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the auntie who is he. it was only a lowly last lesson on monday and tuesday i received a full band. we owe more to him. tom and kelly had been too easy and simple an hour china's pension system is undergoing re forms. even if lee who paid about seven thousand dollars in total pension contributions or benefits would come to only about eighty dollars a month from eight sixty. that's equal to what she earns in just three days as a housekeeper. liu has no choice but to earn a no for her retirement the old twenty one million people live in beijing. an estimated eight million. no one from rural areas. a survey by a chinese newspaper from the twenty third of migrants don't want to return home during the holiday. one factor is
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the financial burden of paying for transportation is presents for relatives and cash gifts for young family members. but there are also other respects. this is the couple's mention club in central beijing. many women can drop by anytime after six thirty pm. customers are all single and from malaria first paid three hundred thirty dollars two year and provide information about their salaries own towns and what they're looking for in a park. in return. the agency matches of members. more than eighty people usually come on any given day. there were few missed it because the new year holidays were approaching. most of the club's members go home during the holiday. these people stayed in beijing to keep looking for me. we asked them on. when our mom. to me
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that a student lucy will die so i can manage. while talking to a comment to get it. don't tell he's thirty eight. he's from a farming village more than two thousand km south of beijing so yup. i still want to give up. instead it was a year only joe and rinse a room in the summer. it's about ninety minutes by bus from central beijing where the matching club is located. oh and yeah well does the idea million towards love my blog indiana jones remains comes to roughly one hundred fifty dollars a month. the most we can take home and really eats up on buying the house is on the question. he wants to return home with the fiance to make his parents happy
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but it's not easy. julio cruz feelings. oh and today you will see what yet. she was eager for romeo fonda me and said that the neocons see a soul sitting in class going on today tonight host and after the jump teacher. now choose to be on the moon to have meaningful. joni is a contract worker at a printing firm. his incoming is unstable. so some months he can't save any money. jones is the second oldest son and his family. he came to beijing sixteen years ago in hopes of a better liar. he has since changed jobs at the times and has worked as a coke and the delivery man not once has he gotten a full time contract with benefits. usually it was cole hall is all mine. the list or
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madison the museum of art she had a similar goal. only she knew the only tv. the laundry or shine she not only on eases the mind emotion and sleeping on the field corn number of students graduating from chinese universities is increasing every year. in two thousand fourteen. the figure is expected to reach a record seven point twenty seven million for someone like joe with little education and no connections. finding a full time job in beijing is becoming even harder. and without a car or a home. he can't find a spouse the number of men in china like john is increasing. many of them say they feel uncomfortable when they return to their hometowns and are surrounded by family members. the law. she was great to see it. the alley
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they don't like him obama image. it all. the piece down to check on the hop. so as to why he's here. he said the truth. you can shout hi dvds. this is the second year at chung will stay in beijing during chinese. a the suburb it is above the ninety minute drive from central beijing. migrant opened the car wash here twelve years ago. seeds cloves ahead of chinese new year. but this one stays open your old one gmo. the owner these promo for farming village two hundred fifty km away it is is that they are still out on top. i feel about it so shut up. i mean i'm glad i got it spot on and they continue to read it it was all the incentives for
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let it and look at the time you complete after that you find that the governor. daughter we thought that the law the thought that laid the ball. the flow of the kidlets got off to god that they will my opinion momo data to lead off with the candy off the bottle top but the fact. he's drivers tend to want to clean up their cars ahead of the new year. the number of customers doubles during the season i long and has one. this is in this instance they can't afford to ignore. they keep their car wash open to rile the holidays. eye. all has two children aged three and twelve. grandparents tackle they see their children for only a few days here while it is up. i love that i die
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tomorrow. died in iraq. in iraq. daughter calls them almost everyday. in the. i knew ye. i was. they fell out do you send our sons to get over that when you are an eye out on the tilt of the twin won the title was hit by an eminent had such a union for going to have to wrestle the show. charging ahead of the gospels. slip the lovely dishes as i was out. feel free and at the time. chinese citizens aren't allowed to freely transfer their official place of residence that means migrants living in cities don't have equal access to government services such as education healthcare and welfare. it's difficult to enroll their children in local school. that's why one and his wife chose to leave
