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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 6, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the next in the broadcasting day after agreeing to hold inter korean family reunions north korea says it could back pedal on the deal itself korea goes forward with its planned military exercise with the united states security ministries but the report dated policy efforts on center stage in a joint briefing to the present friday's start to the sochi two thousand fourteen when darrel and six qualification rounds begin with athletes getting a feel for the ice and snow trying to induce the kids napped. to prime
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time nears its thirst and every sick here in korea life from school i see them from laughing so much for joining us. we begin with north korea is shifting stance regarding the upcoming inner korean family re union succumb to a friend to reconsider their real interests in its humanitarian sense it still doesn't cancel its upcoming going military drills but washington. so he tells us what's at stake. just one day after the teacher vs and retirees in the last extended family the unions not yet called the south to halt the upcoming annual military drills with the united states threatening to be considered their previous agreement
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we're clearly stating that dialogue and peace of more practices can never co exist this is read conciliation and conflict can't see the two koreas agreed on wednesday to raise him or unions for families separated since the korean war from the late twenty s to the twenty fifth. the bid calling side. helen lawson things he has all the exercises which began in the last week of february every year. yesterday i had been continuously calling for a cancellation of the drills although it made no mention of that during wednesday's talks. the spots out of the education ministry said the ideal of military exercises are purely defensive in nature and being there may be the issue would be dealt with separately from family the unions. it's gone we can only take north korea has changed attitude as an attempt to either stop are justified military exercises or to call off with family reunions. we were so sweet the ministry said that that
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labor unions must be how best friends no matter what. as the alchemy divided family members should not have to go to the disappointment of another canceled events north korea call the fire ground the family the union's last september just days before the words take place and that the snp something education ministry said that eighteen of south korean engineers across the border on friday as planned attack and the facilities at the vu tien site. he hates the first time in four years korea security related ministries kinks and get there on this thursday to brief the president. other efforts on corn and foreign and north korea policies are paci one has more on their collaborative vision for national security the defence ministry has been to moscow on thursday the fornication and defense ministries and the minister pete ricketts and veterans
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affairs chris the president on their annual policy goals and plans with garrett president of the outlets and fishes and the nation's defence as being the foundation of a b ab in government policy. if you have to go she gets to go would be a humble it is i am immune to guillotine had become political. ditto has been i would consider me a comment. he did when he got into status reply to the foreign ministry said you will take a principled and effect this two track approach to anti n nucucleleler raisisisisisisisisisisisising f increased security in inter korean relations the ministry said in what approved by federal cooperation with neighboring countries such as china and russia and its traditional ally the united states. love you the most. once your team teach with miniature yet this is part of the foreign ministry has remained policy
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goals of building a sustainable peace that can then stop interesting change in the recovery act. securing global support for the occasion. the unification ministry says he will aim to create sustainable in the three and published this dude i'll not get a variety of cooperative projects and to leave the ground like one of the fixation with tonight it makes the leap from static see them in it she said it will drift like building a sustainable peace carried out the president's policy of trust politics and make me very long term plans would there be anything he'd seen enough that in coming days. the defence ministry vowed to strengthen its ability to me that during nuclear threats and to care for the transfer of wartime operational control from the us to korea. this is the first time in four years that the security related ministries team together to give a status report to the president. government of
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the six states into interesting shows that devin is concentrating its efforts on court in need of foreign and security policy. i mean and as part of trust building efforts in unification ministry plans to forge ahead with a number of projects of kenya. media reports and initiatives that include a peace park with a heavily fortified border dividing the two koreas and cultural exchanges between seoul and kenya. only to strike a deal we've come down sometime this year on building the peace park in the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas the education ministry made the announcement on thursday as part of its key policy plans for the year during a joint call team briefing session with president park in hand. upon first proposed by president park last year in a six week postpartum marked in yellow intifada km wide darfur border or so the project was proposed with a team of improving allegiance with north korea
