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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 7, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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abroad can sample sales to win a permanent sales ban on samsung products in the united states in the ongoing patent war between the two global tech giants. it's forty five the punishment for illegal sales tactics on the nation's three immobile carriers goes into effect next week. users looking to switch phones are carriers may be affected during the sales. lawmakers in crimea vote to split off from ukraine to join russia and us president barack obama speaks directly to his russian counterpart my dear prudence to find a solution to the price it's crunch time
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it's a good chance. he heard the words in korea and woe to those of you for watching from around the world friday mart seventh year in seoul i am an emotional and thank you so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the country's longest business suspension in ten years the government has suspended for emo about carriers for doing business for forty five days for providing illegal subsidies to lure in customers and i and john has this report it's the biggest businesses based in other countries more clout carriers and bear a strong warning from the government. calling for
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fair competition and the nation's more vile telecommunications industry the ministry of science actu in future planning announced friday that sk telecom bt and heels to you plus will be banned from signing of new customers and allowing existing users to buy a new devices for forty five days kiki the number two player in the market will face suspension starting watched thirteen followed by a leading carrier sk telecom from april this year plus a suspension will be split into two separate periods the first one starting on mice thirteen. nsc official says the government had to suspend two of the company simultaneously because the last time but treat at times complying with a single event that triggered even more competition as they tried to up one another's customers while the other was out of commission. in january last year the three firms were suspended for enticing customers with illegal subsidies. the longtime almost customary ten day with
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the offer to pay to defend announced a huge chunk of what the customers are supposed to pay for more about devices. following friday's announcement however industry and senators voiced concerns that the nation's longest ever suspension will deal a blow to sink into the handset makers such as lg electronics and pancake as well as smaller retailers rather than pursue leading operators to date stamp that had been hse and went down again. south korea has repeated its call to north korea to accept this proposal from across talks resuming three unions for families separated by the korean war seoul's unification ministry said friday it sent a message to pyongyang saying that humanitarian issues such as family were unions have always been dealt with by the red cross. a noted the north had agreed at their previous meeting to hold further rounds of red cross times to discuss such issues can have rejected the offer for talks on wednesday saying
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the proper atmosphere has not been created. seoul says the issue of family re union should not be linked to political or military tensions. this diplomatic efforts to pressure japan to take responsibility for its wartime atrocities may be paying dividends. japan said it has no plans to make changes to its official apology to korean victims that asserted the compensation was already settled back in nineteen sixty five that i can report japan's ambassador to the un in geneva to cause she'll contents in tokyo. contrary to earlier suggestions has never spoken of revealing the nineteen ninety three tunnel statement in which the chief cabinet secretary your take on i'll apologize to the victims of japan's slavery. since then that puts another dive into japan has not changed at all the government of japan has never spoke of reviewing the court a statement. i kinda need of cotton said the japanese government had
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fully compensated the victims were in nineteen sixty five treaty that normalize korea's economic and diplomatic relations after its liberation from japan. late last month said the said tokyo would examine the testimony given by former slaves as the government at that time did not verify victims remarks. all in korean foreign minister yoon young says remarks on wednesday he untied that the chief of south korea a un mission. first it can't admit to and take responsibility for its military has accused of six plates to quit because he doesn't come into a feature film japan. henry simply trying to unite the plume of steam until nineteen ninety three. south korea wasn't alone in criticizing tokyo for its past actions and inaction the north korean and chinese ambassador to the un said the japanese government was trying to hide its past wrongdoings the us ambassador to japan truman kennedy on thursday called in korea and japan to improve relations and said the u s
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latino what it can to help funny can. identities. and that the ongoing patent battle would be the most recognizable tech giants and immobile sector. it's good news first song this time as apple's request for a permanent u s ban on stem cells smart products has been denied a cutesy and has a deep counts. a us court has rejected apples requests for a permit seals hand on stunts and tonics in a ruling thursday u s district judge vinci code said apple had not presented enough evidence to show its patented features where significant enough try for a currency making me into boring and in junction. judge cove wrote that numerous features such as battery life npc player functionality operating system text messaging options gps and processor speed when not tested by apple for the prep is a lady teaching tcu whether they are highly important to us consumers
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apple had earlier stated that around twenty three models of thompson's older smart things and have lived in green bay county and sweet tea in the county tax him point blank infringe upon its patents. this ruling comes ahead of another patent trial set to begin later this month involving us bonds and loans eighteen eighty eight and the effect any further attempts by apple to block the seals of those models as well. a state ms thomson said it was pleased with the ruling. apple has yet to comment. the design and apple have been locked in legal battles over pans across the globe for nearly three years in a separate case in twenty twelve apple was awarded more than nine hundred new units dollars ie squad offers thomas on which earned seven point seven billion us dollars last quarter and down the unions the head of the democratic party can one do an independent lawmaker on to a ceo and work out their
