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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 13, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the eye wind south and north korea agreed to resume high level talks on friday that to post on south street us military drills and sell after completing a three game set with a badly planned for this month. she typically think john kerry days and sold to forty two allied stores on etsy. president barack obama went back to korea as part of this central asian tour. he's moving past yesterday's disappointing
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performance in its ideals here's the eye medals at the skate competitions later this thursday. on sunday. her safe every thirty here in korea line from full and if i am strong when things so much for joining us. we begin with the latest progress in danger korean talks after wednesday's dialogue failed to make much progress. top officials in seoul spent thursday clarifying their stance is following the fourteen hour session the two koreas are to resume dialogue on friday at their first meeting in seventy years and south korea remains adamant that family reunions and military exercises should not be late. toronto the small. it's now been known to me i look old
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another round of high level talks on frankie and come undone. the border town to meet in coming years. at around noon. north korea suggested that the two koreas resume high level inter korean talks at them and jump and three pm thursday afternoon so we countered with an offer of ten am on friday which to norton said meanwhile the follow up to kind of talks that began on wednesday and ended fourteen hours later with no country can remain in place it seems that the family has been told to proceed as planned the lady and her family is great but the korea war. good that they can get. and i was also first south korea japan still in use to it another try. exercise is that the united states that are slated to start the theory training flight. south korea's defense ministry rejected a call on thursday in the eatery is good and
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the trails are strictly defensive in nature the ministry does not consider it appropriate to link defensive military drills for national security with family reunions that serve humanitarian purposes symonds did you get to in an appearance at the national assembly on thursday said he still expects comedians to be held as scheduled. as for friday's talks the ctc ministry building. i asked for another meeting because when states had vanished the database in the shed. i don't mean. us secretary of state john kerry a rind in seoul this afternoon on the first stop of his fifth trip to asia since becoming washington's chief diplomat after paying a courtesy call to present not been a secretary kerry met with the south korean counterpart you don't stay at seoul's foreign ministry to diplomats just too wrapped up their joint press conference lasted an hour ago and for the latest we have a correspondent on some key on the line as funny was the key
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issues discussed at today's meeting beating guy the second time it appeared that the diplomat army and they have to confess that they cannot both regional and global issues. topping the agenda led how to deal with north korea. during the day. after two or three at the back before coming back up having joint military drills between fell in love again. after picking the apples the union for family for a piece by decree or badly the evening which will be the first bit more than three years. meekly have had the late twentieth and twenty fed and overlap to a deputy with the band will be electrified it at the end of febuary twenty fourth. very very stressed that speech and felt that it back to that area the shoot like that that may be in it. after the retreat thrilled when the dow slid past two separate matters the possibility of anti
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speed dial of the north state county and let her take that prepares the proceedings to a patient at the curry is a good laugh. you want to get reiterated that the three as the us army told us that the doors but it is guaranteed to have people out last night. the cemetery kerry's visit comes amid heightened tensions in northeast asia due to japan's ongoing denial of its historical wrong doings. did the two officials addressed that issue. i have a get out of the two remain divided on that matter it be. they carry seemed to be reluctant to comment on the ongoing friction between the liberal camp. the fact that the united states will start in triple r friendly belief in between south korea and japan. he had bet that it was after that you can't read it history behind that as the relationship forward the appearance that robust bilateral cooperation between the old law student who kill it off. early in the faith of north korea appears to be
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pure fact. i've been in for good mates korea condition on the issue very clear. i think that japanese politician husband and i love history and prodding and elation the fact that must try to back up to the neighbors. i take back the show is to be your guide. beat in egg on his past wrongdoing during second world war ii. are you thinking sunday the servant of the reporting live from seoul's foreign ministry on second street kerry's visit to south korea. meanwhile us president barack obama will be visiting south korea in april as part of his four nation asian tour. this two day trip comes after rising pressure from seoul to mcgill has more on what his visit me sickness. us president barack obama has had its south korea to the itinerary for his upcoming trip to asia the white house confirmed on wednesday at the asia trip is part of obama is ongoing commitment to increase u s diplomatic economic and security engagement with
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countries in asia pacific region. although no date was when billy's dad is reported to prison and will visit local forest from april twenty second to twenty hour to convince toll from the twenty third to the twenty fourth. during his stay in school. the us president has to meet with president and then where they are expected to reaffirm the two sites the lyons review the security situation on the peninsula and discuss to create us free trade deal now that's holy is on the itinerary speculation is rising as to whether president obama will address the prickly relations between seoul and tokyo. a number of disputes over history and territory have chilled relations between the two especially after japanese prime minister tun to outbid visited the shrine honoring convicted war criminals in december. obama may however choose to stay away from our beach created a complex historical problems and territorial disputes between the two. north korea's