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the ministry for interpreting affairs also announced constitutes forth and so called debates and instead called for linking energy and logistics infrastructure across the continent. the ministry said it will explore messrs to renovate and fifty four km track connecting north korea's port city of not seeing and russia's eastern border town of basra the project this old wants to ultimately build a distribution channel director of south korea's southern port city of his time doing north korea and to rush out. for the project had been underway since november when president i've met with russian president palmer in and signed a memorandum of understanding. bill hall south korean companies take part in the real me with bodily season projects the unification ministry also announced it will look into this unsuspecting hands cultural understanding between the two kirby yes i'm working in various areas including sports and arts the minister emphasized
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however that it will also dedicate equal efforts continue to arise in north korea will try to see improvement chains with its northern neighbor. beauty and the defendants. before your dna. and another begins. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the cold its global network and why. for the odd white gold accents. he always on standby. south. somebody may dismiss the minister of oceans and fisheries on thursday after the politician true criticism for her attitude toward an oil spill in waters off the south coast of korea during a visit to
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the accident site in yes you over the weekend. yoon jin soo quick shown in the photo covering up her nose with their hands to avoid smelling this bill. the picture went viral with critics say new and was taking the effects of this bill to blindly. she also called the company whose oil was spilled ts caltech spinning it into the ordeal yoon had already been the subject of criticism over the initial handling of the incident. more than three dozen yes the residents were treated in the hospital earlier this week for breathing difficulties and nausea after not receiving the appropriate protective gear while helping with the cleanup efforts. at the national assembly in the first day of the four day interpol agent session lawmakers engaged in a heated debate over pending political issues including the candidate nomination system for the upcoming local elections committee reports on the push for an open primary system on thursday lawmakers from the two main rival party debated over
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whether to scrap a cyst in which political parties nominate candidates for local elections. a campaign pledge made by both early in the present possession candidates in twenty twelve the main opposition democratic party sharply criticized president in hand and a cabinet or reggaeton a pledge to abolish the system in the present book is present the worst kind of politics is the kind that does not keep its promises to people and stretch the theme of trust and principle. would you consider a vice and a present to stop ignoring this issue mr prime minister at the party said that getting rid of the candidate nomination system could be unconstitutional. arguing that doing so could interfere with the candidates right to express their party appeal the issue. and the voters' right to know them. that ended in the nation writes parker the monopolized by some political party leaders i believe adopting an open
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primary could be the best way to get the people a chance to nominate candidates the ruling in the present party law makers demanded an answer on the issue from the government. but the government probably pass the ball to the national assembly. saying that matter pertaining to the political arena even experts are divided on whether scrapping the political parties and a nomination system would be unconstitutional. taking the seeds into consideration that we would like the parliament to have a thorough discussion on the issue and draw a conclusion with all sides refusing to compromise the debate over the candidate nomination since then he's allowed expected to dominate politics the rest of the month. the national assembly will resume the appalachian session next week with a focus on foreign policy the economy and culture. can see candidates when pressed the high and parts of the philippines last year leaving more than six thousand people dead and millions displaced. the south
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korean government wasted no time lending a helping hand hundreds of engineers and military personnel were dispatched to the island nation. their mission continues to this day against the opinion been thousands to support some couple time the philippines was slammed by one of the daily just once in recent history. i think i am. in november of last year the storm destroyed practically everything in his path and kill thousands of people. three months have passed since that terrible day. bush has remained nearly abandoned all man. and thousands of homes that once made a thriving community said auntie anne and habitable. but as the saying goes through darkness comes light and to fear comes hope and a military unit for korea is working day and night to help this region and its residents get back to something approaching normality. swartz korean military engineers and medics are based and toppled by a
