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help him can. the ministry of foreign affairs the house announced that price the mine joked while bassist diplomatic ally since all toll may increase the pay and hold the rust later this month. mala to pa for africa on the twenty third in assists on some may impress the first up is a short stop in burkina faso. motherwell
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flights on the rust and attend the inauguration of on shore and president elect one orlando hernandez. according to palmer didn't come for him to reports in monza stockholders will be in front float in los angeles the eight day trip which concludes that on the thirtieth of january one include sixty hours of flight time. his foreign affairs has announced that president ma until the embarking on a guided toward destruction he and hunter s nine january twenty third. the president will also increase we stopped in burkina faso and great hunter asked where she will attend the nation's presidential in operation according to court have not been confirmed by an all time non stop overs to win frame three and los angeles deputy foreign affairs minister simon close as kids my way to travel to africa before central america. like hamlet beach sixty hours. pictured is expected to consolidate
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the republic of china's ties with two of its diplomatic ally. and also provide an opportunity to have to reduce the risk and that i want to copy the contents into a nation are progressing the president's entourage will include senior government officials legislators and industry representatives. but firstly decreased team style is not expected to accompany mom and then he can. a search term as dance to and pc homepage chairman kang kong to announce that acer will acquire seven million shares the pc on pay as part of the company's plan to branch out into the third party payments business. a searing chairman stan shih npc homepage here mentality cohen as the two companies' future collaboration on the third party payment business. taken as a hardware based company was starting to e commerce business by purchasing seven million shares of pc home pay. the so called third party payment of
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ten section methods using e commerce to reinforce the contract upon this may all but five years to sell its benefits. the third party stares at the bridge connecting sellers that my ears and brains and can be sure the summits will be paid liars who receive income on a piece using chairman said she also said it might become heirs and pacers helped develop the while a seat the company's plans to shift its focus from the hardware centric business model to online trading. she said at least it will be pc home paste technical partner and a platform for online trading and information security and the long run pace and pc home pay will also bring together on developing innovative hardware plus software plus services on the platform of internet transaction. keller railways administration and the airlines have added extra trains and flights to review the lunar new year period to ensure that everyone who wants to go home for the holiday will be able to do so. on january eight and
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the tr they begin sales of tickets a phrase western line two week holiday periods and that has happened happened that with sales of tickets for its eastern line a day before. the most the salt out to troubled times to head south. would it take before new years eve and new years eve. i saw as the fourth and fifth days of the new year for return trips in an effort to prevent crashes of its online ticketing system due to excessive demand as had occurred in previous years taiwan release industry to increase the band with a number of terrorists before opening up for sales of tickets during the new new year period this year. it's all one hundred and fifty two thousand tickets great eastern mind one day after the sale kicked off in january began offering tickets for its western mind the most sought after travel time to head south for the day before you see a new team as both a fourth and fifty seven yikes return north. if you've been tearing out the additional five g and forty trees to its castle
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between january twenty eight agreed to meet the demand those who are unable to purchase tickets in the first round of sales for their preferred travel times can try again in january nine when the tr you are the tickets that have not been claimed by those who purchase them. the non airline integrity twice the increasing number of flights in anticipation of heavy demand. if you're gonna play increases announced in january seven. after the civil aeronautics administration reached an agreement with the local government of uncle auntie mame. gallstones buses who will be privatized to start this year which means the number of vacancies is who i see so many chinese tourists visiting taiwan every year. demand for color plus this is also on the rights. the coastal city of labor affairs bureau is now helping to train bus drivers. the first training costs of drivers recently completed their training. an overhaul of the drivers that on the job you need to take now we say and he hangs his
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drink in a funeral industry had registered for the conscience of the faith as heroes. bus driver training program in hopes of changing professions and reading a single income. both week and i did when they were offered jobs as soon as they completed their training. as the city's bus system will be privatized this year erica and wanted to link it either vacancies. when the beer is first class of twenty one drivers completed a training on the sixth. more than half had a pretty secure employment. the program is attracting a wide range of students ranging from young women to ex cons hoping to start a new chapter in their lives. the survey supported the nineteen month the rate of thirty five to fifty five thousand and two dollars there has to keep in mind that the program by incorporating internships into the program off to the electronic toll collection systems the mall while former apple was the hot dog january seconds the far eastern electronic toll collection company said that the security in the upper house been
