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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 27, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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i know the next in a broad s officials have called for the release of a south korean missionary who has been held captive in north korea since october and this just in the defence ministry has confirmed that pyongyang fired for projectiles into the city's earlier this evening. to the melting hazards of toxic dust from china built environment minister says beijing will cooperate to develop an advanced falling dust monitoring systems. a pro russian gunmen seize government buildings in a border region in ukraine raising fears of separatism in a country still reeling from the alister of its president from sunday's big
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and staff. that means it's thursday. they vary twenty seven here in korea my soul i'm moving on and sean went they do so much for joining us. we begin with the latest confirmation that north korea fired four short range missiles into the scene earlier this evening. for more details are still alive on the phone to my feet and knees correspondent up to one that you hardly know so far i can't tell yet if i needed a haircut for a good korea fired up for the gift pile of which are believed to have been thoughtful than in the pool at five forty two
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the atp. the forced to read her thoughts were bought from newark korea felt it during the week in an area with a gal could he be eaten or in the direction. they get it the mountainous region with a maple bar to pack. located forty km felt that north korea part they get why not go to korea to keep and the three foot hole. if the person in the last four north korea in nine months eight what can we get fired up and we've been told it could be seen. south korean defense minister that they can and philip are believed to have a read of some two hundred km. many people be spending a lot but in response to the ongoing health cover yet you live through it to the street to help auditorium can and cannot be dated to the period thirty four that are prepared for any possible publication from the north. do you dispute you. our intention to one in our foreign experts to you on the latest missile launch by north korea we have on the line doctor can tell you a senior research fellow
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at the korea institute for defense analysis the caregivers for joining us now are two missiles fired to be a provocation from the north it mean what are kenyans intentions. over a period that the period compared to knit for it and apparently show for it the tool to improve the capacity to strike the very strategic. our thought life compared to you over if the two of they will always be overlapping time the club had been connected to think that if the time gone. who of the united states history if he cannot think of you know the appropriately to the boat going on with the ocean. it can creep into the can follow
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football if he did that you've been pulled them out go in to the two into the possession are coming along. so far beyond a point in the upcoming i want to get the spotlight from the international community to the very beautiful day when they'll all make the film would do more housework making candles. our gestures they can get back to the negotiation table full of difficult area of your travel which could trigger a push to show off their past two to three p t point where the two hdr t and the command of the above dficult that isk the premeditated go. rebecca is a publication of the commission s if not the stuff you missed it. for the improvement although the peaches. this week we saw on north korea literally testing the waters of north korean patrol ship on tuesday violated the defective maritime border on three separate occasions. the signs of the more serious provocation to come as many experts predicted that
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the end of last year. if it can't go to our republic korea and go on to compete on two of them north korea would go on. due to its maker pro united states may go belly up the above comment of the u of north korea. of the appreciation of the area people are going on kampala if you would think they are stephen silk road to make them up. hard to move forward the pico of vocation i could cash in their van and head of property on the go. they are shortwave who can fly. he connected it be prepared for clarity and if the fighting go youtube and don't ignore
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them to prevent them from korea denied that his aunt again keep you up for both of his life. the truth. the tiny north whistle on jack. this is a bit of a surprise as crisper relations seem to be warming up especially after the rare round of the levy means that the cane train and early this week that how will this impact teacher in korea relations and i desist no want to i just want not violate un sanctions the targeted though the up i did that the wedding of my understanding is that the electrical hopeful note the root of all people can do that the second round the falcon and goldman. that potential. did you know. to improve the nation's peak of condition two of the time and that the international community. but they cannot get the best is the stuff the show and you walk around the cove and have loved to fly and not get the youtube infection. cool old ward. he
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of the o'keefe effectively can identify with the walls of the few days. on the other hand they can show off to the footpath and one other thing is that of the feast of the forest of atomic bomb test and into the path into the creek the country. to get the logo of the escalation of tension beginning to look cool. i did we get to be prepared. of the five d upload it to get that form the key to open it that the big mysteries of the show the show forth the beach go go. it can be of use of the permit government the uncouth to go don't commit to two pretty good too toward the most confused him with the hint and alumni
