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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 18, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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in a broadcast sold from just tokyo's latest mystery where korea's eastern most dialects of cocoa in japan's new national security strategy the urges railway strikers get back to work to supply shortages in commuter disruptions continue to rattle the nation. ukraine gets a fifteen billion dollar bailout from moscow and a discount on russian natural gas in the two boys national bankruptcy. there's begins. i
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walk into primetime years it's what state december eighteen here in korea flight from seoul and you can hang them from when they do so much for joining us. we begin with the latest on the ongoing nationwide rail strike which the government wants brought to an immediate and email the union of cargo truck driver says it won't take up rates. it's not being delivered because of the strike price in sydney and has to be counts the government is taking a hardline stance on the nationwide released right that is now gone on for ten full days. prime minister taiwan colored out striking really union members on wednesday demanding the return to forget her strength is inconvenient to the with the strike is
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disturbing commuters and the leeward unions practice sleeping vic govt no choice but to force a lot the union has great day. are you the government is carried out on one end and the trail on the other. the state owned corporation had summoned around one hundred and fifty rail union members as part of its investigation into last days in compensation resulting from the strike union members continue to demand that the government's preferred plan to establish a new rail operator something they claim is the first act like try to take each. in the meantime prosecutors announced wednesday that they're now seeking a rest for three more union members in addition to that a warrant issued monday the strike as curveball the railway services nationwide and cargo trains continued to be had the hardest and their operations have been cut virtually in half. amy has quite the trip drivers twelve thousand strong said wednesday. i will pick up a site that's not be delivered
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because of the railway strike and experts say that is to strike continues small and medium size business is will she or he thinks the supply shortage. commuters are already starting to feel the page program reduced its number of peaks yet express trains by twelve percent each day and regular passenger trains are running on the restricted schedules at sixty percent their normal level. he wants you to do when it rains every hour but because of the strike on i have to wait for morgan to our brains. since the strike began last monday some eight thousand union workers have walked off the job. in fact i'm about nine hundred cross back across to picket line seems i mean i didn't use the korea us supreme court on wednesday role that sticks to regular bonus this must be viewed as part of ordinary week it's the landmark ruling is expected to boost overall pay and benefits for employees here in the nation
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ballplayer find a long time gray zone in the country's labor laws or poly reports the nation's top court has ruled that regular bonuses paid to workers in korea must now be considered part of ordinary wages. the supreme court ruling made by thirteen judges is expected to play in important role in how companies recognize ordinary wages for workers across the country. the so called ordinary weight refers to the basic minimum wage paid to employees but also acts as a benchmark for capcom insert allowances. that is overtime pay and severance packages the new guidelines will now incorporate fixed bonuses into the final total of this basic way. therefore potentially increasing statutory allowances and other benefits. the court clarified that certain fringe welfare benefits such as holding bonuses cannot be viewed as part of standard wages and that workers can retroactively request on paid allowances. dating back to
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last three years. major labor unions have welcomed the ruling while expressing hope that the court's decision will change the practice of companies asking employees to work long hours and into her low weight to its core is business committee however see they're concerned the ruling will negatively impact the nation's economy due to higher in women cops the korea federation of small and medium business said the new guidelines will call smaller firms more than thirteen point six billion us dollars in the short term would even have your financial burdens down the line. meanwhile the government said it would consult with the employers and labor unions to come up with new legislation that would clearly reflect the court's ruling. quality audio mix. relations between seoul and tokyo took another step back on wednesday over japan's most recent on justifying plane to korea stoke aligned with our canning hill has more on seoul's form of complaints that the japanese embassy in
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seoul. korea on wednesday summoned the deputy chief of the japanese embassy in school will take us to cry to protest japan's mean you claim to korea's east to most i look so cool. it comes one day after coco released a new national security strategy outlined which places a priority for a resolution to the standoff over the islets which curry and control don't cry korea's foreign ministry protests in the fresh claim and demanded that totally could lead to that old age the media leak from a security paper. christ said he would convey the message to the japanese government. scholes for ministry took a strong tone wednesday in response the new defence policy paper the second covers most recent a spike in to talk to a formal and that's the scariest that the recent death of the caucuses city improve relations between korea and japan the snow
