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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 11, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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headline south and north korea at three hundred high level talks to better facilitate reunions of separated families despite the authority last week electric drills between south korea and the plants the real korean cooperation she orders policymakers and chart the welfare of labor in gender equality in many minds regulations to build up well for assistance to help create jobs and spur. verse nineteen sixty five years. i had a wonderful form of government government talks despite the team's refusal to
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recognize the self governing island sovereignty to the stores and more than one hundred. apartheid years it's too stiff add very eleven here in korea. life is full on abc and sean went into so much for joining us. we begin with a possible sign of a fawning inter korean relations for the first time in seven years the two koreas will hold high level talks tomorrow spots of the trees fell into prominence and come before next week's much anticipated re unions for families separated since the korean war. he has our top story. anti kerry ads will need for high level talks at the south korean side of the truce village of coming down at ten am on wednesday. he then chief of
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talent at national security council secretariat will have the south korean delegation wollondilly and deputy head of the kinetic the department of the ruling workers party of serbia will be the north korean delegation the education ministry said a wide range of pressing or korean who will be discussed there are no fixed agenda items for the meeting but both sides are expected to discuss key issues such as the upcoming family re union said whether the reunions can be held on a regular basis north korea may bring up the planning to linger and referrals between south korea and the united states scheduled to begin and the last week of february. i had had earlier threatened to reconsider its previous agreement to raise a family the unions should still go ahead with the kiwis all the exercises. the north has yet to make any moves in south korea announced the dates for the military trials earlier this week
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the ministry said the high level meeting was proposed by kenya on saturday and headed past the rep pencils present office to attend the meeting to korea had agreed to hold a round of high level talks last june which was canceled at the last minute. many identities. the concert is mounting about whether to family reunions will take place it's a wet ferret that may actually get in the way nine snow plows are working around the clock to clear the site at the north's malcolm done in time for the re union event slated for fabric twentieth to the twenty fifth at least one more round of snowfall is expected before then the south korean delegation cross the border this morning to inspect the venue and facilities. thereafter the recent heavy snowfall an official at seoul's unification ministry said tuesday that now and i had seen over two meters of snow as of monday but pointed out every unions to place in similar conditions in the past. former japanese prime minister to meet you
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more iam time has arrived in seoul for a three day visit them it soured relations between seoul and tokyo over japan's hardline nationalists moves the eighty nine year old former japanese leader to apologize to victims of japan's wartime atrocities on the office back in nineteen ninety five after a south korean women forced into sexual slavery during world war two. but i am out with steve if it was a long and healthy life adding he hoped that korea and japan would be able to move past your differences. when there are a lot of issues dividing korea and japan because i'm not in a position is speaking on behalf of my country. i believe i can discuss the issues for the insincere bleed during this trip to the man that is special to give a lecture and south korea japan relations at seoul's national assembly on wednesday but is not expected to meet with president up and hair during his trip. the u s state of new york is stepping up efforts to use to me. ec
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for the body of water between korea and japan after virginia state legislature recently passed a similar bill in a press conference on monday group of state lawmakers and korean american community members said they had submitted related bills to the upper and lower houses in the state. the bills require the use of the main pc and see if it can in all school textbooks published after july first. the korean american community is hoping to see the bills passed in may. last week the virginia house of delegates passed a bill requiring that the state education board only approved textbooks that use both names before your dna. and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with
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the viewpoint of the covert its global network and why on arrival that is seventeen always on standby. south the name has reiterated her call for expensive deregulation in the nation's service sector and underscored the importance of balancing economic growth and social welfare. the comments came during a policy briefing after the first time ever to place the live video link up against when ck has a detox various entering college ministry gifts this year reports the president can and threw a huge screen president andrew was a follow up question the movie city. this is the policy briefing on tuesday with
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the minister of health labor and ten during rally at a government complex in the central administrative city of springfield took place through video link up for the first time the president emphasized the importance of de regulating the nation's service sector as a way to stimulate shop pro. among the younger generation. moody said he denied him and they get double the total. gta area checking the top of her he'll cut down and am currently on more local company owned in the wake of the embassy. the president also called for a social welfare system designed to support people at various points in their lives that will in turn boost employment and economic growth president ma and pa retailer underscore the need for eighteen scale social welfare system for the elderly and disabled. that's going to be