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differences on the rules for their new political party the national assembly course punching and gill reports on how the leaders will move forward with the merger korea's two main opposition groups have finally lead on the course of action for how they'll form a new coalition party. to him and he'll the leader of the main opposition democratic party and independent lawmaker on those two will be the co leaders of a preparatory committee in charge of establishing the party the agreement comes five days after main opposition democratic party leader key monday and an opposition group led by independent lawmaker and tourists who announced the merger. interest in the planned demerger is especially high due to the potential challenge to compose the rulings into the party in the june fourth blow collections which are seen as a confidence vote for the pumpkin administration. i know who announced plans last
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month to form a party of his own which will be in charge of setting of the third set for a political party with the help of tp lawmakers. it is home to the ones preparations for the newly formed party are complete the dt will immediately marked with it the preparatory committee led by matt and kim will have equal number of members from both the democratic party and as you fly fishing party starting next week the committee will announce a series of goals for the coalition. ken and ann are hoping that their alliance will help them pick up seats of the national assembly and of the party's ticket will win the presidential race of two thousand and seventeen. don't get. i mean onions. chris todd business tycoons are no strangers to scandals but we have seen renewed stricken aceh on law breaking heads of
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korea's family run conglomerates the president talking as an assistant for reform comes as leaders of familiar business groups including sk and i and c j at step down her serve time though the on the one hand applied to conglomerates it's also grown weary of the misbehavior of its leaders and for investors this has turned into concern of owner ritz to explain here in this studio is dr hughes and young research fellow at korea corporate governance service. thanks so much for joining us good to be here the factory and our first seeing a growing number of conglomerates that have become the subject of owner chris though what this could mean unwise korea's corporate governance or decision making system at all. he could have the right bt in the men's room an apology is not a sepia and it is human case then to a new comp is common for there of some the family of a korean company to court contrary number of shares and to be manager of
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the company. even today said the family owns to sew new philip m per cent for the company could also use their coogee shown to be tamed. he flopped a punt road by sector i share or dean sewell of feeding it the travelers second ownership. he's a keeper coercive pattern and cartoony share of those have lead me not only should petition after i put this hat i made a hollow bead of the study so in the early phases of industrialization such a system where there's a strong family ownership ownership structure of a corporation. i didn't lead to a lot of economic development. eyes that era of past is it really outdated now worse or something that we should still retain. where are concentrated ownership and let the suppressed ownership is to have their own performance but maintains in peace so that it isn't like to go to the side of the same corny. on contrary sharon us
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had taken the position of a steel wok or the charm and more. i'll have to choose and pee . to feed bill was put to shame. therefore country shares. taylor doesn't have in heaven too. mark crosby and effect kiwi morning terrible piece of sandpaper early. but yet we are seeing more cases of investments and for decision making by cable owners. you see this as a leadership crisis in this country. where as i mentioned contour insurers have us to own use and he was too appropriate the company's asset of fort their personal benefit. because of the shoes in his car at the beach being tested for all ryan and forty nine. so pc balance in these two are really all corporation accent. had bio con info and send being analyzed. we all use use up
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the cocoa christianity the popper on. these eco minded folk and wanted to or come to him showed him the founding of family ownership. so what are some ways improve the corporate governance structure and to reduce some of its own risk i want to fix these problems the snooker us share our deceased apostolic in korea she knew the piece of salmon or entities i strongly discourage. tony showed issue to be in calling it a two step their forties in austria the company for a shoot out by shows phone. sophia on the contrary company. we did at walmart. the pre echo arrow shooting higher the mandatory separation of the corporation on all the ceo and board of counting second opera and cocoa should have the concept old executive officer and the celtic hm should they be mandatory. and so couldn't cope arrow shooting higher than the thirty two nineteen forty. good points here thank you very much to start up again for joining us today
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thinking. the new york daily today these stories in korea and around the world breaking news. the hottest interview and a whole lot more. joint and others chime in and he had from the heart of seoul. my chinese to be done. well i can't stand on and on tv. or start a new second this evening. every friday will be looking at some of the hot topics of the week that been partly dealt with by domestic me now spare you the un will be running down the stories cliff in the press so we are taken away. a lot of interesting feature stories in this week's papers. i'll start with that old continental which hosted the fifth annual asian leadership conference earlier this week. in the study see former australian prime minister julian killer on the very far a laugh. of