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stuff unexpected move. all right dr james other senior research fellow at the korea institute for defense analysis think so much for speaking with us. well meanwhile we learned earlier this thursday that a south korean national is being held in north korea on charges of trying to overthrow the regime missiles in education ministry almost immediately issued a statement calling on candy and cute pretty peachy that christian missionary. i mean any significant ministry course my kampung some reports. at the south korean missionary and dirt north korea on the other seven with bibles and other religious materials in hand. the next day he was captured by north korean authorities and has being held against his belt ever since. at a press conference in kenya and thursday. can that get wanting to be of an underground church in the north korean capital. i advise north koreans to demand in china to break the north korean regime until the consummation and ordered him to build an underground church in the north. north
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korea claims can at the south korean spyhrow the state. this claim was backed up by hand he testified that he received money from south korea's spy agency in exchange for providing information about the north the national intelligence service tonight the plane thursday. and it's worth noting that can be and has a tendency toward statement added that he needs the education ministry said it was notified about the oppressed in november but that the north refused to give details on that. usually it's a toe. he was being made for north korea to continue ignoring our repeated calls to identify and repeat rate that teen south korean and two only to reveal his identity now. in the ministry demanded that the north and chart and safety and tell he's repatriated and to allow his family and laurier to visit and you can get. it's rare for a south korean
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national to be detained in the north and the incident comes amid falling enter korean relations experts expect him to be released sooner rather than later as north korea is known to showcase its detainees before sending them back home considering the unpredictable nature of the cutting edge three g in the possibility of the south korean missionaries. the news to the park and eat it cannot be ruled out. on sunday at antiques. north korea and japan have agreed to hold working level red cross talks in china early next month according to japan's foreign ministry in the six days of talks scheduled to start on march. third the japanese red cross and its north korean counterpart are expected to discuss repatriation of the remains of japanese nationals abducted by north korea. the last red cross talks between the two countries were held back in two thousand twelve in beijing. the world. chris
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household debt recently passed the monumental figure of one one trillion won or roughly nine hundred thirty one billion us dollars experts say it's dragging down route to tackle the problem the government announced a series of policy measures and the state and our correspondents in and get reports. the government announced on thirsty set of measures for tackling the country's money household debt of love the finance minister photos of st the couple will be elected. to bring the ballooning amount of household debt under control the government has set a goal of lowering the debt to income ratio by five percentage points. by the end of twenty seventeen the debt to income ratio stood at one and a sixty four percent as of the end of two thousand and twelve. the government
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said that debt to income ratio was near the mid one hundred sixty percent range at the end of last year economists few household debt as a persistent problem for the economy as it could affect domestic demand. to address it korea's financial regulator urged local banks to raise proportion of fixed rate loans the financial services commission plans to push local banks to increase the portion of those with fixed interest rates sending crews also repay the principal and interest together. the regulator hopes to raise the portion of both fixed rate loans. a principal interest repayments to forty percent by the end of two thousand and seventeen financial regulators also said the growth in the amount of debt held by self employed people are people using secondary finance institutions such as savings bank say it's a bad sign that people in this group tends to have higher rates of
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defaulting on their debts two hundred and ninety nine years. just like or does that tell the four year prison term for sixty one the head of sk group for embezzling company times chair was convicted of embezzling some forty three million us dollars from two as cake or its subsidiaries to make personal investment in stocks futures and options in two thousand eight. his younger brother cake and one was sentenced to three years and six months behind bars for collusion. sk is the country's third largest conglomerate and has more than ninety s silly acts most of korea has been cloaked under a thick layer of fine dust over the past week or so and the blinking of cases people worried about the possible health effects and to bear my chair and forecast air quality in this country. curvy it just may join hands with china are seen standing explains i gave my mother it's been really
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challenging him in the house seemed a fine dust particles and we win or place in all that if we retreated when i go outside. i usually enjoy outdoor two babies nowadays i try to see inside unless it's important though it's been a little boring. vacancy rates rebates and tasty. and they're not happy. they had been chatting smoke from china that has claimed he did most of korea over the past week continued thursday. when air pollution warning was finally lifted thursday afternoon and seventy five hours after it was in paris by the government which makes it the longest morning after at its highest level of concentration to find just get over one hundred and seventy micrograms per cubic meter. that's nearly triple the amount recommended by the government asking see the polluted skies have forced the elderly and the young to stay inside as a toxic particles can cause respiratory problems and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease it. one local
