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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 25, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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energizes us glimpses of what is this. peace on it. but consistently suspected that what we get woohoo. the is the sea. it was. local. it's the day. born in. by
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the media. got to go by. oh here we are back on. the top deck like that. the country itself. it's a good one. how would you hear stuff like that cctv you sign it with barb ha. and we stop in thailand where political tensions continue across the country. the head of the fin re election. prime is studying auction a lot has proposed reform council to work alongside an elected government. somehow i feel a teeny tiny table in tekong the country's reform counc is not a venue for the government. if all sides agree that in the government can only be set up three that time minister's office. after
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the cabinet agrees to come said can follow immediately in this way for the fun comes out will represent all people. the foreign country members will be selected from all occupations meanwhile protesters have attempted to storm a stadium in bangkok where candidates are due to register for the upcoming election. they fear that every poll will only entrench the power of the knox family which is hugely popular among the road will pull up in the country's north and northeast. riley is seeking to overthrow the prime minister and the soul and appointed government have attracted of a two hundred thousand people at its peak with strong backing from bangkok's middle class responding to the ongoing protests the thai government has announced it would extend the enforcement of the internal security act to notch the first twenty fourteen. the act was invoked in three districts in back
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all can all talk about them was expended in like november to cover the entire capital and three adjacent provinces the internal security act and pow security forces the ball runs restrict access to areas all buildings and disperse demonstrators the top thai security official says the act has been extended because of prolonged anti government protests. the japanese government has approved a two point eight percent increase in the defense spending for the fiscal year twenty fourteen the second consecutive rise. the move may increase regional concerns about japan's like leaning policies and surging nationalism. the cost of the terrorists toshiba as styles from ikea. the scene of the ntc second union fees japan's cabinet approved of record high ninety five point eight trillion yen approximately nine hundred and twenty two billion
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dollars budget for fiscal two thousand fourteen. amongst increase in the works project in central security programs a notable increase has also seen in the defense budget defense expenditures will find two point eight percent to four point eight eight trillion yen as dependent to shift its focus on east tennessee has had two rows with china continues. this is the rest of the kitties good defense buildup and divisive in front of three aircraft instead of the unit similar to the u s marines. teen job is going to bolster japan's security amid the capabilities has been a hot topic in japan as well as inviting criticism from the neighboring countries although they seemed to be encircled on diplomatic man are they the fireplace has been the focus of secrecy legislation. god is here the power to an order is now betting that the guidelines of the amman as the defense buildup of the allocation of
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forces. but it's hard to describe what are they doing that is. hawkish in terms of his diplomacy. mix it with one's feet to seventy percent the plummeted as he pushed through the national security related field. no no in japanese ability for what he saw as a powerful leader for japan's economy. he does not mean that the people gave approval for a poster in japan's military. the bill that the departed the question as often as now is what is next after boosting defence defence capability. they want said he hopes to update the japanese defense both the national defence force. i'm in a zone blitz of to make the memo contribution to international peace and stability. beijing can send them expanding role of a japanese defence force just as seen on cctv ticket for one person in the news has made more headlines than
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any of this is the us which will block it with snowden and in the video published by the uk based channel four the formless the national security agency contract that stresses the importance of privacy and urges an end to mass governments of items he says that the government wants to know how people feel asking is always cheaper than supply. as you'll know who's who in schools. some blue line. want to everything. two while. the sky. according to
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the microphone. compare the scriptures in our pockets. this person. the day i thought. and what the artist also spoken with the washington post newspaper declaring his mission accomplished. the fugitive whistleblowers in in russia to avoid facing charges for linking up to one point seven million secret documents to the media. daniel righteous reports on the issue from washington. it's larry mission accomplished to the washington post news paper. edwin snowdon says he wanted to get society accounts to determine if they should change its self. among the total us national security agency documents the leaked. but those demonstrating that the price that fiber optic take the tables of major u s internet companies with being in control. with cooperation
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from britain's gc excused by agency that has enabled the nsa to gather billions of pieces of cake that he stay on the phone and internet activity of millions of people on the exact location of millions of mobile phones which are stored on giant databases. this activity was in addition to being purely sanctioned request in the united states the specific taken a direct feed to the us tech can find companies that companies feel that the nsa one of the information only had to do was knock on their front door. so going around the back door and kicking a man and getting the information out here without their knowledge of fifteen aged takes on ctv do though apple hill you and to attack an hour lobbying washington to move aggressively to cut the mats extraction of state to lay in the did president obama sets up an expat panel to work out ways to reform america's surveillance system you can't
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have. a hundred percent security. and also then have a hundred percent. privacy and zero inconvenience. of note they were working to make some chores. as a society that panel has now made forty six recommendations including the scrapping of a massive database of coldplay been received in the united states meanwhile to provide surveillance reform also making their way through congrats including the usa freedom act which would end the nsa is hoped they take collection practices the usa freedom act but also significantly limit come in the wholesale collection ability. i would say that you have to have a good reason connected to an open investigation. to be able to access this type of man and that a president obama maintains that the goal that such activities as never