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nuclear program will top the agenda when caden obama meets along with the timing of the transfer of wartime operational control of us forces in south korea from the us to south korea which has four d was originally slated for next year. but south korea has been pushing for a delay. april will also be a critical time for trade negotiations. obama is expected to try to push too tight to create us free trade agreement to the trans pacific partnership retreat at that includes both nations as korea participation in the partnership before the cement a future trading order in a shop that would include north america standing at the canyons. one was present on today's wish to change the country's rigorous education system the education ministry in a status report to the president and they'll perform asher saunders there's some are bent and the current school curricula
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and teaching kids how english is taught the presidential office correspondent us into thinking caps in an effort red's private tutoring to get students more said his daughter's only because the full force universities to get a zero mark on applications that include a wart or certificates perceived outside of school these will include a careful or other english language test course nap in size to lunch at a warts and extracurricular activities and highs as perceived from hives and institutions. three the education ministry status report on thursday present that emphasize the need to keep the education system from pushing students to take a trip report says that the ants minute entry due to market products featuring expenses in the country. she ordered the ministry treat use products catering to the incentives for english language education in particular. asic tell her what her the money spent on private education. the biggie
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i don't know can you believe you will have to we'll come see it yet. crumbling joke is on the monday night and yes that will pull me back preston also slammed the country sports ministry which gave a status report along with the education ministry on thursday and ordered them to look into what cost korean short track speedskating star on him too what a bronze medal at this itchy winter olympics on the day to change his nationality. i seriously did not cough which the yuan choose you. sometimes we don't tailgate of the new idea. we do it you are. we do a job that makes sunday we hosted and see good enough idea is that i'm like a real antique gold medals for korea in two thousand six hundred feet of natural light stretching citizen did you not love him. after failing to qualify for the national team ahead of the two thousand ten vancouver winter olympics. spam weekly that was due to fractional feuds
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in the sports sector the call first system in which athletes can be evaluated based solely on their performance and wet which the fairness or preferably swiss guarantee cherish the ministry to come up with measures to root out corruption and the sports every day. all in jail. i didn't use. my peace with your expert analyst with the whole of asia is hard kinda like the half hour usually not need to change it for the day's top stories short of their business technology trends. lots of global weather forecasts and more. the twu. every week not to lie on the aid of tv the special regulator has vowed to operate the data protection system as korea reels from the shock of the largest ever personal information breach in its
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history during a meeting at the national assembly thursday financial services commission chair since a year and reiterated the importance of protecting client data and found to prove to be says data security structure in order to regain the trust. he also offered an apology for the leak. cnn confirmed that the previously proposed three month suspension of business at the three card firms were the leak occurred will begin as early as friday. and domestic banks have been put on the whole on high alert since jared net profit last year was slashed in half last year the financial supervisory service said thursday that the net profit of eighteen domestic banks came and had four trillion won from roughly three point seven billion us dollars in twenty thirteen which represents more than fifty percent drop from the era before the drop was particularly pronounced in the fourth quarter of last year and a loss of ninety four million dollars was recorded an official at the financial watchdog
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attributed the numbers to low interest rates and that mounts. adding to worries the interest margin rate fell significantly to nearly one point eight seven percent the lowest in ten years. one of the biggest and most recognizable tech companies in the world is gearing up to make a huge investment in korea. microsoft says it plans to build the massive data center worth more than nine billion us dollars but it hasn't decided on a location just yet. you young reports on what will be the biggest facility of its kind in asia microsoft plans to build would be the center in korea would make it by far the largest investment ever meeting korea by a global technology far. microsoft korea said on wednesday that its health is wealth building data center on three hundred and thirty thousand square meters of mine. leagues that the noun is yet to be decided microsoft is looking to invest over ten trillion won roughly nine point four billion us dollars into
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the project. considering the scale of the products and investment. microsoft date etc could be the largest of its kind in all of asia. it will be twice as big as a data center google says it plans to build in time on the ds that it will also serve as a facility to provide a backup service brigade and flowing in from these and other parts of the world. a delegation from microsoft has reportedly already visited korea to the kim possible fines. with this obama's port city of poutine the rising as a strong candidate. microsoft is believed to have chosen korea for its data center that holds us live in the tins and the pier manpower is less prone to natural disasters and past cheap electricity. he and i didn't use. and an indication that k housing market may be on the track to recovery housing transactions boomed last month the ministry of land infrastructure and transport said that the number of transactions came to around