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reinforced in the app is available again. in response to some drivers complained that they would topple toys on the freeway. the ttc said that that they can not completely prevent double billing problems. however the way links and the bills carefully before sending them to drivers. the electronic neatly on the freeway flashes of light whenever there's a vehicle passes to the cape may. the new electronic toll collection system has gone into effect for several days allowed for some drivers complained that there were double a tarnished when they pass through the gate base some drivers to the southbound lane. the was charged by gateway since telecom both northbound and southbound lanes. in response to complaints the vikings in the conduct of corrections corporation said the system automatically texaco death and vehicle in its riding boots and will make every finding predates it could overturn two new ferries the cardi over a hundred fighters which doubled twice
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due to the malfunction of a ttc smoke local application which was attacked by hackers and generate the second. at the tc had also offered refunds to users by reinforcing the security tab after logging in the app for testing. twenty years has found they could check the amount remaining in ptc account on the move on from that cannot take the ten sections. the ttc set the way to protect users' personal information. users need to login guarantee fee accounts to the company's website to check the transaction records according to the centers for disease control semi thousand residents assault emergency medical treatment for flu symptoms will last a week well fifteen thousand sold out patient services meanwhile the number of severe complicated influenza cases has risen by twenty seven for the highest weekly increases so far this winter the sixty four year old tully him as the members suffer from diabetes
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hepatitis b developed a fever and pneumonia at the end of last year. his condition steadily worsened and he passed away on december seventeen key to montpelier according to the centers to seize control. the numbers to dear complicated influenza cases rose by twenty seven last week the highest increase so far this winter in the highest number for single week. it also found that seventy thousand residents by emergency medical treatment for flu symptoms last week. all fifteen thousandfive outpatient services. the data showed that there is a free epidemic in the making despite the warning signs only thirty percent of children aged three to six have received the vaccination the cdc estimates that the peak season while current journal union year holiday and mortality has one hundred and fifty thousand doses of the vaccine last year for ear just parent of children in each group to take them to get vaccines. newborns in taiwan are generally vaccinated against
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the tuberculosis. and as the bcg vaccine is bad but ten years into the life of lexington however they may have side effects the centers for disease control has recently received to several reports of puerto reactions into the backseat but says people are forty seven times more likely to contract refer to most is if they are not vaccinated therefore parents should still make sure that the toes and get the shot. this young girl received the bcg vaccine she days after barry and soon began exhibiting a host of side effects including police to all. even after she turned one she often suffered from high fevers for no apparent the same severe back pain also made it difficult for her to walk. doctors eventually chased or physical issues to the bcg vaccine which damaged spinal cord due to the damage she has to wear a back brace and undergo physical therapy for the breast to provide
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apparently one year old calling me. i found this company increased the scanned at the end of last year various medications fields mp and his condition and an x ray finally repealed the bacteria had eaten a five and t calling size hole in its great humorist. a biopsy revealed that what had i steal my lightest which was caused by tuberculosis infection. fifty five in every one million pieces night is an honest human rights as to the south of the bcg vaccine. the children are forty seven times more likely to contact great lessons if they are not vaccinated. the tiny fourteen taipei international quilt exhibition the look and called off every fifth in the event organizers have on bail. three winners each and for the past the fiction category and the bass and non fiction category. one of the right to self the winning book of fiction category is the chairman of construction company the ones in law. this man speaking on the statements monday we
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thought it was one of the menace of the cannula taipei international exhibition prize in the fiction category. he was also the chairman of the construction company. he said that nothing compared to send some to keep meant when he received creamier narration for his back the graphic annual prize for his latest fiction them among them into the race so hot so cold. according to a t i'd be around forty thousand books are published annually in thailand this year he received hundred twenty fivensn category and three hundred and seventy one submissions in the nonfiction category the winners were selected for each category one and two winners in the nonfiction category was to be secured at the institute of technology of the academia seneca yourself on your travel into an ounce and the thomas prefecture in sichuan province of tying up to documented disgusted truck and eight issues in the village is falling the award ceremony of the ten teams national exhibition
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prize. the event organizer also announced that he can your week's edition would take place from that very fit to have a tent at the taipei world trade center exhibition hall is one in three exhibition will also feature a postcard exhibition showcases three hundred precious postcards from taiwan and mainland china. e mail last year the ultra marathon their tummy ten completed his goal of competing in a ultra marathons on seven continents in five years. maliki has released a book detailing his experiences. and as for the future of tennis at his lifelong tactic is to complete the four test series by the time he's thirty five he knew pop culture marathoner time ten shares his experiences as many anecdotes from the three things. last year after completing its goal of competing in the ultra marathons on seven continents in five years. he decided to compile his memory into blood since that although he isn't a good writer he didn't want