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their children behind the one they continue to work during chinese new year instead of going home. i had a tv yet how neil than that. no barrier made of candy. you all to one contact. and then a ten out of sight honda that's not gonna call you on on the list. had an acl and in the show and laugh. billy had. children's education from kindergarten through college will cost about fifty six thousand dollars the couple's annual income is about thirteen thousand dollars the only continue working here in this lucrative season to save as much money as they can for their children. i grew i i want has never spent new year's holidays together with their whole family. i will her aunts and shoot sparks
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freeze up. and local children enjoyed playing on the constant attempts the year is drawing me the housekeeper is making dumplings with cheer. we are carrying on in a cold northern chinese custom of eating dumplings with family members to usher in the new year. but the two women celebrate the nine alone they know. ei. for model will work in iraq. and he could my rule. to shore. he was loaned out to our will xd i'm so going down. i think it's a religion had been looking forward to reading some things on the stage with her four sons but to cancel because they were busy with work. a walk she gets a phone call from
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her younger brother. pay only ferdinand ii. and you can look at the mall the look and coral and punch a hole that will be nice humble elias. from what turned you on the weekend though. we eat. to me. and me are you i add. at home. in a zone able to see her grandchildren on new year's see. she knows that it can't be helped. much is known able to hide her loneliness when she talks about it. in the quarter and ten. china's economic development progresses. more families are living apart. that's when chinese new year should be an even more important time than ever for families to re unite they had been eagerly waiting to see her children and grandchildren. you have chosen not to return home so
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she can save more money for retirement the sound of firecrackers outside signals the countdown to the new year the standout land. islam is cloudy and a son. it's out and tell me i am seeing him honda and a dad. hear from them. pierre name and sound cannons and poland to one for movement and the sinhalese wednesday and ends. pms term for total idaho took our time so head on a single event can do that here we are. in. the lead me. he is still on mayor. they are. we all really. chatted for a friend and a member of the matchmaking well. mike jones. this man chose not to go home because he doesn't want his parents to bother
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him about not being married yet. he says. the other guests it is a female friend from the same hometown but. heat. i've had it. joan has spent sixteen years in beijing. the launch of the matchmaking club for four years old. but he says he has nothing to show for it. why is he going to succeed in beijing more than anything else. all you actually want to to know anything this could be a committed and the reason that it's criminal to gender identity. who made so ago. but in eighteen ten the laundry the battle line to get it in the debates and votes he only told this is on so it's a good student and continued shooting
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opportunity. i'm not. you will see will it. seal the door. iraq has turned into. yes i lied to if i was done with them through shrewd yet sigh. she seems to be huge. tys. the tv on and on all ah. the one at that stage he saw it i want to use the law. tantalum might get you take one day one. it seems that loosened the womb room. in all i can use to flee. they are cheap i mean come on that. and islam summit shown on time. she'll undergo them along. i am according to all children of fun. and yet it and she seemed to believe. so i don't each down the old routine
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sh is my dietsoh . more one cmd fortune continued. ghosts and sound replace jones which is sixty. deliberate or noisy fireworks. these were all over the city. welcoming the new year. scores of migrants who choose not to return home. my disguise and tuesday. helps. or. you know it. sixteen now. cz the streetsshe plans to continue working during this festive season. for you until she has had a one st the woman just wants continue to watch this. you won't see their children during the holiday crush their kids will visit beijing during summer break. i am. then to june. i can't imagine. want
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to go home to read chinese migrants living in big cities have different reasons for steve nicol. your choice reveals how chinese society has changed. will the trend continues. to see me for a time honored chinese costs as these points on their way in asia. earlier. mm mm mm mm the news. the large sheet for democracy. the huge challenge for growth and sustainability the korean peninsula which you can threaten the security we will reach out to where it hurts. the top stories of the week. the world's fastest growing economically to make sense. today i watched the show this week. i tuned into the margins. we consume stupid stupid stupid cinema the creation of. the seeking
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to arrest two years later the group reached a turning point with the passing of the offender. all the girls are taking control introduced in the east including the council three. all of their journey to success more chance especially to shoot up to. the eu. yours the source of life at this hour. it is still alive today had this month's extraordinary session in korea's national assembly which bills have received the green lichen which did not have their details. it's an apparent effort to protest the ongoing suffering us military drills. it's an attempt to win badly needed foreign investment me. south korea's response to outside alice seems to have it now seems to like candy and intentions worked hard to reach missiles into the ecb last night. and koreans have
