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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 17, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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it. in one huge. the us the stories we're following this hour. north korea commemorates the second anniversary of former leader kim sun il staff and celebrates the current strong when he was at its ascension to power a light railway strike greeks if it's not a state park fully expecting some play services in seoul and the surrounding area has become the province more disruptions are expected as additional workers will walk out starting wednesday morning the rising tensions between china and the new wax painting dispatches forty fighter jets to south china
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sea. following a tense maritime standoff between the two sides earlier this month. the stores and more that's some fun techniques you all the two. a beta blocker to primetime yes it's tuesday december seventeen here in korea flight from seoul and you can munch on when things so much for joining us. we begin this evening in north korea where the country commemorated the second anniversary of former leader kim jong il's staff and mark the first day of change on the un's third year as the nation's leader
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but the event having to stay is after the shocking perches and executions of high level officials. all eyes were on the seating arrangements looking for clues about who will be the key players of the regime in the near future defense ministry correspondent come to pass our top story. it appears north korea's military politburo chief chicken on hand. as for placed teams and then executed uncle tom some cake at the state's second most powerful man. as many had expected the bureaucrat turned military official was seated right next to king john then during a national ceremony marking the second anniversary at the death of king john in working with elite units to the north young leader. we revolutionary forces will honor no one else but our great leader kim jong. we'll protect our one and only supreme commander through all the hardships stacey was one seat closer to king john and then at last year's ceremony said knowing the promotion
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speculation is also rife that ted who was known to be a military hardline there was one of the main speakers behind the expulsion and execution of time was a moderate. mix to stay in for tea from the general staff of the korean people's army the young gay and minister of the people's armed forces and film them. it used on the right was killing them the president of the stadium supreme people's assembly and the nominal second in command the ceremony started with a keynote speech. prime minister. who's in charge of north korea's economic reform plans was seated next to him despite concerns that more times and it always hurts some of his former aides were present at the ceremony but you don't he tells wife the daughter of the state found a teeny song was absent presumably for health reasons. sometimes life gets i do also did his part she did make an appearance with ugandan pastor and his son
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palace of the sun where the bodies of north korean town and a son and son team donated by the state. it was his first appearance since october. then annie meanwhile back here in the south seoul's defence minister a k nine team has ordered the south korean military can be on full alert against any possible provocations from the north during a meeting with the nation's military commanders on tuesday kim said there is a high chance of north korean provocations during the period between late january to early march next year. in a separate development center the party lawmaker told one jing said in a special parliamentary meeting that the north is showing signs it could attempt another long range missile launch and a fourth nuclear test site signs of expansion in its nuclear test site and missile launch facility. and for experts date on what we can read into today's memorial ceremony for
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the jungle. we connect lines to dr king tut to senior research fellow at korea institute for defense analysis the study so much for talking with us. wouldn't it. ken was the most distinct feature of today's ceremony compared to last year's if you found noteworthy the backdrop of a pit stop the execution of it done and packed up to the pulpit that it didn't go back to the notification of cucumber on top of the book and olivia to you the future so keep that they did it at that ceremony. the bologna the obvious the tale. canning and the cd with all that he could but then the defeat of fifth of april. secondly i think you need caffeine but
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i've yet to tee it up. both the tokyo. the morning. for more. we are to grow up and yet appear to be fifteen of the minority mock going to be aware that all the time. well i had to be made of. on monday. the duration of the theater. the weapon then get a phd up. more on with your crafting ideas of what you typed up higher level of life in them. bulletin of the people of the forty overs of the town from there. in a preppy look problematic given the keys. you know steve dillon down though she's gone much faith in you that it can be very comfortable. our favorite feature of the case you thought that meant that he did. he looked up and speak with enough truth to it he invited the audience. all the state's second most powerful man is now a military hardliners opposed to modern economic reformer what changes can we expect to
