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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 26, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the eye the stories making headlines this hour we're stepping stone to mortgage the korean government will provide lunch early and watched a roughly ten point three billion dollars in actual age of twenty thousand households this year mortgage loans. there was talk of the education in the air fall in the vail mountain's for korean war good bye to be released this week. questions remain on the future of injured korea times piece featuring experts
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and new to her what her situation it might have gotten so bad that people there are only a means to lincoln. even though world health organization has partially in action. that means the kids. welcome to grant any state to state every twenty six here in korea life and soul and moving them from him think so much for joining us. we begin with the present strive to boost domestic demand by relieving the burden of housing costs on the nation's middle class of tories hope that measures will also boost the sluggish housing market i can easily turn has her top story. balancing record breaking exports with greater domestic activities is a key economic objective of president clinton's three year plan an the first
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concrete step toward boosting domestic demand that the casket together a detailed plan to reinvigorate the housing market. finance minister thomas told a meeting of the car related ministers on wednesday that there is an urgent need to stabilize iraq in casa grande these to lock consumers to spend more on other banks. to control prices and restraints on rental system called tons and the guards will make sure some five hundred thousand new home is filled with guilt over the next three years the delightful also offering no interest loans. children who haven't really want or attend every us dollars to new homebuyers to ease their burden. it will also drop tailored plans for people seeking to rent their home on a monthly basis. wesley smith came one day after president unveiled a three year plan aimed at overhauling the greek colony into a vibrant trendsetter for a fastball. taking
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the ascendant. to me and it is competing to delete it give it a lot of time to time to read it to her and overall deity and back. i gave a typical nineteen eighty eight had pushed me back. and to bringing the apostle debt issue. saul aims to lower household disposable income to debt ratio like five percentage points. mike played seventeen the finance ministry also said he was great awesome and can by creating new jobs particularly a woman and young people. search is on aiden needs. and speaking of the local economy boosting exports and increase in domestic demand are the two staples of the package administration's drive to protect the domestic economy from external shocks are national assembly corresponding she known gill has more on the trade ministers meeting before lawmakers to explain the plan in an annual polls report to
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parliament retreat committee on wednesday. trade minister has come to the comments to support small and medium sized companies seeking to boost their export volume to them. you can to help the city schools sports you increase the size of a trade finance program to more than seventy two billion us dollars this year from six to nine billion last year in london. you said the minister will aim to lift korea's total export volume to over six hundred billion dollars this year up from a record high of nearly five inches sixty billion dollars in two thousand and thirteen the ministry will also seek to increase domestic demand in order to reduce the country's reliance on exports making the korean economy is less susceptible to the ups and downs of global markets the government also plans freeform the country's regulatory system over the next three years to remove excess red tape an all star slugger scooping best
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next weekend and it is to allow the ministry will review the current economic regulations from the ground up with the idea of removing the excess amount. you also try to prevent the regulatory system from becoming overly complex between it and then to promote good relations with dublin will seek to include in the bilateral free trade agreements with china canada australia and new zealand as soon as possible lawmakers on the trade committee urged the government to be sorrow in its assessment of what korean test again i loose from the trade pacts implementation of the trade deals is expected to expand korea's state territory from fifty five percent of the global market to seventy one percent. to dunk it. add the onions. history of efforts by crane company seduce their presence abroad more are investing in the us state of california and specifically in los angeles he takes a look at how the linkage between firms here and in l a is giving the city of angels appear. a
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number of trucks are pouring concrete into the hole the site of the future will sure track a seventy three storey skyscraper packed with offices retail outlets in hotel rooms. when it opens in two thousand seventeen and will be the tallest building and is sitting in a college in the united states and the first to meet your skyscraper built in the city in more than twenty years the company behind the project is seen through the korean shipping and airline tights. the super nice really nice to meet demand. go read it the chill of the uda and the sentiment too. the good looking down on the day. l a mayor and her status as the building has already given to literally hundreds of booths to one billion dollar investment in los angeles. eleven thousand five hundred construction jobs. we love one thousand seven hundred fifty permanent
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jobs when they finish their work as well. so i think everybody who brought this date together. the other korean companies like samsung and cj are also taking part in boosting allie's local economy. according to a report by the los angeles county economic development corporation korea and is ranked as one of the top sources of foreign investment in l a county california in a bid terminals a subsidiary of hyundai merchant marine. that operates out of the port of los angeles has plans to develop a new terminal and has already invested tens of millions of dollars in the area. did that to be made direct investment and that women need it and accept the medal will exceed hundred million us dollars in tow thirteen and elbow are any comments that the los angeles county economic development corporation says the free trade agreement between korea and the us is allowing even more korean capital to flow into the city increased to a