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japan's new defence policy package approved by the cabinet includes the ten year national security strategy and you fight your military buildup plan. it defines north korea's nuclear and missile development programs as major threats and needs china as a country trying to change the status quo in northeast asia. japan says its security plan is defensive in nature. student debt i did onions. allowing concerns of a possible provocation from north korea have popped up in the highest chambers of the south korean government following the sudden execution of condemning swans karpal uncle in and then reports on how south korean and us officials refused their joint efforts under all possible scenarios in light of the sun removal of north korea's former number two man comes home to sell to me in the us of a high level meeting tuesday in washington. you for your responses to all possible
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scenario is that emerged in the north south route is by foreign minister confused on us to be secretary william burns felt in pencil and defense preparations to better prepare for the possibility of north korea's prop occasions. they also agreed that the instability in north korea thinkers the leadership to launch a provocation at some point in the near future to solidify his power base south korean official said so will maintain its current defense that it's good to come yet. the stress that when necessary. south korea was ready to take additional measures. kim also highlighted the sole watch the lions mistletoe kill time as the key factors to ensure peace and stability in northeast asia. in terms of diplomacy and security on the korean peninsula. the two koreas the us china japan and russia play key roles that are also the members of the long stalled six party talks aimed at the nuke the rising north korea. to them in. i didn't it. now
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returned to the last of our three part series on benjamin's first two years and how he takes a look at how far north korea's nuclear program has come and where it's headed. he's a national prosperity and its citizens called home was strongly that our kids out and has made it clear that north korea will never give up its new in progress. and during his two years in power the gambhir has taken steps toward making more of a new clear states the first one the piece was done. powell has increased at the same time now the news that the and into the news at that of focusing on me due to rising and how to put a piece of wool hat into the room range missiles the significance that it
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knew that that that has kept an eye away from its ally. aj has been or ignore its high ratings and let ahead without lots lots lots to spend there and see it as incendiary since then china has delayed the non international sanctions against the north and has steadily increased the economic pressure on its northern neighbor. in order to get to eat the rice and return to dialogue. experts say can against cost of the ledger and actions that we have a pretext for the expansion of us involvement in the region which is certainly not in beatings entrance. we for china the dean who is asian and north korea it is important but so is the maintenance and he's instability in the north and to create us japan east asia pacific retail policy. but it's not just an art does not want to break its ties with china. a new fear for your copy yet does not seem an option for now. there hasn't been a sufficient reduction in the security threats in
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the region and between the two koreas to score the north end its nuclear program. still as a result some game continues to have difficulty with making the strategic decision to change iran. the idea that the common and they constantly proclaims that it was a tight leash and great leader teenage son and dear leader tim duncan's were the north to hold on to its new clear weapons. on sunday at the knees. before your dna and another begins. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from h's heartbeat with the viewpoint of the covert its global network and why on arrival
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that. he always on standby south. old taking your overseas was shot has agreed to lend a helping hand to hand strap neighboring ukraine. essentially the only country alps but providing fifteen billion dollars in loans and steep discount that natural gas prices. honey can reports healing the blow to brussels and stuffs love the ukraine russian president vladimir putin's has inked a deal with his ukrainian counterpart viktor yanukovich under which moscow will buy a fifteen billion dollars worth of ukrainian government bonds and slots the price of natural gas supply to the country ukraine will be able to purchase gas from russia is mostly state controlled gas plant at two hundred sixty dollars for one thousand cubic meter if that is roughly thirty per cent lower than its previous price of four hundred dollars the deal signed in moscow tuesday comes after ukraine's eighteen and at least ten million dollars to avoid bankruptcy. the two leaders say the agreement will be mutually beneficial and
