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the eye the exeter broadcasting and rejects present box proposal forth between the unions of the lunar new year holiday and says so it retains hope you like posture to the central bank is the nation's key interest rate unchanged at two and a half percent for the eighth straight month on improving economic conditions. in a bid to transform the nation's foreign direct investment levels from one of the worst you one of the best in the weeks leading to loss will streamline regulations for his income tax breaks for an extended working visa
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it's the kids. welcome to primetime years it's thursday january nine here in korea one from saul. i see them come and pay so much for joining us. we began with the disappointing news out of north korea. the reclusive state has turned down south korea's offer for talks on possible re unions for families separated by the korean war the county and did however leave the door open for future dialogue under certain preconditions for unification ministry correspondent on some key reports mr yet has rejected south korea's proposal to discuss a resumption of family the union for those federated during the korean war. thursday's response came three days after south korean
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president of today expressed hopes of holding the humanitarian event sometime during the lunar new year holiday which falls in the last week of january. in a statement on thursday but know that there had seen no change in souls were like posture and sad for a successful round of humanitarian exchange is to take place the right atmosphere must be created although not named directly and can't seem to be referring to the upcoming joint military exercise between seoul and washington that takes place annually between february and march it also said that in order for the teacher vs discuss the matter of family the unions. they must also address issues raised by the north. most likely the resumption of south korean tourists to the mound condemn resort. i however did not slam the door shut and family the unions altogether the statements that the two sides meet for talks with the south is willing to discuss the issues proposed
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by the north and south korea's ministry of unity cage and expressed regret over north korea's rejection humanitarian issues should be dealt with separately. she is. it is regrettable that north korea is linking annual millet regionals with humanitarian issues. south korea maintains it stands at the age of them are unions will be dealt with separately from the issues raised by them nor complete them the hms st called the directory add to that sad self proposal for tots and visiting family in the us hands and added that the north seems silly to say in mending ties to the south to action and not just your words the idea needs the store and a player dennis rodman has apologized for suggesting the korean american missionary can if they deserved what he got when he was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in north korea. in a steamy release his publicists ryman said he was sorry to bay's family and that he'd been
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drinking and was very stressed when he made the comments during a cnn interview earlier this week the family and they said they were outraged by the nba hall of famers comics and the work the only ones that try men's behavior since arriving in tongan earlier this week has been raising eyebrows across the globe. take a look of this. do they new the law birthday to north korean leader kim simmonds during an exhibition match between former nba players and a north korean team has withdrawn his fourth trip to north korea since february last year. and the diplomatic route between china japan is entering a new state law they say is whipping up global condemnation and japanese prime minister of his controversial worse try and visit tokyo is in full on defense note issuing explanations the world
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leaders whenever and where ever it can and then tells us know what started out as bickering between china and japan over japanese prime minister shinzo abe's visit to the ghastly shrine is quickly morphing into a high level diplomatic war of words the shrine is highly controversial as if the first several class a war criminals as well as scores of that was found guilty of lesser crimes chinese diplomats are using all possible channels to ensure the world knows full well that at this visit was unacceptable. japanese officials were busy justify not this move whenever they have a chance to sit down with world leaders. china's ambassador to the us sweet in kind during a press hearing criticized the ban saying he should take full responsibility for the deterioration of china japan relations. well the basket can add that junk inside also condemned a visit during an interview with the local media outlets
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chinese ambassador to britain the deal shall mean when even further. and a letter published in britain steely telegraph and he'll come here to add this visit to an evil wizard at the harry potter series saying if militarism is like the hunt in baltimore and japan. the desk of the shrine in tokyo is the kind of pork rocks representing the darkest parts of the nation's soul. to his mounting a strong defense to china's diplomatic offensive japan's foreign minister from newquay she died during a trip to europe earlier this week told his spanish counterpart. they visited the shrine to console the nation's war dead as well as to make a pledge that japan will never trigger a war again. all the chalk is number one ally in the us has already expressed its disappointment. japanese diplomats and busy attempting to silk ties with washington again such a backdrop to camp director nominee of the new re established national security council
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show that only gets his visit to washington next week is gaining more attention than it might have done before experts say china and japan to raul has the potential to become even more emotionally charged as the two nations one policies are based on strong nationalism. and this they say would further escalate already heightened tensions in northeast asia and then ten years. at the nation's top off this president talking heads first overseas trip of the new year will take her to it yet and switzerland. she will embark on a nine day tour of the two nations next wednesday our presidential office correspondent james to pass the tests. three the economy will be the key theme as president next trip to india and switzerland. the concept encourages collaboration between creative ideas and designs and technology sector to produce a new bread and chips for the honeybee. yet
