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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 10, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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access today's recipe. simply visit our website the text of the keswick you don't it's all cool completely. experts believe we can expect to purchase thousands of celtic supporters to fall. she plans to pump up its reliance on nuclear energy to twenty nine percent by the year twenty thirty five which is the same year that overall electricity consumption is expected to double from current levels nearly one hundred world leaders and thousands of supporters crowded into a packed stadium with a memorial service to the recently departed anti
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apartheid activist nelson mandela. what that means the kids. hindsight is a two state december ten here in korea lot of soul and deeply troubling things so much for joining us. we begin this evening at the national assembly where scores of bills were finally approved on the last day of the annual regular section discusses i'm relaxing tension between the rival parties and this time it's over in his remarks made by opposition party lawmakers about the precedents and uses up to one that's our top story. and that's just one week past thirty seven deals. any last hearing meeting of the annual baker says jay. the deal
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include several really good to list the nation's real estate market and several others that aim to bring about them. the chef cooked or to be checked. one of two national goals set by president cut in half getting to a debate on cloture animate by copyright law. the price deals on the sustainability of them enough to fill in the management of livestock products also passed the assembly. in a deal to be dealt with at the next week just for these sessions beginning this wednesday until january next year passing up thirty seven deals possible. as for the acts of the parties that an mp and tuesday afternoon to go ahead with prominent rescheduled as planned despite the construction earlier in the day. in the g seven meeting in its basic need instead of before and it made sense by agencies were supposed to meet tuesday morning. oh well maybe was cut short what yet it was canceled over the tart baked to a democratic party
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lawmakers against the campout in pay. all they can attack and that referring to allegations that can actually tell the kids had its mettle in batches. this relates to call the election fraud to see demand it. get down and called police think she looks at another dp lawmaker yes and you said the ship traffic and cut the fees to listen to to keep all sick of me. as the father of the president of john he was assassinated the national city has been deadlocked for the vast majority of its one hundredth game because their session it started at the beginning of september. now the single there had been passed before the thirty seven gained approval on tuesday. have to buy ibm me. the president talking head slap the recent comments made by opposition party lawmakers expressed regret over the current political impasse on to emphasize that lawmakers are caught up in disputes when they need to focus on
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the people's livelihoods instead. here's what she said during a cabinet meeting. to them. in the picture people who don't have to come and listen the local community members. tomes in many english couple who need to get home. she did ask me present box office as strongly denounced the remarks by opposition lawmakers accusing them of trying to incite terrorism and encourage harm against the head of state the president also emphasized that it is the government's duty to protect the people's safety and democracy. especially at a time when north korea staring out the reign of terror to solidify the leadership of king john nine which could further disturbed inter korean relations. turning to the communist north following the releases of rare picture showing leader kim jong nine's ousted of old town some tech being forcibly removed from a meeting
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there's growing speculation that a man skirt could be around when experts say up to ten thousand people made the address in hindsight he has to detox he's the junk some tech group committed to its anti hoarding counter revolutionary facts relax as nine at the unity and cohesion of the party and disturbing the work for establishing the party unitary leadership system and perpetrated such intensity on popular crime. the most notable part in north korea s report at ten some text from local art expressions that time some tech crew and anti party counter revolutionary factional back. a hint at more courage to come possible candidates. topping the list of following times but that rt video north korean ambassador to china tivoli a minister of people security bill signed by prime minister and the film minister of physical culture and sport. considering that
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around three thousand people were close to former texturing of the workers' party. and yet were executed or imprisoned when he defected to the south. at the state more than ten thousand people needed beds this time around. their departments that have been accounted for his lifetime of the various departments within forty eight like the international department as well as institutions in charge of collecting foreign currency within the cabinet will be the second toward it also god is the possibility of tennis comeback among north korea through legal aid experts expect the gap north korean leader will speed up the process for solidifying his power as the one and only blur of every team. by expelling jones from olives post. it looks like north korea will no longer allow a second in command and strengthen the power of teams on one's own inner circle all however experts also