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reverse the decline of trade between the two countries. in kiev tuesday and fifty thousand pro european union protesters gathered in the city's main square. a russian bailout will harm the country's independence the ears of the opposition parties court meeting to protest that they will continue on with their demonstrations. the protests were sparked by the government's last minute decision to suspend plans to sign integration pact with the european union in favor of closer ties with russia funny can. the knights meeting the vice ministers of finance and central bank officials from g twenty countries have gathered here in seoul on display and stay above the federal open market committee meeting is currently underway in united states. cut the center its intent then leased to mitigate the ripple effects from the fiscal policies of the band's countries against the hand as he taps. just one day before the federal reserve is set to announce
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whether it will be scaling back its on buying stimulus measures policymakers from the world over gathered peacefully for each heat when he hosted by korea's finance ministry for the possible effects on emerging markets topped the agenda. we live the stock to neutral or if i do not care. staying calm and cool the table. the chief aim to continue to fall prey to many u s to be done ordering them. the international monetary fund's deputy director of strategy policy and review departments and government intervention would be critical in the event of volatility in markets. let on to say that korea at remains relatively safe compared to other emerging economies where has the area. good and strong sense of pace from them and woman were normally on policy frameworks and
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therefore issued an associate of the financial markets and therefore it should as it has thus far. be able to cope with. tapering without too much difficulty. the meeting which was held in cooperation with the finance ministry of australia chair at next year's g twenty meetings parts the first of its kind hosted by korea since the g twenty summit in two thousand and two hundred officials and experts from the academic world were also in attendance apart from a spell over its standing from the jury condom use monetary policies participants also shared their views on the overall global economic conditions and achievements and challenges facing the g twenty. when the conference wraps up on thursday thirty one of the participants will have to think as an industrial complex for each core of the facilities there did the news. charisma of the industry is about to smash yet another record the number of cinema tickets sold so far this year is
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forecast to surpass two hundred million for the first time ever. later this week really has the details on home most of this year's biggest rise had been homegrown movies. so no one was needed and romance the more dramatic than it really. the added that john brown. koreans are watching movies tuesday to just how many they watched the years his senior. because of his own. this is sunday and the dog to promote the last game and dumb. since moved on according to recent numbers each person and curry am washed an average of four is the second heaters to see her this figure comes from a korean film council which said that the number at me the tickets sold so far in
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two thousand thirteen is expected to reach two hundred million in hb. you know the two hundred million ticket milestone it's very significant because it shows that the korean movie industry has a boa and tote to expand a grow even more i landed this year. elsa past that number. new record for korea. no one in the point that a wee bit down about two hundred million tickets were sold. considering korea's population of fifty million from the salon to get so close. looks like the korean faster than a larger audience nearly sixty percent of the total box office sales led to the homegrown films due to the quality of korean films has increased incredibly can not only did we have a lot of good local films this year we had a lot of unexpectedly successful ones. and the korea's top ten movies to see her. eight of
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them were commenced at the highest grossing can be a miracle and cell number seven sure in more than twelve point eight million ears experts say that the number of movie goers will only increase here in riyadh. more people in particular i didn't actually know its economy. i tended. the eighteenth marks international migrants day in day to raise awareness about the human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants in number which a worldwide reach two hundred thirty two million in twenty thirty and korea has good reason to observe this day as migrant workers in the great wine said north korean defectors have made up of bigger portion of the population in the past decade to shed light on the migration situation in korea were torn by fox's top director at the migration and diaspora research institute
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welcome. see the list of some statistics how many migrants are there in korea and has the number of missing much of the past ten days. oh don't get is now the state to the increase in migrants in korea. on holidays so the point. one point five million. my edwards leading in korea. we need. though we need some kind and honest kind it the forty ago importing workers in korea who will be a full panel. it poured for them to a second doll in korea. is that because they're not having a good time here how ohow our flow of foreign workers and migrant workers. feeling about their living and working conditions. call me compared to yesong. it then upgraded
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to the media d so the band tees. who could join in with the job market who could get whatever the political week a week the korean people the state's total korea upon usnd what a car truck parts is too large pot heat the oil cooler trip out to you. so we need to. recall that we need to fix these kind of know what do you mean the migration point to appeal soul. we took out much to make upon us. all of my mind to commission a night. who will have a better job. we do better. oh my lite more high to a few weeks and the co pay but then of course communication with the domestic koreans. r us for a few will deny that racial discrimination or xenophobia still exists and this country how serious this
