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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 27, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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know the next in the broadcast after north korea surprise offer last week to resume a labor unions following the lunar new year holiday so proposes a flexible date in good stead for. a government issues its second movement ban on poultry since annie highly virulent strain of eighteen influenza was discovered over ten days ago. the solo slumped to a five month low as regional stocks also took a dive on tightening credit conditions in china and the united states prime time
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each week instead. while the primetime years it's about a ten year a twenty seven here in korea apply for full time duty. tomlin cd so much for joining us. we begin with the latest on possible advancements in inter korean relations responding to north korea's request south korea has proposed a d for re unions a family separated by the korean war. while hopes are high and the much anticipated event taking place for all salute concerns that the upcoming soul washed in joint military exercises could be a major hurdle for palm sunday reports. family separated since the korean war will have the chance to see each other again in mid february. if north could be
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at least two south korea's offer made on monday considering the wishes of the separate families. we propose holding around the family reunions of a monk from the resort from every seventeen to twenty seconds for sixty eight. this follows ten and surprise proposal on friday at the beginning and squeeze in at a convenient time for soul after the lunar new year holiday which falls at the end of this week the education ministry said the proposed dates are flexible and pass to hold working level talks on wednesday at the transparent of parliament that define teen piggy tails. candy and made montana later date sometime after the joint military drills between seoul and washington which began at the end of february. despite north korea's repeated calls to cancel my views as we're again. south korea made clear that the two men carrying event and the military training exercises are two separate matters. when we
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selected the days we consider the preparation process and long term gun in their currency holdings than a re unions. the joint military drills between south korea and the us were not consider millions of koreans were separated from their loved ones and the country west of i need more than six decades ago. around seventy two thousand south can be and are on a waiting list for a chance to meet their family one last time. but it seemed to me years now since the last three unions if the event takes place next month. a hundred or by family members from each last year's pennsylvania jen's lunch with their loved ones. however a handful of these aging relatives have fallen ill since bag. underscoring the urgency of reasoning a lot to spend it. the unions on sunday innings. iranian president as syrah honey says you'd be willing to play the role of mediator for it
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difficult to enter korean issues including north korea's nuclear program. pres irani made the remarks during a meeting with south korean national assembly speaker and ten he who arrived in tehran on sunday to hold talks with senior iranian officials according to khan spokesman a roni added that iran would be able to help resolve pyongyang's nuclear issue you get a new bronze experiences in dealing with western powers over the issue japanese prime minister shinzo lobby says he has no intention of backtracking from the controversial remarks he made last week on the current state of relations between japan and china. thus while the new head of japan's broadcaster nhk now finds itself under fire for unseemly defending japan's use of military slaves during world war two and team nz reports controversial remarks by htc new president still need to be left with heavy criticism at his inaugural news conference on saturday will
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need said that lennon had to use in sixth place but the military to many countries throughout history not just can't. he also criticized for rehab for continuing to demand that tokyo. it's a korean victims that's actually sleep meant by the japanese military during world war two. japan argues the issue had been settled by a bilateral peace treaty. according to japan's oscillation than a high ranking executive of the ruling liberal democratic party said that one needs cards and one of them are expected to his dismissal as nhk chairman. observers say this also is likely to affect the japanese parliament's budget deliberations for an hp which are due to start in march at the moment he must stand before the house of representatives when billy's deliberations start and several asian members of parliament expressed nearing the end to grill pan. when a deal. meanwhile japanese prime minister shinzo up they
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continue to defend his liking of current japan china relations. to those of britain and germany before world war wine saying that there was nothing inappropriate about what he said. while he got those last week. they explained that britain and germany. like japan and china today a strong tricky relationship though the strategic bilateral relations did not stop the two countries from going to war in nineteen fourteen the defence denying that on these comments were intended to suggest that a war is inevitable. china's foreign ministry has responded by calling her remarks appropriate. some say egypt and central role in the high commissions in northeast asia. he played a major role in u s secretary of state john kerry's decision over whether to visit tokyo when he comes to the region next month. kinsey added onions. spittle weekend houses in bird flu outbreak in the country too cold and