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been having taken not to smile for the past week and the airport for both which i think it goes. all tracks are pinning their protect herself from these health hazards. he skied the experts coming right up and i'm kind of stupid. it's friday. every twenty here in korea. so i would like him and from whence they do so much for joining us. we begin with the latest one hundred eighty degrees slipped and injured korean relations. they seemed to be heading back on the right track with the successful cross porter family re unions earlier this week. that is until last night when i realized that for sure read scud missiles into the sea. i did a nice candid report on the streets to maneuver from the north
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some korean defense ministry said friday that north korea's lee business launched seems to have been planned to quit so the sorrows school's annual military drills in washington. the ministry said the north have five four projectiles which considering their speed and direction are presumed to have the true range scud missiles. this is the norm for scud missile launch in five years the laws also follows an incursion by a patrol boat over the de facto great time border within the two countries on monday. what's a seoul's defence minister said at that time was sent to test the south korean military. it is. given its timing coming right after the inter korean family re union suddenly ongoing key result rails. we believe that the north's missile launch was very intentional about time for publication the ministry said the south korean military is
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prepared for any provocations from the north. just hours before the launch so i propose around the red cross talks to resolve major units used include a reunion for families separated by the korean war. sold unification ministry said on friday that is looking to see if the launch will stay in its relations and the talks are expected to be held as early as next week. on top of that a private organization had recently offered to send supplies of food aid to the more worth nearly one hundred and eighty thousand us dollars. with the recent improvement of vinegar relations. some experts believe the board executed the last to gain some leverage. during negotiations between the two koreas. other experts believe that this was a protest against strong condemnation of the north's nuclear program as human
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rights follies and bite us in the estate. sean carey either way. south korean government is keeping a close eye on the situation the play is a set of countermeasures against the two provocations. to him in. the ten days. the result education ministry said north korea has so far refused to accept a message regarding age of three missionary who has been detained by the north since last october the ministry said it tried on friday afternoon to send a message urging telling him to release scheme come up and to ensure his safety until repatriation. then north released video footage on thursday of the press conference in which kim claimed to be a south korean spy. instead he entered north korea four months ago with the aim of building an underground church in the north korean capital
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the nine nations world of student program reportedly provided north korea with some three million us dollars worth of emergency food aid earlier this month. what an amazing reader free asia reports that the u s agencies to apply the emergency assistance for children and pregnant women in the north due to a drop in donations from the international community. the un body is curly try to collect two hundred million dollars earmarked for the two groups in the north by twenty fifteen but is only collected around twenty five million so far. he estimates that eighty four percent of all north korean households have borderline or words to that contention. if strong measures to japan over recent historical and spiritual the speech. china destiny to national base to highlight the wrongs committed by two pm during world war two
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chinese officials say the move is a strong statement against any future wars. for more on this story returned to our pocket you will. and he continued tensions and no it is a shia over historical and territory least use train as standing in edf the national people's congress has designated to announce monday to highlight japanese aggression during the second quarter more the chinese government singled out to campaign carried as victory day in the war against japanese aggression to coincide with japan's commander of allied forces in the second warbler on september st in nineteen forty five. time now also designated the cemetery can ask the day to remember victims of the nanjing massacre. japanese forces captured the tiny speedo ninety and a standing date in nineteen thirty seven and
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four six week period carried out crimes against humanity and the city's business the estimated number of people killed and japanese troops during the incident ranges from forty thousand to over three hundred thousand the chinese foreign ministry said in a show that i'm less government less determined about its national sovereignty territorial stability and its opposition against any aggressive wars it also stands a strong message to japan and any attempt to challenge the post second world war on terror. a keen eye and the nature of japanese aggression will never be tolerated the ministry also learned about the resurgence of japanese militarism and called for a japanese leaders to take a responsible approach toward them that are soft history. meanwhile japanese chief cabinet secretary yours if you can