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problem. finish to its own people are now on day one while the height you rachel forty four units. ryan cried me. but on the lastinute mad on many porti of sinpore simpl person you would go well. crime rates and forty dollars. are you to do the country. the team cory and that nasty people and didn't understand the shooter. it'll come they don't the goal is to appeal to a blogger's code cartoon i was king countries often overcome these that talent is using vista south korean government is doing enough om. we need some kind of quilt or cobbler. each. nice piece. are you making. many
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programs look. i see it the horse needed to see who could be duplicated be taking the chill of the soul series of low over making all but two. international programs so when the current or how far i will thank you so much for all your efforts in crafting the future here in korea and thanks for joining us tonight. the eight player trade that sent away after the korean basketball league and stephen j is in the sports center with the details of the d l stevens. they guys is the biggest trade of the year so far. take the sonic boom in the kali on all the aunts agreed on a four for four player deal that sends top court on the phone to kt and swaps to foreign players to fill their respective heats
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and with that let's get to wednesday scott next up starting in the kb out on the ttc stunned pst tonight seventeen sixty seven in the first of the doubleheader but now it's time for the team of the night the boldest a difficult road trip to utah to face the heat seal and elephants. well that starts with a fine first half taking the forty thirty five lead at the halftime buzzer it's the elephants ricardo powell. howard is too long but not dancing troop surge ahead. he finishes with twenty twenty fifteen and the mole the stakes if a seventeen seventy three. now once you do the leaky it's the third place. hyundai capital skywalker is facing off against the last place russian past the spl the skywalker slept the best deal the first time around it's more of the scene this time as well. the best you can get there often cycling as scott walker's i commence with a four piece the blocks to go long with his twenty five foreigners into serving
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pieces and cut the capital went in straight sets or three points. now moving on top major league free agent to junsu is still in talks with several teams but it's the texas rangers that top the shortlist. reports say that they could net him with a six year one hundred and twenty million us dollar deal but that they are leaning towards the five year agreement with the one your team option. other factors are obviously at play here with nelson cruz and wasabi ropes and not the still on the market. the longer they wait the price here too to trace. tickets will be tough and ending off it was the top ten all throughout wednesday to sunday owns miracle goal lifted sunderland goal for powerhouse chelsea in the english league cup quarter finals to ask abt one hundred and eighteen minutes into extra time when he slotted one course the left coast the pro palin his tea to two one victory at all. he called the bowl the first in his english football week are rare. a once in a lifetime
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experience. that does for me here the sportscenter this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. lou lou. it was a mild winter day here in korea with snow showers in some regions that's right but i hear colder weather and signs that tomorrow for the south let's turn things over turkey but down at the weather
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center of town for the same good evening guys don't get too used to the warmer then seized on average weather because things will take a big day tomorrow. now the last morning lol will drop to minus five degrees with a daytime high of six minus two which is eight degrees lower than today and tennis courts on further on friday morning and it looks like things will stay that way there about this week. he alleged that the current in a sense that extends from the desert under a low pressure trough that is why those regions will see about a centimeter of snow overnight. the court will be accompanied by snow in the west coast region so those of you again. i went to another province is set to get anywhere between one to five centimeters of snow take a look at tomorrow's readings seller tops out at mine is to decrease me my pay went on to kate's durians two degrees respectively. walking on sale at their meetings second set minus five while two ads on combat week that
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its expanse minus eleven degrees respectively. while the topic now and i see that a study on esther broadcasts on this wednesday night time due to pain so that come with a strong chain will see it the win the day. is he. i do
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good thing. i do. steve. you do. it is. we were in it. i
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didn't. i do. you can do. its and them. ch ch. a the new
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league. when will we brussels parliament house the bill meaning the jet members of the bride to be free by new year and the crew of the greenpeace ship stays in the arctic could have all charges against them dropped self helping cambodia and we get into solitary confinement in denmark. the pirate bay website continues his battle against the parties in the case with powerful corporate interests that way western powers in l a


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