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tv   RT News  PBS  February 19, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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the network. new and new oscar contenders ukrainian opposition to the interests of saving to prevent the debt refinancing. so be it considers the launching such as the days he had bought twenty five people have been killed in march. most of the victims died from gunshot ones while firearms explosives and lots of cocktails are among the wind also no weaponry used by the chemistry. in other news this hour and could not listen to meet with francois caught on to talk him into a body of work to create a
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separate security is not free from the nsa spying. i've been so cheap that the double team success that i've made possible by a single for a native american and his russian quiet on the lookout for owen's team. the goal she not seem to actually meet in mind for months it might be nice it's on the journey. osgood has his house of the ukrainian opposition craving it for failing to prevent the deadliest finance the country has seen since the beginning of the price has announced a twenty five people was killed on the streets of kiev on tuesday but it is needing hospital treatment for injuries all season exceeded test he has an ace is from
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the ukrainian style. this is now a smoldering just as the tires and all other things which are burning at the barricades at the independence square in my job. it's not as violent as it was on tuesday during the night. during the night it was pretty violent we saw last night's historic buildings are built of coffee sells her look at the police would do it sometimes though at the moment of flashbacks are being excluded from the biggest hit is seen at the defense way is the former labor union house which was glad when the opposition as revolution that list which is almost completely dark. it's the building is old black white balance tilted but it's coming out. several windows all of this building is still an unpredictable situation because the police line is that he tried to get away from the protesters. his
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booming voice like six like the storm the independence square garden that there is information that they made it and not get to know the solution is not that it doesn't stick to his solution is not going to be found here is that while the pair korean capital seoul is a complete lockdown. the trains authorities the president helped out more than two hour talks with opposition last night and i just tossed with no results whatsoever and is the first time since the start of the conflict which one. to sum up our dual statements like. for instance there is still time left to find a solution suggested probably not. this time one hour that someone is still totally sites to find some sort of peaceful solution to end the bloodshed. the sign to you each of the blame for the latest hospital has been appointed to integrate directly on the proposition is that some of the opposition politicians must go on trial for what is happening is this guy since tuesday but not least twenty five people ridiculed including one journalist of the local newspaper who was shot dead with a concept wouldn't that just last night
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so this is to be a terrible week break even compared to what was happening to you again. porter. things are much much worse. now we are all just unfolding situation to see wrinkles in it but so far no one can do it he kind of predicts that somewhere is going on to the tune. you can get all down dates from the box of ukrainian capital by folding and cedar chest and with that but he's been pricing the cia from the scent of the price has been composing and sometimes images from the frontline can all be found on his tweets with it. and they've been accusations of the peace of mind ammunition by a bus rides in the copic that's not happened yet. cyprus has his own way home today from piano just glad it's all spam fine rumsfeld are also using grenades fine lines and most local tales again thrilling forces. others threw rocks and wailed and baseball on sentimental well as attend swirls tomato around trying to strip the scoldings for an f as acts that the police admonished as those behind
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the protest overdue to break a romping up to find that just as planned escalation is just one pushed it to the people behind the demonstrations and protests. organizing or to push the government and finally teacher the demonstrators as always yes yes matter how hard a government raid. for more. an atheist who supported and opposed to going for broke it out there for three months now. the two shows results and he decided to do next to the hatred and death. care needs or dies. in the process russia has kicked at the mo abundance and ukraine and called on them so she's in kiev to resolve the crisis adults have the means they see fit. he's reading this crap has announced presidential spokesperson me to the school has dispelled any realistic bleeding around the subject matter of conversation that took place between russian president was that puts an end. ukrainian
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president taking a risk on tuesday nights. the spokesman said that while russia maintains of the fact that ukraine is an independent country and therefore in everything that's happening there should be salt of my country itself and ideals were involved in the conflict it nevertheless is still outraged that the violence that's taking place there at the moment at the same time where the western officials are concerned. they have already started talking about sanctions not necessarily against ukraine but more of personal targeted sanctions will probably against somebody. ukrainian government to pull out white specter of a box of various officials who have already heard expressions of fact the subject matter from. it is imminent but also the european commission president and also various said representatives from france and germany helen reddy said that that indeed this is something they're going to be looking at during the european union foreign ministers meeting which is going to take out place on