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president beck is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with prime minister manmohan singh and a cure expected to discuss cooperation in the sectors of security trade and investment. and as importantly science and information communications technology. the key parts of the creative economy. further cooperation in this field with andy and huge market with a population of one point two billion is expected to give the brewster president exhibition for korean economy which is one of the major polls are part three here. economic reform plan unveiled earlier this week. in this pesky up the love bird president that will hold a bilateral summit with president of the swiss confederation to be a burr cold turkey and a two or suspected to seek ways to expand cooperation in theories fields especially size in technology and vocational training sectors that are strings for the european pantry president extra marks the first state visit by a korean president to
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switzerland. during her stay in that country she will also attend the world economic forum in davos to give a keynote speech on the korean economy and entrepreneur shed the present law fisichella this as president but plans to introduce or economic or foreign land which centers around the creative economy and prevent korea's economic and investment environment to bring more foreign businesses to the pantry. fourteen shoe i didn't use. before your dna. and another begins. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the covert its global network and one. for one hundred odd
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rifle that has seventeen always on standby. chris central bank has slashed its key interest rate unchanged at two a half percent for their eighth straight month in january citing improving economic conditions at home and abroad. the bank is also kept its growth forecast of three point eight percent for the nation's economy this year and ga has the economists have been betting on a rate cut this month but that did not happen following its monthly monetary policy meeting on thursday the central bank kept its interest rate steady at two and a half percent free the eighth straight month the bank said the local and global economies are showing clear signs of recovery and added that the korean economy is very close to reaching its potential growth rate of nearly four per cent offering growth outlook of three point eight percent for this year and four percent for next year the view that the government works on producg regulations for example
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the local economy will be able to achieve the growth rate of nearly four percent despite the recovery plan that time the band provides down the nation's inflation rate estimate for this year to two point three per cent down zero point two percentage points from its october forecast. you and this is the official reason for prices for international oil commodities and the message that court orders that are stabilizing the central bank for its unanimous decision to hold the key rate came amid concerns of the trafficked street if any of the korean won against the japanese currency and lingering uncertainty stemming from the us federal reserve's decision last month to scale back its confines of crap the weak yen which lost the fifth of its value against the won last year it is a major concern among policymakers as it erodes the price competitiveness of korean ex partners against their japanese rivals. the lp governor however downplayed
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the possibility that the back might adopt policy measures to tackle the week in a japanese yen saying that only certain industries like automobiles steel and machinery are taking a hit from the ends fall. itn news career has its sights on and then worry no more foreign direct investment to boost the local economy from tax breaks to visa extensions. i came in she outlines how the government is swinging the offer the government on thursday i did another set of measures to draw more foreign backed investment to the nation in a bid to spur economic growth but these production and creating jobs the ministry of trade industry and energy blueprint includes the relaxation of regulations on foreign investment and incentives to encourage global companies to set up their headquarters in korea. first the government actually you should clarify foreign investment regulations. any economist pointed out that one of
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the biggest obstacles to foreign investment in korea the maze of competing regulations on an overseas investors. the government also plans to encourage global enterprises to establish regional headquarters and research and development centers in korea for all foreign employees at the headquarters the government will fix the income tax rate at seventeen percent and extend their visa status to a maximum of five years the blueprint of sacred receive incentives for foreign investors including quality of life improvements finally the government also plans to map out strategies to attract more foreign investment in the chair rehashing the amount of foreign backed investment down in recent years the country is still far behind other global players in two thousand and twelve foreign direct investment in reaction to one hundred and forty seven billion us dollars. part of the us which of three point nine trillion dollars. i'm praying at one point three trillion. in
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addition korea's spy tech investment in terms of gdp is still low in sydney oecd. i cried for just twelve point seven percent of gdp in two thousand and twelve the curry at second to last among the thirty four oecd countries and far below top ranking countries such as luxembourg ireland and britain. but then you get out and create finale need to become one of the world's top ten investment destination in the coming years. he's the idea needs. alice mahon says information petty cases technology products from korea have reached a record high in twenty thirteen as the trade surplus in the sector. the ministry of science ict in future planning said thursday that ict exports last year nearly one hundred seventy billion us dollars that's more than nine percent jump on here meal of the trade surplus and deceptive surged fourteen percent to eighteen billion dollars on year with imports
