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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 28, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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access today's recipe please visit our website the stories making headlines this hour south korea has offered to hold working level talks on trade unions for families separated since the korean war goes unanswered speculation is that tongue and baby molly. the proposal a further escalation of tension between korea and japan sold in venice to do is play in korea controlled island of vocal its new guidelines for japanese textbooks for middle and high school. the us federal reserve at curing set to further scale back the stimulus package
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currencies bonds and shares were hammered in emerging markets. the story below next up on sunday seoul and its uk announced on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin with another strain on regional ties soul strongly denounce tokyo's decision to subject another generation of schoolchildren didn't carry less to claims to crystal cove island officials also were to be reciprocal commenters and revise teaching guidelines are not withdrawn immediately i can use this as a jew has more on the souring relations between korea and japan. how
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much further can korea japan relations say. the japanese care for that passes on to define the korean controlled hope island and a disputed island she did the east china sea as its territory. mr price for the annual investment guidelines for teachers in middle and high school textbooks. saul's foreign ministry seven japanese ambassador to korea for a pet show in response and lodged a protest hundreds and the government's pre authorization has advanced education ministry. as of today and maliciously miserables claims in the teaching dollars for middle schools high school read the second set and the new teaching guidelines and it made it up and be with tron immediately. if you're not called out to carry out appropriate measures. these rumors continue to make false claims over cocoa which is the first week of japanese imperialists to plunder the trustees to future generations can we show that it has not moved beyond
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the most sought to discuss the pillars of this evil practice of distorting history. in a meadow and they'll buy the japanese care for them to stay includes a statement that korea is quote illegally occupying top shiva which is which can cause the eyelets and that the japanese. if that is protesting the action. on the islands calls in concrete upn and cru which i know ten years says it is actually controlling the island chain and that there are no current world disputes resolved japan will educate about japanese territory and will also look to have friendly relations with surrounding countries. i don't see any contradiction between these two things. in two thousand eight the japanese care for that includes this statement in dismantle the call that oak island issue between korea and turkey and as quote difference in opinion. even then what japan did. alrite claim to go as his territory in the middle. the two
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teachers times for under three straight they looked at the pretty thirsty and into stronger land which is hard to see relations improving anytime soon. what's new. as you can use. after the disappointment of making progress in bettering their korean ties yorker and did not respond to the south offer to meet for working level talks tomorrow to discuss the possible resumption of reunions for families separated since the korean war south korea expressed its regret but said there's still time on sunday as he tips. yes proposal for holding a fresh round of family may you be in phoenix said the area when i answered by the north on tuesday there was much anticipation over north korea's response as it had passed the south to the espn ticker in hotline open thread longer than usual but after two extra hours can be an old soul that the hotline may be closed for the day with no mention of
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the senate's proposal. south korea had offered monday to pull for unions for families separated since the korean war. at that hearing seventeenth and twenty seconds. if the archive given a response. the two three s but after that for working level talks on wednesday at the true spirit of commons that to sort out that the tales. salt in a bikini to ministry expressed regret over candy and the lyric to give a swift response saying that the aging family members divided by ten thirty a parable are eagerly waiting to see eachother again the date proposed by south korea to halt the beauty and maybe hole in the north back from getting an answer. so i offered to hold the humanitarian aid bag and the third week of february just before it begins its annual joint military drills with washington which the north east as we're again experts say county and could be mulling a counter proposal for the beach at baby again millions of koreans were separated from their loved ones when the country was
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providing more than six decades ago. around seventy two thousand south koreans are on a waiting list for a chance to meet their families one last time but it seemed to be years now since the last three unions salty dictation ministry left open the possibility of hearing from north korea on wednesday saying the working level talks under the unions can still take place on thursday or immediately after the lunar new year holiday on sunday activities. the us envoy on north korean affairs when babies arrived in seoul on tuesday evening after wrapping up his two day visit to beijing on wednesday babies is said to me with a south korean counterpart took me on to discuss the latest developments unfolding on the peninsula including canyons recent census is as it is part of his asian trip a bit ordinating policies continue to rise the north after finishing up and sold babies will head to tokyo thursday before returning to washington. the next day
