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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 14, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the error the next in the broadcast after days of intense talks the two koreas agreed to hold family reunions as planned for later this month. government data shows an alarming level of sector debt at the park administration the debate performance more transparent the jets the practice rink right on her rival for the withdrawal been picked me up more on that and the latest from such a rush of pride i missed the kids
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next. what a separate sports here in korea my efforts though nbc announced on wednesday so much for joining us. after a rather rocky ride the much delayed into korean family were unions will take place next week as planned on sunday reports on the agreement was reached at the second high level talks to be held in three days. in the second round of high level talks on friday at two thirty i think we are told that the unions for families separated since the korean war and next week as planned in an effort to improve inter korean relations the yen had earlier demanded the south coast elegant joint military drills of the united states to sometime after the family the unions that south korea's chief delegate in the hands that can be and did not affect any preconditions. this time around. on the door smoking zealots in north korea did
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not object to the back of the joint military drills that began on every twenty fourth will overlap with the family reunions forty three. nothing and that koreans are separated by the korean war more than six decades ago. and there are seven seven thousand south korean family members waiting to see their loved ones one last time. next week the union will be the first step to that over the years passed and when i canceled the planned route the family the union's last september just days before the impact the south korean officials said that after hours of discussions and ten yen agreed that the connector union that could become a symbolic step forward in inter korean relations the teacher vs also agreed to stop throwing insults at each other continue the process and the cost for this lettering was part of north for me as so called important proposal made last month to the south. the two sides will hold an additional round of high level talks in the future. although no specific date has been sacked
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this outfit is gonna get said that the government will prepare for sxsw back next week. after asking them to a south korean delegation blow the park for a month and on saturday to find you the details for the upcoming the unions. any techniques and saul his trip to seoul u s secretary of state john kerry began a two day visit to beijing on friday for a meeting with chinese president stephen king took top billing as our part to one report i on the agenda a worry us china relations and north korea's nuclear program of the nineteen tiny now on friday. us secretary of state john kerry he sat down for talks with chinese president she didn't eat. after race kerry told reporters at his meeting with president she was very kind shot dead and caused the beds and an f that both countries hope to make concrete progress in buying better ruminations this year we're doing yet scary at that
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would require both washington and beijing to manage their differences if activity and cooperate practically on issues whenever possible after his meeting with president kerry held separate talks with other high ranking officers including his chinese counterpart to watch the chinese foreign ministry said. china stands ready to work with the us with the principles of non confrontation near to respect and cooperation at the heart of the release said. kerry reportedly called on china to help bring north korea to nuclear disarmament talks. he said. titanic and two more until the first north korea to comply with the international of the agents. encouraging chinese leaders to press north korea to end its nuclear program is one of secretary of state carries meaning goals in a chain or cherry and red beads hang out early friday from south korea
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where he met with south korean coffee. yet for this colic and washington are in agreement that it comes to the denuclearization of the oreos. ibm me. well staggering maybe a word to describe the figure released by government auditors on the borrowings held by korea's companies. the total amount of debt stood at roughly seven hundred seventy billion us dollars and twenty twelve that is equivalent to more than sixty percent of the country's gdp. explains to ratification of the alarming telly. korea's sector debt represented sixty four and a half percent of the nation's gross domestic product in two thousand and twelve. the finance ministry said friday that the total amount and that alone by the central and provincial governments and non financial state run companies stood at over eight hundred twenty trillion won four of the seven hundred seventeen billion us dollars as of
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the end of two thousand and twelve. that is up more than sixty three billion dollars from the previous year the ministry said the debt figures represent a new government that and that's based on the latest international guidelines set by the international monetary fund. the data excludes money borrowed by state rep financial companies like the back of curry and the korea eggs and back the ministry explained that including that of state run financial companies could distort the final figure is because their deposits are counted as that's what the new data ministry teams to offer and the a clear picture of the debt situation and the sector and encourage sector businesses to operate more transparently the korean government recently launched a drive to reform the nation's organizations urging them to reduce debt and streamline their business operations the nation's organizations has been facing mounting
