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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  January 28, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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he unleashed into the company to new movie. new name new living room. and . it's what we've got to the economic never did like in china and documented. last week off but didn't force in the sweatshop labor. for victim or is or what have you when the qb
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money matters. it brings back old gal. the question today what they see as the dirt off of the cold of a tv special we'll talk about it and the phone numbers into which i needed it out to be about. finally in development today. experts debate the effect of china's gdp growth. but before all that would take a look of the topic of mine here in china. first up in time and newsweek. looking like complete dope or a hundred fifty thousand dollars in shenzhen. this past sunday like the play offs was held in the southern chinese city of baghdad. others have nearly all the complaint of lucky numbers. welcome to the fourteen numbers the starting price for car plate with repeating numbers and eight hundred dollars for those of fourteen numbers. the starting price is around three thousand three hundred us dollars the most effective play in the eighty eight a d which sold for nine hundred sixty five thousand us one hundred fifty thousand us dollars and the cheapest one. what a way to repeating numbers was
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going on for nearly ten thousand three hundred dollars. i keep looking and pretty numbers for all the rules as anyer on the road to hold the line when hit by the tail numbers restriction. i sent that also carried out a lottery for car plate the special super lucky number plate at me demanding that you are suspicious of the government accusations have been made the government purposely holding on to the plate instead of letting it go to drivers like champs. she wonders which like firecrackers are replacing many of the real one this year. no electronic one team to be replacing the real fire crackers to not to rival the new year. having a fire crackers has been a tradition kept for more than a thousand years in china was expected to bring good luck for the whole year and happiness the family. which has become more publicly recognized in china. large numbers to the probation by setting up fire were too many to be replace the sudden change of tradition. the electronic firecrackers has become the next best option. in a
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particular thrill i were arrested in may the red bellied the light. still to make noises of miles we were like the sound of a firework on a positive note the look of choosing to completion tall to be over about eight to fifty us dollars would really depend on the length of the firecracker strand the popular online stores as well. a quarter cup of coffee more than one thousand strings of firecrackers were sold out of one month. expect this trend can be sold for more than thirty three us dollars. finally the baking time. china's relax the kid could paint onto the market the chinese central bank publishes three dollars and thirty report last weekend according to the report led to china's milk with more than two point three to lead us. for three hundred ninety billion us dollars increase he kept really one third of the total growth of the club market insiders point out that i was over he drilled the market is mainly due to financial support of the country was incredible
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china's soaring housing prices have already seen the real people think and grow. under the current situation. ordinary chinese people can really afford to buy an ipod without a large low. the luton could all be all too brief you tend to raise the country's economic development. according to china's central bank data by the end of two thousand thirty thousand individual housing loans at one point six trillion us dollars increased by nearly twenty one percent compared to the same time it doesn't well market insiders point out that china's milk the market would remain hot to cook until bacon to relax its credit policy. don't go way back to money matters which left three faculty double agent. on top of the celebration for all of china shut down for five days just so people can return home to their family. they clean their homes to malacca for star for the new year. on
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the day of years the chinese can open a couple of hundred dollars. and best wishes for the new year. the dumplings in the fire crackers cookies around the dinner table for the pack of red envelopes they want to bring back old gal on tv it's become a tradition of most wanted green purple castle on tv the first drink a whole dollar was told by the government and the tgv station in nineteen eighty three. the party has grown to become a new tradition for most chinese people. bring to the brink of full gallop i've been incredibly high the backing needed to get book of world records in two thousand trial data showed that the tree toppled down to the control and bring to high thirty two point eight percent. it is never more than ten hundred seventy million people watched the show. you could map viewer said. china's best singers and dancers often
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vipers on the gallic page with the huge number of counters and china. it's become apparent that many ordinary people in china show that tree. but more than quite a few would be contented if in the audience of the show. but getting tickets for the show actually incredibly difficult recently chinese media release. the bit to get this pink purple gala for me to tell what about the cause there are two kinds of tickets available the ordinary. he has under the vip seat. the vip ticket to much camera timelike the regular steam. the dinner tab righthe. it's oftupiedy a very wealthy people live rankin official gen inner athlete the ticket prices varyor ut. according to tell the knock on the plight of ordinary constraints for about three hundred and thirty us dollars more than six thousand six hundred us dollars for each individual piece. the vip feature sold more than fifteen thousand us dollars for each one. in fact not the fir time. tickets for the dollar were sold and how the knock on. back in the vip practiced for about fifteen thousand us dollars