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city fascinated by how yet under the mission codenamed operation raul angels the goal was to rebuild basic infrastructure. no easy task in the area in the post apocalyptic nightmare. our ot unit was sent to help people in desperate need. but also to repay an old that not all that. it was under his tenure to pay back for the sacrifices made by the philippine troops to augment shed blood for our freedom during the korean war or the partners all. despite the sheer scale of the task ahead is unfortunate that the scheme but on the foreign troops in india hand in the area at this time. many voices came two weeks three weeks. and then left. but the comments link to the government of the republic of korea. seoul while yet. is the antecedent in and get feedback. in the world is going to go to words or symbols minutes. as
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tomato paste for the future from schools to hospitals korean and filipino engineers are working in st. it seems there's nothing they can fix but these are just the first steps the people of the city have expressed high hopes about what this unit can see over the duration of their assignment here. this newly rebuilt moment. the work of the around units. by the year's end. the unit plans to build fifty schools in this area. then at a news post. donor countries for lacie and seven filed against tobacco manufacturer so far all by individuals but none has won yet but that may change extreme agency for the first time filed a suit against tobacco companies at home and abroad accused
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the un reports. the national health insurance and is responsible for promoting the health says a company seeking up to three hundred seven million dollars in damages from cigarette companies agency says it wants to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking in the air and deciding that smokers are more likely to suffer from a range of serious diseases including cancer according to the national cancer center treated those diseases coming to the high cost. especially with the number of canned peaches too well. also smokers amounting to two point four million over the past nineteen years. they each eye and said that plans to focus on cancer patients who suffer from small cell carcinoma to the mines. a screenshot carcinoma a table arranged or cancer. since the courts have already established that smoking has a direct relationship with these two types of cancer in conditions that make science as it costs around one point six billion us dollars a year as medical expenses
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the smoking related illness in which khan is out of taxpayers' pockets. smokers pretty p around two dollars and thirty cents a pack for cigarettes. i was just thirty three cents goes to the meat i asked our agency says cigarette companies did not pay into the attacks on the korea tobacco association which represents the interests of the nieces meters cigarette companies has criticized the agency for threatening a lawsuit saying he would induce quote unnecessary social concrete costs. in theory other half in cases brought against the tobacco industry but they've largely been unsuccessful and i haven't used a class action lawsuit led by a lung cancer pitching against the qing government tng a major cigarette maker failed to win an appeal for damage. it's a sin like he's fighting two thousand five by the family of a police officer who died of lung cancer was equally unsuccessful. a group of nine people sent a petition to the constitutional court in twenty twelve to peal of
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bells and allows the government to practice the piano manufacturing importing and sales of cigarettes. you don't need any. the extra sake of the tobacco lawsuit on the horizon we bring in what sits on a multi national litigation attorney and partner at seoul based criminal law firm in the studio. welcome to program division will search engines is purported to their bins for casey's against tobacco companies so far and none of them have succeeded what explains the low success rate. in previous can only go so still can keep up the skin creams one go. cool in closing costs to make this one is negligence on the east the liability but the color though. local court in previous cases be coming to help. the preacher that you cannot use it ever so cool the water with tween own
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the land mines all over though. on online all liability in negligence and all and what legal grounds is the agency have pursuing this battle against the tobacco companies to have a strong case here. i think you note of it. i now like i couldn't get to contain find the ignition dioceses is so nice. probably the real fire also be sought on seeing cause of nations known as amazing though the indignities and small problem liability. amigo think it should prove too. it is to be. of course is shown being could end up on kinky seeing jury held as smoking and the pre chilled to the jury by the defendant to go out thinking they might be the key. so one of the likely counter arguments by the tobacco companies and what will the ukraine tears due to counter those architects. i'll probably
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you know in the wind of previous cases the defendants the song was successfully defended it as his key cases by the lion one. so he could come in all. sydney always buy the cake if they lived in new concord effect. holy smoke. so roll on the come on judges ruled that the mighty lion longed to see know all this in the low forties co ownership the nation and it's not enough to be addicted on the scene with plenty of human rights peace. for a similar crisis about the losses have taken place over and we're like the sagging and estates and friends in israel what the outcome of the lawsuits tear away. yet his image in the dual also more or until cheese is discussing that in the states. i like to briefly mention that though all the time to racial window