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united with them today. you guys seniors have them. tessa kneeling am a tool to make it up and he said he is not condoned a little. he has the total lie down. big and airy quality ministry said it will establish a center of this here where when it quit their jobs after giving birth and marriage can get assistance finding work. i tell you. the government's economic policies were put through the wringer at the national assembly on tuesday with the men in charge. finance minister of finance up in the hot seat a team nz has to be counts on tuesday the release of any party said friday that a sector organizations their party in nh are putting a strain on the economy the last two scandals running nuclear power plant parts halted operations at one plant and cause a power shortage. but the corporation concern still had enough sort of bonuses and welfare benefits the finance minister
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baptist rink and the monitoring of sector irregularities. this includes the practice of awarding contracts for projects to other and to teens and their retirees which limits their competition. this goes. these irregularities but to exposing these unfair practices. he will keep a tight rein on view are shedding jobs among institutions. and the christian democratic party urged the government in the cautiously with free trade agreement. and come up with better protected sectors for farmers. dane their average income is just eighty percent of the national average the present or former turner pledged to move cautiously with the korea china fta and is rushing to complete the free trade deal it is raising concerns that her pledge to minimize them is on the cultural sector is going to utah. the democratic party propose protecting ever
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called her a peds expected to be hit hardest by the korea china fta by listing them as ultra sensitive items. nelson said the government should be all the more cautious about joining a trans pacific partnership. saturday calls for eliminating tariffs without exceptions. at the hearing the government said it is doing all he can to contain damage from the nation's biggest first day the week last month and then the additional losses have been reported. however some lawmakers demanded the government do more including adopting a compensation system for damages and allowing collect the action scenes were the case. can see the tennis a disgraced cloning scientist is making a comeback korean stem cell research are hung with socks and t one embryonic stem cell line officially received the us patent on tuesday they're the world's very first human embryonic stem cells developed through cloning technology by korean
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scientists. the u s patent and trademark office said the pattern was granted for the process of making the stem cell line. one is well known for cloning the world's first dog bo was convicted in two thousand nine on ethical lapses and fabricating data. china and taiwan sat down on tuesday for the first government a government meeting since their split more than six decades ago during the historic talks the two sides agreed to improve communication channels to improve bilateral relations and to promptly resolved disputes that may arise in the future for teams yet reports. china and taiwan have reportedly agreed to establish a permanent body to promote communication and understanding between the two countries. tenants in an easy you see in the people's daily reported that the two sides on tc country to promote bilateral ties and sat with the one china policy principle which refers to the d c and that there is
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only one state despite recognizing the existence of two companies tend to be the head of china's town affairs office said the permanent body would help to resolve potential disputes at me over i speak the two countries. well we see her mad that i like his delegation said it was important not to backtrack from developing peaceful relations and invited down to visit taiwan in the future many expected that he might lay the foundation for future son in the chinese presidency and it's really kind of car buying two of the two sides did not comment on the matter china and taiwan split at the end of the chinese civil war in nineteen forty nine bt regards taiwan as part of its territory and said it will reclaim the ironing on taiwan wants to be seen as an independent state. bekah freight task read a bad day keeps the military standoff between the united states in china. as the us is committed to defending the democracy be
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strictly against communist roots. ties between china and taiwan improved radically however after taiwan's probe eighteen president biden she was elected in two thousand on wednesday while e t c give a special lecture at university in that scene about taiwan's democratic and human rights values what government talks are expected to follow with the anti terror made of toilet throwing a party scheduled to meet prison issued in eighteen next week. and yes the ends. fourteen cents to eleven games and for day five cents whereby and down in a preview of the accident the ice and snow we are now going to the studio but paralympics correspondence can be found. welcome to the team to do so let's start off with another queen of
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the eye sees nineteen oh nine nissan while wine and gold in vancouver four years ago for speed skating. how are her chances this time around it's a chance to shine again acts took sam will see that in just a few minutes. he has been continually team boss over the past four years after it pulled the fish in two thousand ten. their seasons beds this here is the bald record for the five hundred meters at thirty six point three six seconds. now notice the speedy are determined after two races by adding up to two times easygoing the scheme lasted the first two rounds of competition with the list again just half an hour ago the second round is set for half past eleven this evening three times. hopefully i will see better performance from team korea and other court heard yesterday was was rather disappointing. friday seles friend looked at the minutes and the burden for returning champions annie was not able to defend his title in the five meter speedskating for the men's event. he faced fourth and as
