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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 4, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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of them the eye. yours the eye the stories making headlines this hour north korea fired short range rockets for third time in a week despite protests from washington and seoul that such provocative acts violate un resolutions. his foreign minister in the essay is determined to raise the issue of wartime sexual slavery by japan at us. this week as political leaders in tokyo trying to whitewash atrocities committed by compare a list of banned last year was in order his troops involved in the military exercise in western russia back to base after east west tensions over the years aboard the train
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rattled financial markets these verses more next time fan. i don't. it appears at rei and hello to those of you were watching from around the world it's tuesday march forth here in seoul. ryan and john when things so much for joining us. we begin this evening with north korea's latest provocation in less than a week. the communists stayed again fired off multiple four range rockets into the sea all come down lost a total of seven missiles stepping up its apparent protest against the ongoing south korea the us joint military drills eighty and has a top story at around four thirty pm on tuesday north korea fired
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four short range project dolls using a multiple rocket launcher into the pc is it going to scold defence ministry. these missiles have the range of about one hundred and fifty km immediately following reports that the short range project allen says the defence ministry announced that north korea had on they fired three short range missiles into the ec. earlier tuesday morning. bring the total of missiles launched on tuesday to seven. the one spot in the morning of about fifty five km. defense ministry spokesperson timings of label tuesday's launch is as it was the act of aggression against the ongoing joint south korea and us military drills adding that they're keeping a close watch on the possibility of additional cup of tea sets and or craving team fired four short range missiles into its easter what this last thursday and then to scott's diesel range missiles on monday. the share price of the number of launches comes as north korea has been stepping up its rhetoric
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although washington early on tuesday for deploying its nuclear powered submarine to south korea's southern port city of poutine. as part of the joint military drills north korea's main internet based propaganda website which means if he called the man with a profit each in for a nuclear war against a communist country. you can even use. as south korea readies itself for a possible re unification of the korean peninsula. it is looking to germany for lessons on three a divided nation together for long so he sat down with the german economist karl heinz day for his view on which tax tolls to take the many comments from heinz tuckey who he's an expert on german unification said. if it weren't for me and a clear economic perspective his team preparing for the reunification of the korean peninsula. to do so with the city of twenty million. the whole metropolitan area for two
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million people. rising economy. so what's the border is open. north koreans poopy the move will come in great numbers. a man entered the league identities on tuesday. he said the korea us must begin by forming a currency union and transforming and privatizing government that north korean industrial sector. this process cost germany over two trillion us dollars. although there are varying estimates it's expected to cost to me at around three and half trillion dollars a tonne. he ensured that it will be money well spent the festival north of north korea. has it been quite a surprise moment to lose that and it was all the trade links with south korea has to europe and america. i think that all of the teachers who could think off to invest in the renault of golf and korea. our blog is not all rosy. with every disc threat of war upon
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the education of the teacher vs. there is the question then what will happen to them thousands of north korean soldiers from the present nearly forty percent of the population. he will have holly unemployment for one we didn't have very high implement in eastern germany for a very long time and still the unemployment rate in eastern germany is higher than in boston to me even today. but to the surprise stupid page. the case as germany experienced structural difficulties and suffering from low growth rates for awhile. despite the struggles he agrees with south korean president to get a better me and aside from the act would have benefits for both sides. join year the ap obtained for unification would be a bonanza for the two koreas we didn't have as a consequence of institutions for major economic reforms and today germany is one of the region the move was to just go to santa. in europe so the whole venture has
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been successful and i would say expect exactly the same case. dual identities. a curious foreign minister is set to raise the issue of the japanese military's use of slaves during world war tale himself at the upcoming un meeting this weekend staying at seoul serious but tackling the issue related to japan's wartime atrocities. mackenzie on the second counts. south korean foreign minister yoon young stay will address the un human rights council this week to base a ht of the so called come from winning by women forced into sexual slavery by the japanese note region will likes you. saul's quite uneasy state to state minister you will give a speech in geneva on wednesday local time to come they hit the country ski and sonic human rights issue. this is the first time since two thousand sakes. seoul's top diplomat will attend the year anthony rights council session. mr ewing is expected
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to call in japan to compensate the victims of its wartime program of military sexual slavery in the consummate oak is continued in niles of its past wrongdoing. capitals to the al west race inequality japan senior vice minister of education is to us about that passing that in nineteen ninety three apology for this actual screening system was fabricated. well calling for abe's abolition of the supporting testimony the currency may be is an official apology issued by koch is dainty had a secretary billy kwan o apologize for the atrocities are painting a day during its current tax took his bright green and they will democratic party said those who were foreign ministry officials at the time to be summoned the writing that estimate that the fee also said he will sign a petition to call for a revision of the sea. he's young guidance there is no need for central bank governor usually i'll who is expected to take