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authorities are still trying to put a lid on and spread the government locked down three province is on monday in an effort to stave off the advancement but the virus continues to creep closer and closer to the capital seoul fashion sin and asthma an emergency quarantine locked down to prevent the spread of the bird flu in the country was lifted on monday evening disease prevention authorities the three provinces in lockdown for twelve hours on monday while the sterilized all potential sources of eighteen influenza a. that also included providing them the meat of animals people and vehicles from fox. however despite these efforts a suspected bird flu cases reported in to trouble the province the first in the center provinces to first be a case was confirmed on jane yuri sixteenth. a total of fourteen doubts have to identify amanda propping since yesterday. every discovery is the most northern point that the virus
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has been detected increasing worries that it can spread to the seoul metropolitan area the highly pathogenic a five any strain was confirmed and more doubts over the weekend including money finding her hit southern thailand and the province. any theories is that a header was found in chickens for the first time and we ought to tell them the province. that is especially concerning to authorities because tickets are more vulnerable to the virus and greatly outnumbered deaths in the country. still far more than half a million birds have been called them and another two point two million expected to be slaughtered over the coming day. since then and ibm news. as the dust settles on one of the largest ever personnel and financial data leaks in korean history the country's main political parties have been rolling off their own countermeasures. they include banning all spam messages and boys fishing but the ears and head to the guild reports in
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the wake of the massive data leak korea's national assembly passed a posse revision to the personal information protection act at next month's extraordinary session. the revision will form the legal framework to make mobile spam messages illegal and climbed down old boys fishing. both of which are the most common forms of financial fraud. financial firms will also be restricted from sharing their clients' personal information with their affiliates to prevent secondary damages. the leader of the main opposition democratic party him and he has proposed the national assembly for a special committee to find out how that data breaches were able to happen kim is also demanding government and presidential office officials sat down to take responsibility for the leaks maybe there should be able still personnel shake up at the presidential office of the mud and the cabinet as the streets were brought on by president park has been
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communicated politics see the singer. he also urged the ruling standard party to accept his party's proposal of setting up a special committee to oversee a poem and cheer probe into the matter. james said the government must determine the causes of the leaks and come up with preventive measures. however this henry party says the supposed victims proposal as a matter can be handled by one of the national assembly's standing committees. he told them to separate the party among people who realize is that comedy is known as the story. local crime and used to bring the features of uncle presume to park as promised to hold people total you can do. at an emergency meeting with related ministers on sunday. mr tong homeowner ordered the establishment of the common white taskforce had to devise full of measures to bring to the ice it's under control. two men get id done yet. how
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president ought to have all those up in arms about the recent second week of personal data. the president didn't mince words on monday and even chided one of her own officials for being too light on this object present a long discourse on college and u s this report the sec is fervent am holding this involved and the nasa data leakage twenty million bank and credit card users as possible. the name means is that these sneaky. this lady in his eyes and key wto slimming tea time to listen to his terminal. terry was not at all. meeting with her top secretary tom and eight the president describes the week is quote something that should've never happens and ordered officials to devise measures to ensure that customers did not suffer when financial firms collected store personal data she also urged those firms to find better ways to
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identify individuals rather than rely solely on breasted registration numbers which were widely used in korea. at their option she says could include the use of driver's license members. president that all changed when deputy prime minister had no such controversial remarks last week on the gas leak. cb only increased distrust amend the and a strong backlash from the and politicians. after seeing that quote. foolish people always try to put the blame on deaf ears when something happens in chile all that free with financial firms but we provide personal information. the comments came in response to questions on whether the hats of the nation's financial watchdog will preside at the incident. similar to that two men knew the helpful to enjoy an anomaly need to keep a hand in school. even the key to the tennessean and critiquing the mtc the ludicrous me. the call
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first if passage above the line financial consumer protection at a professional session of the national assembly and that gary to prevent similar crises from camping again. what seems to editing needs. for its first take of the country's disastrous data breach and how the government is scrambling to enhance security. we bring in professor kim bum soo associate dean of graduate school of information act against a university pay so much for joining us. it occurred to me yet. my professor can delay is there for each may be the largest in scale but it's not the first we have seen and the country how her balance for his feeder breaches in the country with seems to be the cause behind such filings in korea as me know. tonight the industry has been one of the pub in the wool as a result. men fear of rituals this is the big culprit all of the psyche the straw like the country. well the reason