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see. i guess that is problematic because the thought that you are working poet a little with the emerging power of the victory. most of the other minute of it. to show off duty. but he just has to do. it repeated over and over which of the law of dangerous i put in a review of provocation to the kitchen can you go. the fed mail or through the heck of a parable of the anaconda for would be to begin. ghosts is at stake god has moved with them that has either been a little bit goes back to the school but he does. those that would be of cosmetic enough to think of him that confusing. all suffering as defense minister expects a provocation in a matter of months and will be a routine song and dance were to re take the sport seriously than
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before. but the good and proper narrative that he could get up and look for vocations the updated the blog and you know. of the above photo at the end of the view that the key to make communication. but this message to a north korean to godliness. but the dramatically. though we uploaded that is too little a publication by north korea i think the umno prayer for vocations though. will would be furnished engine of the time because you know the traditional meal though provoking to goof off to the warranty don't go out and poked into the shedding of blood. right click the pic of a property in awe. are you committed you are. the local issues but that's why we have
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to look it up with the flow the exchange of publication two of the seoul korea that's why we felt politically although the goal possible. you don't create enough for the kitchen to get the stuff. all right dr team showed a senior research fellow at korea institute for defense analysis thank you very much for your time this evening. thank you. now we turn to the second ever a three part series on kingdom as accomplishments during his two years in power. tonight our unification ministry correspondent hung some new looks at how far the country's economic reforms have come under kim's rain and we are a hard head when the military in the year in the nfc and hollering two years ago. he made a bold statement. larry economic reform. been there must be economic developer jim jones and to receive more support from the north korean good in that sense north korea is expanding economic development that they can achieve by itself. despite
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all the international sanctions. one lady that loves to babble is the special economic zones across ninety days and the state the seventy two foreign ambassadors. but now executed. i love to get him to come. that was the key light airy and along with north korea to prepare dinner experts say tat its removal may put the brakes on the drive to reform and you don't speak these be and it knows korean politics. then use up probably to hide. ryan is in cui and looks tidy and no squid and eighty three great kids up the review lazio creation. mccain's new economy the phone and any kind of awful no policy i miss this project to make it all in currency and the construction of
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the basting and ski resort which is estimated to cost the ailing state four hundred million us dollars. what is expected to open for business by the end of this year but experts are skeptical about the ability to open up the to its cost and provocations and new year facts such efforts to open up must be backed by an easing of international sanctions and an improvement in north korea's image outside world. it is foolish of the north to think that they can attract foreigners despite building for a sign so all in school that is the attainment of american tourists will also vote against the north's that tends to attract foreign territories. on sunday at ten weeks. never announce their intentions and the south china sea. china has dispatched forty fighter jets to the area seemingly in response to a stand up earlier this month between the chinese and us warship
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party and has two teeth now i have to back forty of its jacket and fighter jets to the south china sea according to a chinese military paper on tuesday then it is widely perceived as an attempt to prevent additional standoff with the united states in international waters the guide states over the weekend revealed that one of its warships was approached by a tiny bbc pull off on the south china sea despite the radio warnings to us at the time he's in the soul cannot stop work in a us ship to take evasive action to four hundred and fifty meters from cobra jet they stood and to underscore the rising tensions between time and the us. following meetings in you read it clear to arizona for the north and east by the state. delta prompted washington to defend its right to steal freely in international waters and three the formal protest against right now. they're both diplomatic and military
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channels. time has yet to issue a formal statement on that you're cool is that. ty least claim to most of south china sea including oneself a claim by neighboring countries like vietnam and the philippines. ut and i didn't use. the nurse at the vets president popping like to see more pics from the nation's largest companies when they make investments. she told him as much time tuesday to face to face meeting the presidential office correspondence art and to reports economic revival i say canned chopped creation were two of christendom that ski poles for the latter half of this year. what is important the alice keeping the domestic economy on track to recovery. kristin back on tuesday attended or britain and germany for the new headquarters at the federation of korean industries person that would top business leaders and called for entrepreneur shed you do the job cuts has to
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stay humble. couldn't have been tumbling to go. let's make it to be questioned. she said the preemptive investments made during hard times or what in the book of riyadh to protect the area's crises in the ps and helped it to create new opportunities the us president has said an economic recovery is the short term cool in his the fundamentals of the korean economy as the long term black. she then urged the stent nice to take the lead and realize your creative economy highlighting just how important they shifted the beach and economic paradigm its present at all stupid craig emphasis on shared credit between large and small camp mates now. she called for new business ecosystem one that combines the resource is an experience as a lark enterprise has any ideas and creativity at destiny the president also asked conglomerates that was on the local market as there are a variety of sectors in which to cooperate with us and the sea. he opened them