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the post on april first to set his vision to communicate more fully with the market announcement ga has more on the b o k veterans vision and some of the challenge is still face ahead. the nominee for the back of korea's next governor uci says he fully acknowledges the importance of communicating with the market. during a phone interview with the korean daily it was argued on monday he said that the central bank has to gain the trust of the people. he went on to say that the central bank has to focus not just on the numbers but should look for ways to be in harmony with the actual economic sentiment. back in two thousand nightly he was sworn in as the senior deputy governor he pledged to focus on boosting economic growth by working closely with the government. whether east perception of the economy remains intact. it is unknown but the veteran central bank official is considered to be
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neutral when it comes to monetary policy the presidential office spokesperson said that yet has a profound knowledge of the central bank's business has a good sense of the international financial markets. he started work at the central bank in nineteen seventy seven and has held key positions through the years including as the head of the research department. once he takes office next month. experts say that he will be preoccupied with matters such as how to weather the impact of the us federal reserve's tapering of its monetary stimulus program the nation's snow balling household debt will also be eight concert become the new moon when he will have to think deeply in terms of monetary policy about how to counteract the real estate when household debt problems that are growing as major threats to the korean economy the national assembly will hold a confirmation hearing for you within the next three weeks. the lawmaker is not
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however have the power to veto the appointment. add the onions. well speaking of household debt the government last week announced a set of measures to curb the debt burden and to free up disposable income at for more on what those measures are and whether they will prove sufficient in effect that the brain dr wood founder and president of a chef on a society in the studio. i think is very much for joining us on to do so when we meet a professor over the past five years we've seen a very rapid rise in household debt about a forty percent increase. we crossed the one five trillion mark or were nearly at one trillion dollars of household debt in the nation where some of the main drivers for this row whoo hoo week or so the locals who did of course when you do of course much to me and sickened when you do cream of spinach do with it you can woo hoo. all of it
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as a political smarts you can use this tool we use the green hosts mike has to be console room kinds of tupelo of the whole war was a cool bottle when it was host to a new symbol of this to do cool and cool in the p u of o fortuna one and a few decent city. going to school so can be hard to set free and it suited the princesses too quickly. upton said oh. so if it is the co room somebody tried to stamp one total to the party has included substituting norton tool to use a vote to close the book or human condition. there were no trees up of federal money. co producer of those rooms a motif and ran to tackle this cup run a problem the government laid out a package of measures last week the cannula blockbuster summer the key policies that stand out and partying different from the previous ones were a few. due to
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the school routine of hosts who did good. the tutu into the show has included low flow so high. cool with two wooden close of sixty two of them which didn't even palm leaf and one when the moon to be considered for most of whom mean punishment is hoped will post when a new tune in kuwait. for some dim sum to hold so dear goodness that would change a fall from the short film. o the oprah with me. assistant to roll to me though. while fixing computer room cool pics are in houston. and those were the most suited influences them. the second one is sick and ended up in the one built into the new is the new combo the entire crew to a photo when colm critical tone. so on the other side of that equation of the debt to income ratio. another solution with p to raise incomes of this especially with the stagnating and comes up for the past few years
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gee think that that's actually like a feasible way to go to intense need to drive the street quinn group read was the one who can afford to enter for the reasons it is quicker and quilted going to hero who both local people and that is why it did mean to me to head the group continues to do so in the new mission and the wardrobe of them. this assertion though to reduce that you can commit to the tories are we in compton is the pot to cook so it kind of course it isn't fit to return them after a before me like a golf club the latest measures prove to be affected in the not quite catch what more can the government and financial regulators due to inept could this be carrying problem and for control of the recent duty of the month of thinking which due to . do you need to teach the iom committee to move go so that the dude was in remission of
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co hosting wholesome option of home was so cool bottle of money. facility is to poke was to do home and in which bp theo kosovo the summer i will thank you so much for your insights tonight then too. jr train could be easing as russian president vladimir putin in a news conference said moscow has no plans to annex ukraine's crimea region in fact hours earlier the russian leader or troops involved in a military exercise in western russia back to base the campaign has the latest in ukraine crisis you two russian president the man who says he has no fences and russian troops into ukraine. but the same time says he hasn't ruled out the possibility entirely ellis is one of many