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trade as result of that we will also see an increase in foreign direct investment particularly ill are easy going both ways their ears to investments remain but clara says he expects korean companies to pump even more money into the local economy in the coming years. given the area's future korean american consumer base i don't use los angeles the strange part that matters really get your ring to keystone with north korea supports present at these plans to launch a product or a committee with the single unification ministry spokesman qin he goes on said on wednesday that the functions of the committee and the ministry will not overlap in elaborated on the president's plan explaining that the committee would be of brainstorming for ways to unify the korean
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peninsula and prepare accordingly. while coming up with ways to integrate the policies and the people of the two koreas present hike announced plans to launch a preparatory committee for re unification on tuesday in a nationally televised news conference now chris and i had bowed to map out a fresh path to curb being the nice occasion and she took an in depth look into preston parts of north korea policy were joined in the steel bike after pulling and chic senior research fellow at the outside is due for policy studies. welcome to dating. now i've every seen. inter korean the labor unions pretty much a no on concluded without much hope that despite the fact that some for us at joint military drills are currently underway now are we seeing a warming of cross border relations yes we do anything after the successful completion of a family in the union event two things to positive events are likely to take
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place one independent nations of leo's of being gradually improve at least in the short run and two. there the growing support. isi south korea a full out the melody musicians north korea policy. i felt as a trust building process. of the reason why i say that is that north korea is different tom from. he was last year this mls in north korea was the monthly testing the resolve of the pops and it was a musician. city's is truly a rhetoric and the varied duties run publications but up to her credit for them often than i did not budge. i did not deviate from them. trust building process. they spoke on the principles. and this time north korea has been really interested in making the semi reunion isn't hard to take place. well time is
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running out for many of the surviving family members who have been separated you think that we will see more reviewed hands happen in the key to keeping it'll become a regular event unfortunately audacious say that the chances are low for the senate being and to become a regular event soccer and our government has persistently of no request is not uncommon to make the event. real arise more frequent. and all of a new diesel two very fine of the night and death of separate family members and facilitating exchange of letters the tenth to fifth in the members of. there's no sign of north korea's attitude with me but two sundays to be the request has changed. the timing is running out. however despite all these and my journey and that's going on. it seems like on the cross where relations on the korean conflict can only happen if
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in north korea kenyan crisis now how can that the south korean government. and that moves in with each effect she learned folk up the noted musician to succeed in being included in africa he is harmony. a man and a musician and onions to kick two goals in harmony the first goal is of course are moving on hat of four that the new committee sent on the korean peninsula. but to the other goal is to maintain the momentum of inco korean reconciliation that just to please. because there's a danger then north korea may be tempted to use com the use of partying on leverage on south korea by dangling in the prayer requests in the sound of games the new kenyan police siege. north korea is dealing with the foot and mouth disease outbreak and south korea has offered a but we've
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yet to hear back from north korea and caring and today actually ask the un for help us do we interpret this non response. but it is too early to say anything definite about north korea's intentions and likely respond but we got a mess of north korea's response. i'll save that of another musician seems to be determined to encourage on provision ocean i intend it to the north are awol professor thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you. the world. to strengthen regulations on protecting personal information following a massive data leak by credit card companies here in korea last month annual privacy protection bill is moving through the national assembly the bill passed wednesday by the security and
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administration standing committee would require financial institutions and other companies to use encrypted passwords to protect social security numbers. the villain now be sent to the judiciary committee and then to the force on the first final but it's a case comes after police initiative in turn arrested ten people on wednesday and charges of hacking more than two hundred websites and selling the personal data of one point seven million people air pollution in beijing has reached dangerous levels prompting the world health organization to call it a crisis and call for immediate action. the toxic heavy smog has been choking the chinese capital for the past week or so. connie lee reports on the environmental catastrophe you can clearly see it but this city of eighteen used a hair under a fake link and ask mom. this is sixty and umbrella of hazardous pollution and a cd and now the world health organization has called a taste not
