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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 31, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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i know. bbb is friday the thirty first of january leaving a nice day you achieved in top ten pm newscast coming to you from the nytimes new center console. some of the traffic conditions on the nation's expressways on is that in a nice day. as you might expect with millions of people heading to inform the hometowns of this holiday
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period. major roads in an ounce of metropolitan seoul area have been jam packed today but congestion is easing as the meat into the night decree expressway corporation says around four hundred thousand costumes and the soul of this friday while he the same number of cars left the capital traffic coming back to seoul is forecast to start getting congested. again from sun today morning instead of the pickup during the day as of just a few minutes ago he says so now the estimates each on time for soul to the southern port city of the size four hours fourteen minutes so that when she was three hours twenty minutes hence the eastern city of kunming he will take you two hours fourteen minutes. what does that mean stale soul alice is cold in korea many koreans celebrate and welcome the coming of the new year with their relatives back in a home towns. sunday night to start the durple rice cake
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soup that koreans tradition the sunday night the morning symbolizing that everyone is now won he told the children of the family balance their grandparents the needy is the receive some money which they are either expected to save for police to find books and other families also revisit their ancestors graves them pay their respects with a small memorial service all in all so now is the day on which families gather to share the kinks and was missing. as we head into the new. and she doesn't fourteen is the year off the whole storm the chinese say get the period associated with power and a close relationship with nature local governments in korea are also made me to use it to b's korea's force industry with the help of the new five hundred million dollars eco tourism project fully reports here on korea's western coast near the city of ponce and she income quito province
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lies fields of on tap potential for the nation's tourism and agricultural industries. the fertile ground remains undeveloped with no large factories or even residential areas in sight. but the kellyville provincial government has big plans for this newly reclaimed land. officials say he over seven hundred sixty hackers will be dedicated to creating a major development project called eco farm land which will combine livestock farming horseback riding in regional terms of some five hundred twenty billion us dollars in funding has already been committed to cover project expenses for two thousand sixteen with a majority of that money going towards investments in sports related industries. among the planned facilities including equestrian venue sports reading academies and an animal hospital. other secondary businesses such as horse race training and breeding will also be supported. don't you go hopes to capitalize on the rising popularity of horseback
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riding in korea to attract visitors. in addition the region will be designated as special in nostrils known to promote agricultural research. by merging the livestock and tourism industries. we can create the new agro tourism sector we expect this field i play an important role as the new growth engine for rural areas and development of the forest industry for leisure activities in sporting events to scientific research the eco farm land venture plans to try and job creation for the region as well open a new era of eco friendly terms of policy on the onions. now when the rest of today's news korea has denounced comments made by japanese prime minister shinzo ebay which she sets her kitty seek answer the what it sees as the dispute some crisco delighted to the international court of justice. seoul's foreign ministry on friday city condemned the base remarks
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made the day before quoting them nothing but meaningless empty dresser take speaking japanese ole kiss as they ave said he was reviewing whether to bring the issue to the icj and that he will respond appropriately. bass remarks come a match of days after japan's education ministry lay down its guidelines the middle and high school text that switching the claims two koreas east and the excitement. the state senate in the usa to virginia has passed a resolution which identifies the boy the aforesaid between korea and japan as the korean name pc as well as japan's name it seemed she had to take care is unhappy with the development has made its feelings clear on the messaging on field reports a legislative panel of the virginia house of delegates passed the ec bill on thursday which requires virginia textbooks to use the korean name the scene as well as it has named sea of
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japan. the five to four vote in the education subcommittee kept of life. the korean american community is hoped the virginia will become the first us state to chase legislation identified the body of water between korea and japan as the sea speaker of the house spoke of the other day among all are members and said this important bill to pass. we recognize the importance the korean american community to virginia because we recognize this bill is the right thing to do the bill now passed the full house education committee and the legislature passes the house. the general assembly will send it to golf in it for him but allah for his signature. mcauliffe said thursday that if the bill makes it to his debts he was cited. he made a campaign pledge to support the move in a bid to gain votes and the koreans living in this state. but mccall as they face in a pill bottle as a japanese embassy in washington is not enough pressure on him the embassy says by signing the bill
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japan might choose to stop investing so much in virginia japan has invested almost one billion dollars in the state over the past five years. meanwhile the walls largest comic strip bark or two festival which opened in fact on thursday. exhibit a korean cartoons depicting the japanese military's wartime use of slaves or as they are sometimes known as code for women. it's in a good idea onions. the milk ambassadors of kristen says his country has no intention of releasing imprisoned korean american kenneth day until he finishes his sentence of fifteen years hard labor. speaking to britain's saudi news on thursday. come on said date was being treated fairly the suggested he would not be pardoned before his sentence was complete. the ambassador also explain the price is behind the execution of the north korean leader's ones come from uncle john's song take. mentioning that