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for speed and that's what's he got the mail and it against the all the spots on him. the cast from within from houston st this month could kiss for ago in one thousand meter in the event in which hit the sack and a deck of it. so if the cd and let simmer or whatever against breaking for a cool and different category smart well let's shift gears to some of the new athletes that have popped out here at the olympics we haven't seen any medals yet for team korea but we have been making history in terms of some of the new faces that have appeared. why can't we have sent the biggest plot after abt seventy one and pieces could stay with the number of groupies making their olympic debut. not just to see the true reason was curling team which is in the lead before the first time please with a victory in its first match. the squad in good hands while seventy two round robin section tail. an assist and three against what the land is set for a midnight korea time. and moving on. early this morning more history was burning
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asked when schedule became quits first ever mobile skein finalist. she had no trouble showing up this johnson missed out on spence as they missed a turn and lost the chance against the dark finally found where six cookies for them adults additionally now but there it doesn't then you let the conditions for sochi twenty fourteen bid is to be an outcast but now under spotlight. she explained to us but the slope style event it is all about exactly such is not just the most expensive jeans is also good but the most points and with the ninety eight medals of goldman's up for grabs me have them baskets the freestyle ski slope style waking go backward jumping and crying males like a snowboarding and skateboarding. and if i nevertheless the south island it was just backed up with him he can get bronze and gold. after all playing first night he wrote daryl hall and ninety four point four two points. reading will their first olympics after sports not very best to make and didn't know then fall in
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psych and intense chemo mark placed third. both the five ten points toward an . not a freestyle skier my suffering was really impressive and moving to see the sport he did the appeal and fixed or i will have these new medals affect the medal count. one day now with these emails he have to see that he had to our mills in on the snow as closed on the eyes if you want things on the number one spot in the hall from the camp. now can still from the top spot. we see more data from dylan's piece of science and in the entering its second with only seven the st browns. the state. and no place in third spot with team usa and germany trailing in the medal count. it's like my xc flight. the rt remaining medal event for tonight. can't these melt ellie may shift tonight because includes events back to the midday and sesame not the best brisket for disbelief i mean his rankings may change overnight stay awake for some real action
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tonight as america's legendary lavish on why he does get his first pro bowl nine the still point half time. martin funky and without applying to become the first full length in my life and events that have read the story. well isn't that what underway right now at first he got the better when they can't cross country skis with a final offer to help tonight. and for the kiss in the hands of the event starts tonight with a sort of them for the on set from that night we had to borrow a lot of people be burning the midnight oil to keep their fingers crossed for team korea. thanks so much for that update thinking the mugabe ergo homers in just a man traveling fit athletes anymore companies and businesses are also lying to gain as much from the once and for your sporting events and as for cutting him reports train companies are no strangers in angling to promote their products to the war. brush up or down a record fifty one million us
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dollars and fifty thousand fourteen when carol of the gains of russia is hardly alone in investing in fourteen sochi as many companies are seeking to promote their brands. the run of the world's most watched sporting events. all athletes who participated in the opening ceremony last friday. receive complementary talents military's by samsung electronics one of the ten official sponsors of the sochi games. an official sponsorship comes with a price tag of one hundred million dollars but also stories of the company's red logo is seen by the one billion won a healer. this puts them after a sports marketing a company's brand recognition goes up along with their brand value which leads to an increase in sales in the long term. as a matter of fact. samsung electronics market share in china nearly doubles after the basic alan thinks in two thousand eight companies are not official sponsors of the games are supporting certain athletes and teams in other ways. kb financial group has been sponsoring vancouver gold
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medallist known as since two thousand stakes and also backs long track speed skater use them on and short track speed skater it was okie sponsoring the tree is getting you started out like corporate soldiers possibility to raise awareness of the popular winter sports thanks to the outstanding performances of athletes are competing logo has gained exposure in the media and improve the company's brand and its call for all. back here in korea. retailers like this i seek to take advantage of the olympics by offering special discounts on popular product is here and snatches what fried chicken franchise is also offering special discount offers when ever korean athlete wins a medal it goes to show that it's not just companies with global recognition of reaping the benefits of the winter games but also possesses live in the country. honey can. i mean. and elsewhere in the world the lpga is head down under forty women's