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court officials appear to be sliding in a losing battle as they attend to contain the spread of bird flu in the country. an increasing number of suspected cases are popping up in areas that were previously unaffected by the virus once a law passed with us. the two confirmations of the highly pathogenic eighteen influenza virus remained on tuesday one ended up finding two ton which is in korea essential to come to the province and another for their self and how not to tell none of the province. this has prompted the authorities to decide to call all ducks and chickens within five hundred meter and three km radius is of the affected parties respectively and the artist looks like it's not until tests back to kate's as does a chicken farm in the city of kut teh end of the essential congo province of all parties are unseen thats preliminary autopsy results suggest there is a good chance the chickens
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were not contaminated with the dna virus while confirmed or suspected flu cases have ticked that i do not go to tumble and come to the provinces so far officials and tons of nominal in the southeast of the country's sake neither trained bird droppings have tested positive for flu virus but it's not get server that is the ap and the lines of buyer it's the ministry of agriculture food and rural affairs says that in past bird flu at the ganache the virus has often broken out in the west coast regions and rapidly spread in many feel of the aquaculture minister he competed said the spread can be halted if everyone works together. i ask for your active cooperation and preventive measures during trips to your hometowns. this lunar new year holiday even if it's inconvenient. minister he asked people to have by visiting poultry farms and not to treat bird habitats as possible. officials from the government the voting center the party and the presidential office of the day called an emergency
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meeting on tuesday. courtney efforts as he tried to stem the spread of the word out great. it's a lot. itn news nobody has made sparse use of presidential pardons and in fact since taking office she has now issued just her first set but it's only for people who committed minor crimes related to trying to make a living at the sis minister of hunger one cents tuesday that a total of five thousand nine hundred twenty five people were part in the head of the lunar new year holiday which starts thursday. in addition about two point nine million traffic violators will be exempted from their penalties however the list of benefits trees will not include people caught driving under the influence. prominent politicians businessmen and offenders and violent crimes will also be excluded from the list of those parties and korean presidents traditionally issue pardons to commemorate major national holidays. well korea's
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overall labor market conditions have improved considerably since the global financial crisis of two thousand seven. the pace of job creation for the nation's youth remained sluggish in the prospects are gloomy to explain why and what's being done about it we're now joined by our pond ga here in the studio what she ate. so let's start off with the youth employment rate which hit its lowest level against the implied rate for people between ages fifteen to twenty nine stood at thirty nine point seven percent last year falling below forty percent for the first time ever. this stands in contrast to the nation's overall in when i read it which actually rose syrup point two percentage points in two thousand thirteen from a year earlier the number of young workers last year also dropped for the twenty first st eureka slightly less than three point eight million. and this
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year's outlook for the younger generation of koreans is not all that great either. korea chamber of commerce and industry data shows that the number of new employees at five hundred major companies decided to hire this year through january fifteen dropped one and a half percent from two thousand thirty two slightly over thirty thousand many college graduates and students who are in their last year of college say that landing a job is a daunting task. will they then i saw a delicious maybe get a barrier to getting a job so i apply for an exchange student program although i'm not that yes i'm now preparing for other certificates in attending academy. these young people eager to get a professional and stable job and to do so the study very hard and prepare for much longer period of time and for this. it's a sad sight many it's not a majority of the college rats in the country one over for big and large companies like
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samsung or attend a province that sector into low and going for it expects a major factor as you've just seen and in fact experts say it's the middle reason the nation's youth a plan to read is lower compared to other oecd countries the also attribute the nation's high college entrance read to the low youth in finery. you think you're in the box. when young people looking for a job you think about the salary but also about their future career path to speak to start is working in that regard he preferred to gain employment in a large company or state run corporation the temple and then getting them to young people spend four years in college and they spent another couple of years actually getting a job because younger people are remaining economically inactive for a longer period of time. it's natural that the employment rate of each group will drop. we'll do it so how does this trend affect the korean economy as a whole. well in the short term and on a smaller scale
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it's obviously a burden to the livelihoods of the young people and their families but in the long term it's a factor that kind of wrote the nation's competitiveness overall as the difficulties that younger people are facing now could affect their economic activities throughout their lifetime and to me he was even more young people will jaws for long to tie me sad to losing the opportunity to race a libra competitiveness by working. i will have a negative impact on all pro labor force of korea in the long term. it is the question is what nice to be done to the pump some life into the lower unemployment rate employment rate that as well of recent report by the korea development institute says that the government should read due dates. i got a current support programs so that the better cater to the youth who fail to land a job despite their job seeking efforts in order to boost entrepreneurship among younger people it says