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thursday. astounded by how the situation unfolded in kiev on tuesday when finance returns to the ukrainian capital. the opposition branded the crowds and ask them to munch on that continent the eye. trouble began when trying to cope or slices of bread three peace reigns on visitation escalated even found that one line to st is still in the office of the ukraine's reading posse sensing isn't fun. he struggled to contain the thousands of protests a starring role in a moment of cocktails. some even teasing tries to break through the security cordon. three people were killed becoming defensive because of the street abundance which continued to escalate. i wasn't alice grace had a nice office and dine one percent says a top security forces and while the rice has also spread to regional centers in western ukraine lines has had seized local government buildings and police stations
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and this is his all that and it's gauche guard of honor from coffs while uni ball but authorities have reported an overnight stocks of ammunition from local police offices. ryan says that torched a regional prosecutor's office and still getting tanner ministry security based assessment is of them in achieving binding pact as a result of the brand that case the direct sale of the anti war cause the coalition kennedy's divine mrs bain stance on iran will work. united states and nato and the eu together using the combined forces the signal these demonstrators that we are with you and of course that involved them and john kerry and eu and nato leadership in the bombing the station are neck deep in now planned to carry on regime change in this extremely important part of europe trying to integrate a former soviet republic into the eu and of course in tomato ultimately i think the united states government this flame a dirty game another dirty game. they're
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trying to do what they've been doing for the last twenty years which is to incorporate all of the former socialist countries in the eastern and so she and central european bloc those that were aligned the soviet union into an american western nato sphere of influence and you can see it it's going to systematically in ukraine is a big prize is a big country with a very big military and its raid on russia's border. black ice it happens in kiev and will be keeping you up to date information please come back online team is finding a ninth minute by minute timeline of the bands at dawn to go home now. challenge it's taking a project of crazy and eat the only incentive for honesty in the hope of getting press and
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mum to buy the ninety s the european communications network is designed to prevent these days if only he can cross to take his aunties racy content reports that us could prove fondling difficult than it seems the european online communications within europe it's an idea that's gained traction in the revelations of widespread us by. and now the german chancellor is on board. a bit and finding all of us but they will talk with european providers that offer security for our citizens to that one shouldn't have to send emails and other information across the atlantic. rather one can build up adjudication network to sell your home and it cuts on spits back off. thus i spoke with american surveillance has outraged european leaders especially on the merkel whose cellphone was allegedly tapped although germany is one of america's closest allies documents leaked by the former nsa contractor and which noted chili was treated as a first class partner
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spying on at levels similar to china and saudi o'grady us to put in perspective the nsa watched twenty two million german phone connections and ten million internet data sets on an average day tapping only two million connections in france during the same time. for all the fury merkel's initiatives may have wanted to deal with anger at home the government has been seen as lax on us by name and snowden reveals cooperation between countries may have been closer than german indignation would indicate. it doesn't really poor dogs and the need of a plan. the it doesn't seem that said the conservative party that is concerned with the protection of those days of some citizens of all. it seems to be on the part of pressure. and put thoughts of the united states. tom made but it's unclear what did the actual coffers of this year's market has been pushing the us for a relationship similar to the so called five i is agreement reached after
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the second world war a deal between english speaking countries not to spy on one another. the white house isn't playing ball. there's no country where we have a no inspiring. now it appears that germany is going on the offense and with plans for counter espionage against western allies. as for merkel's into proposal while the devil is in the details currently the message sent from one online user to another to have a long journey before reaches its destination. although the german government housing for the specifics the european network could potentially allow data to bypass background. it is that we would stay low for why the internet is a global network wiring it off the hero goes against the concept of a world wide web. what's more different european countries have different laws and privacy so we shared policy would need to be adopted for a europe wide scheme to work and there's a bigger issue is not something and say let's put it that way. um yes a gu
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square today it is. if the nsa simple text messages that the telecommunications networks in china. they can probably manage to get facebook messages out of germany moving the date is fixed six short days it is the problem. the problem that will take more than tough talk to fix. reporting in berlin for our tea and the sea captain. and as night and the money responsible for leaking vanessa's the member nations have sent shockwaves around the globe. as in utah the whistleblower has been elected and re draft of the university in the uk my house but it means to him and all the students in our fourth places the last. i know. sch. technology
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integration. all new developments around russia the future. the room the eye are you watching on scene to notch a line from moscow each day but with some lilac had a spirited maybe knew that when he's each line is one of the uk is most venerable institutions is happy to give him a position of trust. students interested in investing in scotland have no meaning to them as well to test the seats. former us national security agency contractor edwards noted has been elected as a theater director of glasgow university one of the oldest universities in the uk will