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australian open. stephen j joined us in the sports center with a preview below that. hey guys that's right the highest ps hide the woman's australian open is set to open on thursday and some big names in small frames are shooting for the hardware and the one point two million dollar purse. now one of the biggest storylines is the youth movement in the lpga as teenage been on the world over for the get go headlines the young golfers at the par seventy two victoria golf club. the masai and lids and amateur team nz for most really of me once again on the greens after when speed out e by two strokes in the australian ladies masters over the weekend. meanwhile the united states college football standout michael sand is grabbing headlines for coming out on national television to say that he's gay. in an interview with espn outside the line sunday sen said he understood how big a deal that was and wanted to tell his own truth
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through his own words the all american defensive lineman from misery is drafted into the nfl than eight will become the first openly gay player in the week and believing that their let's get to tuesday's top match ups starting in the kb out the sk knights took on the equally on toilets in color not the audience coming in on the street. how could gave its thirty nine thirty four at the half. now as cage fights banking for the fourth and he's the gnomes they sent it to ot. they're good to go toe to toe before the audience please don't force is yet another ot the netscape add to the project a third overtime where they get ahead for good to get help when ninety four to eighty seven. now its action in the b lee korean air and kept go when heads up in insulin. not to go comes out firing taking the first set from the home team twenty five to twenty three there gets its britain back to
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the second twenty five to twenty one and also dominates the third twenty five thirty a m it's close in the end but korean air base the last one in five to forty three and wins the next three cents to one. for me and a sportscenter this has been steve intent of the bag at midnight for the latest olympics news and more so i'll see you there. tool. i
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do . plus this know that paralyzed parts of the nation's east coast in recent days has mostly subsided now for details of clover park and the guy standing by at the weather center of the past the worst violent beating guys at sundance in the snow showers have come to one and in most regions. however it's too early to say for sure whether wear out at the what's next a heavy snowfall odds and equal weight loss have been a steady income legal province i had that for those of you again my window because up to five centimeters of snow may fall through late night taking up but that the current conditions were seen cloudy skies as well as on enough snow in some parts of the east coast regions due to winds blowing from the east. now that larry
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didn't have one go and book shelf in the province is practically stop by tomorrow morning but presumed leader at night. also please keep in mind that there is a high possibility of snowfall on thursday and friday. other than that nullified of the country willing to wait and not as sunny winter day with heights he keep from between two to eight degrees and whole grains don't see what the daytime highs reached seventeen degrees tuesday which is a reference to early april weather here in korea. taking a look at tomorrow's reading salad and cake will make it to five degrees off course and tops out at second. will they not see you at every since. it will be at cloudy day instead to be bought for two and not them that preach one and minus six degrees respectively. i have for you this hour but after you get active in the eye. the show broadcasts on this tuesday nights and he's in pain so strongly and thanks for watching will see soon. has
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i think the international audiences are all interested in assisting the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america message they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about
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it it's the mysteries is that not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also get alerted. you know about the closure of the land to barbie and you get to play with bergen norway. through slept through the s curve ball under g gift you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because they're the set in sweden. and of the main character is said viewers to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia lecturer suddenly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have
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been awakened to a just a question and that's great but the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the lightness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it get it through the books and great fun the best i've read one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful. there exists a look at it and it's very very good after i ate i really like the wall and are serious about high time to qualify that because of what some of the hiring of us. and she is is it that is really going to take off. it begins with irene and doing
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the karate kicks. you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my fav. not very pleased to within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on because i've really fill that if you in the united states universal opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. and i just want to spread the word. you knew
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knew who will win. in eye washington dennis athens and atlanta named the ceiling government financing homes where aid convoys and the final reason is because they didn't bring any spills of stapling border. here is killed. skip this if it was cookies and a stronghold in london and went on to something dreadful box. also some anything to make sharing expectation of the largest being out in the comments came after two straight


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