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why the halcyon days i will probably come to see it as the culture of the shoe phone bill complexion. tom. we have been focusing on security that come from the perspective of technology the a little less attention on management. will you send careful always use no issue on security. so you're saying this is a people problem we have to use the technology we have the security measures in place but it's the actual employees error making these the kid is a day to happen well one of those people was the weakest link in this instant. and we have seen no people problem for snow from the inside of me. for the average though he's dabbled in it which is called insight on top. based on data breach and schumann make these high wall. distance humans still wasn't enough to cause an employee will
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compare company feels they are not unimportant or transfer it to someone else i'll send a company called regulators have tried to ease concerns by saying that this today is not in the hands of criminal rings is that true from your perspective. well i liked including that bit both muslim and i is that the move was to go potty you will succumb to read. means all finances and touche and then to something much bigger problem. but at this point you don't have any friends who don't have strong evidence showing that this budget the state has been used by danielle go potty for all the government is seeking to completely block spam tax invoice fishing by the ears and then also hides planning on imposing stiffer fines and strength in mind three assistance to think these years of strong enough to rein in such that the moments of the revenue foliage is of all his distance to spin. note though
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the government to remedy that industry professionals from the temple for many years and because of the interest on this matter and fear and distrust one going potty. so in the case of choice fishing boat types of criminal did have access to data that was leaked it makes that call to you much more convincing. how are you on how you protect yourself against a call where when somebody has this unfair advantage against you. well um. without google staff to play your role and ponders his mission have to educate individuals. a new form one of the new hive so scared. so if you are a phone call asking a blog yourself. then the second mortgage on the one you then you should send its own file on to hate there's something fishy here if there's any url link in a
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mink in sms or mms messages tried to avoid clicking on post link even if his brain looks exciting. because the car i will thank you so much for your time and your insight. thank you from before your dns and another begins. get the latest online from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen and smaller place with the viewpoint all the koreans local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. sir seven are
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weakening global economic recovery to the big bite out of korea's benchmark index on monday in fact asian stocks across the board to start the week and decline. i can see and has a detox the sell off in global markets currently a show monday stocks across in the gym monday entry as worries grow over slowing growth in china and signs that the u s league east back aussie minutes measures. shares in seoul from the fight must go to strike the week the bag that costs be cut one and a half percent to close at nineteen ten after debuting as though actually can and nine at one point as lowest level since august last year. indexes in other countries meant so much the msci asia pacific index dropped one and half percent three four and a half month low. what you can see he got twenty percent to fifteen thousand the lowest closing level since mid november. i see and touch the seven week high against the greenback the declines first a developing economy to the currencies in argentina turkey and south africa idp she look to new levels last
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year's expected truth is often investors are growing wary of tightening credit conditions in china as a team seeks to curb growth the capital side is also being fuelled by expectations that the us federal reserve will decide tt for an additional ten billion us dollars off their bond buying programs during a two day policy meeting that began on tuesday and cia agents. for all tech giant samsung electronics same group role and being despatched and sharing agreement that will make them partners for the next ten years. the deal will allow the two shared new and existing patents are uv on reports on the industry moves that emphasizes prosperity through cooperation. the electronics into police are frequently involved and hadn't been in la seats but not against each other have agreed to share their existing plants and there was filed over the next ten years without providing details the two companies
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into size. the deal will help them better avoid litigation the head of samsung's intellectual property center unsaved was said in a press release that comes on and google are still in the rest of the industry that there's more to gain from cooperate in engaging in unnecessary disputes. the sentiment was echoed by google's the deputy general counsel for pie and salad lol. the second agreements like this companies can reduce the potential for litigation and focus instead on a giddy said. the comment appeared to have been a direct shot a couple with which the tool company is happening deep in the number of multinational packing battles. samsung is the second largest title holder in the united states and the will is to laugh and then the deal is expected to give them both in and stand up coming and battles for control and it's a big deal has brought includes stints as a kid growing beach into hardware and wearable. but the hardware and google can