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occurred since the americans moved in we have to use the crisis the crisis means that the need to take immediate action to protect ourselves. chinese environmental inspections have been dispatched to twelve factories nationwide there are reports that authorities have shut down or find certain factories for not falling pollution regulations. pollution levels in beijing are on the floor under fifteen on an air quality index. nine times the level it seems safe for humans. bg has been under an orange alert since monday see the second highest warning level. residents are being asked to wear masks or stay indoors and hospitals are reportedly crowded with patients suffering from breast to treat problems with gay children and older citizens are more susceptible to breathing problems and a strong makes people call it a lot to you. if and when the police another reaches the highest warning level drivers will only be allowed
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at the road on alternate days the standard license plate numbers and schools will be shut down. meanwhile year odyssey that cold air coming from the north is expected to decrease stock levels and train as starting wednesday night which i in turn also blessed and a fine cast and schema coming to korea. honey we need enemies. it's the last wednesday of the month which means its culture day here in korea from free admissions to museums to discount tickets there's guaranteed to be something for everyone to ensure our coastal course i don't have to run reports and how the dnc fit for the president. it's the arts center on wednesday. curry is represented performing arts they knew. hundreds of people gathered for a free concert as part of the government next month we went again. concert tickets
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were distributed for free online ing and industry hours all for under forty is that reads books with every meal but to degree level interest was the program to be once again realize there's a high demand for poultry from all walks of life. so we would keep coming out with new programs to meet the demand christmas is to the contents of this awesome that we cannot discuss the music on a regular basis with commentary that makes the best. it was also agreed to meet state county. it is just one of main course her performance this summer. statistics provided for me. what headed eastbound on this blog to date across the country just can't bear. the pot in hand with some on the list taking part. she watched the old regional korean musical support of the government should add. the first clutch again in january was considered a success and even one hundred institutions have joined in on the government needs to death this month you know last month eight
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hundred eighty three called pro institutions participated in the cold shooting incident this month more than two hundred other institutions notified about their intention to join in on today that means more than eight thousand institutions are protecting and providing more cultural benefits for the people. it's downs on the tickets are also being offered at the meat and cheese. ctv in the end makeup box and bring a new game for me. entertainment companies like cj cnn and tnt production are providing discounts of up to fifty per cent to its musical. from this month on tickets to sporting events will also be marked down on cloture days do i i mean. and. from a death sentence for dozens of terrorists and teach it to ukraine which is seeking to
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send it to house the president of the international criminal court. let's get a check on the headlines from around the world. our uni and study by tapping the center. let's begin with the latest added eat it. hi guys in each of the court has sentenced twenty six people to death for forming a group and plotting attacks on ships passing through the suez canal. or a criminal court judges said the men were also accused of manufacturing missiles in an external system. twenty six defendants except for one were tried in absentia as enhancing comes a day after a new fine minister ibrahim ahmad about to quote frost terrorism in all corners of the country. in ukraine them the ability to send ousted president a tory geico they choose whereabouts are still unknown to the international criminal court of the sf more than one hundred anti government protesters earlier this week a chemical that was indicted by the ten governments for mass murder. as for those who
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held posts in law enforcement structure. those who gave orders and those who executed those orders with all of them will be punished. all of them will be punished. we will not forget that. now there's a rising concern about separatism bt no progress at peace and pro european union west after the formation of a unity government was still lead to thursday. us secretary of state john kerry and british foreign secretary william hague had expressed hope that ukraine can form an inclusive government. the was the only nation victimized by the japanese military during world war two the first thirty nine thousand chinese nationals were forced to work in japanese companies during the war and over six thousand died in the process seeking justice some seventy years later the bacon fat survived and the families of those that dance. thirty seven people in all filed a class
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action lawsuit against seventeen of the japanese corporations on wednesday. he represents the first case in the chinese port into the matter. they can potentially increase tensions between teaching and tokyo even further. this are demanding that the japanese firm's apologize in writing for the compulsory labor and asking for about one hundred sixty thousand us dollars per person in compensation that's all for me for this evening and i'll be back tomorrow night for another would get all the stories making headlines around the world. oh and welcome to prime time sports on tv chat let's start off in palm beach florida where what many considered the unofficial start of the pga tour season the honda classic is set to open all the top golfers in
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the world will be there including tiger woods adam scott warren to kill what phil mickelson and many others also down in sunny palm beach will beat defending champion michael thompson who started off twenty fourteen with three top twenty finishes already experts are divided on who might win but may have tagged ran down to take home a trophy. he's cracked top ten in the honda classic in heats up the last three seasons the honda classic tees off on thursday morning local time. and moving on to the uae for champions league the greek science olympiad colson start and on spirited manchester united to mail in their first leg match up melon heads to old trafford on march ninety. the lady apples trying to reach the quarter finals. during their next morning scramble seen it affords us like or rather live in dallas the next two goals to seal the win. the law they want you to be the first leg matches what the of a custom