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messages putin delivered at a news conference tuesday evening. fielding questions on the situation in ukraine from reporters. he defended his actions and pointed the finger at the west noting that russian forces had not fired a single shot since they were dispatched to crimea. putin called on leaders of the us and other western powers as being hypocritical and the combinations specifically mentioning the united states interventions in iraq afghanistan libya. he said all came without a un resolution authorizing the action. as for the leadership of ukraine he said the interim government was the result of a co op and that the current home and as part of the legitimate by the country's acting president does not. he was so forces say that militants has sent the country into chaos and the ukrainian nationalist anti semite or walking the street of tea and other cities. clinton also was support for ousted ukrainian president viktor eunuch a the russian leader's a eunuch a bit cold and yet not given orders to shoot
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demonstrators. the news conference came just a few hours after president putin order one hundred fifty thousand troops taking part in military exercises near ukrainian border. return to their bases with them forty dollars. presidential spokesman to meet the press call made the announcement tuesday called exercises that success. this prize will take pills in the central and western territorial commands it was last wednesday. as tensions rose in ukraine the withdrawal comes after european union condemned the drills as an aggression and read the brochure was saying since a truce and not return to their bases but their stay. in a bin the tannins. despite positive side is that it craving global stock markets turning around the unrest in that region. stock investors around the world push the stock market and currency tumbled to levels unseen in recent years while other international markets were also affected some news on the speakers western leaders
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are draining russian president lot in improving with anthony kelsey's for its military intervention in crimea. but the financial system already appears to be punishing him. the mosque as stock market suffered its biggest plunge in five years on monday with the bench for my six losing eleven percent before a cooking some it's a loss this atc trading awesome in euro on monday and russia's central bank try to contain the pond by raising its key interest rate by one half percentage point to seven percent. he was the largest interest rate hike since the global financial crisis in nineteen ninety eight. stock single market stumbled across the board. when investors selling of shares particularly in companies with exposure to ukraine and russia. the dodgers industrial average shed nearly one percent on monday the european markets but the harder that the london benchmark financial times stock exchange any dame one half percent lower and carrots and fall for stock losing two point seven and
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three point four percent respectively. stop on the pranks change in the nfl but all percent and the country's currency fell to a new low against the us dollar. ukraine faces a possible people's eyes that moscow was cutting off aid to its twenty economy. you should. in asian markets saw shares closed slightly lower on tuesday after taking nearly one percent on monday welcome to in hong kong shares rebounded on bargain hunting after losing more than one percent each on monday. the answer and he's pushed oil prices higher when brokerage features adding nearly two per cent in london. and gold also gave over two percent to thirteen hundred fifty dollars an ounce. to mark its biggest game of the year. this time i am nice. and say what stories making headlines around the globe from the latest developments in a deadly knife attack in china the forbes list of the world's richest
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billionaires we can apply for foley in the new center pull ball let's start with the china night massacre did the police capture the remaining suspects wiltshire issue a news agency says of the three remaining suspects involved in the attack at a railway station in south western china are now in custody the chinese security ministry said tuesday that six men into women are responsible for the stabbing spree saturday that killed thirty people and injured over one hundred forty others beijing says this effort is true from the far western region at changi a home to the muslin weaker minority is believed to have carried out the assaults. moving over to egypt the country's military leader general abdel fatah also see has given his clearest indication yet that he will run for president. on tuesday and a graduation ceremony at the cairo were college houses seats if he could no longer ignore the demands of the so called majority and a dj for party unity of the people army and
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police. you do the will of the egyptian people alone is what governs us we respected we've protected with all objectivity and fairness on her and without deceit those who think they can stand against us already tell this will or counter it with violence or wrong. and we are totally responsible for protecting the will of these great people. elsa cna that official procedures concerning his candidacy were expected in the coming days he's widely expected to win and fours magazine has released its annual list of the world's richest people bill gates reclaimed the top spot for two thousand fourteen with a network of seventy six billion us dollars. this despite getting way bill is a cherry in recent years. the co founder of microsoft step down as chairman last month to fill the role of technology advisor for containing philanthropic efforts with his global foundation mexican telecommunications mogul carlos slim came in second place with seventy two
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billion of my spanish clothing conglomerate founder armaan seal ortega. some of korea's most car a plane is for the tears also made the cut. samsung's legendary charity donkey ranked one hundred second place with a network of about one eleven billion dollars. his only son j why he came at four in a half billion dollars after being deemed the vice chairman of the group last year. paula chief of hyundai motor pro can to honor second place. there are sub par a look at international stories making headlines. i'll see you back here again tomorrow night. we've been enjoying higher than seasonal average temperatures for awhile now but i understand things or change that's right for more let's turn things over turn can go down at the weather center began beating guys look don't get too used to visit warm weather because we are and four up cold snap starting tomorrow afternoon