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course president cup in hand next to her former u s credit president george bush who attended the conference to discuss in this year's topic this was a real indication of the two koreas. now experts and academics also came together to discuss read music he said. now one of the stake in its next article from the same paper in the title of kiera for me to music he said that doing a decent stymied by fifteen years able to catch up to the piano with increment generation. now kong oakland and executive director at goldman sachs said. we typically seem to be a solution for south korea's eighteen popular he said it would secure a four trillion dollars worth of north korea's underground resources built the set in just ten to fifteen years the economy of a unified korea would equal that of germany and catch up to the piano. soon thereafter now what's the bar who famously predicted that asian financial crisis in the late nineties which also at the conference and this is of
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course hand in this photo giving a speech and said that while there are signs of the bt said fund managers from around the world will jump at the chance to invest in korea and the korea stock market would grow significantly. but experts at the conference and didn't whine that soccer is the right thing that could be a problem as the cost of greed he said had come to it so it remains the case it is undertaken with careful preparations and economic boom let me down the road for a unified korea. alice going over to you either to live and exclusive coverage by the team unbeatable on to cannes crippled fail to see my new clear power plant. at that headline of this story read every sphere of green to wear this said contaminated water was kind he did radiation detector goes off the tee hee. i sent out one of their total list of me and he sired have been here with the special mask unfolding of radiation detector to try on
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this to two weeks in athens to consume and ninety nuclear power plants. three years after the disaster. the city one hundred meters away from the nuclear power plant on boats. the baby is a detector showed a reading that was one hundred and ten times higher than the normal rates are pleasing given that this area is within his own and that japanese prime minister shinzo papa had claimed it was safe from the effects of radiation. two years since the nuclear disaster and still periodic reports of contaminated water leakage it's about time the japanese government and the rest of the world deserve an honest assessment of the disaster the finalists go on over to tell nancy mind without a story on monday in the education system be seen children here in korea the title we'd stop by after private institution on this little island born again at the ground. the title of course is quite the photo right below which shows of
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girl pink blown out of the ground in school with the paper tells us that this team could actually mean to say not good hair day. so where are the children that it's getting closer at this next article read and read here which shows that a timetable for its second grade elementary student here in holland county on a school day and that about one thirty pm but after just thirty minutes of grass seen here in yellow. her day begins all over again when she attended english lingers academy and taekwondo class that i'm at home after all that spent doing homework. outside experts who say that jam packed schedules like this which are common among children make more prone to depression and impressive be easier. a change in education paradigm seems to be in her kidney. now that wraps up there like that some of the night packing stories in the press this week. and
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some other top stories on the global front we go over to our polity standing by at the new center fallen star with the fast moving developments out of the crane salinas. well gee crimea as moscow backed government has said a referendum on whether to re unite with russia. and that's not sitting well with the ukraine the eu or the u s park on salon has more. train the was he is and we'll be any integral part of ukraine that was the statesman by ukraine's interim prime minister and thursday in response to the crimean parliament's vote to bring forward a referendum on the march sixteen to reunite be up on us for with russia the last sixty years stuck with the ukrainian government in condemning the move saying the referendum violates the ukrainian constitution as
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well as international law the eu at a meeting in brussels urged russia to de escalate the situation. any further steps by the russian federation. the staff unless the situation in ukraine. one key to cynthia and far reaching consequences for relations between europe the new inn and its member states on the one hand and the russian federation on the overpass which we don't go broad range of economic barriers the eu a cost of sanctions including travel bans and asset freeze as a cancellation of an upcoming eu russia summit was also considered. however not all eu members are in favor of the proposed cent and says they will come at a cost to them as well. the us has already imposed these every state and non russian officials. president barack obama told his russian counterpart back into putin and russia violation of ukraine's territorial integrity and pride that the us to take the number of
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punitive steps in response the white house says that during the hour long phone calls thursday hours after the crimean vote obama called on fleet into books direct talks with the new government in ukraine and urge them to find a diplomatic resolution to the situation. officials and experts believe that the ukrainian prices is no longer wanted to be divided groups within the country but also less serious issue between the west and russia uk prime minister david cameron compared the situation to grow hard to see a slight miscalculation can see the situation spiraled out of control is eight pounds lost. i didn't use a tuesday but snow head over to china where beijing's top local leaders have gathered for their annual parliament read meeting amid already tense relations between beijing and tokyo due to historical and territorial disputes. china's national people's congress the game friday at japan's infamous unit seven three one. unit
