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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 5, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the room the next in the broadcaster is foreign minister yoon young save present soul stance on crimes against humanity like north korea and japan at the twenty fifth regular session of the un human rights council this recalls the gang recent missile launch is a violation of un security council resolutions and offenses that commercial aviation is now at risk they stopped between western powers and russia about the standoff began playing the what is moscow's real motive i'm done with
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the kids. eye. the words and korea and those of you for watching from around the world its twenty c mark that here in seoul. ryan and tom and katie so much for joining us. we begin this evening with souls diplomatic efforts to address japan's wartime sexual slavery issue the south korean foreign minister yu myung say raise the unresolved matter of cost for winning at the un human rights council in geneva earlier today for more on what he said the bring in our house on the key into the studio this funny look and tell us to a speech at the un human rights council session today mr young guns has stressed the need to stop the ongoing sexual violence and armed conflicts around the globe. there are violations that took place in
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the past in which the perpetrators had yet to repent and going into the so called comfort women as living at the dance. mr you said quote a way that the painting past wrongdoings of brighton teacher will not be secured. which is a smart message to japan and has a two hundred thousand women mostly for bn that were used as slaves by the japanese army in the early twentieth century. this is the first time since two thousand states that seoul's top diplomat is attending the un human rights council session at the first time ever that the comfort women issue his teammates which is the sign that soul is serious about tackling the issue. relations between korea japan or at their lowest in years is it getting worse. shall i put it this way and spent the years as president aka need to copy a sense yes yes to sit down with her japanese counterpart other parts of the talks privatization bill ave is notorious for its nationalistic stance and his tendency to glorify
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the plants wildlife and history. she has always eat at the center of the diplomatic row. japan's latest denial of that word time trying to estimate by spice education minister who cleans the japanese military's use of race as a fabricated story. now on top of that japan said last week it would review of a landmark apology issued in nineteen ninety three to the concert and then got back on the statements after nationalist politicians in japan called the women's accounts at school i think going back to ministry in speech and in need but he also mentioned a diary commitments conditions and north korea. he then went to see and talk about the us recent investigation into north korea's human rights abuse is expressing hope that it will lead to practical steps for improving human rights conditions and the reclusive regime. that's the kind of comic called on all nations to stop the forced repatriation of north korean refugees who have left their country in search of preventing and to ensure their safety. mr young
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also talked about were separated families and were tied topics he's calling it one of the most serious humanitarian tragedies and urged north korea to cooperate in solving the issue at the end i told the unions protect at least on a regular basis. alright so i knew things were wrapping up the dutch foreign minister statements. my question. for it now moving out to seoul's push to have regular cross border family reunions south korea has made a proposal to the north this time and writing asking for talks over the urgent humanitarian issue but as our team jim reports many expect tongue and to turn the offer down it's the education ministry sent a written proposal to county on wednesday suggesting that makes you curious quilt tops i made him the unions for families separated by the korea war. regular events deputy spokesperson custody and said the ministry
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proposed holding a brown of working level direct costs hawks next wednesday to stop the inside of common stock which is located on the key factor for teaching the two periods. the offer follows has an impact in his call for regular family of the unions during a speech on march first which she pointed out that tens of thousands of south koreans remain on a waiting list to see their long lost love ones in the north. the last round of the union's two weeks ago with a first in more than three years young and has yet to respond to seoul's proposal. local media outlets in seoul say pyongyang is likely to reject the offer and instead need to counter proposal for working level talks the other uninstall costs were being shifted to discuss suggests the resumption of course to the north's mount condemn resort and the lifting of economic sanctions on north korea experts say pyongyang is likely to respond to seoul's proposal after joint military exercises between seoul and washington and on
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thursday. he was the night and eats. so there may be trying to keep the inter korean relations warm for the sake of family re unions but it is also keeping close watch over north korea's recent provocation seoul's defence ministry lashed out at countdown for its rocket launch on tuesday a move that said violating un resolutions the defence ministry correspondent him and then reports. south korea's defense ministry said wednesday that the previous day's rocket launchers were a politician of us to katie calls for resolutions. as the north did not notify any one of the defendant events and the missiles jeopa airliner flying to north korean airspace. this is a violation of un skirted council resolutions and have threatened the safety of a commercial airliner. congrats to stop his publications on them by spain's national standards. defense ministry spokesperson to mean so