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hospital and the southern part of seoul has reported a twenty to thirty percent increase in respiratory patients over the past week been coughing really bad for the past couple of states i've even started to cough up a loaf pan. so i now wear these masks and carry some in my pants as replacing it. to better monitor and forecasts air pollution and the future of korea has turned to trying out for help. environment minister years and years as korea will jointly develop a new forecast model with ageing to better prepare citizens for fine to assuage headed for korea. once it's up and running the government will be able to use that data collected to improve the accuracy of its forecast victory and hear lots of blood narration sad that the higher level of the fine dust will gradually decrease as the night progresses but it is expected to be a recurring problem at the time your yellow duck season is nearing. susan and itn news
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during the council of women world leaders that network of calling cards in the prime ministers and presidents council said wednesday that its happy to have present god as one of its forty eight members. it added it hopes to promote women's leadership in conjunction with the president noting that she has sought to eradicate violence against women and children for social policies present i was invited to join the council when she was inaugurated as the first female leader of korea and every of last year established in nineteen ninety six the council encourages young female leaders and aims to raise issues that are important to women. earlier this week rest and have been a celebrated her first anniversary since taking office as she enters its second year of her five year term which ended only do
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we get to looking at her administration's featuring some of its shortcomings and today the focus is on her cultural enrichment initiative for the analysis joining us now is dr emanuel pass right. professor to manatees it many times college at seoul based county university and director of the asian institute of great at the back of an honor to be here. the professor christopher spent a lot of time and focusing on cultural enrichment during her first or not this time however there are critics who say i did set cultural enrichment concept is that it is rather be and it lacks substance. as someone on the provincial committee of that it's the thought. she explained to us what cultural enrichment isn't what it aims to do. so i obviously it's an enormous chef to indian korea's policy and direction and i think there will inevitably be a lack of concrete visit the beginning because of the profundity of the change essentially koreans have
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assumed for the last sixty years that technology would be the driving force for economic development and so's the shifty are descended in fact know its culture is going to be the determining factor in terms of the specifics with me the committee. we have a large group we talked about some basic editing issues that would be possible going poet in terms of education in terms of outreach and supporting things like that say don't enter overseas and also locally in regional areas to make your all koreans or have access to cultural activities and then the broken into smaller groups mind being technology convergence technology and manatees. and we have preparing very specific proposals which i think to have a good chance of being a the imac info where we were looking at i think aged nine and ten months in the future so the administration has put this push for culture into legislation with
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the enactment of the basic law on culture. what are some of the key aspects of this bill law so that the law is a good thing the direction it's an effort to say that culture is the primary asset of korea i think we can see it in the context of the other shift that could is moving more towards that died you added high culture the market i think is this idea becomes more mature. specifically there's a need for artists that they used to be. if you wanted to get the diagram you can only do it for like semiconductors and now there's an intent to move out of sync technology creativity innovation is something which includes artists musicians writers and that they should be given a higher priority than that in the korean economy intrigued about lead to a new phone. so for the average korean besides enjoying these new cultural opportunities what is our obligation and the whole scheme of having more
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creativity is encouraged in the country. i'm in. that's in another actually questioned by and the creativity again is something you can order people to do with mrs bennett this is a major issue right as we have government systems in general not just korea built on the sale can even do this much i wanna get this much i'm culture just doesn't work that way. i think i did get the most the greatest potential is the creation of open environments in which artists are respected they get the attention and the support that they did they. the choir and also that we understand that if you want to be creative use of technologies that we have in new imaginative ways we have to create an environment in which creativity is valued and that starts from the kinda guy. all right professor in the pasture is professor of ten university
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and director of the east institute. so much. thank you for helping me. tony did all went out of ukraine were just hours ago group of armed men report we seize control of the main government building on ukraine's crimean peninsula. for more details and other stories making headlines around the world that can live to our unity and standing by at the new center. first tell us more about this the state government building. hi guys dozens of gunmen on have reportedly rushed into crime and government headquarters i don't think i'll take the police officers and then raising a russian flag on the building's rooftop be to not know yet. should the group phase that gets made any can and only posting a sign that reads crimea is russia. here's one of the witnesses. let