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any assistance the difference that many night sorting your photographs and videos entitled on the suspension to be provoked. ten for these experiences have taught me that every reason to be approached differently and so we flew far to the next race take your time will compete in south america in june and west africa in november. his goal for twenty fifteen is to complete the four dancers series which is comprised of event in chile china egypt antarctica. and to his lifelong goal has been to complete the series for the age of thirty five what's more it's a good story each day. excludes any team that works. to top story line is today's most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks
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enlightenment you at party acting year so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting and that i can take that steely checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. one male and ten. gaunt only as a person of no fault on the weather prosecutor general functioning should be impeached or not in it with the tie. the second the bolton held on gender race evans also ended in a tie. in accordance with regulations and the company and can no longer tried to impeach a fumble that has alleged leaking of classified information. although none of
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the country remembers the band took part in the photo were willing to speak with the media reports indicate that both sites and remains a steadfast in their stocks. the controller then held its second boat and was a chimp each prosecutor general functioning after two hours of deliberation with twelve members present the vote ended any six to six tie which means the motion failed to pass. in accordance with article ten of the control act. can children can no longer try to impeach won over his alleged leaking of classified information. paul had peonies the would be signed if he were impeached by the contrived and are found guilty by the court. in short position will not be affected by the information we can case in the short term. when contacted by the media. one of close aide said fong is not accepting any end to the requests and will not be issuing a statement of control again members to take part in the fall it also declined to speak with the media. both will follow shan and home condition pre
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spearheaded the motion were unreachable following the float. as for the members that took part in the investigation the investigation committee reportedly included the resolution from the prosecutor's evaluation committee recommending kampong be removed from his post in its report cited an interpretation from the grand justices including his case for me. while this week and said he respects the outcome of the boat former minister of transportation in common the case in going out he was a real good guilty by the supreme court to last december for accepting a bribe from a contractor of the taipei main station project was sentenced to eight years in prison accompanied by her attorney and support this cool reported to the taipei district prosecutors' office of january seven. before beginning her jail term she criticized the arm chest while he continued to proclaim their innocence of bribery charges. and was in
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the sands of time. and my former minister of transportation and communication employee out she was sentenced to eight years by the supreme court last december on charges of bribe taking. she applied to the taipei district prosecutor's office to deal a serving her eight year prison term the day and appointed to the prosecutor's office to star in a jail term on january seven. however she insisted on going since the bribery charges. well was sentenced to eight years in prison for accepting a bribe to twenty thousand us dollars from a contractor at the police station project she was to create a card using the phrase. those who don't look like high court and the supreme court which held an eight year prison sentence against her the supreme court also rejected her application for every child. for once announced she would go on a fast to protest against the un test while the lady change your mind to produce a
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concrete elderly parents the tears were reported to the prosecutor's office and had brought several books including the bible and dime as such her with her. mario will retain the position willing to go to the prosecutor's office to show their support. we are to expose the first female former minister of transportation and communication to be sentenced to prison for corruption according to a study conducted by greenpeace taiwan news reviews of for more than one thousand consumers. get smart comes up or lacking when it comes to the mower pesticide use management in labeling and the house to lowest satisfaction rating among six is a block and hypermarket chains servant. in response pics mart says it is working with palm is to source or chemical abuse from a four hundred active pontiff fun night. according to abc and greenpeace have one serving of sixteen to see the market and type in my teens. lexmark ranks last in pesticide
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production management and reporting. this is the right to change the creek area and critique mcclintock pesticides and concrete measures to reduce pesticide content and product labeling apart from tx my mom to stay and rt mart were also cited for lack of transparency the survey for the discovery px marking ranked last in customer satisfaction with welcomed and e mart ranking second and third to last respectively. in response smyth said its sources organic produce directly to inform and protect your farm which means it's good use is strictly monitored greenpeace is calling on just getting used to implant source management controls and concrete measures for reducing pesticide has appeared in context. hong kong media mogul sir run run shaw died at eight hundred seven that is almost tender and seven. he introduced a hollywood filmmaking to hong kong and promptly on me off from musicals and going for john rossi into