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see that said friday that the governor will be setting up a special investigative team can beat them in penang too many likud the statement which apologize to six weeks during the second one lord and acknowledged in japanese force is responsible. i could disadvantage within japan such as brown former prime minister to me and i am not as the chimney and the nation will trial at neighboring countries like south korea the japanese government has apparently decided to head with the plants. to lock in on me. turning out to the latest from crisis hit ukraine a group of heavily armed men have reportedly taking over two airports in the ukrainian region of crimea. kiev wrestling moscow for seven occupation of the progress or region despite the assurances of non interference from the crumbling of police
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reports. ukraine century minister arson have a comp has accused russia of an armed invasion denouncing the move as a violation of international agreements avid costs and the large force of arm and we cleaned our russian soldiers. i read it the saddest opal military airport in ukraine's region of crime euro on friday morning. the airport is located near russia's black sea fleet naval base eyewitnesses say the man dressed in full battle gear carrying assault rifles and russia flanks to control the airport backed by armored vehicles. the other main crimean airport in st de paul was also occupied on friday by armed men who also appear to be pro russia malaysia. he remains unclear whether the seizure is the initial stage of a larger military operation corporate simply this is all ukrainian forties from exerting greater control
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over the eponymous region the russian military has denied that its forces were involved in the seizing of the airports. earlier ukraine's new government in kiev had worn a new movie by russian forces beyond the pieces territory would be tantamount to aggression russian foreign minister sergei lavrov new to assure us sicker to see john kerry the russian will respect ukraine's territory. other western nations like britain and germany are also calling on russia to help ease the turmoil in ukraine's russian dominated region. on thursday the new ukrainian government held its first cabinet meeting led by newly appointed prime minister in our city gets in you. in the meantime now said present a victory and a cold it is said to be in russia. russian state news agencies aree plansn hold a news conference on friday. he is a clear he is
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still ukraine's president but has lost support across almost the entire country chloe audio mix. over in seoul national assembly lawmakers passed a series of long pending bills as this much extraordinary session wrapped up today but they remain divided over a controversial revision to the nation's pension system our national assembly correspondent you don't go as he detests lawmakers in the national assembly passed a series of key lightly the bills on friday the last day of this month's extraordinary session. among the bills passed was a revision to the personal information protection act which requires financial institutions and organizations to encrypt the plans thirteen digit identification number restoring been in a database level of the parliamentary security committee has the early devices failed to fully protect their citizens
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and the specifics will be bringing to the president of the curry was sick the change was made in response to a massive got a week last month affecting some twenty million cardholders at three for the car forums and millions more clients of financial institutions in the months prior to that. lawmakers also passed a bill that will allow the parliament to more swiftly appoint an independent counsel for investigations into an array of system crimes ranging from corruption and wrongdoing by government agencies. the bill creates a palmetto tree standing committee bill will be responsible for making bathed and ate of the claimants in the past the new committee was created for each new appointment to go to the standing committees appointed independent customers will consist of several government officials
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the bill also allows the formation of a special investigative body charged by a trend of relatives of the president or senior officials at the presidential office in order to prevent a technical breach its lawmakers however will not be subject to surveillance the rival parties were unable to overcome their differences on whether to make the basic pension schemes to national pension system. that means they failed to put up the vote on a bail out would offer a monthly pension to senior citizens over the age of sixty five in the bottom center percent of the income bracket. to know again. add onions. the final results of an investigation into a massive oil spill off korea south coast elite last month the arena and the damage was much greater than a refueling stop. yes the maritime police announced friday that
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the total amount of oil spilled in west africa to fifty four thousand readers now that's more than one half times greater than they in turn estimates that it simply said set their sights on more than sixty people in relation to the accident eight people have already been charged with helping to bring came from negligence and the conduct of business and destruction of evidence the spill occurred after eighteen curtailing the break in january thirty first as it tried to stop causing three oil pipelines all three of aig's topics to rupture. one of korea's nuclear reactor shutdown southerly early this friday morning. the niners fifty thousand kilowatts and eight two reactor in young one time non go province came to a halt at around ten fifty am. sea run plant operator korea hydro and nuclear power said it is invga


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