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the government should make believe in. pre need an education more readily available to students even to those as yet as middle schoolers. the korean government meanwhile has made reducing the nation's youth and plan to read a major part of its three year economic innovation fax it to be unveiled by the end of next month. read this group has certainly taken a hit for a while now and stiffly nations concerned think so much j b que. before your dns and another begins. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only caught with its global network and why. for the odd white gold
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accents. he always on standby south. months after allegations surfaced at the far left political party was teaching an armed rebellion against a south korean government the legal process of disbanding the party got underway on tuesday activity reports in the first day of the unprecedented trial. in the first day of the high profile trial and she stayed justice minister of july made its case against the far left unified progressive party. all you people share what made the jump he spoke up in defence over party the key easter present the first time that government has attempted to dissolve a political party the cabinet decision to disband the left of this party was filed in early november. a few months after a number of utp members including law maker east of team were arrested on charges of plotting an armed revolt against the south korean government. he and other unify progressive party members are currently standing trial but are
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denying the insurrection charges and that he ever even freeze north korean ideology tuesday's trial was at this and whether it is unlawful to dissolve the u p e and if so on like grounds. the justice ministry called for uprooting the leftist party saying that the u p e c k stalin north koreans socialism which violates the basic democratic order of the south korean constitution. it also demanded the court a temporary stop to utp sick babies. as a party they attend to subvert the government. i've seen in the case of lawmaker eat up a unified party with body the government's claim that their party is unconstitutional. it said its style progressive democracy is aimed at overcoming the heels of capitalism. not following north korean socialism. he also claimed that the government is trying to suppress in my near opposite party. i have a desire to drive its own
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political interests. you peek in on the creek he said he's awaiting a verdict on charges of plotting to overthrow the governments that are taking this pic to come in february which observers say is unlikely to influence the direction of the constitutional court's ruling on to your pp dissolution case. chanting that is. stock markets are in asia on tuesday against some of this writing the last day before in trading body lulu and now spent by the us federal reserve right next to sit start the com if you're in korea defense for coffee recover from dropping to a five month low in the previous session. picking up more den three ten seven percent to close in nineteen seventeen. it's better than its counterparts in japan and china where most of the benchmark indices saw declines the us fed's two day policy meeting that begins tuesday is being watched with anticipation as is the possibility of a further cut back and stimulus measures that could hurt growth in emerging markets
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in fact argentina's pesto plunged eleven percent against the us dollar last week of the turkish lira has fallen to all time lows in recent weeks prompting the government of holding interim monetary policy meeting on tuesday local time we're just two days away from the start of the lunar new year holiday but the salvatore atmosphere it can already be felt in nooks and corners of soul our cultural course on epoxy one was at the scene of one of the city's many effects the real you know how the a's lineup in this album a time of the year in korea and about one hundred and fifty expats had a special chance to take up the festivities in advance. they took part in the dancehall many traditions from wearing a traditional korean clothing tumbled to their anyhow the property before i knew here's our two elders and johnson thing
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it's only a notice on the road. and this has made a ton on to them. one of the victims awesome. an ancestral worship sarah many koreans to create a forum on one day in uni again with demonstrate that as an artist to just look only at our touring teams that beat eggs and two and half hours and recently and that we had the opportunity to do it with friends and everything about her yet. insomnia and cut scene. the kids to the wobble in the new novel will not comment on the needle. making war. to listen in on the so called sectarian by gps text to share in the sun enjoy the holiday as it will be away from their families during this holiday season the meat came out. going up the only beat me i mean
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even the oft heard his hands on sushi and on the left helpful own rescue scene of the country is traditionally eaten on the menu he and whiny. and this event this is just one of the menu. he's written that i got notice that every man in celebration of the one i knew the end of the day. truly all is this will be open for free on the new eu states and many traditional clothes are for finance this will be offered for free blog entry louisiana's parents introduced on the hastings call in during the holiday season and runs until the end of this week. until i add in onions. the theory is what her lead the delegation just welcomed a few more members seventy five more to be exact stephen kaye joins us with the details below that big eyes the country's largest