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criticism for having lax management. despite their growing debt. the ida said that the new government that is an adventure of gay ministries as well to me that collection practices more transparent and bring them in line with international stand arts policy idea and use starting next week the rate credit card companies that were responsible for the worst a leak in the country's history. one of the close their doors to new customers for three nights top executives of firms in question will be punished as well fun to walk past the tents. three months if not mean business. that's the punishment he beat me cards in each field of cards and smoke the card will get fried involvement in the biggest person of the elite in korean history the financial supervisory service said friday the proposed suspension of business at the three companies will start monday and continue to meet sixteen the main focus of
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the suspension is on that companies for taking on new customer it's providing credit card balance and cash advances to new contractors will also be forbidden existing customers will ever want to hear the effect of the bad as it will be provided with financial services you sell the suspension will also excludes operations related to the interest such as the issuance of student identification card. and the suspension is expected to cost the free company c one hundred thousand clients a month and a combined fifty billion won forty seven million us dollars to get three month periods. an official of the financial services commission referred to it as the harshest penalty the firm's staff received not only because of the losses incurred by its because three months the longest suspension allowed by law the suspension is expected to be finalized. atsic at a meeting on sunday and in the coming months the fsc will also consider
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recommendations for dismissals of ceos and executives deemed responsible for it. in related news the suspension of the marketing operations and financial and insurance companies. the place as a preventative measure at the end of last month was lifted on friday. fans can get the report submitted by company executives. it's a lot. i've got news the chairman of one of korea's largest conglomerate in the nation's tenth richest man was sentenced to four years in prison on friday for tax evasion and embezzlement on top of the four year prison term the seoul central district court ordered easy on the fcc group to pay a fine of about twenty four million us dollars. he was found guilty of misappropriated roughly one hundred fifty six million us dollars the company assets offshore and most companies and dodging taxes and the process. the sentence comes as president fox has pressed officials that clamp down on corporate malpractice
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and declare funds from packs of eaters. he has been hospitalized since last year citing poor health. before your dna and another begins get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the covert its global network and why on arrival that is seventeen always on standby. south the n chinese nationals residing in australia have agreed to put up the number of monuments across the nation that honor victims forced into sexual slavery but japan during world war to the leaders from each community decided after a meeting this week to work together to urge japan to admit to its past wrongdoings and make amends. no timetable was given for when and where
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the monuments michaela get the two sides came out with a list of ten objectives the friendship and apologizing for her repeated visits by high ranking officials to the controversial yasukuni war shrine in court in the united states to block took us move toward re armament. the push to better promote the korean name for the body of water that separates korea and japan is spreading in the west the folly of this success seen in the state of virginia new york is considering similar legislation and what other people behind this grassroots movement in washington sit down with working on that explain how it all began fifty four year old peter chan witnessed a moment to let go down and the history of korean americans. it all started two years ago with a conversation he had with his son who was in fifth grade at the time as my son chris. you know the cbt korean japan yesterday was the name of
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the sea of japan. so i'll really got upset. and i've told them that it's not true he says he's seen a new coat of poly knit. and that any set the video instances no textbook best how to run its course so that's when peter decided to take action. he ran on to form a group which later spearheaded of grassroots announcement of korean americans in the dc metro area that are meant to do a lot of people coming from washington area of atonement while worse to richmond. they have to get up a milk run in the morning these cold winter here. you know it's sometimes you will still be in awe. but still our senior citizens before the ages. you know what to call women show up at the terrace and in the heat and pressure that the democratic you know that the guests and centers to help all fall on the cbo however the long and arduous
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journey was far from easy the most typical one was the hollis education subcommittee the nine members cooma cottage that action into them to stop the deal and actually did that you do then there was a form for heidi. they have to beat up old again and then buried past and five two four although last week's victory drinking and means to st mall will be applied to seven other states and the southeastern us. peter carey says his hopes cannot stop their lives. the tyranny in britain and has come to an m a d think this journey should stop or continue elsewhere. big issue continue our game our part. another korean americans to step up and stick together and then continued use movement until two thousand seventeen on where i itch all these. and the whole fried artichoke me it's going on for names so you see in a sea of japan
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and as yet unused squash and ten. sorry for change may be famous for valentine's day but here in korea it's a date to remember one of korea's most respected independent spider's sunny kim reports on efforts to make today an official that theory fourteenth may be an important day to remember for couples to stay chocolates and cards. the growing number of koreans are calling friends to also be remembered as the day independence fighter i'm thing was sentenced to death during japan's colonization of korea i was as a kid for assassinating him he told a four time prime minister of japan and the former president gen korea and a tiny city of harbin and covering ninety nine. at first to commemorate instead of the main offline and online. the county the provincial office of education is please post or on spain this left hand printed news papers and for the people of the historical significance of that period fourteen. the image shows on
