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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 30, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the room. me and thank you for tuning in the dental chair with the latest on this thursday night. we begin with some traffic updates submarine courts may already have made it to the photos to celebrate lunar new year holiday with the road trips but as expected the mass exodus from scolded again yesterday continues on this first day of the forty weekend. still traffic
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conditions are improving those hitting the road from skull that this power can expect to ride him who sent in round five overs and jenn two hours from jude three hours and twenty minutes. and coming in around two hours fifty minutes. these are some dramatic improvements from earlier in the day when drivers can expect to be on the road around three hours longer to get to any of the opera mentioned destinations that we expressed the corporation is advising travelers to be prepared for traffic conditions to get a bit worse tomorrow which is the actual lunar new year state courts are not as they expect more than four point five million vehicles to be on the road nationwide. no lunar new year's day in korea and traditional savory dishes go hand in hand. but if you're looking to cut back on the calories local food experts say there's plenty you can do to cook up a storm of healthy and delicious holiday treats apology as color. here in korea
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the gathering of family during lunar new year's day he wouldn't be complete without the sound the sizzling meat balls and the hardy a room of rice cakes to or velcro. however your typical korean holiday feasts can quickly fill up a table with delicious fruits that are often high in fat and loaded with calories. but researchers at the roles of building administration see there are many ways to go healthy without sacrificing taste. for example using pressing keys instead of that airport. the good dishes the kick of flavor and a yummy texture. other key cooking tips include avoiding frying fruits of lots of oil in a frying pan and using us all in favor of other spices there was just a difference in taste as i thought there was even a light news come out of loyalty for the guests expected to have the best released so there's a lower amount of calories the simple adjustment in recipes and ingredients can reduce the average level of calories in dishes by some
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twenty percent. and over a single holiday weekend the nutritional savings can add up quickly. in tonight's lineup. rather than using a law degree from taking our friend since we use cooking methods such as grayling were flailing which uses much less oil. we were all still able to lower calories by using less fatty ingredients and using vegetables instead of me this charcoal and airy choices. the truth of the traditional spirit of the lunar holiday by satisfying the appetites of loved ones while wishing them good health in the new year all the audio knits. we're going to shift your snout while the korean government is making an effort to control the spread of the bird flu virus especially during the lunar new year holiday when many of the nation's residents will be traveling. it appears to be harder than ever to contain it. two more chicken farms come from the virus earlier this thursday. london hostel in the central province of twenty door and
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another in the jam in tow sometimes the province in the southeastern part of the country. because decontamination rather than medium is especially disturbing as it shows the virus is gradually spreading his word. prior to the report the virus had only been detected in the west of the chickens on the farm and we don't have a read even cold it was an apostle. all chickens within the reuse of three km has been buried. but he and other stories east asia intentions clear to the united nations security council debate on wednesday as japan came under fire from neighboring countries as usual on its attitude towards unresolved issues of history the theme of the d was masses of war and how to build lasting peace ironically the dispute just continue to grow a puzzle and smaller. why not south and north korea over united in condemning japan for weeks and actions that have stirred controversy in east asia denying its wartime past and distorting history on
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wednesday. this happened at the un security council debate on war and peace marking the hundredth anniversary of the start of world war one the accusations began to fly when china's un ambassador tuesday he said. japanese prime minister cecil out this recent visit to the controversial yasukuni war shrine has closed the door to dialogue with china south korean ambassador award to an end north korea's envoy you don't you also criticized japan's leaders for the visits. japanese pretty cheap indeed as worshiping at the screen is trying. when a test he will pay me now as i use trying is a direct challenge to the fall and asian un reached japan rejoin didn't mention a community in the post war war it is rare for a korean u n envoy to them taste of representative from another country at such an open international meeting in the past un envoy hits back at the free neighbor is defending the prime minister's shrine visits he
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underlined that the purpose of these days it must review the pics that show never been racial. it was by no means to pay homage to the stable criminals or to praise me to the race. prime minister on base at the same day that she would ignore an advisory issued by the un committee on social economic and cultural rights classmate to punish those responsible for the japanese ministry its excellence grace and a lemon tree and rolled over to compensate the victims and issue a formal apology from the japanese government and the following day out they also made a remark about japan's claim to the korea controlled scope to live it seems he is considering bringing the case to the international court of justice is a lot. adding onions. staying with the tensions in east asia. a japanese politician of filipina didn't sell to a corner and now was probably putting its foot in his mouth in a calm and that seems to imply a comparison between