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being to eat if they can surprise at my simple query people. the nsa maintains that its many uses its extensive database to track and investigate those who threaten us national security however the fugitive was so pleasant actions have eroded trust and are likely to lead to changes in the way america can box electronic surveillance. well why the extent of this change is that it is dependent on what members of congress approve had to do. in twenty fourteen the narration cctv washington. mystery of where activists i at least fifteen people have been few would in a new round of government ever eyes on rebel held areas in the northern city of aleppo. several amateur videos posted online by activists show the aftermath of tuesday's attacks on the rebel held sick connery neighborhood. another activist group the electronic media center says the strikes were carried out by jets and helicopters and basically
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story starts destroying apartment buildings and sending houses and cars ablaze. the aleppo media center says at least thirty three people have been killed and one hundred and fifty injured. activists say more than three hundred and sixty one killed in the first nine days of the ministry campaign which began on this end the fifteenth. international convoy of forty trucks loaded with relief supplies is headed to syria. the convoy will leave from the turkish border is always say counting food medicine clothing and teaching materials the relief efforts were initiated by the turkish foundation for human rights and freedoms and humanitarian relief with as many as thirty six local and international civil society ll denies nations taking part. they put together one million us dollars with about eighty which is to be distributed inside syria within a month
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for trucks and now i gather there in the turkish border areas and they're also joined by activists from house to live alone techie and frosts the total number of syrian refugees has reached six million while the un is the latest report says this figure is expected to double by the end of twenty fourteen and then jordan syrian refugees of icing another win to away from their homes as the civil war continues to ravage the country. for more on that flies that speak to toss them aside in a bid. i welcome the justin thanks for joining us on the fire. this is the third christmas that many syrian refugees. boston the hawaii from their homes and with most international aid operations suspended during the holidays one to as the winds are likely to offer for these the refugees. when i was thinking he called it good that we can conclude that the antelope creek and
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i'm picturing train now. they depend on them both. when you tell me off to a date at a cost and the country in the normal read in a knot what they know i think that kate would be going back in the fifty three. like in some way by which we can and giving it one way and when people come out and you can get them cleaned up a mini plastic sheet covering the ground and i live in a cup with their head. what could have been on the ground that the decree company in the fifty one. you're the one . he can do that think that he remarked that the country. at one situation in which he can and can't be done. i died when the gap and they were good content and can count. he added. last but
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the thing that it would mean going on i'm not expecting one need to find out that evening with a cold windy rainy and thinking that when i'm dead meat if you look like a bit and thought of taking a team that we've been hit it when they chant the picnic. i do and pay the rent that before it can be intolerant of that that is placed on the weekend. but to what many people can call that he can do it another way to god knowing that he and jack gave one of the current winter in our blood. i'm thinking the world wide the pioneer trek into the creek at work and with people and it had held him there. and until someone says changing the way the now is that this is still continuing a number of refugees fleeing syria and heading up to these camps in jordan wasn't dwindled because of the harsh conditions. i mean i know i think i would go on in
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the comfy thing i did think it can't be fine. on the shore thing we have ordered. i'm with you when pouring the country as that he had seen that boarding gate. i feel i'm at the un and that is the one that he he he. in our bed and into again you can pick them out and now that the point that beg to stay at that point she thinks again the lamb but she can't believe she added well above and knew he'd be back with the np it before when i'm in the following year at the property then kicking him it now it would be two hundred and twenty thousand people. i watched it while they kept beneath it become that they like it that he keep him in the world while jordan was like that. i'm directing the key in on what they think and think that it cost to the beach and
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shopping before going home. i mean in the north and the country. i'm like really didn't think that given the job. we quickly head that you can help you with a mom for i just something so i get the picture them from their bid just on the side reporting to us there on the situation applies to the syrian refugees in jordan it's a happy holiday a family get togethers and presents the full many people of course but what is christmas like in a country torn apart by war where showing townhomes and violence a part of daily life the correspondent of abraham reports on what christmas has become inside syria. stuart cooper rate was one of many aspects of the christmas and the muskets. probably faces and houses decorated with hearts and celebration. all in. this was last to reach across the most recent recalls and eleven. i can
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barely based on that. no that isn't afraid to you. if you saw sunday and vocal biggest christian quarters into moscow's situations and celebrations already. this year. the christian community is walking festival in a very different way. specifically do too much of it as he and the speakers have been replaced with pictures of pills guard soldiers to use the moans and women and children from all walks of fun. a post in lloyds and the ball before us. this is new ttc even peeked at her mother's dining scene in from all except not just christians to remember those who are no longer with us and those who sacrificed for our country the kryptonite and one attacks. some of them school students recorders into moscow's along with the christian community throughout the country has been a frequent target for the robots. what does the christians of starting with the gulf. you can get to
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witness the machine and it has become very hard one of her stories are the packs of automated tons of packing most recent church each week your table to pack for music and contorted areas nearby the majority of those who can afford to leave after that. no more projects like these candidates are critical one. the only reason why these folks are suffering. i need this honestly. he's a very small we used to make some experimental can increase nights at its peak and now people including many to count i forget about seventy concrete snacks. on friday the lord has nothing on change in syria. it's going up on the buildings in laws but also a small step towards the door to polluters a letter written to two gb since. nations secretary general ban ki moon has