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issues to senior management at the university bought to previous incumbents have been elected as political statements of the group added nominated edwards noted said that they did so because he stood for democracy and that voted for what it shows support for his plight as a wanted man after reviewing the extent of global surveillance by the nsa is most other spy agencies and they said that this would also send a message to governments that want their opposition to the intrusive nature of state security. now sparse edwards noted is concerned this isn't his first award in october two thousand thirteen he received via sam adams integrity and intelligence of war that also just this week he's one of the recipients of the two thousand and thirteen and george polk award in journalism in the new york reaction to snyder has made its variations on how nana safe on the third week in the last one in the name of
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an oversupply. juliet has expressed his rage he handed me his old one destination to this point agency's activities. all the skills on a lie. and also that he john chappell decided the best way to compensate with each explosion at the front and well defined day but it was all followed was a freebie set out to be committed to welcome home. i mean ignoring kept in the family in russian firms the celebration to petit jean finishes and the chinese province that boarding when my husband and whined and complained how much their head straight to sochi and told to policies that paul scholes. at the poolside see casey and finishes just minutes with a neat shot that tennis more about that. this is so very much a case of keeping it in the family from russia in the snowboard parallel giant
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slalom. now that while it was actually on board an american but he received russian citizenship in two thousand and eleven off the indie his russian girlfriend elaine is a vase in a un today they have a double cause for celebration he won gold in the men's events or she picked up bronze in the female competition before the games while displaying top take one eight when he decided to switch allegiances i didn't have any good father who had stood since i wasn't there. it's the coolest one of the end of the shows an opportunity to get the boys and two ditto the duo wanted to give to me he ate. brought. yeah this i say because he's away like he's way more aggressive than i am making a little more aggressive more like him more of the more of a boss that he will. and he made me engaging in whatever i'm doing and why do it one hundred percent well al sweat russia are looking to book their place in the gospel of the men's ice hockey competition at
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taking on finland in the quarterfinals in the post where i stand he can seem to find the recovery trail to one of the end of the first period with the russia did take the lead in the matches can be a stern test for the red machine against the bronze medalist from buying two but four years ago of course russia or the fates would eliminate them from the competition so we really all of the business end of the men's ice hockey competition. all books how did that funds have to watch out for tonight. one of the stars of the game slowly fall has been fifteen year old beauty and the nice guy she put in a flawless performance to help russia when a team gold in the thickest eighteen competition. and tonight she starts co op program in individual eventscampaign in of the star ledger on this evening. mom and she says that she's a lot calmer going into tonight's performance than she was before the team
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event. well sure i was very nervous and scared. what am i singles event and more concert pianist. i got use to it and singles is a completely different event well second pacing for russia is ugliness of the cover is only actually a couple of years older than the peace garden she says she's trying to put the size of the occasion to one side that is the first adult competition for me to my coach told him not to think about it as an olympic competition. just an ordinary start it'll be a lot of russia france were very loud and energetic. i'll have to focus and just do my job well sweat one male one female team authority i enjoyed success for russia today and another one will be looking to do likewise the pineapple mixed relay gets underway in around ninety minutes. usc's of
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posts caught the light from such a poll thank you very much and people bring us today the ms fed up with agave and strokes. well this is our attempting to bring grace to us. still i'm looking tomatoes is of the stairs he hath seen comes to that salaries and pensions and must not is becoming something of an ideal position. he's marie finn auction house. along the routes and detractors greek farmers young and old took to streets holding for evolution the timing just to make progress of this painting that i bought one from the capital athens this is a timely content and all the influence of attention and they will do it again and again they say unto them voice is heard. are nothing
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new to lease the country that's been the hardest by the economic crisis and has now been the session for sixteen days in the bucket that was that we want the government to reduce taxes and to cut prices for equipment petrol. we'll read too much to do to produce the goods. well the same time the ftp for electricity and water bills along with education and medical treatment the mp for and with single repeat too much costas has been loaned out to prove himself. ward twenty seven percent of greeks who are unemployed. in the cup that i am that you are politicians don't care who thinks that is new to the infrastructure we still are told it's a pretty low prices. well the european union gives a nice money it never reaches us farmers sometimes the second world war says he can they leave during the current economic situation. they returned to the eu although problems don't think delightful photos was nobody's even now it's i can chicken bacon with the boy mart for young people leave this country. why was supposed to become easier but