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the sauce or one hundred percent soldiers because police officers or anyone else would he just buried her troopers. russian paratroopers or whatever they call themselves. other witnesses say they spoke russian and appeared to be military separate as if the security forces have been put on high alert and the local government has said its negotiating with on many remained barricaded inside the moving on to thailand where prime minister in locks in a lot has been summoned to face an anti corruption panel faces charges of negligence over a disastrous rice subsidy scheme. the point of the prime minister say she turned a blind eye to warnings about the program was fostering corruption and causing huge financial loss as prime minister in the states was only involved in formulating this team not to implement he said the national anti corruption commission summoned her on thursday to answer questions but she said a lawyer to
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represent her instead. if found guilty she could face impeachment. that would further develop main opposition leaders to that takes you beyond tie him up to a live televised debate after weeks of rejecting any form of dialogue in law says he's open to negotiations but once the protests to end first. help the united states to me since the light was on arizona where governor jan brewer be till the controversial bill that allowed this essay is to refuse service to gay and lesbian customers. brewer a republican said the law could hurt the state's economy by attracting away businesses one example in arizona. what business owners religious liberty has been violated the deal is broadly worded and could result in unintended negative consequences. phoenix is the host city for next year's super bowl and the buildings
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concerns that the banks which is likely to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy could be made. that's all for me this evening and i'll be back tomorrow night for another look at all the stories making headlines around the world. fan. oh and welcome to prime time sports on tv instead. beginning with the olympics figure skating controversy which erupted as russia's heavily muscled nicole fo won the gold medal for korea scheme cannot be created a whirlwind of reactions that continues to swirl the media lead the scoring system as well as adjusting came under fire with many questioning how sold a call this free skate score could be so high considering her near fall the reaction was swift with former skaters experts and fans alike expressing disapproval and called him on
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the international skating union's for answers. malt they got not the isu has apparently refused to formally address the issue now a week later. and whether a two million strong taste of work that this petition calling for a refuel the jaunty hat so to counter response remains bc. and moving on the south korean men's national football team has unveiled the new world cup jersey step nowhere in the home match is made by nike the iconic bright red jersey as the korean football and the walls of the heart and also the blue stripes mikey each shoulder and copied with blue shorts it's largely a minimalist design that doesn't break from those on the past but utilizes sophisticated fabrics meant to boost performance. and then into the greens for the lpga the hsbc women's champions is underway and the two thousand and the less important winner karrie webb has the early week the thirty nine year old aussie was
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steady with six parties in milk logies for a six under sixty six and the one shot lead over american paula creamer after round one meanwhile identity is tied for seventh and to wander while defending champion stacy lewis seats way down the leaderboard at three over par. and now it's thursday's matches in the kb yelp the first day molded step down the toy he owns seventy nine to fifty four. but now let's get to the game of the night featuring the kt sonic boom and the eat eel and elephants. and now with twenty five wins apiece they're fighting for sole possession of fourth place with kt with the early advantage and eight goal haul in the half by five pt lead smelter combat the high ricardo powell who and the evening with eighteen points and seven boards and the teal and the pats to win seventy two sixty three. and that's all i have for now this has been students at us
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you back here later for more on the world of sports the us. finally some good news on the weather from the four day long ultra fine just watched came to an end this afternoon. but accuracy and that we're not out of the woods yet so for more let's go over to a cable down the blog and this mom has all of this concern. that's right and expect that concerned as well aunt annie's expert on
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that bus trip to a related diseases voiced concerns that he had the spot could be an even greater threat than size now moving onto you are applying best breeding is why as you can see most wives of the central regions including scolari getting high levels of mine that. and currently cold air from the north and west that is is moving in and looks like the cold air will attend the show way to find out tomorrow leaving to normal levels and moving on to tomorrow's ratings start a row and was out on the eighteen twelve degrees thinking i might get their presents till two am back and back creek seven and five is to decrease perspective the guides. think it will then trade that and that is air broadcasts on this thursday night i'm going and sell them sean when things were watching will cease to
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you long will whittle greens as the president dismisses the country's interim leadership as the adjustments and our small step for protection. while pro russian activists to occupy the parliament building in southern ukraine truth is this approach is that recounts looking to protect the release of ultra not chasing kiev. their idea no extra shine over. these other was a big needle and some boss a debt to china. i found it to four months achilles are accused of being modest


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