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for each one had to take extraordinary few were sold for type two thousand four hundred us dollars per person don't go wake up next will continue into the spring oue gala. the tent. book a map of china price wanting to get money matters were talking bout the spring festival gala. it's hard to get into print at full gallop you get the ip feet hit the front of the page and broken china the rich and powerful. yep and a camera time on the show was watched by record breakingumr people. the kids don't come cheap or easy. content is exposed. the ticket price irease this year mainly because the directive the st temple geldof here. on top gong. the well known film director in china. he's been the first series of new year like a world without the star danny well and the perennial favorite romantic comedy. if you are the ones currently george ut expected to give it different with the show providing for the year. many
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are tied to the show the demand for tickets has gone up. january twenty ten in the spring festival ga down. he would never tell the gallic to get the people at all. your minded people to be careful when you buy the tickets online. in recent years. gallagher would delete the word now everyear the ticket would still be made available online. it may just bring the full gallop to get a bit of a mystery for ordinary people as a result ttp exposed to the typical be given to three large groups of people. when the group's executive team competing with the chairman of the ppv. the directors of the dollar. the other group should be high level cover officials and a variety of celebties. the production the advertisers collaborating with the two qt. high ranking officials and executives that he's thinking he would get more tickets than the others advertisers to invest more and he hinted he could have more chance to go to spring a whole dollar. continue to
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baffle complained that they would not be about the business of selling fried apples dollar ticket. they didn't charge of this communicative the back of my card. it was pretty baffled dollar can be in a couple for ordinary people. many don't really care. rumor has it that not all that enjoyable of the cute anyway. many would rather be at home with their families during the holidays. equip your stay that being in the audience at the spring couple gala is really not all that comfortable. audiences are required to watch a show for consecutive five hours. we also have to participate in the rehearsal that well. it means that my body does need to walk the thin shell. more than three times which can be pretty boring. last week accused of importing spring but pulled out a raft of that first rehearsal of audience it said that the french movie star sophie marcel and the korean pop and mimi hope for a bite to perform on the pure state. apparently the boat still very timid in china the least among middle aged chinese people. young chinese people that can be pretty interested in them. a
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huge number of chinese people will be tuning into spring the full calendar year as they do every year. when people talk about the show the normally complain that the bed too long or too many painters and it's really just not that special compared to any other show that any of the time of the year. don't go with the department for question today what amazing and thoughtful spring couple dollar weakened. and now time for question today when thinking of you with their take on issues affecting their lives. today we have people the street from their off spring couple dollar what do people have a thing about the current situation i really hope i can. we'll go. we should have told the employee. no more
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the case and his peeps don't like it might even look up and coming. the company she hoped for. to me. i hope i can. and mtv qpr in the morning leaving the motel and healthy. i don't think anything can pay to get back into that. jordan and i think tickets for the spring. it can be booked online at what speed of light every new year's eve on tv to know when looking for to see michelle branch and what they can and some other stuffs. i expected to be pitched as a kid. i unpacked and i haven't bothered to watch the glittering eye recently here's the thing you can have included veteran actors and cakes. sorry for him
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much of which i'll be there i think the people we get invited to attend the spring this will be a must have special status. look forward to the screen prints will be in there for years because it means i can tell time with my family. i don't really mind how the show. this wednesday with my wife and child. don't i. man that i need to be happy to be home enjoying the live show my family wants to go to get them a tv nearly every year. it has become something of the condition of the things you could only get half the much better but i don't have any kind and patient with it here. corner we take a look at trends in the bottom line china. on today's to look at it but to put numbers in china. your tiny contributors have a thing about it. in a country where people can we believe in things that bring luck and fortune. the price tag infection becomes super valuable. one of them the phone numbers. many chinese people are not trying to get the pony and a quick easy and super lucky phone number. the numbers because they are normally considered as the lucky numbers for chinese people. because
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the chinese translation. some very alert upon the chinese word. the numbers to conflict with the couple. the number eight the blog portion the bad luck numbers kept the worst number today is the number four. or is the last number to anyone. i did look the word for death and tiny. many apartment to the port or bought into the elevators. what people would avoid buying a house there. the superstition because the phone numbers most chinese people will avoid the number four and trying to curry. but some pt and superstitions customers are typically asking for particular student. there are eleven digit telephone number in china. the first of addicted to randomly assigned to laugh or killed in that where the main selling point for pretty phone number. to make it easy to remember having four consecutive numbers for pd did it a very popular. it's also hard to get ahold of. delete and repeating numbers and the kentucky of numbers in every ten thousand phone numbers to leave tracks and