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seven three one was a top secret research base in the north eastern chinese city of harbin in nine late nineteen thirties. harper looks parents were conducted on thousands of cubed obvious and civilians for several years. chinese delegates called for the ruins of the unit seven three one site to be placed on unesco's world heritage list. but lord to latin america aware of venezuela's president nicholas montero has broken up all diplomatic and commercial ties with panama both bolivia and cuba came out on thursday in support of the decision. winner announced the move one day earlier accusing them of taking part in a us clinic and security of a regime change in venezuela the decision comes after pena requested a meeting at the organization of american states to discuss anti government protests in venezuela which left eighteen people dead. i read somewhere a look at international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here on monday. oh
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and welcome to prime time sports on tv and said now almost two weeks have passed since the winter olympics ended. but still it is now bustling with athletes once again as the largest ever paralympic winter games begins open a week and a total of five hundred and forty seven paralympics from a record forty five nations are vying for seventy two gold medals in five sports all in a ten day span athletes will compete in alpine skiing you by apple on cross country skiing ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling. the games opened amid the ongoing crisis in neighboring ukraine and actually ukraine had contemplated boycotting the event but decided friday to send their twenty three person team. after all. and moving on to football here in korea beat in the classic
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kicks off this weekend with six season opening match its it all begins where it left awful last season the defending champions people how the steelers will host of last year's runner up steve was on hand the tigers at the steel yard at two pm on saturday korea time for the rematch and with many teams having made upgrades this offseason is set to be an exciting year for football fans. now shifting gears to the upcoming world cup in brazil the power rankings are out following the latest round of international friendly nice. now let's take a look at the short list according to police report despite the official world rankings brazil comes in at the top spot. ctu home field advantage while spain comes in at a close second argentina germany and italy round out the top line meanwhile south korea steps up to twenty first after soundly defeating greece this week standing below group mates belgian and brush up
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and the both algeria. now let's get to friday's kbr match ups in the first day as kate b school will send the nineteen sixty eight. but now let's talk about the dean of the night. the league's top two teams molded see this and the ltc acres they saw both teams are you going to start. what else can break away for a four point edge at halftime. and despite an overseas when they are playing lights out its older brother moon third film and lg back to the best of it and be careful when eighty to sixty seven. and that's all i have for now this has been students at the cia backed cheerleader for more from the world of sports. it was a dry day here in seoul and there were multiple reports of forced buyers. hooray for the thousands turn things over tracking them down at the weather center put down the same one that officials say that the fire that broke out in time that the pill province aren't a total of
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six that has enacted five hours to play out due to strong winds and dry conditions. now less than three days in the dry weather warning has been eight years and that remains in effect and that was part of the country. the humidity level in scotland has increased to fifty eight percent. however considering the fact that the levels and this apparent that there are at at around ten percent but there remains very dry in some parts of the country the words being clear skies nationwide. however while still moving in the central presents late smart night this belief that life has been snow showers in the central region on sunday other than that temperatures will it get back to the seasonal average rain starting tomorrow. eric taking a leg at tomorrow's ratings itself that topped the day at minus two degrees with a high of eight mi ma kate winslet and treats the late teens clothing on sale at every change and take to make it to ninety three swap local tops out at four back to you guys. spread out
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and after broadcasts on this friday nights i'm toking so drum and bass for watching half of the weekend will see you soon the two. it was the bookseller. henne has it that. in many of these seats about forty years each ninety six to tie. msf to two thousand i was going on fourteen if i make myself and i was fourteen i would reckon
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this of course that person today. it's the same spot on reduce like a normal work on green st. well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys could be the same though below are the folks looking to see what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow us don't. so i try to get ryan to working to clear the deal is seen to conduct a life changing. no holy giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstances. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the top. we are. goal. in one
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the kids do that. he said well winter is called the vista home its northeast of b c and d in quite a bit another direction and in use them. the same vintage. this bolivia. mr the scene. nature makes him the way around nosy. looking into how the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for i think this is a move by monday. it's a man whose longing for something. he's only had this long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i did. when
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you need in one . brushes and wood steel and lashes out at american mainstream media for turning a blind eye to evidence suggesting ukraine's new coalition hired snipers in kenya. the transcript which created quite a stir in the direction on some european media was completely ignored russia calls on the un to launch a probe into the mike allen killings are things i see your jet ski was caught in the firing line there. which i was two minutes away from being shot dead. i see or jet ski recalls what he witnessed during the violence in ukrainian capital. also surprising addition of the world from


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