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more easily expand into the willful industry comes out which seemed like he was trying to break away from google's into class went to the fumble the pa format it down it will continue to work with google in that realm looking ahead the deal is also expected to be too deep for collaboration on research and development of future projects. ut and i didn't use the tennis rankings have been shaken up after an exciting australian open senate seat in j joins in the sports center with the details details. hey guys the latest rankings announced on monday saw the australian open men's champion spent about three guys jump into the top five and two familiar names tumble down the list but i go winning his first grand slam in nine seasons jones to third on monday i'll post roe and david for rare
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and came in at fourth and fifth respectively. memaw and be merry plummeted to six bald roger federer fell to eight despite a good showing in melbourne. and on the way the side woman's temple me not keen to notch the third pushing the reefer hope a good day. and moving on to the olympics the south korean bob sleigh team is preparing to go to sochi and already have their sights on a medal and twenty e t at a press conference and come come come wendell province the team said that it's eyeing a top this year the nation's oh two and looking for to a medal by the next one picks the team will train at alcan cia the side of the twenty eighteen count on winter games until the start of the sochi winter games unfair to reset. meanwhile figure skating queen teen on us percent of the story back to back olympic gold medals is a top story line in the rain that's according to american broadcaster nbc who joins a long list now of international sports outlets
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praising him as a top draw and ladies figure skating at sochi. the twenty three year olds to shatter olympic scoring records at the vancouver games in twenty ten is the favorite to repeat for go. and heading to greece was a great weekend for golf especially for scott's colleagues who took on the trophy at the p g's farmers insurance open the stall a snack to start or when andy and i met the foreign for econs was taken to war kj choi he ended up sharing second place at eight under. ladies american justice. porto won the bahamas lpga classic with an eye on that vehicle placing insight that upset and indeed often a down note and anti world cup protests rocked the city of some paulo brazil and more are expected in the run up to the beat warning over a thousand protesters gathered for the largely peaceful march until the middle car on fire broke the windows of several banks and clashed with police expect more of this in
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the future as this was merely the first of the operation stop the world cup campaign states by the activist group anonymous. and that does for me and a sportscenter this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. i wear. there was a
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spring like a winter day here in korea but tomorrow we will need an umbrella from our leftover turkey but down at the weather center forget what's in store for us tomorrow. the nissan and she and while their list of the line passing snow showers in the central regions tomorrow morning. now on enough snow showers are forecast over the lunar new year holiday thursday which is the first day on the holiday will be addressing one hundred things will clear up on the lunar new year and will wrap up with. haha we will wrap them with the holiday that is put sprinkles on saturday. as for the current conditions in the sense of revenge will gradually be at the end of a high pressure system from the west sea. now tomorrow temperatures will remain out of the seas maverick brains and those of you in one deal province can expect that stand in the air smelt please help to keep in mind that it's from when life has been a shift their hands at eight pm. as for tomorrow's reading itself that top the day at
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zero degrees but the hyatt for me mum paid when presented with the low teens holding onto their b days days he makes it to the atlantic responsible to and not content to get a tad biased to decrease perspective we bought some i have read this that i've seen again after midnight. iraq s on this monday nights and it is named saul. tomlin thanks for watching will see you soon. the us and russia
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moscow at work and all but that's it the most prominent independent. at a well known russian newspaper in the west on. weeks. we just get famous
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by it. the stark responded that what i can see me in the acting was good and bad ah so to say that killed my organization uses paper. it implies force commander and the one in my country to know what that school's first manuscript read the op a lot of people asking. the open casket at the question of my soul so many young people and what do you use paper and also the money of course when did they use in the cold to go up hot spots in their actions. ah. indeed they say that though. it doesn't matter. we live in your chest as he doesn't update the ol' still just seemed to know but is it that because they felt that its right place to wear it. tool but i placed two she did it offers a journalist and a bit curious
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in a baby's soul. given my country and get in and out to be curious. add two two b que is to us commissions set up to try to understand what's going on. don't be a god and allow anybody to manipulate your mind's eye. we are open country you all and people during its new nation still has two chances and that i don't let anybody tool. so if your destiny for you. six months. six innings. right now on our backs. one of her that co author. watching
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one of our. i am. every year you will will will will the eye. atalanta governor riders day again and ukraine's justice ministry ignoring opposition leader is pleased to meet the scene threatens communications with the government's with a state of emergency to me. all for most this year and he stops and move toward a lamb trapped civilians. i'll be in battles and to get humanitarian aid and. british rowers who are too bored for


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