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rising by three point seven percent. the ict sector in twenty thirty made up thirty percent of korea's total exports of semiconductors and mobile phones leading the pack that i now was the most popular destination for korean ict products last year. in fact twenty thirteen was the twelfth consecutive year of growth for shipments of ict goods heading to china i saw what promises to be another vintage year for sports and to help you plan ahead our song the sun joins us in the studio to highlight what you need to have in your calendar for a somewhat them let's start with so two winter olympics is just around the corridor how a scene curry and keeping a beady mean that you are now less than one month away from the winter games in twenty of these doors on the black sea in the southwest of russian
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after picking up the winter games in vancouver four years ago on a high note. what's in a number returning champions from in korea. of course in protecting the skin are keen and that has the best shot at winning a second most active in sports team. these investments can visit this past sunday at just less than one points in a bank of a score of two hundred twenty eight points. and icc trophy back faster and stronger. e someone intent on stopping goals in the new one victory in november. look at mom also known as one of them is a lunch at the end of the five hundred mi year end lists over on the phone a short track speed skater and effective goals in both the five and ten thousand meter races. after the opening weekend the scenes didn't reveal and that's what i see it as well dr races. other great athletes have never won a medal on the snow we had a twenty at the mckee of the year. although stitch you who has been the top ten and
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a wealth of series last season. a few days before the closing ceremony. kenya now looking at the end of our other careless canker re airing of the tube once again for obama victory dance during mass free skating program that and no ideas no need now. so let's look further to this summer brazil is gearing up for the two thousand fourteen o world cup. exactly the five time open champion is now hosting the twenty fourteen games. the second time since nineteen fifty and we somehow find a practice last month fell asleep at the craps. one of the toughest rumors he thought he could eat the staff read as where the four teams two from south america and to proceed you're up there the iliad you and your gang costa rica must find making the first or second. also took a closer look at dr g because clearly comforting one of these forests to germany portugal and jack and the usa end of the under sixteen. if we did the ants. kristen send
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updates when your team stands out from the pack. a teen queen antics by ranked fifty fourth in the rankings the lowest in the grass belgium's eleventh while brushing of journey of about twenty seconds and twenty six respectively. what's hot and the listening of the beast can and fuzzy lhasa on the boredom of argentina and when the wallpaper is in blossom falls are. first match against new rochelle and achy and advice to both points and the cough has not worked when football is for the remaining games. after we fed the mattress. anjali an import some hickory. the four teams will gather it's been up taking a laidback shocking into second states. those against the run of sixteen will play on the thirtieth of june. our first of july. and we'll be bringing the league has also been some excellent fourth and ten. it's a sudden we hear that korea is busy making last minute preparations for a mega sporting events here in the nation can you tell us more like you and mom with
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four cpu time will be hosting the asian games of the twenty fourteen and is forty miles west of the capital. i was thinking and thirty thousand athletes and officials from forty five different countries as was mentioned north korea may be one of those nations that twenty oh one peace force with eight others on the line and clean baseball bullying and squats and separate country because he cannot see this is how spare. now with an eighteen s when they'll be looking into metal and artistic gymnasts down her son wes is going to be named after him has a shorthanded goal at the asian games as we watch at the end in all. only canned pumpkin pie will be competing in the swimming venue named after team intent. in fact be just as some think it is tuesday so korea to book your tickets now to practice starts at asia's biggest sporting event. so certainly a lot of opportunities for team korea will kind of metal poles had been set for themselves. my furnace oh two winter olympic games in korea is helping to seventh overall in the medal count but at
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least four gold medals. now three was fifth in vancouver with six goals and six overs the brazil walk out they could run of sixteen is of course the foremost goal but something about it they could also mean that picture depending on the hunt for the match. and for the asian games question for all run second for the fifth straight time. most likely after china i can see simon will certainly be at that keeping a close eye on the games and also versions for kareena thanks very much for that report thinking. in south korea is poised to have its most successful winter olympics today. that's because they're expected to send their largest delegation this time around stephen kaye joins us with the details below there. the ice speed skating has long been a strength for south korea and says peter stayed in recent years because of kenyan up
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another list of winter sports at the excel in is growing delusion which he aptly race pace up and be first on the sled is one of the international luge federation said that south korea has qualified in all four loose to someplace that the sochi games men's singles women's singles men's doubles and the team really impress the boss lady is making tracks as well. at the north american cop that made was that the team of one unit own handspun oh one the gold medal while fellow nationals to go down and some don't mean that the silver. and now with the result south korea is likely to send two teams to compete in the two men sports at sochi. now moving on to golf the lpga is making it a little bit sweeter to be a golfer on its core. he unveiled the race to see any globe eighteen points race that pays out a whopping one billion dollar prize the winner. del big del get rid of the four cornered system and the one and will earn points for their performance in thirty one
