that be a
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bangle and tendency to search for debris. the crane government will also sent to military aircraft to malaysia on saturday to assist with the search. malaysia airlines flight three seven zero to cough and chua lump or on saturdays. but vanished from radar on route to beijing after being in the air for only about one hour. movie over the southern china were five people were stabbed to death friday in a brutal knife attack. police say the violence erupted following a dispute between two vendors in the hunan provincial capital of china son. the attacker was shot dead by police but not before sending them and he was articulate enough to for passing pedestrians to whom died in the hospital. beans is curly be investigated but a local official told afp that the killings were not part of a terror attack. it follows a stabbing spree in a railway station in the steve kuhn and on march first that left twenty nine people dead in over one hundred forty
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wounded. turning out to ukraine where a person has been killed during a protest in the eastern city of donetsk ukraine e officials say that twenty two year old man died of a knife wound and dozens of others are being treated in hospital for injuries. the clashes began thursday when hundreds of demonstrators chanting pro russian slogans broke through police lines and confronted a rally of people opposed to the russian military intervention in crimea. they get is the first since russia's takeover of the economists region in march the worst violence since president viktor yanukovich was ousted from power. meanwhile washington has warned russia that the us and europe will take serious steps. he picked an ex's crimea which will hold a referendum sunday rejoining russia. iraq suffer a look at stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night
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oh and welcome to prime time sports on speed internet. now spring is just around the corner but speedskating is still in season. the short track world championships is open on friday in montreal and one hundred and twelve of the sport's best athletes will be and so held the lead once a year the competition is expected to be fierce for tibet last year's overall cat south korea's issue though and will have his hands full taking on one of short tracks most prolific winners picked the wrong war on guns though on a woman's side park city and two a d will headline a tough field that includes fellow south korean team each and sulky and italian rei muffin top. what will be competing in multiple bands through sunday. an open on the twenty eighteen count on winter olympics has the tough task of following the recent sochi games but south korea will pull out all the stops to get the job done. in its third meeting with the some
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time organizing committee prime minister tony benn one called for the speedy and see completion of the news and the training facilities the goal is to have been finished by october twenty sixteen so that the korean athletes have ample time to train for the gates. and over in the majors the expanded video replay system has been put in place during spring training and it's currently working as desired. as expected however there are a couple of kinks to work out for example an awkward situation unfolded during a game between the rangers and the giants win a third owl call was overturned by giants manager bruce bochy and the players had to return to the steel wall there are bound to be some growing pains but the top brass is confident in the system saying that it'll be more affected during the regular season when more angles and hd video will be available for the teens and umpires for tea. and leaving all that
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there let's now get to that cave the al playoffs. ptt land elephants once again hosted the kt sonic boom in in time for keen to help take the edge of a close one in game one leading the team and scrambling for a win and the home team finds the rhythm tracks and it was seven point lead by halftime of the elephants continue their run as ricardo powell explodes for twenty six points on the night and the winds and the nineteen sixty two to tie the series to one p updates. and that's all i have for now this has been seeded said i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports. use. and
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i was. this is. it seems. aka texts. greetings. there was a sunny day here in the capital and understand we're in for some warm spring like weather over the weekend for more let's go for tracking down at the weather center and a tv ad that is if you haven't done so already successfully made plans to enjoy the spring sunshine over the weekends. what they can live over the weekend will peak in the mid teens which is higher than the seasonal average however were looking at applebee's and ten degree gavin's and pictures that are in the day and night so makes a massive tent poles. the many sin is under the influence of the high pressure system that is moving to the east from time out which is why we're seeing this guy across the map and more on this team
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is in store for tomorrow other than that that frees from clint watts has been a sitting on the province's health continued to be on the lookout for forest fires taking them i get fatter these readings salt content with the all breeds fourteen degrees while table makes it says that the team and loving on sale at every dance that the men say they will make it to the mid teens while coco and months and that top out at nine and three degrees respectively. that's all for now but i'll be back with my abdomen that. thanks bud out and answer broadcasts on this friday nights and ut he's so strong when things are watching have a great weekend all season. is you. use
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the accc the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this some sort of. i don't don't have a clue as to the opening of the students. i've been told. the bottle. the ticket he has done in time we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the equity in the end of two stomach was going for him. yes that's the main
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figures in the fall. so be it tomorrow. after bowling ball it's just disgusting go to the severity of the decade it's a late day some of the animated series bt this morsel of the cia identity can be. you will. the issue yours. toowong long will you
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will . it sells tokyo in ukraine and the russian foreign ministry's in london to find a way out of the diplomatic impasse with lance. oakland is wishful so that any nation the referendum on self determination so that they would like to speak the language from their own future. the us dismissing the legitimacy of the referendum in crimea were taken at the center of the sky which trees striving for independence which direction it didn't get the west's town of approval


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