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the women who were forced into or sexual slavery rather do and will work too and come in costume. it's a crazy japanese do yes i should win on thursday lawmaker such unit condo said that he sees no reason why japan still has to be responsible for the comfort women. when there are currently fifty thousand korean women working in the industry. the previous day in aid to u s president barack obama encouraged all world leaders to demonstrate a degree of sensitivity to store cool concerts. north korea is gearing up to upgrade its missile capabilities according to the leaders and the mrs of satellite images of its main launch site. johns hopkins university's us korea institute report on movements that indicate expansion of these hindsight in front of me. the institute said on its thirty eight north market the modifications should provide north korea with more advanced missile capabilities possibly giving it the ability to eventually strike u s soil. it said that the evidence indicates tell
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me only be preparing for a more robust market test program in the future the thing tag also said the north may have tested a rocket engine. egypt which road will balik atm elite intercontinental ballistic missile. robert gates the former us secretary of defense is proving to be quite the whirlpool as he did mentioned back in twenty eleven the north korea could develop into continental missile capable of hitting the us pacific coast within five years. south korea's once again urging north korea to respond to scholes proposal to hold a new round of the unions for families separated since the korean war child has suggested holding the remains in the third week the fed every tuesdays after telling him to propose to meetings be held the unification ministry said thursday that the north shouldn't have made its proposal to hold the free unions. if it was as sincere as it will only start the feelings of the separate the families. the south korean government also expressed its regret about
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them was reported progress on its nuclear weapons program and again approach come in to give up the program. and why we expected it to the us federal reserve has decided on a second straight cuts to its farm bikes doing this program. policy makers here in korea say the impact of the fed's move on the domestic economy. both of them and it will come to pass to detox. the korean government said thursday that the us federal reserve's decision to further scale back its monthly bomb purchases will have a limited impact on the domestic economy and a meeting with government officials and market watchers finance minister han took site in the nation's strong economic fundamentals. we don't do them considering korean solid fundamentals. but the current account surplus in sufficient farmers as they leave the impact from the feds to see him while downplaying
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the impact of the fed's move the korean government still sad that there are risks stemming from emerging markets like argentina and turkey or stimulus tapering caicos market instability dough will keep a close eye and the global market fluctuations that may incur due to the feds to me was tapering the economic policymakers added that the government will maintain its current emergency monitoring of the global market and work with related agencies to take action if necessary. the government's prediction comes after the fed's decision to cut its monthly bomb purchases for a second straight time by a ten billion us dollars to sixty five billion. given the positive outlook for the us economy. experts echoed the korean government's position saying that the fed's move which was widely expected would not pose major new challenges for the korean economy. ponzi and onions shift your site studio
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is topsy turvy tent from a motor a low mobility will soon be a chinese company will announce wednesday to selling the struggling u s cellphone maker to chinese computer maker lenovo for almost three billion dollars with the move up the internet search giant steps out of the smartphone and effects in business for good. the sale price is a lot more than the twelve point five billion difficult will be for motor a lot in late twenty eleven but many experts view this as a sound business strategy global shares rose two point six percent in after hours trading on optimism that the company had ditched the business. there was nothing but a drag on its earnings. mandeville has much to gain as well as in now on the blogroll of branded any current and future products including the modal next month on the chinese company will also acquire more than two thousand patterns and the more cruel and trademark portfolio. that's more than enough to make a new more trauma to interested our course in the global smartphone market. no sign of rust to check out the weather conditions in your neck of
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the woods and around the world. resisted end of a news cast as our old he reported the kids are healthy but i see you only get twenty miles will go swimming so until the fat until the flavor. enjoy your food and work out not to arrest you enjoy your stomach festivities. thank you for staying with us this has been
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daniel ten. i know. it all it's stitched flowers. i'm no longer be silly to teach modern technology. somehow he gets that sunny its consent of the flower as it is here as consumer is a flower week meals now it's disappointing but for the army there is light and other insects tale of romance books. the low poly mates. pollination and flowers and fruits are not reproducing the spca. aaron flowers onto the heap at the perth in industry commercial free and that's doubled production and one it states that depend on the tickets to sell their products a team of scientists at the uber university to
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graceland. eric and universities are dealing in tna in university of michigan at ann arbor. i don't like teaching. enhanced the fragrance of flowers the salad during different periods and a day. i have to sack him or her respect traditional accounts now the health education dollars donation at any and if it isn't. don't expect given the work of dr snell and bought the car for long years of re education. so to hear the sad. the eczema part of our dog in this process that sense of balance in the gulf what we want to do with and the leaves and to our progress but still parts of the eczema they filled extended opportunity to deny that. by manipulating just