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made suits and chelsea walsall to the real madrid and coming back to korea the ninety fifth annual national winter sports festival opened on wednesday didn't count on the side of the next winter when it's running until saturday athletes from around the country will compete in speed skating short track of figure skating and other winter sports. now let's get to wednesday stop max is starting in the k b l and a first in sk dominated acc seventy one to fifty four but now let's talk about the team of the night between the lg seekers and the police will probably melt on who gets the girl. but phelps who gets caught and goes off into the hat up seven points in the phonebook behind hinges on next airline but they're no match for counties couple of t bonds ever seen and teens on cue and lg itself when seventy four to seventy three. now it's to be leaked korean volleyball spence team
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has come some parts it took on a lychee insurance in whom the bell sounds on paper per cent behind them and continued to dominate the second set. lg chem stuff on the phone and leo martinez who pulls out the third set easley and the win in straight sets for their conquerors of the season. and that's all i have for now this has been seeded czech i'll see you after midnight for more from the world of sports. mm do. i did . these
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it was a warm spring like day here in korea but most of us were hesitant to spend much time outside because of the high levels of toxic dust from our last turn things over to our cambodia will get the guy and even though temperatures rose all the way to fifteen degrees here and the capital today many word has it and said go outside on that you would expect. if you can see the fine dust levels dropped to eighty micrograms per cubic meter here and the capital couple of hours ago of over eight not out what to get the chance to rise back up and at times but it's a relief that the southern regions have won on this now if that is down south have washed away some of that toxic particles. and thirdly the southern regions are under the influence of the low pressure trough which is why it is free there tomorrow technically not until province would get
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twenty to sixty millimeters of precipitation. the central regions will be stuck with the fine cast for a while because there's no rain forecast there anytime soon fbi another one i went into a house of the day at four degrees with a high of thirteen mi ma cities down south in the low teens smoking on sale at their present at the time to do all the gifts do that. mid teens while quilt tops out. banks well think it wouldn't trade that and that its air broadcast on the twenty day i'm inviting sell them showman thanks for watching season. as you. i'm beginning to sink in and race time and raced up and kind of acting
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family your mind my brother's new system musician my sister selectors my mother is an actress director and my uncle's an actor. i was so years older than my mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing so me and keep it on stopping at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanna try to address that yet why not. and what's in it for me and said well you do get some couple hundred coolness and in. for every show. i was just thinking about that and remote control car deck and i said yes let's do it. i mean and then to just roll on from there the answer for users from tv or radio came to the theater and i started doing some. as a kid the lead up working in the city theater. up until i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that um. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or or or so stop doing
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theater. i did some film speaking i still enjoyed it but. i stopped yelling gauging and i'm really trying to get to. to be interested in more jobs. i started doing music instead of eating them i was in court with a band and two thousand and five we had just been nice. our first single and we were doing some some promotional exam in some parts in this and some are bad news and i when i moved onto the stage first off they introduced the band and there was about thirty thousand people in the audience going. i felt like a rockstar and that was those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool. but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on and i was looking at them scratching and i was thinking that. they are a sexy way they want to be right now and i was out it was more like a
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hobby to me and him. and then so that's that was what i expected to step back in the night till the guys couple weeks later that i wanna apply to the to the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i let stuff go. there are four different feeder schools in sweden. the is one is unstoppable. but i know like i couldn't be here because i had so many calls like paco de da de da tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so stupid i still know what to say no but i need to leave everything and then moved to mumbai where unknown nobody and it's a home totally difference. seal of the city and and. so i started in this. in this class of people. cool and knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of all of them the mei tai and the music. i guess i attended my way
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the school as well. you knew when lulu . i like it. and these are live pictures from ukraine were scuffles freak out it's the south of the country in crimea between supporters and opponents of the country's interim leadership and arrival crowns besieged the local parliament while in the capital kiev this is just beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection. they started our ride on. it's all true nationalist move closer to power seeking key posts in a new government to be approved or rejected


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