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and put the candy. he is alluding to that uk is one of the hammond. who will have a patron had seen the stage at least me that president beck suggested conglomerates giveaway planned to be two years to smaller firms and seek technological cooperation from then on to issue a dvd. turning to the latest on the nationwide we'll strike that is now into its ninth day the mass walkout which is mainly affected freight services until now has now started to impact passenger train services including ak tx express trains in some way services and soul. the union representing workers of seoul metro says it will join the strike starting wednesday and in sports. police raided the offices of the country every other row corporations labor unions in seoul on tuesday morning. taking away documents and computer hard drives. hundreds of police officers lined up on the street outside to quell
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any possible unrest authorities also try to enforce arrest warrants that were issued on monday for ten union members but there are a lot by crowds of union members from gaining access to them. the strike is now set a record by going on dates. it's starting to take a toll on relief services nationwide. the country every euro corporation or a cool trail of the cute its operations after tx express trains quite often spend on tuesday for the first time since the strike began. still bleed services were scaled down seven percent on monday directly affecting commuters were having to wait longer than usual. with the disruption to train services. i was late my classes and meetings. it's been a very knowing. due to the railroad like to see more traffic congestion during rush hours to delay my rifle for us. and the prospects for further reductions in the number of cakes yet since all metro trains in
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the coming days race it's a possibility for more disruptions for passengers union members have shown metro lines one euro for an ounce of gold to link them the minute strike starting wednesday. the union said it will keep the minimum number of workers on the top needed to keep trains running striking workers are demanding the government reversed its free and set up a new rail operator which they claim is the first step toward private aviation the government and police call in an illegal strike and seagulls follow the letter of the law and dealing with it since then and i did onions in other news in its quest to wind down on profitable international operations general motors announced plans to withdraw production in australia and tropic chevrolet brand in europe it's left many wondering how much korea which has established itself as one of jen's main production cuts will be affected by the global restructuring and
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ga at the tips. this is the strength of the us dollar against almost all major trading currencies the relatively high cost of production. and the relatively small scale of the local domestic market those are the reasons cited by general motors last week read anything its manufacturing operation in australia by two thousand seventy. the worry and s korea faces the same negative factors in the milder four for now korea accounts for about a tenth mtn it will pull on a well planned and is responsible for developing its small cars including the spark. industry analysts say how weber the resent the end of it is a wakeup call for korea. as the country is not an exception for jen's global restructuring considering korea strong local currency i asked an relatively small domestic market gm korea's
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labor union and supply as most were on their efforts to improve productivity. all in all that. already gm korea was hit by the u s automakers decision late last year to scale back on the korean production of its compact car ruiz in the future. korea is currently at major production base for cruise but the compact model was being built here. when gm introduces its next generation model. on top of that jen's announcement this month to phase out sales of chevrolet vehicles in europe by two thousand sixteen was a major blow to the korean unit that's because in korea perdue says about ninety percent of the steady automobiles sold in europe or as much as a fifth of its total output in the short term korea will remain as the us on a science major production into the london center for small cars but its future will depend on its products the baby and price
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competitiveness. was it again well the economy may be in for a long slow recovery but some economists fear that korea's climb back out maybe really well as in similar to japan's decades long slow as japan's past comparable to curry as future to offer inside the now welcome doctors to do a professor of economics as in young women's university in the studio. it made my mind on a full professor wire economists concerned and to korea is going to look like japan's from the nineteen nineties well two countries has been suffering from pneumonia extend the use of the economic slow growth to slow business. and also to crunch is also free. so this pic from veteran rep did this you know that the jain community. and then god to come to stop competing