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want to watch. what a special sale with all the dogs. in seventeen again is the thing with it with others. and what we don't sort so it is important is that there were events and the effects of prayer. it's like to live on to him and put it all worth it. someone said that the greater goal of the lord is going to share what regulates the production model with light so that there was confusion in the end that about it all without the full set called fall specifically well. relax in the world the scent of flowers. professor finds teams of scientists discovered early on pakistan to color. you have a connection while shed goes up the total dollar. my lord. so by understanding the top in the future of the force of the stuff up. we used the store. what actually a wreck with a production co blogger without live in the bishopric of all the chilli sauce. it is very
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important full length of the extent of it but faithful friend the court that fifth of the flower. and when cruising the center backs with their faithful in her sleep for that. but they are both works for you if the above flower that thought hopefully that you were to abide by it but think about all the love they have openly and without a well developed while it was nice there. some people say that both the five with the likud will get the boat. i will i do. you were you were you. freeware and processed in our home back together slowly and methodically we had very limited funds to do it the damage was much greater than we had realized. and down. we were we were making headway on it when
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the earthquake in haiti. so we we really focused on doing relief flights there. and the priority of fixing our home became secondary i kiss your face. gambling is totally amazing. they were a lot for me. fire fire. so to laugh a bit big but my arguments. it is very pretty and distance and their energy was so towards helping others see it. spend time or money results of the lake as we stepped in and help them the burden off their shoulders. they would then be able to continue their work world community. or worse to tell her. for starters we
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really wanted to do done. one to educate people to do it all. it is thought that this technology as the snow that is affordable. there is an appropriate think that it is the right thing to do for the consumer has built a net zero energy office of all what's basically effort uses this much is at four seven news it's still a zero net energy calming secure you're not using anymore but which are producing from your help to offset the energy consumption want to put the whole family of five that its huge investment of a swordsman. at nine point six dole lots of fun and i'm only getting mad zero to negative i for starters this time it takes power from each individual store model and perks that the three hour ride up a bottle in a scene one twenty to forty volts and then says that now they re inserted into the cup but the offense. she said that we
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get to celebrate. that is split between where the sun is optimal in the morning. in the afternoon and evening also easy for the homeowner actually bought after the performance of the individual soul were bought on your particular webpage for your home. it'll show you which models are getting less performance in which a baby a better performance. we had a chance here in quito. i'm still trying to conserve energy. it will get back to the end state. it's going right the little like looking back it's going back. we have generated three point three four million watts of electricity. and put that back in the victory. since january the thirteenth of each year. the former home the power bill with the three hundred four hundred dollars on average per month our savings so far even with
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the cloudy days has been at two hundred and fifty and that savings is with this huge house with a thousand more square feet at last. we have no restrictions at all and dryers dishwashers computers cds. we also have solar heat. which means it were not consuming a lot of electricity for heating the water. so this has been no restriction whatsoever changing the way people into their store. helping build is unable to steal a small system that can be grown from one panel all the way up to forty pm the estimate years sixteen or twenty seventeen for herself and what they called grid parity what that's gonna be is that it's gonna make as much sense to purchase lease or electrical system as it is to be abducted the power grid and buy power from the power company. lol. the gift of them at their home to assist
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the stuff of every link ads because it was against it was a blessing every dollar that we say on how work is licensed lay down. across the european union on strikes in the country's prisons are full to the current occupant of the crew couldn't understand one thing but more important the globe and also to those in need of the offenders which forces us to question the current rehabilitation center stage and a nipple on the inside this meant the state's twenty season the provision of basic content issues. here is increasing with the taste need to provide solutions for their implementation stockton not just at the time difference that intensity increases in rents right to bring through the years of imprisonment
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this index and financial crises since the time to invest more money to help ex presidents. jonathan mucus from the un inter regional crime and justice for . he said he would not be wasting money just to spend. already there's a lot of money going in because what is happening is that you have that the people going out in coming back and presented at the end but a real sand which is in fact she's also costs to society. but i think this band is trying to come up with is a proposal that should be the focus on social or eat. so to recap the nation's future the integration of the bass time. it is in fact the whole gift thing the school bus this is going back to society. one often forget this. there is no change to this argument. spending money on more recently its cost estimate of seventy thousand years in the house there is just rotate every time and money towards perfection