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for the rest of the week there once in a month event at us for a test to get one to five centimeters of snow and it here in taiwan province. you can see between five to twenty centimeters of snow crab meat eggs and the southern regions under the table and the ball over as head chef this is why those reasons i seen sporadic showers or snow in some cases it will find this love of the most part of the central reasons i'm now back to norm uncovers how it's being slightly higher levels that will bear out by tomorrow morning. they can say wednesday's now there is a zealous daytime high of reached his six victories which is about five degrees lower than today. the monday when the sun and the low teens. building on sale at every dance at the mental ago will fill it up added six degrees while munching that peace and quiet. but not what i have every now and i'll be back with black ink to midnight. the welcome to
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prime time sports arts student at the start of last year has told the queen of the ice queen donna has put the quote absurd olympics figure skating result behind there and is ready to move on meeting with hundreds of fans em all. instead she never once been over the results and that she's happy it's over. controversy erupted at the sochi winter games as brushing teeth heavily muscled man called pop out scored an upset the defending olympic champion despite flaws in her free skate program. and as for her future plans and twenty three year old finn made it clear that she has with our streets for good and that she has no regrets. well with two world championships and olympic gold and multiple records in the bag she certainly has much to be proud. blago. and as sad as it is to see the figure skating queen retire. she'll definitely lend a hand for the next winter olympics and
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count on. and speaking of that preparations for the twenty eighteen games are fast on their way in the latest groundbreaking ceremony was held for the sliding center at the helping to restore the venue slated to be completed in twenty seventeen will host the bands for the top slate skeleton and whoosh. in his speech come one go province governor ten wins and boasted that he said there were only sixteen such facilities in the world and that this sliding center would be a stand out from the bunch. and out going over to the nba for time the ndp in law brian james has reached yet another milestone eleven years into his legendary career scoring sixty one points on sixty seven percent shooting with a three pointers and so he led the miami heat's to a one twenty four won all seven victory over the hapless charlotte bobcats and with that he shattered. not only his personal points record of fifty six point seven two
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thousand and five foot cliff win but also the heat record of fifty six set by glen rice bank in nineteen ninety five now heading to the korean basketball league. we had a double header in the first and the ordeal has been ttc eighty. but now let's talk about the game of the night. it's the acc and just posting the teal and elephants and sons in gaza the visitors hit their stride in the first quarter and taken to sixteen point lead in the hass taught his students is furious comeback as he moved back to sleep and forces the whole team but the jury at the end of regulation. now with bonus all the momentum is with the acc and big bang out the clutch way and ninety one to the theory. now as pro volleyball in the daily times on friday faced off against one a card and had done. now comes on the top team in the league set the pace by dominating the first set
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the second set as well. we talk strikes back into the third but a couple of unforced errors to them and this comes on the characters the fourth and gets to play in three cents to one. and that's all i have for now this has been speeded said aussie bag here later for more from the world of sports i think caden and as it broadcasts on this tuesday nights and you can hand sew them shell and thanks for watching the season. i was the event. the good international audiences are all interested in this isn't the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and
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so therefore its worldwide. i like about it it's the mysteries is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also just alerted. you know about the closure of the land to barbie and you get to play with bergen norway. through slept through the acts for the londoners you get. you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because they're they're set in sweden. and of the main character is said that was to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of
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wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia lecturer suddenly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question than that to prevent the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the lightness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the books i brought that to me. and lo and behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting. certainly enjoyed the guys wonderful here it is to look at it and is very very good after i ate i really like the longer series but high time to qualify that because i've watched some of the irene us
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and she is fit and that is really going to take off. it begins with irene and doing the karate kicks in your meal is taken when she was she doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive sight read. so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my thing. the very pleased that though. within the last year or so nhc is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on. because i really feel that if un the united states universal opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. and i just want to spread the word
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you knew you. for the use of milk three four tsp. there's no need for that at the moment. i like this as deploying troops in crimea will be a last resort and will only happen on a legitimate basis. he also added that mosque is concerned by neo nationalist gain power in ukraine. and russia's envoy to the un rebuffed criticism of russia's stance on ukraine citing a letter from mouse to present our cottage asking moscow's help to restore warrior. under the influence of western countries that are


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