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labelled the losses as explicit acts of aggression against a series of ongoing military exercises by south korea and the us. adding vessels keeping a close watch on the possibility of additional publications to come. the missiles which were re kindle two ballistic missiles and those resources in south korea so where does that. the north passed around a hundred of the muscles in his arsenal. the missiles to live up to four hundred tokens explosives and chemical weapons and dozens of missiles can be watched in minutes. the kindle two has amassed a rate of under seventy km h and had a party at that distance in less than four minutes. mostly it used to read to the seoul metropolitan area it is thought that dirty kindle two missiles about the bomb will bomb was packed and soul in the crosshairs. north korea has recently developed a multiple rocket launcher in no time. which is perceived to have a part of the steps of tea with aplomb. that means that missile shot from the border every skin tone what a joint military bases
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of south korea's army airforce and navy headquarters are located the pentagon said tuesday in its latest strategy document that north korea poses a growing threat to the united states. because of his pursuit of long range missiles and nuclear weapons development. the us defence department said that us military will keep up its investment in missile defense while maintaining a major presence in the region ugandan additives. on domestic politics the teeth of opposition democratic party. amanda and i would stress to the new political vision party will serve as co leaders of their new coalition party making the announcement that the national assembly's briefing on wednesday. a spokesperson said an equal number of lawmakers from inside. serve at the party's leadership. although the size of it has yet to be determined. kim and i will make a final decision on how the new coalition will be launched soon as thursday the surprise merger between utep and new political vision party came on march first
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the korean government has unveiled its to do list that aims to help carry out the investors. every year economic innovation planned some sixty past focus on balancing domestic demand and exports boosting the r in the sector in reforming organizations and imposing can have fifty counts a total of fifty nine e mail past will act of the korean government's three year economic innovation. finance minister kang suk said during an economy related ministers meeting on wednesday at the focus on removing excessive red tape in the name of growth and bolstering his luggage corporate investment. to accomplish the latter and boost venture business says the government first plans to offer bigger tax breaks for so called angel investors those who invest in start ups are traveling until investors would not be taxed for investments of up to fifty million won roughly
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fourteen thousand us dollars starting next year or two thousand seventeen the government also plans to provide financial support worth eight hundred eighty million dollars for five hundred small and medium size businesses every year starting in two thousand fifteen pounds said that the government is drying up a package of measures aimed at easing regulations that have been active participation of private equity funds in the mergers and acquisition market. the government will go through the tasks in any economy related ministers meeting that takes place every week. also set up a separate task force team to monitor how well the past are being cheated. see you and yours. more koreans who were raised or even born abroad are returning to the homeland to make new lives for themselves. commonly referred to as composing koreans they now account for nearly fifteen percent of all foreigners in the country for connie lee reports on how
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their immersing themselves in korea yet coach and work and can dance is known here in korea is receiving her scholarship to study in korea she sticks her hand she needs his team from ten at just seven months ago. i'll be studying law at southern university. the scholarship given by the overseas korea from teaching she has been set for nationals of korean descent. now routine dna chance to come to korea for the first time in or buy helsinki for her opportunity to study in her field of choice. when i found that there are more advanced and developed courses in the area of law that i wanted to study here in korea and china. and she's not the only one making them into the motherland according to recent espn ministry of justice the number of foreign nationals of corinne ethnicity surpassed the two hundred thousand mark for the first time last year
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that said twenty four percent increase in the year before. between them the record number comes from the increasing number of korean chinese citizens of the korea in two thousand and eight immigration laws were amended to give korean chinese citizens living here similar benefits to korean citizens including being allowed to own property and have health insurance. in two thousand thirteen more than sixty seven percent of work early and cheney. the second and third largest group or the korean americans making an eighteen percent pickering comedians me at nearly six percent. and for the most part. many come to korea for the job. it didn't move it to their staff will be greater interest among overseas koreans to live in korea because korea has become globalized book many new employment opportunities and take advantage of opportunities is what one korean americans do. this is about the thirty one year old's counterparts uses
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american influence is and train ethnic background to start the match to fusion restaurant in town. it's going to california and has never really vast array of it is available to us but when the korean taco truck trend started to really bloom and i can i woke up when it was like a weather we introduce a scaly and talk which trends in korea as opposed to a student again the restaurant has climbed the anti three locations in the span of two years. i think korea is as they did such an under rated place to do business and to live as an act that was the couple. and i think the opportunism of really abundant. honey i am nice. it's over now to the latest on the ukraine crisis a series of diplomatic efforts to quell a further