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that never happened he is not alone in feeling let down people who seem to have doubts about what went wrong has been nice to see when we entered the new things change dramatically. it was stuff but now it's even worse at bedtime they made golden promises and told us we gonna eat from golden spoons. but they never kept to their words. carson asked optimistic thinking things will only get for use in any price rise and we can't focus on his promise to reduce prices for two step nighttime muffin and a deep and broad sense to call for action one else weekend they will fight until management. despite such schools demonstration is little more than a symbolic riot police break the scene between every step along the highway patrols had been turned into groups so that the traffic was unaffected police faced a wave of
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violent protests back in two thousand and ten two thousand and twelve. to use five died and hundreds of others injured. no when he went to the petition based events and helped many of them who need to change anything the mounties farmers to abandon its detractors to make their voice heard. fear that they have me what the politicians in athens have sown. gosh not to produce. some of the national news in brief snow . and most dating a police have clashed with hundreds of jaundiced people canceling the central government to retain a peaceful march and again when officials refuse to talk to the protest is going to monthly and paid but this is the brownies overnight so was then arrested. many live demonstrations lost their jobs and to state funds went bankrupt during the country's transition to free market economy. al qaeda linked groups as it was behind twin
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blossom to serve add to that of any skeptic until they reached the kurds killed six people and wounded more than a hundred. it'll happen off on from fecal waste and the sea and the ukrainian cultural suntec and was carried on my sis signed on as an accountant in the cycle as a stronghold of the political and missions movement has been on an easel from the target of us. iraqi prime minister gary on the nikkei is bombing to defeat al qaeda is that while defending his athens counterterrorism strategy they serve to bomb explosions in the capital but died and another cc code needed fifty people and chase a dossier was to be reduced in iraq since the thousand days was tearing abundance began to fall. i missed one of the pfa is actually on those and i'll explain is one of the countries in the days of rain to stop the increasing lunch at. this is old and new micro all busy with the mixer mix the iraqi election a sydney in april is
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told from the prime minister maliki will be running for the felted wool that according to a rocky google written response to the isn't it that these are not to run with that said you couldn't get them. the spillover from syria al qaeda group has been infiltrated iraqi borders they have joined in with the sunni insurgency within iraq and they have joined forces to stay in camp ready to take control of the u s cities in the west of the country in anbar province a huge area of the fight to school go in the iraqi prime minister. his argument that these are terrorists than they need to be dealt with and by force but he has used to all the force he has an iv and he caught knew of. it is cheaper than from the us the front of the courses will be delivered to them. this will only further inflame the unrest that inflamed of itunes and i don't see any evidence that and to the carbine this anytime soon
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that's coming up next on our show revelations include us ay ay ay ay ay ay ay . cool with it. the neighboring districts voted to send an encouraging. when the city's fashion lovers not to panic from the bustling crowded shopping spree. due to receive the pay phones the grounds of me teaching contract. with easy access from falling prey to the subway station. the seven hundred thousand swimming to wood is a popular way to the citizens of turkey
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the pruning n nvr meet eugene who is famous for the huge number of worshippers attract new year. on more than any of the shrine the two two million people visit the shrine. more tourists from abroad. reducing the shrine was constructed in nineteen twenty. these dense forests respond to treatment by treaty to surround the new rebuilt run it was a huge project. to create an enduring natural forests over one hundred thousand trees were donated by people or one of the tube. i knew the grounds of the shrine nature shows us a fresh ut with each passing see. i
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scream. accompanied by a chorus of the snow. i mean ecc is time to enjoy the shrines. the one thousand five hundred tonnes from one hundred and fifty for a test it's stoush a. we've become no it does seem to come up with its trees offer will come straight from school two tokens. one would blame them a huge indoor gardening is one of the famous sights of someone. almost always becomes if you're a single leads to come. eustace with
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the costs of returning to the forks. just a cycle of growth. as the shrine grounds to be bolted to a treasure house of each. he calls every year you points for over one hundred species. most foreigners to buy something not often seen with the giants to the natural freshwater spring. so what's a boy. the shining screens to watch him into a natural forest of local one hundred and seventy thousand trees it's stopping the targets to reach two hundred and forty six different varieties the preserved for its grounds of the main teaching
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no choice it's going to the center of towney the rowing . the news the situation in ukraine continues to deteriorate as protesters and keep central square pulled off a riot police assault with molotov cocktails and fireworks security forces are using rubber bullets and concussion grenades in an attempt to clear the central anti government protest. the death toll has now reached at least twenty five with hundreds of police and protesters reports are coming in that the police have set up checkpoints for vehicles cominand going go to the capital kiev and hundreds of


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