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ever group of athletes heading to the winter games just got a little bigger which means the goal of the top ten metal finish with at least four goals is well within reach. the korean olympic committee announced that two athletes will participate in alpine snowboarding while three will compete in freestyle skiing two nd half pipe and one of the locals. now that expand south korea's athlete delegation to seventy one with competitors in every sport exc center stage for a record medal finish. and movie on the top names in men's golf will be hitting the lanes for two big coordinates this lunar new year weekend. first the european tour's dubai desert classic opening on thursday will have the world's top golfer tiger woods torn newspaper quarry mcilroy and defending champion stephen gallacher teeing off in the same group they'll be gunning for the two and a half million dollar payout for a hole in one of the seventies as well as the winner's purse name of the phoenix open will take the top pga golfers against
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each other although last year's winner phil mickelson has bowed out with an injury and now it's tuesday's comments upset starting in the candy aisle people will probably host and i'm ttc in one to the league's bottom to look to reverse their alot but both sides struggled to start. as long to head into halftime with a forty nine twenty seven we think atc see shaun evans terms of the jets ended with sixteen points and a season high twenty rebounds and this team wins sixty four to sixteen. mel would still be weak. am i g and the russian cash go head to head in cody with just the two points separating the two in the standings now a light she comes out sewing and taking the first set but gives up the names that to a surging brush and cashed it you can retake the third and also before that the russian cash box is the block that sense until i see winds of at home three cents to one. and
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ending off the badminton world federation has suspended south korean badminton champion he owned a four year for violating anti tilting procedures. in defense of its athletes korea's badminton body pointed out that the ruling against the yen his partner to engage on what's due to administrative classes and emphasize that the athletes were not feeling drug tests this may hurt the duels taxes are participating in the upcoming peace and gates bill appeal the case next month. and that does for me here to sportscenter this has been steven chen to peck at midnight for the latest in the world of sports a zz you
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it's too early spring like days to kick up the week here in korea a sign that it will be as lucky tomorrow by turning things over tracking down at the weather center put down the lesson the evening guys love temperatures will remain favorable over the lunar new year holiday plaza at six pm and drive otherwise has been is sitting on uncle bill province so please be careful and not sustain any bias leave it a sin is under the influence of the high pressure system from time out which is why we're seeing clear skies across the map
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while their lead to the showers during the extended weekend except on friday so the city are heading home or buying cent over the holidays to keep in mind that the rain may exacerbate traffic on roads looking ahead at tomorrow's reading it celebrates its seventy degrees we bought a piece about how to make it due to low to mid teens. as for at every change that and told the kids and ninety three spot months and antiques at zero. watch out for this but the cast but aussie again active in that thanks bud out and after broadcasts on this tuesday nights and it became so john went thanks for watching all season. all peaches that
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the industries in the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about ear to the mysteries is that not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also. just alerted. you know about the closure of
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the land to barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway through slept through the acts of the liners you get. you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because they're they're set in sweden and of the main character is fabulous to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia lecture suddenly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that's great that the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and the writing of the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the light mist of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it
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get it through the books and great fun if our best to address one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo and behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful durie has to look at it and it's very very good after i ate i really like the longer series but i kind of qualified that because of what some of the hiring of us and she is bitter that is really going to take off. it begins with irene doing the karate kicks. you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my fav. the very pleased to
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within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on because i've really fill that if you in the united states you have very little opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. i just want to spread the word. we need. he said. you know
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the week. can you. he knew you wanted . ukraine's lawmaker scroll that most anti protest laws while the country's prime minister hands in his resignation the opposition protestors think what in the canton can't balance a carry on into the president goes. european union is looking very childish on this whole question of the eu russia summit. the sweat over ukraine's sees brussels scaling back a new eu russia summit meeting of just a few hours some political analysts say you're a kid grow up


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