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fiercely in the global market because many of them commodities death sentence in the market although that thing in the sense to do this in the province that so often and introspection in korea since today's soon enough. at this ticket window parents sing while everyone around the world seems to be in the same but when it comes to slow growth but one thing unlikely that korea will trail behind you and others pick up because if you know the parody korea and japan seems to be better to stand in awe at the nick of the country on the economic and about deeper into the tin to the economic faction no change then use much wealthier. and off and have a very up world grounds of technology that than to shoot and go off so it is some respects i think you know japan is so red the stupidity of that adventure korea dispassionate been in the stone on assets in the japan is pretty rich in
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the global market in foundation investment. and yet i believe you still do remain hopeful about korea's future where korea's economic fundamentals starkly different from japan's first of the government debts and japan's government debts is over two hundred percent of the fruit gdp and of korea all it depended upon the definition of government dead but that the edition that all the fifty percent so off fiscal soundness is one of the kitchen go for full korea second advantage is that the strategy of the government. japan even though the trip and that japan is the strongest power in international trade so that the two wheeled open houses so you know never more than forty percent but in indicators korea. the degree of openness is almost a hundred percent seoul korea op is some or all oriented to toe raises so i think this one to be a basic difference between japan and korea from
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a western scholar in to make sure it does repeat past costly mistakes. well japan to the dispassionate after the prime minister of it the day are the odd kind of been on the following into full fledged of recovery the new policy association of putting out a moan into the system and also in open another box of government investment. so our entire economic recovery in japan is the government going to. but in korea under the new dish or bowl preston park which had been deducted from the porch in the sense that at the center of fish and parks policy does a people it was created for this and that individual private enterprises creative nasa so we can recoup costs of the spirit of business or entrepreneurship and that that is the basically one of the main difference that can beat up cars approach in korea. so the people and top with their creative ness and also the happiness and a
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whole. and that smart approach may make the critical difference a key so much for your insight with that new an end the typical winter day here in korea but there were some places in the east and south of the country are seeing snow showers at this now for the pelvis to overturn can book out at the weather
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center. a cookout with region's be the most affected and how much snow. are we looking at. good evening guys flat heavy snowfall lots has been pasted on the bounties and kyle until province and takes you. now the media not to drink aisle until we get old for twenty five centimeters of snow adds that says that a dash for cash to get out loud oh five to fifteen centimeters. other than that the winter weather advisory is in effect the outcome one two and the mountains of tongues uncle bill province which will seat three to eight centimeters that taking a lot that the current today stands as you can see it is cloudy across the map and the southern regions are getting some snow showers at this hour it seemed to come open to craft show and looks like the east coast regions are going to get a lot of snow at the chipboard easterly winds. temperature wise to continue to have seized on tactics and spirit tomorrow before things take a trip starting thursday taking the lead at tomorrow's readings sell this morning most of the main focus at two minus three
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degrees but the hi fi the last cities down south to meet its two eight. moving on to either be changed at the tented to be six and nine decreased respect to the bee balm arts and antiques at my mistakes. i have created our butts out the back but i think after midnight the broadcasts on this tuesday nights and it became so shawn graham thanks for watching all season the books having it's good to you. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six to five. then on sept two
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two. i was one of fourteen if i make myself and i was fourteen. wouldn't it. this of course that person today it's the same spot on reduce like a normal work on green st. well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys could be the same golf will the prosecution. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow us don't. so i run out of me trying to work into credibility in the conduct a life changing. no only giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. true we must live in person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all the kids do
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that. he said. well winter is called the vista home. it's no use to be seen in the inquest in another direction and in use them the same vintage. this mole is the key. mr the sea nature makes you in no way around. nosy. looking at the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for he uses a move by love. it's a man whose longing for something. he's lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong
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eye. in. the sells. steve
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you long ruling will britain opt for energy over environmental concerns for the plants potentially open up christine british countryside shale gas. i think. despite widespread opposition. you won't get it here. if you like it. if tracking link to earthquakes were bad enough we meet the texans living in the south l a for sale well with drinking water started to burn. they don't want the world and all that really isn't that


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