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china's spend spend spend the six million us dollars in two thousand mine and i know your voice said jang was guilty of tremendous crimes against the government the people of the country the ambassador also said china had confessed to his crimes. m was executed by firing school. back in south korea and as millions of koreans enjoyed the extended community of reiki ccc to get the country still grappling with a serious the flu outbreak. two more cases were confirmed on thursday but fortunately many cases their new suspected cases have been reported to the side of the holiday government is coordinating the grounds the poll commissioned to sterilize nobody farms that interchanges on highways that i chalked full of people heading to pull from that and towns in sending reports most koreans are spending time with their loved ones on this lunar new year's day. but thousands of government and
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police in quarantine officials as well as the military and police are working tirelessly to try to contain the spread of the bird flu. government officials are on duty at sterile a station facilities at interchanges on heidi's and fights and train stations across the nation. two large chicken farms reported confirmed cases of the bird flu on thursday a disturbing sign that quarantine efforts may only be having a limited impact. test came back positive from a kick in breeding farm in part on in the central province of an eagle and another in the end income son of the province and the southeast of the country. the company has prompted authorities and counted the province to call all chickens within three km races of the affected farms income from them the province approximately ninety thousand tickets will be destroyed any prevent an effort to stop the virus spreading. the contamination in medan is especially disturbing as it shows a virus is gradually spreading eastward across korea. this
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is also the first infection confirmed the poultry farms in conjugal a region that is home to the largest number of chicken farms in the country with over fifty five million tickets. as a new step to stem the spread of the virus to government house the end of all sales of like chickens and ducks a traditional markets until early next month. since any idea that means. no in a much lighter note it seems there is no stopping tell you all the staples korean way that the country's pop music tv john is in me these from sweeping the wild. the bank of korea says the country places yes another has no cultural and entertainment service of service except loss of one hundred sixty million units. so was last here. that is mold into an oft times higher than this that the spaces in twenty twelve if they get checks exports and imports of things like tape called korean movies korean tv programs
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games. porteous olson's concepts and distribution rights. a funny taking a brief because the weather here now in korea on its internet new year's day the entire nation is under clear skies this evening and is ready to be mild for me to win today at least they're not i will get down to eighty one degrees celsius in so looking forward to the weekends we will continue to enjoy quite mild conditions but light rain is forecast for the capital and surrounding areas all day on site today we can expect similar conditions on sunday but it will feel a couple of degrees mind let's take a look at the weather conditions where the law around the well. that's all
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for now all the ladies the news can be found on the website added and don't cuddle chaos for such news at all because everyone here to be on tv and sixty on the news team here. we wish you all are very happy in a new year. at the show to see weekend the bus. i know the event. and. i am in utah
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the director adam dunn and charts to take care of the violence in cali and i love sober movies slide the king's speech friend kim lien trainspotting the m family. i wish it was a little bit about what he dubbed the direct guidance in italy. well first of all heresies. the they say the movie. yes the same poem they're the right actress for the right for each character it's very important to understand the meaning of them. what the director wanted to say what the screenplay writer wanted to let pass through their voices their words and even though tried to reproduce it soul. i have an assistant. i
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decided the actors. my assistant the mix of wham every schedule everything and then we go into the studio and start working each session is three dollars. and it depends on the lam from the movie the good the kooky how difficult the movie is today who will be working for two weeks three sometimes four weeks. in the past this. and that's who we used to dub or less a technical foul. dubbed the older time in every way not we start to think that it's better to choose the right actor for that that kept not. yes of course we start thinking of the same actor as ever. but not all. i prefer to work with an axe to its really really right foot
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looks like this. dubbing is just a branch. all of the old the man after that it's the second ankles. of course she has to have to be good but it's just the custom of taking you have to learn to talk with his rhythm. these poses. katie last. that's fine. you have metal. on the cover of blood thinner so it's just that there's no being accustomed to. and that but it's a great great great job. for a for the actors because. a case for example sometimes all you see eye to adopt. sometimes out all the time. what new season after lie the show free
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russia for example. which i had the luck to the beginning that the teen speech wednesday so that the lie that it's it's it's that it's at this. that move along quickly that you do. jason i were at third with and not away you go on speaking and acting. its practice is like and that's just too during meaningless. i've done a lot of that made this the other sure it was pretty fun to me to write than that because the it's ironic. not entirely for the shots they are young people. you can have a bubble meaning in them singing or sentences he opted to take the meaning google sentence and yet terms understand what part you can be caught because most of the time our sentences longer. actual know
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that i can. because just before tax. of course. and i had to put shots to the words or that the meaning sometimes i have to change. words leave in demeaning and trying to adapt to the movement of the lips or whatever it says. it's something that comes up with that with practice. a little bit slow going and lunch the amount of people who bought the item. the father of the band. the little goose and then shrek i was drunk with things that i never think to myself. as an actor and more days. think of a sudden about india that third guy whether either another is that i met when i see a movie that the first time and never think of myself. let's. it's