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events up until the cme group two or ten beaches in late november with a million thoughts going to the top point getter. now let's get to thursday's comment its first in the k b l k c c takes them home boasts seventy four to sixty four but let's focus on the team of the night outs of top ranked as the knights vs new zealand elephants and he had for sk from his five game suspension. now we go walk the first that the un powers their way to a ten point lead at the end of the second quarter. the second halves of no different. the elephants ricardo palin's with nineteen points to a tenth eleventh and double double in the last and pt lead weights seventy five to sixty six. next up the uae on the men's side with a capital case on lic insurance and some not. now a lady comes out swinging taking over the first set but its hyundai capital spiking their way back. the cake the next two. now the fourth
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said the old coles down to the team that wants it more it started to twenty eight in favor of the capital and the cake the next three sets to one. that does it for me here to sportscenter. this has been stephen said. check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. i do. the us. dear
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was the coldest day of the season so far and i hear tomorrow will be much different. the details let's go over her i can go down at the weather's center ago allison. good evening diocese of resisting korea or early fall below zero degrees but today all of them except for ted's it just did that now rule twenty one says effect and a sense of reason and the mountains that sentiment will still take it anywhere between five to thirty centimeters of snow. now other than that those of you in the east coast reasons to continue to be aware of forest fires now taking a lunch at the current conditions the basin is under the influence of a high pressure. this is why we're seeing clear skies and three now tomorrow morning will be older than today temperatures will begin to ride starting tomorrow
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afternoon and over the weekend so let's check in that letter that blogger but keep it mind that he was yet another round of colds that next week. looking ahead at tomorrow's readings solid eight minus ten degrees in the morning but the hyatt minus one the last eight league victory. moving on sale at every dance silly dancing makes it to five degrees. well to do and i sometimes get one and two minus nine degrees respectively. plus a warm and all that now see you again after midnight. chubb rock house on this thursday nights and nice again so don't rhyme and thanks for watching the season. mo om. the sonics
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unique vacuum insulation panels for forty helps a snowman covered eight thousand km from japan to train to visit a boy who'd never seen snow without using any compression refrigeration the project the ride from the sparks a program from panasonic local community website. eco idea is that it focuses on starting find innovative experiments within hours daily. by using panasonic eco friendly technology. the sparks team received a message from a younger baby girl named on the understanding that snow never falls in the day so i would like to show my little brother his very first snow the sparks team fulfilled her wish and delivered the snow meant about it. i like it or not. for mr shifts for religious traditions same as the four quarters of
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jerusalem's old city. to get there they are t stiff peaks started in two thousand and nine. co founder circuit sheep who he describes the launch of coexistence cooking competition. this is from the sky and connections from the outside seems to know which wasn't few verses that it was one of each here charlie why do you do this evening together. from there it is. cooking is all the songs mixing flavors ingredients and chemistry but it does seem that means i got the digital mall today's european union out of the body simple idea proposed by the french foreign minister robert schumann more than sixty years ago integrate in french and german heavy industry to make an awful war between those
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two countries. impulse. all forward to today and the vision set out in the schumann decoration has become the eu single market the foundation of the european economy to the creation of the single market was good news not end in itself but because of what it represents a commitment to the kind of balance inclusive economy at the heart of the political families effects. spencer won all eight million people is also won the welsh office. what about perhaps more than any of that is charged with breaking this once great city it was former structure the day. it is no exception but off it. next week. and all seeking is a war of eighteen hundred meters above sea level club is one of the world's most at a rate cut from sizzix. but while the mountains make exquisite
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piece. the altitude in repeats of a vacant lot of vegetation to march addressing the needs of greenery and the ashes and tackle today's edition of the tree to prevent future also there is a repeat of that effectively the old trees. much of kabul river it's dusty and it is i can take months or even years before the meds vision becomes a reality that you don't call will be. seems to be seen to be. well steve and i want to see that koppel the city of knowledge turning seeds and flowers and fruits. schools around the country are adding gardens to their backyards giving students the opportunity to learn first hand where our food comes from the tables in the world. also on the way and makes the networks the door. he is. it was when
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we will or will eye recounted so extreme as a courtesy read tell shocking details of that ordeal saying in essence police look into the black ones of all claims that a manager you must learn to cope with the region. if even one ounce and some fool says in one. i think he'd still be doing the right to invade syria. america's middle east policy is that raising eyebrows with washington's offer to help point the same medicine in iraq appearing to join


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