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that of looking members of the committee which reviewed the most sought after for good number for repeat l numbers can be sold for twenty thousand un. around three thousand two hundred us dollars. but they have four consecutive security and upright can you break the thirty two thousand us dollars. the hype right now in the knowledge in the mood to kill stranded keeper of it it's priced at one point eight million us where around three hundred thousand dollars in china's northeastern province of liaoning. actually the more scarce numbers hadn't been made . their prices are seen to be even higher. china daily reported. a number were ten of the single digits spread over one million dollars. many nephews are made. the phone number can be sold for as much of the house some other lucky numbers for all to be heavily pursued her and the number nine. i can get and it came from a movie star in hong kong actor stephen chow the movie
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the character is the way even into the first mention. in the film has referred to by plate number does not like that the movie is still very popular time of day. no more particularly interested in the number one phone number with the kiln on five to seven has been recently sold for over twenty six thousand us dollars. many net users computers that have the weird and a rational situation quote. there are more people to the canadian market bubble like that. well the keyboard up to the real physical industry. the entrepreneur taking a one million dollar value farm is making less money than a phone number stellar. friday we are living and is really freaky the question of all that great of where people can get the drink up the numbers when a user row quo. i've never seen any good numbers and telecom stores. it must have kept all the good numbers or sold them to those speculators. actually the number can be found at normal telecom stores. in theory the number should be chosen on a first come first serve basis. but in order to attract and keep more high incline. most telecom
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companies have the buyers of valuable numbers to pay part of their phone bills in advance. for instance if a consumer want to get a phone number with five repeating digit gdp of around thirty thousand dollars to one the amount of money. he's used up in one year. in one year later the numbers monthly charge should never be lower than a hundred us dollars. and all the way telecom companies to avoid speculators. the numbers guy to quickly increase. many speculators are to be a lot of numbers and are waiting for a better chance to re sell them at higher prices but the number had not been used for over three months the numbers of men telecom companies automatically write it off. because of the most speculators betting a lot of money to keep account of today. and other veggies are played out quo. don't be too in the real wealthy people would never buy any special numbers. they did everything ordinary to all the annoying cough and telephone use shoppers can be avoided only the upstart to watch the show opposite end of the wealthy would want to do
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the numbers. the pursuit of lucky numbers back to their proper regular folk who happen to have them. lucky number owners might receive hundreds of phone calls and messages asking them to buy the numbers. speculators even her wrap them to give up and held a number that has been driving many people away from keeping the lucky numbers the only lucky one to appease numbers might be speculators could mean their buyers. how to avoid the impression call. moving on after death the price the bond of all the singers understand the cost of living today we have people the street think if the price of a spring fed pool gala take it. but the look of the guests attention is divided into several ranks from dozens to hundreds of us dollars. i think just about the handling of the spring festival don't have to have some connection like friends or acquaintances with it. i
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have some friends. they were able to get tickets. i again sat down and then whenever we can make. i wanted to. in ghana. even more evening though each and will plant or some of the points of the spring festival goers to give this predicament two hundred us dollar. illinois officials also hope the people who make contributions to this day. i prefer to call. one can only get to really happy my family i guess that the kick rights granted thousand two hundred don't make it easy to read
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in fact without a problem with people again. a little too high. watching the show yet he can tell. a ticket for the spring. my cost nearly two hundred us dollars nope this year's gala is close to reality. what did see some prominent businessmen from the technology industry like ours for example i think to take it with content that your daughter. what's to come up every year. not much new comedy greater protection meekly into the new characters for your time. how close the gap that the price of a ticket to the spring couple gallons of the five hundred us dollars. the ipkat is not for the two thousand dollars. but it's worth noting that the cap and trade can only be found online. now from official scale. as a matter of fact there are no tickets for sale through official channels. are we given up a designated people
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and now piper did all the debate we dig deeper to the question shaping the future empress of china today work of the views of two chinese experts debating of china's gdp growth this year is good enough. china's national bureau statistics recently announced the country's gdp in two thousand thirteen. clause seven point seven percent increase. he reached nine point four trillion us dollars including the growth rate for two dollars and twelve the continued increase in appointing challenge to several doom mongering economists predicted that time the economy they can start declining. moreover after hearing the badgers de leverage in greenbelt the country's economy. it's clear that china's gdp will continue to grow at thirty seven or eight percent for the next few years. at a recent press conference director general of the nba on monday and tom was upbeat about the news. he did at seven point seven percent increase. the cuban government or seven point five percent credit issued for the last year. chinese economic act where professor