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camp ran for the half cut ring finger. i'm kind of thing you're off to sell his determination to meet korea an independent country koreans have also been taken to facebook and twitter to post comments. raising awareness of the day. on the highly respected figure not only for orient but also in china. and the mario pondering on opening night during hard and see where i'm shotgun to kill as a hero and korean time and time is less well remembered in japan responding to news of the memorial hall. japanese chief cabinet secretary you she did say that calls on a to express deep regret about the team's decision to approve the opening of the memorial hall. honey can i mean. this valentine's day marks the eighth day of the two thousand fourteen winter games and for
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the sochi athletes wouldn't the sweetest repeat a well earned gold medal in a barrel of this correspondence from the sun joins us now to tell us more an anti somewhere to start this evening. well after carding a second up or shut fact last night. it's the idea for keith green team but chemists have been falling the apple of the nation's highest true if the air seemed to me on a less than twenty four hours after arriving in squishy pm right to walk free after packing venue by the ice cracking palettes. she said that the ice conditions in the mean wink would be the most important thing and added that she skied on similar types of ice in the past. after a few hours the warming up. she made herself at home just in triples and other jobs the ladies short program scheduled for next wednesday an official practice sessions at the event then you start sunday. and before the lady starts their programs we get to see if the finals for the male figure skaters that's right in the air and a quadruple jump and triple
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combination is a must if you want to face at the lead pack in the men's figure skating these days and the male skier who did all of the bad last night. place in montreal but justice peter hidden from you this course pipeline or say he had for my cards when she won a gold medal fact that were carried out all the elements and style killing of three hundred point one points. but it's progress. and i prefer drinking was often the men's program ever. he looks like it you need to watch and a package and relate to pull up tonight to catch i need tonight and henry here for a living have to drop out of the race but happen to him. i know that in this case entering unlawfully that they have kept him back from reclaiming his title and the singles. it's russia's biggest he'd start getting pressure pill which are from the short program and retire from competitive skating altogether. the four time olympian lead the nation to victory in the team had earlier this week but could not come from his injuries and called the quest for
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the singles effect. let's move on to korea as national curling team and there's a bit of that the new athletes in town can you tell us more about their round robin section that is wrapped. like always was curly and is debuting at st the twenty fourteen and they had amath test and to top forty dance the semi final. but after losing twenty three to seven an hour ago. greenhouse gases seventh with two wins and three losses. l l so in the round robin system for the woman's part. denmark beat the u s ninety two right and that's fun to watch so tell us more about other winter sports that koreans are not so familiar with right like curling and the zany sports are as unfamiliar to clean some more and more it rains again to notice sports and many athletes who have made or dp that's what she might be the first half korean sporting history. and i can and then tells us how they made or creams of the committal and the ants come true. still to receive
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you still didn't know he hopped on the sled year ago we know when you became the first korean pop pop to living in the sport. for now this goes to face in the top fifteen. but going forward yes even bigger drain. in an orgy of the long term and eleven cents a gain experience i will try to show you my progress since the summer home from work curious he jumped he fell to paul potts the fog on the normal hill ski town this week. but that these have put their discipline in a sign that are the focus of all five large hill ski jump competition. this sort of and uses them to the dentist if you are in place gets to compete in the final at our goals is to do just that personally i would like to place it on hand. very knowledgeable. hurley is another sport that did not get much love before but the other day team curiously the steam shocked everyone by
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putting up a great fight against the number one seed sweden. the record stands at two wins two losses in sochi and destitute to face time for the fifth round the teeny six was that of non preliminary round matches to win a ticket to the semi finals. london the ten days in some countries these sports are strongholds like in germany which dominates the middle aged. germany has garnered the most gold medals so far. instead she teams with four goals for marriage in court to look at them and count aftermath of the first week of twenty fourteen yelling but it doesn't melt off fine. after jamming on top all the more going on and those that can affect your weight in them and can lead to falling into the second. tinker with