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fifty eight thousand in january a one hundred seventeen percent increase from the previous month. by region the number of housing transactions in the seoul metropolitan area. sort the most by more than two hundred percent the ministry attributed the surge to recent government policies including a reduction in acquisition taxis and the double taxation on owners of multiple concerts. chris taken one step closer to inking a trade deal with its seventh largest trading partner australia chris trade ministry said thursday that the chief negotiators of the two countries initial to free trade agreement on monday and agreed to formally sign it in the first half this year the trade pact is expected to boost exports of korean products like automobiles and televisions but there are concerns it could pose a threat to local farmers. two way trade between korea and australia totalled over thirty billion dollars in two thousand thirteen. almost a week has
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passed since easter to winter a one gets kicked off last friday in the course of time we've already seen the game sealed the rich menu of winners and losers and team korea added a second medal just an hour ago i didn't use the song the sun now joins us for more so the cheese and let's not talk about this that this that achieving here right out of the three korean skeeter is puffs and he was still only ten against the finals of one's life and a meter short track. she was indeed the first place in the first lap until britain believes christie fell down and drag to park downtown smell. sydney the twenty one year old fundamentalists from vancouver and in one thousand fifteen hundred meters. one gold if they'd like to find that stale. she came in last but since kristi was penalized for bumping into pot. she won the bronze
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china's jiang unique aiming for is angeles area plant and one silver. any luck with that male skaters. one fact before the five hundred meter for a good thing if the melted ice store tried why doesn't the relief on since i was for that may life and the queen's dfl it down in the last flat after colliding with an american spirit that this guy was team usa. i was awarded advantage and a fine print that event is set for next friday. such a time and a fairly team usa is doing a well out on the snow as well. thats right now i should try to speak to the strong call for korea and for usa there really nothing extreme sports and the first most of the band for men's freestyle ski hats just back of hours ago when she gets a sweeping all three medals just christensen one to go and is in military event and his teammates dusk and windy and nicholas buffer to come silver and bronze respectively. an early morning in my snowboarding
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what beach and then had to settle for being my eyes out with a new champion and a half high. he was the twenty four held american kid and parent and could not stand out too much in the christian themes or defense will cause she know that in the world biggest sporting event. what a stunning run in nine one point seven five points the turning back the break and pianist really important right. this book to bill by just a portable point and salafi when an american comic life to ponce and to win in two thousand gold medallist had tendered based on the podium. also might just be a part of a plank and going by sid the high street we hear a kleenex unionize mountains of states' rights of one week before the short program for his suffering and kenyan of dr on site this morning. why would she say she's not war or the other skein is why there should be answering afraid their team home in on athletes as she carries all that back in vancouver in specie of hometown fans. the russian team is doing very quiet very
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well in figure skating absolute horror that is that the fans and of course. early this week abby have won t vent and this hour this morning a couple of russian years to come to gold and silver in the pairs event this morning. in a long probe and tg is christ superstar what can be impaired the cannibals sorry and not the one that faced with a combined two hundred thirty six point eight six points he totally from the sport program. she's insane as the one i better clean up from the filter and jennings on inception until invites are probably in there. no we did versus taking goals into your skin and dance until now wants to mess with rob and tonight at midnight korea time. there were two all these the country stand in the medal count. well even with these metal brush the team need more men are from other sports because with just two goals of his skating it's in seventh place they get closer look at the medal standings now in germany smelling top. after getting another gold in those
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fat three goals not for the german and us and canada norway following an email and into fifth place overall. and all knelt in front of the state. nothing creative in thirteenth place with the students. an anti scientists medal standings each country has its own strength and that you speech which treats the us peace in fourteen korea. but that doesn't mean else can he won in other sports as we saw that in the back of her four years ago. and of course includes a lot of trashy tv and in less than an hour with what's going on with the top of that damage back in one thousand is the field the bomb drop in session for crawling. and the men's preliminaries and i thought he also took place overnight for a fourth film events is that such a dot ru and will be back with another update at midnight. barlow will hope to hear more from a team korea. hopefully more gold medals will be one thinks too much cheese i see it it's