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dawkins yet. university of nottingham should deposit to be surround the latest gdp figures. he was referring to the country's energy consumption has delegated argument. according to researcher simon university's professor of the motel china's gdp growth rate over the last three decades has always been proportional to electricity consumption. in other words a country's economy. what positive growth in the witches tea consumption for the higher rate than gdp. last year china's electricity consumption grew by seven point five percent compared to previous year. eno growth rate of almost identical to that of gdp. yeah believes that china's economy would become more patient id or mainly driven by the service industry rather than the manufacturing industry in fact the first time last year china's service industry contributed more to the country's gdp in the manufacturing industry did a forty six percent after three percent growth from two dollars and ten. his increased electricity
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consumption. china's service industry. ten point three percent to three percent higher that the manufacturing industry. don't do that usually did the building of the service industry. like the country's competitiveness and the consequent china's economic development on the right track. our financial commentator chill beattie has rejected on wednesday. he was explaining his block of dirt will come from behind the figures to the lowest increase the chinese people's disposable income the aftertaste has not cooperated by official figures. black kitty thought chinese people gdp per capita but seven point one percent and almost identical to that person right. people's disposable income additionally the data also indicate that last year people the total income represented fifty four percent of gdp per capita point four five percent rise in the previous year. however joe points out that even though the total incomes grew last year down from the nine point six percent growth in two dozen twelve. that team
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represented the will that year on year increase in year two thousand. chill believe that the high gdp growth rate would be rendered meaningless if ordinary people think of going dry. not many chinese people nowadays prefer to ignore china's gdp growth figures. because being helpful to any benefit from the rapid economic development. chilled there for close to the drop of leftist gdp growth rate. my hope to govern reconsider the balance until shrimp are still well. with china now over halfway through collegiate national five year plan the country appears that no problem hitting its intended target of seven percent annual average growth meanwhile the government also announced conditions and to double people to come by two thousand twenty. cover may struggle to achieve that goal. david simultaneously about a rapid increase in gdp for the slow growth in personal wealth. fan. okay that's all we have time for today's episode of china price watch commitment to
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reduce the cost of living in china. until that you can get anywhere because all my nephew and aki be. i've got to wonder. ch . i know it luckily i would also seem to go. totally throws up now the i've seen them fail. a
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new identity in a day and on and on. that's a good thing i mean couldn't handle it nice guy. it is our story i'm still please email me call them. with so much the ban on the film are available today. itc a gift so not to get water into an opera stage he boarded max out on tuesday the day the people. so i just read about this yet as that might be good. they do that. she's acting. so what. no employee at the skeptic that i don't think it's a mass audience went out with it and you know
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that the day you get to that ditto i know that the second and listen to all. what then is it still wanting to get the astounding. anyone that i'm all and what the scene it i don't want a low tech and so was the water for some. as more of all a great day. two weeks back it's the second sentence the film on any non am yet to get conceal me in and lamenting we see the sun and sand. we have been at the assets. what are some of it with the aid of the fat end. i am ever so. yet the thought that things would be a building at you and the seaway day with output of the plate. actually i did decently we need a boost that we'll employee but the money i make the tie when will end
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on a double sided team standings at it. what added fifteen and twenty seven states that he said. at that what i didn't want to come to me tell that it's a little a bad day today. in it actually i'm an ekg at all i think about that. he was twenty. what might happen they'll put out enough to eat it is out of touch typing away at it to be small. a trumpet player went on an easy way out. charmaine apple maple me. but the mock battle. the mii and alarm some old friends. that and you know what you're doing by not what i did just that. in what to say for sure what to do without people to do to
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live it yet but it'll make you feel like the tbilisi of the meeting that all you it'll all be out though. they gave that meeting on the extent of the audio at one low after coming to kill the dse all. august that they were so many years and on about on the annual assessment today and she did like that. nothing much in sydney they say. that was the secrecy. another item in the summer yet and that we get monday off so i give consumers an enzyme which bought the senate. well so the bottom i guess buying at the mean age of italy. it was tough and see if it is evident in with the things said in an identical to the system. i guess ii the vatican not. it all on the bedding to scent of wood to send me a lot of buzz npa
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to what it all but two the debate in one go. i don't get bennett video is an act of reading much into the grey tops i bought this gem of the da vinci effective but i question. was he speak. in the asset backing. unless it's an nfl gap at all. until we stayed in tx. they meet the bk showing the evolution of them fail. does it seek to manage another person and i feel when he sided with the yeti the d e b didn't that mean pizza and went on to get some stuffs to twenty minutes never bought it yet chaos and political decline the air. chu you you know
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what you will. you name it the us. welcome to nhk world news line and you know tawny until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am thailand's prime minister decides to go ahead with the general election on sunday despite calls from protesters to postpone the vote chinese officials are shutting down live poultry markets to try and stop her from spreading. just days before new


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