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the possible uprising by china's four state may feel threatened by an uncertain fate. i'm funny and nice well that does not look like the ousting of time some tech is affecting the inner korean joint factory project the two koreas are inching closer to easing the commute for south koreans who work in the cats and dogs so complex seoul's unification ministry said tuesday that construction of an electronic verification system to control the passage of workers at the toy business park will begin on wednesday construction is expected to be completed by the end of the year. once adopted the system will allow south korean workers to cross the intra korean border at any time of the day after signing up. surely they are required to notify the authorities of the time the plan to enter and leave the park prior to their trade and tonight will meta human rights activist who played a direct role in consulting
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the commission of inquiry about the current human rights situation in north korea still at our house in acting deputy director general of citizens alliance for north korean human rights and joins us now in the studio. welcome to the program thinking for having me what to any new work extensively with north korean defectors and say you haven't hear to what the current situation is in north korea which use a sense i can tune in to power almost two years ago that the human rights situation has improved gotten worse or stay sane. i think it can be and already you plan on continuing diets that the situation has been deteriorating and with the strengthening of power consumption. can you keep those situations continuously deteriorating as i hiked to leave north korea and i think um the day so calm. kind of gathering up our bike shoes on and it will have other effects. bold and the leadership and on common
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citizens. in terms of for example increasing control of the society and increasing all control of what kind of information below and we'll all laugh on north korea and especially in falcon heights violation. speaking of the human rights violations can you tell us what are some of those common abuses suffered by north koreans comb the most isn't the only country in the was it that actually does not own protect any human rights that is least is on a new verse of the cure for the carnation up my nights so you name it everything from freedom to speech freedom of movement on it and calm the rights to life and our screens ethan they accept the situation has given them as normal because they've done to the heavily coated with a lot into this society for generations much money so they don't realize sometimes that something is wrong. so last month the united nations human rights committee just unanimously passed a resolution on the north korean human rights can you tell us about your role in
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that and how effective you think this match will be ten years and tons of compliments for his mom thing for the contents onto this if it's successful case that on ten years ago all the wallet was not speaking about this violations and criticizing north korea about that and right now because the then un commission of inquiry which has been a stumbling. thanks to the effort to open jails and my nco mets last year in december the fifty nine the commission for two nights which to beat teams an afterthought tweeting. she announced that its been too long but the one paid attention to new catty shows things then it's time to pay attention to human eyes violations not korea. and um what's on the loose heating effects of the work of the commission of inquiry. in general i read the report will come out and in march will have a case discussion at the calendar is khan still and probably the next steps
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that local pigeon on stamping and maybe even to the security council. say what her polish nationals who saw the fall of the soviet common is the first and then for the past ten years you've been working relentlessly for north korean human rights what more can be done that has been done before. by the korean government or the international community to better the situation of the door. for some fall here in south korea and i think the biggest problems that are the biggest problem that we have here is that of the stuff in societies that much interested in what's going on in north korea. and secondly the real test as with the water of a un commission of inquiry kia which interrogation of the investigation that they were conducting hair cut on who you really need some form of central archive being established here in south korea that will be on documenting these cases and also i'm gathering hard evidence on the information we already have from refugees
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are hiring of discounts and disinformation sometimes to be somewhere in non governmental bodies but it's not available to and she knows i think the central archive would be really on necessary and for god. either we need to pasta can uninstall at the advent of parliament or the governments can and do him to be independent action to actually calm established its own archives. certainly great ideas thank you so much for joining us and thank you so much for all your work on this issue. thank you very much. before your dna. and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of
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the covert its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. the world has gathered to pay homage to nelson mandela invest more ill service angel and it's worth tens of thousands of people including some of the world's most powerful figures were presents for the ceremony are seen standing reports the eye. i know. the bridge and over thus it is great. logies reading only. some ninety five thousand mourners including dozens of presidents and prime ministers and celebrities to send it up on johannesburg tuesday to seek it by the late south african president nelson mandela. the memorial service was held at first national bank stadium where mandela eva's first beach after being released from prison. despite being a