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it's like to let him have increased the kitchen is talking when i'm trying to respond to that. the question is how hard it again the commission in european social fund to finance projects the jungle the eu has learned to scoot into the present is getting a second child through and it was a key element of the european social model it's friday. this was underlined by the salvatore i clean and open eyes today's hearing on the rehabilitation of former presidents. see clemente. oh of course social integration is of significant value for european people's party. most of the prevention for prisoners. the second transfer sauce to exemptions for people who hate the state believing they will not make another one. it seems he doesn't dare you tell me what a stupid stupid to have a secluded beach. they did with that adorable. it is
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important to you. attention to them fifteen. that's why my community was given to fortune has to work in addition as such the scheme the king and warehouses as a couple that with the gospel out to economics. this is the primary aim to get the call. people should be interested in the kitchen the course. he's the man told him all the stress sia in fact we find in the uk and ten hits in seventy dollars sent to prison said it is time to tackle the criminal but he gets significantly know what the youth and drinks. for this purpose one called help but wonder if he stressed that more into society but full of people commit crimes of who was assigned me to get into that. time will tell. on the edge of the rehabilitation that position. so you can merge into place total of the national stadium. but the afghan women's football team to make the cuts will pay off in a country that still deeply conservative
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when many people would participate in sport is too religious. being a female sports with him as a risky profession. yet that doesn't provoke these young athletes playing the game they go team captains all of us will be twenty people for the national team for four years. they are either mccain or the other thing. it's a bit but it's given me. they are definitly bugs me. they can beat that the new epping chores parents to recent swearing. sports for the era for the virtue kitchen for the idiots ways to force the tree hit the ball into the stadium would be interested go to the cattle seen by outsiders the problems the players have to contend with. they have no choice but to treat the deceased concrete box to
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cool. as the coaches cross pictures of the rooms except the kooky. he has called us to know the area. two pitch most people from ages ten and what sorts of risk but experts. it's taking place for the open sky. today her to read. the cheetah to his district. it was to help secure the lack of facilities and won't speak for them here's to convince his attempts to defend his players the ep was closed the budget. let's admit it to peel stickles to the will to hold the seat was the best people. will withhold from the old saw it. the tickets and generous to the school jubilee in two thousand and three reports that the pope to speak in the first pitch told that the pink ladies
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teacher about the supposed countries. well he says he sees playing these types of games despite the student's progress. regardless of the humble surroundings. he still tried to emulate the best but he says he studies the tactics spotted some possible that it's all good sleeper coppola is one weeks of each student. but the melted most of the sights lower than deal with the less glamorous reality. her too but since he so chooses each or treating pictures. these along with the continuing with the theology of the great sport they both were big difference than expected. its goal the silly with it. video didn't kill off sentiment of many feared years ago but the digital revolution just might devastate them. that's why there are calls for financial help now to save a lot of movie houses and internal lot of european film making from extinction. the dpp group led initiative approved by the culture and education committee calls for financing for smaller sentiments including our houses that
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make up the majority of europe's thirty thousand movie screens. it would help them transition to digital media costing about a hundred thousand heroes pursue them the bigger multiplexes can more easily afford. ppp group the ndp torres party chairs the committee. they have to have assisted in the spotlight especially user and yes it's sad sick and still exceeds and get ready get ready to give them as i mentioned it to him to make it to make sure to get into the station. the main requirement to qualify for funding to the cinema has been showing mostly recent european bill is an important way to ensure that european filmmakers are crowded out by big hollywood blockbusters the report is titled european cinema in the digital era by children for is a polish ppp group ndp it says that without the help of the movie market risks becoming to tear. big budget films will benefits as well smaller scales will use
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apt. if the dough not ten. it is up. and yet it is the most intelligent program was a action for dc to visit with the seclusion of europe against the feed the ducks until it is a means of sin in us do but if they the new area. then the scene even have a lot of it then you must reach the vet's at the end. and the fries are a part of the bottom and then sunday which we can set it apart. another quarter the report the film makers and distributors are saving money for the digital revolution. digital film copies cost about two hundred heroes each about one tenth the cost of soluble the burden shifts to the movie houses to invest in new digital equipment which has to be replaced more often than thirty five millimeter projectors behind this initiative is an effort not only to state that cinema as we know it but the diversity that comes with it. to preserve a key platform for
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the talent and creativity of europe's rich cultural mosaic we're also on the way the one. i know. as a syrian government offices are some signs of progress in talks to you last sunday has a new chapter of scaremongering saying damascus is the haven of peace in my life for weapons. they need a way to balance against jamie but they need to find a way to continue to demonize is on government together with ultimate goal is to get rid of a sudden. nic is a phrase so far in town to get the reaction in not so wee early morning attack by simon spectacles


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