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called for a great night un presence in south sudan to help deal with the deteriorating situation the un mission in south sudan already has seven thousand peacekeepers and police in the country. but with reports of west wing violence and ethnic killings following a trial to that number is likely to increase significantly. the cup but has this report from un headquarters in new york the land in the south sudanese town of pool hall than fifteen thousand people are sheltering inside the un compound. and will try to get it. that this was spoken for the un has a bike you lady needs to listen to install from its home taking the wheel with the teachings of the un itself to donation despite the chaotic situation. so i could. it was a lot of knitting lot of gunshots lot of dead bodies and into. very very out of
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control use. have any alms and sound. that needs to be for some to control thousands who fled the pointing. the un base is seeking shelter. read the speakers mandate to protect them is being severely tested. our resources art groups. very very widely. but we are continuing to stand by the people of the state the mission as a collector resolve to remain in south sudan. that will not be intimidated. we'll continue to fulfill its mandate to protect civilians. the un headquarters in you don't succeed general ban ki moon said he was pointing to the security council to recommend them all creeps on the look of the way he's tibet to protect civilians the situation is so mom came over to see i'm especially
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worried by reports of a pity if the new credit card it to the killings. no wasn't looking at other peacekeeping missions. why taking care not to reduce give kept asking to respond to threats of it they operate. what he means to the united nations would do it all must protect the people of south sea dogs keep this from becoming a genocide like that scene in rwanda in nineteen ninety four. with all the cctv you south sudan's president some ikea says that government troops have taken control of the joan old state capitol for a key town which the rebels loyal to form a vice president react much to seize the last week. you know this team going and they are
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knowing what about the conduct of war the conflict in south sudan erupted in the capital juba on this and the fifty five is sprayed to oil producing regions and beyond rapidly dividing the two year old mansion on ethnic lines. much of the fighting has involved pink eye and new affections of the sudan people's liberation army. with militias and a rewarding news also reported to be attacking opposing ethnic groups western thousand east africa besides i've tried to be vip twinkie a hunting cap and revelry that much up in your both men say the conflict is political not tribal. china's south to north water diversion project has made a significant step the completion of the massive politics of middle line. the fourteen hundred kilometer plus middle line originates from the dungeon carl reservoir in
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van province and heads north parallel ing debate jean wong chau right away. eventually ending the of ageing and tension. and of the line project kicked off in two thousand and three with an investment of over two hundred billion yuan. once the project is operating is of diverse as much as none of the hopping into the faces of war to two arid regions in northern china including beijing and tianjin effectively saving water shortage as they are. china's famous high lake is on the road to recovery. after years of constantly high pollution levels. the work of local volunteers the scene of these levels drop in dolly says he ends up with china's henan province because the women volunteers to be in on regular clean up missions in the like. reporter john mimi has the story. i love fresh want to make it just rowdy regained his old glory
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this is the headache them on the way for adding people please use the wire has been breaking the people needing by the lakeside at the same time human activities also take a toll on the water quality son a fine chance of being set up to twice a week now the ways to from the water. as part of the base they maintain its tension and workmanship out twice a week it weaves in barbados. many of them have seen two rounds of severe infestations but green algae in nineteen ninety. i remember the fake a layer of green algae from back in the school king's the stand could be smelled from a heart that's when i began to realize that the moment a second pair it with the catering and tourism has been dying stars. dough should be cheshire fertilizers flowed into the lake of the devil had opposed a constant stream of visitors. and wisdom risk of
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the ocean. the city has since invested over to the ring onto a stone effect on ecology. he now also issued official regulations stopping construction projects that fall under the arm into a standard than the issue application needed a date the local women's federation has also got the opt. but the post it since it applies to raise people's awareness about protecting. stars invited to take said that it is a gift that their doctors and coaching sessions. each year by the date we have set up abundant spiritual group dedicated to the cause one such coaching session was held back in the batter headache. those who have this to him for he gets the grease out of the air. the weather is definitely around and there's no snow and work among people who know what we are too nice and cold they were killing him the volunteers work has meant that the lockhart river
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has come up to the nazis. it now stands at number two the ecological balance to renovate has also quit the intro to this and thinking she said the week as part of a bond film and to protect and improve commodity the new cctv henan province with that story of a community really a ton of work and getting some wonderful results for the environment. that's it for this update is cctv news the weather is coming up will be followed by double over the top of the next hour. we have gone with the whole day off and lie on top of the upright he thinks the company and with not liking the idea the day
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the sea. the light landed me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but
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call out sick. the hindus and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over them being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased
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with how when a human powered up thinking. you ll wing will or will. do. the eye the ira welcome to your world is love and you know tony and took ill here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am the governor hasn't been on the picture tell the prime minister to make a decision this week the nikkei stamp the relocation of us military base. north korea leader kim jong hoon tells military commanders to be ready for


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