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memorial service and despite the rainy conditions to millwood at this teeny unless both joints and fast thousands of people came together and hearing the global message of reconciliation. several leaders in mandela's ballot as he speaks his preteen mandela to keep maintenance night. he lived a minivan this all fruit diet of this mason toward justice following two seats in the helmand ellis body will lie tuesday at the union buildings in pretoria for three games so citizens can pay their respects. he will then be buried on sunday in his ancestral village of killing you and the streak eight. says i mean i did onions. back in the nation after firing four thousand striking workers on monday korea's rail operator today let go of fifteen hundred
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additional railway workers for continuing to strike over suspected privatizing can plan and spike the battle put up by its union call rail nonetheless approved a controversial move to establish a new affiliate swinton and reports on the links. the conflict became an asian railway corporation and its labor union is not expected to subside anytime soon and the commencement decision tuesday evening to disney's an additional fifteen hunter railway union workers from their posts. falling of removal of more than four thousand on monday. a total of five thousand nine hundred forty one union workers are now out of work for calling a strike to stand against what they believe is to move the privatized rail. members of korean railway board meeting have approved this sad episode theory firm to repeat its trains connecting southern solitude the central and southern provinces of tomtom go and tidy that bill
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aitken to sixteen. union members at the train operators staged protests outside of coral building a support meeting was being held. in response to the striker rail has asked police to investigate illegal labor actions and construction of work and are meant to be unionized workers sacre rails key tx plants can result in mass layoffs and fare hikes. the company denies the claim saying the new unit will be forty one percent and fifty nine percent owned by car rail and state run investors respectively. and that private firms will never be allowed to buy stakes in it the government says the union's argument holds no ground and claimed the union workers for escalating labor dispute and has disrupted some train services. however inconvenience is expected to worsen as a labor union for seoul subway lines one for four is about to go on strike next wednesday to join the rail workers. turns out in the evening news. on the trade front korea's
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information and come in a case in technology trade balance reached a new record high in the month of november and right to demand from china and southeast asia the trade ministry on tuesday said if you live in surplus for the first eleven months of this year reached nearly two billion us dollars breaking the record set back in two thousand and ten outbound shipments of semiconductors contradicted those to the fair plus the smartphone boosted by sales of the samsung galaxy oh three and galaxy as for also provided him by the korean government has decided to ease regulations on the nation's broadcasting industry to promote competition and provide a wider range of options for people in the history of science ict in future planning said tuesday the cable tv operators will now be allowed to broadcast high definition tv programs nations terrestrial broadcasting companies will also be allowed to air various programs at the same time on their own channel
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using a new technology the company expects plans to create ten thousand jobs and five point seven billion dollars in revenue. every israelite much and nuclear energy. whatever you're having questions on whether the country will increase its nuclear energy reliance big tv set or leave it as if it's a puzzle reports on the government planned for the nation's nuclear future korea. the girls fifth largest producer of new pure inexpensive eat well be even more reliant on nuclear energy in the future the ministry of trade industry and energy on tuesday eve of the state's new cap our energy plan for two thousand thirty five to the national assembly and it shows a growing dependence on nuclear energy. currently korea's reliance on nuclear power it stands at twenty six percent with twenty three plants that are either operating or undergoing maintenance. the government's plan is to increase that the lions to twenty nine percent in the year two
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thousand thirty five which would require a total of between forty and forty two nuclear power plants. let the plants are already under construction or in the planning stages. meaning five to six more on top of that total will have to be built. american group made up of citizens industries and educates and bodies recently suggested that new era energy reliance range of between twenty two and twenty nine percent. taking acceptance into consideration the government's twenty nine percent rate is on the high side of that scale but far less than a set forth by the government and a former president union got that set up a forty one percent eight the captain concerns about the continuous construction of new power plants in the country at a time when other nations are retreating from nuclear power. germany for example is planning to close down all plants in its country. meanwhile they also happen issues concerning failed quality tests of nuclear reactors and corruption in the sector