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escalation of the standoff is on what the leaders from russia and the west are set to meet on wednesday twelve russia and the new west will top of the same day as well honey can reports within eight of easing tensions over the ukraine crisis in russia has agreed to meet with me no one minds and brussels. it'll be the first contact between moscow and a military alliance and stretching forth his new into the screen. i mean peninsula. further soften your fine lines and parents. us secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov will hold off for the first time since the unrest in ukraine he dropped it. the tale of the meeting on the sidelines of a special conference at pains to help lead the non cope with the influx of syrian refugees. before traveling to france kerry stopped and he and michelle support for the country's interim government. afterward carry slanted brush and deployment of troops to crimea as an act of aggression. they added that
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the us is not looking for confrontation. in the streets today. i didn't see anybody who feels threatened. except for the potential of an invasion by russia. so i went to hope that present boom. it was assessed a chance all evidence everywhere in the world about troops being radio that they're not there that he will step back and listen carefully. that we would like to see this de escalate. the short trip to kiev kerry offered in economic and technical on package worth one billion us dollar is too hard. ukraine's new government. united states also plans to send technical advisor if ukraine to get the country's economy back on track. meanwhile in russia and the defence ministry confirmed that it successfully test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile tuesday. although the council's planned before the current crisis in ukraine and the us was notified before hand. after the undercurrent of tensions
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between russia and the west honey can. i don't use. and for its first case on a fast changing events in ukraine in the er joined in the studio by professor owen mention how the department of ukrainian studies at humboldt university for four and studies the welcome to the program proved to be here well professor let's start with the root of the crisis why is russia so keen on innit tightening its grip over ukraine and it isn't something that putin had been planning for a while why restrict the amount of crap do you know i know we should remember it and carries them russia's black sea fleet their input is not willing to leave that topic and to eye russia does not have a very favorable extra oceans still on the bricks the fleet is really important to ration out the cancer in people with different in access to the mini train you see the atlantic ocean and the indian ocean. aren't you what you get green and its
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control over the creamy yet he would not have to um mm negotiate with ukraine and the precious present their presence said that the miscellany more outspoken believe we should commend rented their end up like the ricci and deposits of shale gas in europe the um coast of the cream you can find a lot of the countries are unhappy with this move the us and to the west are talking back to sanctions now do you think they can really be in palin stands will it make any difference well i think what you can stop down in caring about what the rest has to say about him long time ago within days the men of actions not just worried. i think you do best steaks more action. many people to move the more favorable ii into every ability to use plants that about cooking baking to ukraine. so if the invitation and it does happen will we see of a repeat of the georgia war the five d georgia war that happened
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about five and a half years ago when russia invaded our way or the observer is included in that year a chance to ex presidents have to spend the food back to our cherished and scenery in is being depicted in ukraine right now that i have to think that there are several differences between ukraine and jarrett jack. for example that the young who support for him to intervention and domestic support for into an intervention into ukraine is much weaker in the crash and then it was i in the georgian piece of tissue pretty as the russians are slobs. they are so called pregnant people preparing nations and to their own interest me never to see families out where and which consist of family members who have i read that it's on both sides of the border and down that the sultan expert not forget that sam ukraine is much be directing the jury can impact a test of larger population still if the team decides to wait till we're on to ukraine
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i e will cost significantly more than all of this recession diplomatic efforts ongoing right now i see speak to the bird to this escalation of the crisis and ongoing do you see any possibility of a negotiated and confidence. yes actually it up. i firmly believe that sam this company must and can be a result according to the international law um are taken into consideration bed by its actions ration has violated the u n charter of the helsinki final act of the conference now to curate an operation in europe. ii as well as other mob multiple entries in by a natural tree down. treaties and agreements and international community chalet and can react according to the international law in this case i entered the international law states that on any kind of intervention by one state in an other's internal affairs
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is unexpected bout and should be condemned but the global community and the question has been playing. when will they do and i will be due to time. and i think this will determine where heritage urgency that and will repeat itself in ukraine are not. i hope and pray that each one all right professor thank you so much for your passion in life. i have two more global news updates from china opening its annual parliamentary session to that driest month instead of pouring over one hundred forty years it right for poly at the new center so well what did we learn from the first day of the national people's congress in beijing well the big focus this year for china is the military and the economy. china opened its annual national people's congress on wednesday morning kicking off a key legislative session with over three thousand delegates in