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the same thirteenth place with a speech in gold and is what i bought last night. so how many medals are up for grabs tonight. well we have success the medals in the ports based at the eight am would be seen as flying a few out to try and keep their eyes on the teensy if pilsner ideas shift overnight. on the desk and a forty eight of the land based wind that he can stand the test against fiji. everything starts at midnight the time. and for some more sleep after you open your show off their lights on they use a light rain fell off the area. those become part of your own. with that good teams can kenya with a wink and ended back up like that it tomorrow the stores on side and bring it on here. i think it's very messy them for their apple and look for the report was that after next week's thinking. msf our attention to other sports teams rarely get kyle is one of the world's best golfers even though she's still a teenager right she's proving that age maybe just a number stephen j
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has the details. well there they guys korean born kiwi you idiot though returns just seventeen years old in april has once again showed that she's a tougher time by winning new zealand supreme help her award she said it'd be a video link from melbourne where she's currently competing in the audience was really hope that the supreme honor at the helper awards recognizes new zealand's top sporting keep me cool off was also named the sports one end of the year. the dhb enough to turn pro in october last year one tree ornaments in two thousand and thirteen and is currently ranked fourth on his little sister. and moving on people president sepp blatter has reiterated that the brazil world cup will be a huge success the siding ticket sales. in an interview with brazilian daily forget days of apollo. blatter said that nine million tickets had sold today. one might say that the seed and of itself was noteworthy and harding reports that the staff in
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the fall foliage cities were ready. he expressed confidence that everything would be completed by the deadline. now let's get to friday stopped epl match ups first. as kate comes back to be dtc eighty five to seventy six. but now let's get to the game of the night the kt sonic boom at the moment it is based off the side. now we'll discuss that with the hot hand and pasting sixteen point lead at the end of the first half you can't stop the onslaught in the second half. this is the portal red lipsticks eighteen points with a season high horse and his team gets the easy way and seventy eight to fifty five. and that does for me or the sportscenter this has been steve unchecked of the bag at midnight for the latest olympics updates and more so i'll see you then
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they are. i do. sth while some are celebrating valentine's day today people in taiwan province are marking their ninth straight day of snow yes but i fear the major break this weekend let's go for parking but that the weather center to find out. look out. the main guys love relief is on the way if our view is in thailand though because if we can elect to be as sunny wind nationwide. now here in korea today's town like hamlet in which indicates that persephone one of the year according to build in a
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calendar. it should be able to take out of bright full moon at around twelve twenty five am is highlight inputs and that'll be at twelve seventeen and it will do a twelve o five am. anyway at the ads have a high pressure system from the east sea which is why we're seeing cloudy skies in the east coast regions. those nine straight days of snow and kyle until my alarm mystery kit hundred and three years although things will clear up over the weekend another round of nationwide snow showers on the way from monday starting in coming to province. taking a leg at tomorrow's readings celebrate is a deep freeze. meanwhile times and pushed and kicked ten. moving on to live there meet in heaven and said to peak at seven and nine decrease perspective leave the monarch and that tops out at minus three. what i have read this now and thanks you guys. things go down as it broadcasts on this friday then send it to him so emotional and thanks for watching every weekend all
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season. cheese and you. i think the international audiences are all interested in assisting the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america message they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore
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its worldwide. i like about ear to the mysteries is that not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also. just alerted. you know about the closure of the land to barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway through slept through the turbo honors you get. you know and ideals what's all this sweetness light of the lenders because they're the set in sweden. and of the main character is fabulous to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia lecture suddenly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have
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been awakened to a just a question and that's great but the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the lightness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so is that they are through the books and great fun the best address one of the folks that brought that to me. and lo behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful. there exists a look at it and is very very good after i ate i really like the longer series. i turned off by that because i've watched some of the hiring of us. and she is is it that is really going to take off. it begins with
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irene and doing the karate kicks and you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my fav. the very pleased to within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on because i've really fill that if you in the united states yet very little opportunity to buy foreign tv stuff was so high. and i just want to spread the word
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uluru and new who will win the eye. hold on the slopes of softly as einstein's site and the lesbians and spectators alike balls to admire the darlings of the twenty fourteen winter games. so since i like that topping the charts. three years don't see i guess it's bones and toys for sale so called rainbow rate of accidents as a site defines the arts he looks at what the future holds for the country. and migration concerns of selecting several eu countries no kong norway store with finance numbers of foreigners lowered its


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