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keys. i don't think it will all fall has been increased the noble book i'm i mean the content alone might be needing quarter the crew chief. so in the past is dead and that has change and you know on a stand of the woodlands pino pie cookies companies but right now even though judges soo cool and being in charge of the case the d at the mall with over the harmful effects although smoky clock works so in your pin yin which side has a stronger case and how will the outcome of this loss is in effect pending cases. steele's hot soup and eat. steve didn't have keys to have reached the third to two we need to paint the defendant has a duty to widen. gopal would be over soon. his competition team joe was a bit too frugal to issue the cliches don't mean the kindle has a knee injury
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and though the preacher would do to you by a co defendant just to keep the realists the case may be the case might be prompted the new successful pulled off a sequel to a niche audience mr thank you very much for joining us this evening to cleveland noo noo. opening ceremony for its ot olympic games kicks off friday night the suffering athletes will be the sixteen nation to enter the stadium from the entrance orders to a final preview of what's to come were joined by our steven j at the sports center lol there. big eyes as you mentioned team korea is sixty and eighty eight nations and six time olympian uk health will hold the flag. they'll be joining the nearly three thousand athletes will be at this stadium for the festivities. but of
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the box only a handful can be called the cream of the cross court today euro sports list of the top fifty stars to watch at sochi south korea boasts three big names team no not you come by and more involved. when united seeking to make figure skating history in her olympic swansong. while speed skaters he and small will defend their five hundred meter gold medals on the opel. meanwhile the safety of the athletes on the downhill slopes is becoming a growing issue in sochi. after norwegian snowboarder course being mauresmo broke his collarbone a few days back during practice. the slope style course was tagged as a safety concern. as such. organizers canceled the woman's trading session while two time olympic snowboarding champion shaun white. the conversation altogether. white and extreme sports better in cold of course intimidating. and moving on to grace the pros and the stars will align with
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the att pebble beach national pro am corny opening in sunny california. the look out for four time winner phil mickelson as protocol for as any other as well as nfl mvp peyton manning who still shaking off the super bowl loss from sunday. now let's get to thursday's top match ups starting in the kitty al casey see stars as case in the seventy sixty five but now we go on to the game of the night. it's the mall this baby is taking on the phone book call me start off slow but it's first place and low base with a slight edge going into the locker room to tell it all comes down to the last possession with the game tied he clung to it seeks to three and cotton bowl upset number one team sixty one to bpa. let's move on to be elite. it's a russian cash cheque on monday capital in on time. now it's the battle to start by the hyundai capital gets the first set and also the second set. now it's the third set. russian catches for roti slam one for
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a laugh. the men's twenty winners for steaming and the capital wins in straight sets. and that does for me and sportscenter this has been saving to protect baghdad midnight for the latest in the world of sports. moo. in the they're
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called as cleared out and we even had some early spring like weather here today and still write but don't get to use to it but i am or by going over tracking down at the left of center put down the meeting guys while they lifted the snow looked around the country tomorrow. in fact those in the car wondering tells of two provinces began to see snow a couple of other alloys and go. one of those tv between twenty to sixty centimeters of snow and children to go twenty to forty centimeters. otherwise the nonsense of ten to wiggle the label until i land are forecast to get between five to twenty centimeters apparently that nation is at the end of the high pressures that come from china which is why we're seeing clouds moved in. well late tomorrow night parts of the stench of resisting going so well will also get a taste of snow these coast of taiwan may get more than eighty seven it had snowed during the next
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monday. taking the leg at tomorrow's reading is solid at top the day at minus three degrees but the height of eight. meanwhile content with the kids nine and seven degrees respectively. looking on sale at their beach is taking a peek at ninety three spots will go and i can that be cute to see you and when it's six degrees respectively helping out and bag seal bag after broadcasts on this thursday nights and each evening so that someone face for watching will cease. i was. i do. i knew. it is in
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the two. he did. i do. i did it. good thing. i do. you
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know. i did it. and with it didn't you. i do. i wonder
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it is. with them. cz the eye he has been dating him. in the law. the komodo productivity. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds lulu long
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ruling will. i know. ah only to see her sweet stodgy as the games countdown reaches one day develop the torch relay is now on it's final and to launch the twenty second winter olympic games. and it is snowy peaks and swaying palms to get the opinions of athletes on the scene the attention that went against. a british couple accused of money laundering until the court defined the era extradition to the us beat lrt being forced from home will be too much for them


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