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attendance. beijing will boost its military defense budget by a twelve point two per cent to about one under thirty one billion us dollars with a likely go towards border defenses in life is extended air defense so pretty or that he could xiang highway that china's growth chart for two thousand and fourteen will be kept at seven point five percent as it seeks to stabilize the economy. the full session of the congress will run for a total of nine days during which crops and pollution and reform issues will be addressed. and over in the nine states present brought obama has submitted an annual budget blueprint for the two thousand fifteen fiscal year. it features a focus on fighting poverty the three point nine trillion budget proposal calls for raising minimum wages and more spending on infrastructure will also reducing the budget deficit by over six hundred fifty billion over the next decade obama said it was all about strengthening the middle class for job creation and economic growth. obama however is expected to face strong resistance from
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getting the budget passed by the republican controlled house of representatives. and heading over to southeast asia and intense we've been trying he has been battering many countries in the region for the past few weeks singapore's national environment agency announced wednesday that the country is suffering one of its worst run seasons in history. with every being its driest months since eighteen sixty nine experts say the dry spell friends of race for other food prices and have a negative effect on emerging economies in the region relief may be on the way and seeing sure monsoon season is set to begin at the middle of this month and run through early may. dazzled inter national stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the weather took a step back from spring to winter today here in korea for more let's go over tracking bowed out at the weather center now. well
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we can take a bite of winter it just yet. about ten centimeters of snow has piled up in the east coast regions although the snow showers have now come to when and what must the late winter wonderland over and helena province as cold wave warning has been issued and the providence college on the dry weather warning so please make it to keep yourself hydrated. we then a senate under the influence of a high pressure system from the northwest that is why we're seeing clear skies across the map. now let's hang in that bit longer because we would get back to our seasonal average temperatures over the weekend and tomorrow is forecast to be the signing line. moving on to thursday's meeting itself that topic they add minus four degrees but the high of sixty eight when trying to reach eight. as for everyday use. that said also make it to eight degrees and cocoa tops out at two of us helping out but i'll be back with my updates after
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midnight. the two prime time sports on tv today. as an athlete of one of the biggest on or she can have this meeting the president will hear its toll on wednesday south korea sochi olympics athletes got the chance to meet president park and then for lunch at the blue house president todd heap praise on the olympians call and in true heroes for inspiring the people of korea. she went on to say that the was not hungry for medals in sochi but running for compatriots and lesser known sports like curling and pops play. well the president was in for a treat as well so is presented with an olympic torch and a signed bob sleigh helmets by figure skater kenya mom and pops letter one usual. and moving on international football sundays are taking off across the globe. but let's get to south korea's match against greece. coming up in just a few hours. it's
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important to know for the korean squad with coach and tumble reiterating that is the final test before he unveiled the official world cup roster on thursday. now action kicks off at the car ace cocky stadium in athens and twenty n korea time meanwhile with just about one hundred days to go see far has given their thumbs up to brazil's ongoing prayers up preparations for the world cup marking the occasion he's the president sepp blatter said that all problems are under control and that it will be a full exceptional good start for an exceptional competition however despite the encouraging comments brazil continues to work at a frenetic pace which some stadiums still standing on finish. now onto the korean basketball league in the first of the doubleheader kt took them bowling ball eighty two seventy four but now let's talk about the dean of the night. it's the sk and
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i found some founders hall the thunderous right facts and take a nine point lead and then i will deny that they're pushing the third but can't get it going inside to pay the one he dropped seventeen point of the night and understand the way and seventy three to sixty nine now it's pro volleyball end of the uae last place to go hosted korean air is a lot about prayer. most of last times on his new wife beating out the home team for the first two sets out tesco makes a final push to get her in an actual michael sentence is twenty six winners. what's it all in straight sets that's all i have for now but i'll be back later with more from the world of sports. now back to you guys. thanks eve and after broadcasts and this was a nice and neat evening so the shawl and thanks for watching we'll see you soon
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we will will will will eye braking is our tier national elite diplomatic phone call revealed the same snipers and hit the town square where shooting and pull for casters and policemen were allegedly in the paint of ukraine's new leadership. my first day with the cosmo job for which both get somebody from the new british. the somalis to be in the stallion foreign minister talking to eu foreign affairs chief catherine ashton. now the stories here it's he who is calling the shots in a bikini at


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