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mine. and look at headlines and other sports the world's top golfer of putting the is finally about that the stock's current club stephen kaye joins us now for more on her first competition of the year below that. hey guys after an ultra successful twenty thirty twenty three majors and the top lpga player on airs the best ladies golf or off the last forty four weeks is headed to the world ladies championship taking place at mission hills in height coat i know it's an individual and team tournament. the team scores will be determined by adding up the individual scores of the top two players from each country pop will be teamed up with it. thank you so young for south korea. she said her goal was to win both competitions. and moving on to major league baseball the longtime anchor of new york yankees shortstop derek jeter has announced he's going to retire after the twenty fourteen season jeter posted a long letter
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on his facebook page explaining his decision and the gratitude to that to those that supported him through the years. at the end of the season his twentieth with the yanks he'll hang up his cleats. having amassed at least five world series titles number of betting records and there is a warts and heading to the pits the copa del rey finals match up is now set with molly the giants barcelona and re al madrid gearing up for the epic battle dl classical final between the heated rivals is scheduled for april ninety insulin cia. and ending off with action in the beenleigh. sometimes i just posted allied ge insurance and had done well allied to start out swinging take the first set but sometimes i use that word has been an mit edges of the third front of the leaders and the fourth set as well. thomas edgar contributes with thirty points for his team's recent want it to me. and that does
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it for me and the sport center this has been stated to be back at me and i put away this olympics updates and more saucy you that. in the for eight straight days snow has fallen on the eastern province of como in goa and more is on it's
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way more let's go over cartoon book down at the weather center to find out what's the latest the evening that about eighteen hundred people will be deployed to help with cleanup operations and come and go. officials estimate that the storm has caused roughly three point three million us dollars and that is so far and it looks like the worst isn't over yet we have more snow is forecast for tomorrow morning. one thing tells them of the province this blog as an avid tennis betting is that smell and the mountains of takes you up to three centimeters. well they had seen doctrine and a sense in a synod at the end of the high pressure system which is why we're seeing cloudy sky and from that that's why it's not only valentine's day but also tell what evelyn wood says the first full moon of the air according to the living out of bed bugs bite of the country except that the st vincent will be able to see the rightful winner which is expected to rise at five forty pm didn't sell it at that. keep in mind that another bout of snow showers forecast for next
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monday place to begin and calendar province and spread throughout the country taking a lead that tomorrow's readings so effortless and seven decrease in the mouth trying to reach his undying love and i'd say live every day and said you're tops out at ninety three spot for two nd month combat. at three and twenty eight degrees respectively. i have read this hour but i'll be back with my updates after midnight. after broadcasts and this thursday nights and it became so emotional and thanks for watching all season the eye. the good international audiences are all interested in this isn't the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also
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interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about ear to the mysteries is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also just alerted. you know about the closure of the land to barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway. through slept through the turbo honors you get. you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because
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they're the set in sweden and of the main character is fabulous to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you one of wannabe in sweden have to see this. i think scandinavia lecturer suddenly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that's great that the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the light mist of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo and behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful
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there exists a look at it and it's very very good after i ate i really like the wall and are serious about high time to qualify that because of what some of the hiring of us. and she is good and that is really going to take off it begins with irene doing the karate kicks and you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country so whereas lysol longer for us on. she may end up being my face. the very pleased to within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website
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is an existing stock on because i've really fill that if you in the united states you have very little opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. i just want to spread the word what's the world's biggest story each day exclusive for any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by inmates the premier global content partners back to back any glitch. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you have very active in your story continues here. seventeen with me thanks to a doting aspect that i can't take that steely checked in you on an eighteen networks to work on in each seat. tv will
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continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on the m a c networks wound man the stars the that's the route setting sail in its first men's ice hockey game against slovenia in the tournament has brought together the sport's biggest names. some media outlets here have tried so hard to make the olympics and watch the snow white. cold war michael assembles and thirty year old dresser i can look at why some in the media on a crusade against the winter games. also leave the uk at least they're like london says it won't air currents


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