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very it's very special. my bill for the lead for example peter jackson last me is that the test for the new characters including dollars so i need to pass them down i think the best organic pesticide my sample. this has to tax them. yet with all at the very good relationship i e needles. but for the afterthought i suggest that he accept that the regal everything perfect person sometimes he gets up to you to decide the way you prefer to do so. this one on the bed the other one. so he answered me back. over the past where improve access and on. so what. because he told them i've lost close to the two make me go. the latitude to speak with the idea. i was
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disappointed. that's okay everybody was fooling around the only one not accept that so i told him that we did the trade with peaceful. it's whether we had to send this to us. a person of the attendees division said that they listened to just go i decide it will trade the blue to a computer and at this point i said ok let's send my past again. treat them like this. so i can show him that i need to pass. it's a battle i'm still the sound of that. finally one month later. that answer. francesca so i didn't. i was better than the other one just for one thing i was older. he was very on twenty sixth of december at the time. so old these are re each that. mm
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sadness the craziness was difficult for a very idea that to achieve. i was there and i look like a mean ole he's no longer them. an old seat. he made it thanks. well manning and the ones that wanted to many actors that they need to see a durham movies and so on but they called me and they and they are. i'm just too too worried to try this new way over and over acting. because i think that i could be good. after this. teacher. and they want to work with. they won't because i'm very. my nanny not every knee and says it
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is a very important for me so it's the kind of bow. j and lentils the eye the eye the new school year starts for me. the season. in the course of each use month on a regular sequence of events. elementary schools in st to receive. each sem starts and ends with the general school assembly within the teacher gives an inspiring. you'll be pleased to announce a games console a. . the removing four seasons begin. these returns
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to make new friends from different houses in the same rate as well as to see new things out. eye. my computer is infected. one of the new concept of the legion and the crunch. these coupons are enjoying a visit to waste treatment plant. the annual speech that allows people to show off the athletic skills with decor. gracie is in competitions appropriate to reach age. as well as compared to two schools the redundancies and other performances that require large groups of children to work and collaboration. as a
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witch or god or is it a unique parents. local residents also come to the peoples. in the school arts festival is an opportunity for culturally inclined to put on drama and musical performances the japanese take the tradition of fine calligraphy series. this event gives people the shots to show their skills with russia. there are events with people's be complete individual study projects to present their results with the rest to school the beginning the new dimensions to japanese children can be trained to respond swiftly to designs
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reputed schools into people's know what to do. and when to go in the case of earthquakes for fun. to keep them safe in the room to receive expert instruction in tropical and bicycling. i am modeling school trips planned for this can be quite distant locations and lost a few days these children on a trip to match. one of japan's most seem to care. she was in the region devastated by the great easter in the wake of two thousand. the children heard what was going to get stupid dishonest. since you conquer the us. and you have
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to travel in order to experience. you really have to visit a place to learn what makes it unique. st held a joint briefing of the street. that's our main purpose we think these trips especially school events held throughout school it depends elementary school children could free him sit around the kitchen. yesterday's school years to complete since i was in japan can be very soft stools take a moment to give protection from lake designed to be in the pool. already has a chance to study and experience things you've come
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to think about. i love that at that. the school's swimming pool stays open all summer. so children can produce this trend. we just enjoyed playing in the war more cheaply. a key opportunity to put in some serious training officer built in japan to every morning group exercises outdoors following instructions from the gravy some of the cage was a child to school to learn to type out to develop healthy habits of the rising of it the world each pupil is issued special
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exercise and training i went to the dawn of the summer set aside some time everyday its own problems and that's alright. i reread books they make not to pursue. the rules of comedy is to keep a diary recording of words and pictures will be beach children can choose some of the claims of them did. those who enjoy making things much use and the crown court to stop. this might pick a science project. it wasn't a recorder and observations to the protection period. i know
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the moment and you'll see some real demand for whom the local community. you learn how to tie a rope and used to. they don't have to read this blog began the day the children make the commute to learning what it's like to go without electricity in the middle of may. curry and rice is a freebie from meals and everyone enjoyed shopping and pulling the bridge the eye
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things just went around the campfire singing so complain again. go into the breach. in traditional festival. watching fireworks display. there's no shortage of fun things to tune into doing some of her. and some of the station provides to cleanse the liver to school to an extent on the road would become open to a mix of self study and focus the room. i do. and. he
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evening will do little ukraine's opposition front men seek more support from the us and the eu the collector lanes but by the unaddressed now taking its western regions. i love the lethal drugs is set to change the face of capital punishment in some us states seem to return all the gas chambers and firing squads some stumbling in only part of the night playing it. we were here for the expo to describe all condemned prisoners will face when the old methods


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