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the mainstream. his stalinist television broadcasts limited in nineteen sixty seven and sold off russ made by tvb were popular in chinese speaking areas in the eighties and nineties. he also established teeny pieces which i now know as tbs in taiwan which it had a great influence on telling these people network and it's in the us. this is one of the several pages left to convey to them and shout make appearance in his later years he attended in the mine shaft prize presentation ceremony to present awards to the cps in two thousand and ten. the mention of established to shout brothers studio in nineteen fifty eight which produced almost a thousand pounds and had huge influence on contemporary film industry time to waste that show brothers said as the founding stone for chinese movies. michelle introduced honey was still making concepts into hong kong and started making movies on the tracks such as
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the butterfly lovers baking pour and i keep up with the movie starts. he also brought musical is from an ankle were shown rise into the mainstream. in the nineteen sixties expanded its business into the television industry ankle found a home prosperous free tv station tv broadcaster imitates us classic tv dramas but it is for employment many of which have become part of the collective memory of hong kong people including corn masculine and the beach of shanghai. the drum us consulate hierarchy of the tiny speaking areas. they do this too shall establish tvb stupid channel know when stevie b as in taiwan. this dish out who was honored by queen elizabeth the second in nineteen seventy four it was the first person in hong kong entertainment industry to receive the night great still it's going to full bloom each year during the month of january and february and one of the most positive response than chilly fall with his
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colleague in cn valley. now kind to me is seeking to grab its share of visitors the torture of terrorism flower market has input is under fifty thousand toads upon the netherlands to create its own fuel the fires thousands of tulips in all different colors are present here creating and catherine friday. their soulful in on the background and a combination chance christmas and or straight to the netherlands. this is the jones said tourism flower market and has played host to an endless stream of visitors to be inaugurated its field of tulips. many of them are first time visitors an element in the arm pressed by the flowers. the flower market on to compete with tights and valley a matter of time to live viewing spot and there for a peek at one hundred and fifty thousand tulips flown over from the netherlands. the breeding season will last until march
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i did however hold on to mind when i'm back. it's like holds up enough good things sports it's somebody who isn't. ms said. the band's talent. do. earlier. in fact
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i want an open can think of but watching which pre date the stinkin smart. the us from the beginning i think i'm either a storm and raced up and kind of acting family your mind my brother's new system musician my sister selectors my mother is an actress director and my uncle's an actor. i was so years older than my mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing so me and keep it on stopping at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanna try to address that yet why not. and what's in it for me and said
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well you do get some couple hundred coolness and in. for every show. i was just thinking about that have remote control car deck and i said yes let's do it. i mean and then to just roll on from there the answer for users from tv or radio came to the theater and i started doing some. as a kid the lead up working in the city theater open so i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that um. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or or or so stop doing theater that i did some film speaking i still enjoyed it but. i stopped yelling gauging and i'm really trying to get to to be interested in more jobs. i started doing music instead of eating them. i was in court with a band. and two thousand and five. we had just released. our first single and we were doing some
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some promotional exam in some parts in this and some are bad news and i when i'm onto the stage. first off they introduced the band and there was about thirty thousand people in the audience going i felt like a rockstar and that was. those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on and i was looking at them scratching and i was thinking that. they are a sexy way they want to be right now and i was out it was more like a hobby to me and him. and then. so that's that was what i expected to step back in the night till the guys couple weeks later that i wanna apply to the to the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i left so cool. there are four different feeder schools in sweden. the is one is unstoppable. but i know like i couldn't be here because i
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had so many calls like paco de da de da tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so stupid i still know what to say no but i need to leave everything and then moved to mumbai where unknown nobody and it's a home totally difference. seal of the city and and. so i started in this. in this class of people. cool and knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of all of them the mei tai and the music. i guess i attended my way the school as well. they are
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sells. says. for a second moment. success. it's just
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that. all in. you knew you or you will eye. could it be. a thirteen year ban on video game console sales in china is getting a temporary reprieve with conditions of sale. we have the story. wal mart to make another move to repair relations with the discovery walk me in packages of donkey me


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