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however the government says that due to the country's industry structure nuclear power isn't cheap and efficient source of energy it's a lot. i need and use the baseball organization gave out awards on tuesday for the best defensive players and billy stephen kaye joins us for the details on the cake he owes golden glove award is based on the page yet the members of sports media have voted for who they thought were the best offensive players in their respective positions and as expected the kb ozone season and the peacock gullible one at first place for the second in a row matching ninety six point three percent of the vote the highest since two thousand and two. meanwhile fellow mets the team it's not that thirty percent of the boat to topple pitchers
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become the first reliever to win in nineteen years now link builders come to know that don't some vanilla and kind uncle outfielders this has on sale and don't take as well as designated hitter you don't you. one as well. no one to world football deeper truths and strikers monday and was voted into the bundesliga is best to laugh it for the second week in a row twenty one year old was recognized for scoring the winning goal against promotion for men in their one nil win his second goal in as many matches. he also came in second in voting to buy earrings frankly they're ready for the player of the week with twenty seven percent of the bow. now heading to the harcourt the korean basketball league has announced that it will have its lineups for the all star game and out of twenty four players chosen focuses on building up the fan voting with almost forty seven thousand volts. now the two thousand and thirteen k b l all star game will take place on sunday december twenty sec
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now leaving that they're let's get to tuesday's cup match ups. first it's the kb now the sun some others hosted the gp led health it's been stellar. no action starts up top for both teams but the attitude from the stampede. there are forty to thirty seven at that. now that's four to the fourth time summed up by six with a minute remaining but keep the legs with carl pals ties them up with and did one and that the rate of thirty seconds left. thompson gets the last of what it's called a sub only needs of the rock the closet doors painted elephants when the dramatic fashion seventy eight to seventy six. now this time over to the belay t's house on monday blues bands and the russian paris best be dealt with head so it had done good things come in had been swept their last two opponents in the to do the same against them. with the first two sets but the best field rally and win the third set. now the goal to force the states created hugely julio martinez scores forty two and they take
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the next three cents to one that does for me here to sportscenter this has been stephen checked a bag at midnight for the latest in the world of sports i am. i do that. indeed. i am the guy i do. do. there was a chilly
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day here in korea and snow apparently is on its way it sells leftover turkey but doubt that the weather center i forgot how much snow. are we looking at. the guys that first winter weather advisory out this season has been a sit in the central regions tomorrow looks to be yet as smelly day must accept the country in fact more morning in the central region including the lake county ca one and two and a province visit leading up to between one and five centimeters of snow and other parts of the nation's safety of allah and ten in the air. now moving on to the current conditions as you can see it is pretty cloudy across than that especially in the sense of resistance to a low pressure front. now currently over thirty centimeters of snow has piled up on months of avoiding one do province besides all that snow by melanie visits talented author of the country's show keep in mind that maybe
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hectic on the rides tomorrow morning with all the snow showers. take the lead at the nab as well as the top the day at my next two degrees but i am one of the la table in front of the act by holding onto their beatings at the history degrees all the while to go and talk and technique it is seven and minus seven degrees respectively. i have read this outlet but the steel demand. that said broadcasts on this tuesday nights and nice again so i'm from and thanks for watching the season. i was
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the picture is a group of islands in the phone simply stupid. the two being region with its own code compliant i am. twenty million tourists come here each unit to enjoy the unique natural and cold. i am. members who came in and historical remains to be described as blue chips. most important of these. this is an honest because it limits the number of functions including thomas is folks. you know once had and to tune in to ski. most scrutinized in this industry can of beans time. our
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invincible was to issue me casa in its reconstruction of the old royal palace in the queue keeps his own . it was originally built in fifteen cents. when are you kicking and costumes and trade with neighboring states the air. this magnificently decorated stopped. does this mean. the man whom she recounts. the dragon designing. eight. as i cry the position and courts and switzerland sweden and he is still strong. she recounts much behind an extensive
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tradition of cool sometimes costumes in one country covers the listing to music and sound scheme. he lifted them above the main characteristics of this nontraditional from keeneland . the i did. the jury comes to mind the shake n go. these grace one of the royal residence in control so used to receive envoys from overseas. lulu. weekend i was moved into chunks the band consisted of time to feel content and consumes the street from turkey. so
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agreed to the old aquino image. causes and ancestral spirits of relief when it rains and brought us. and still attracts many easy baskets. st of war and respect for nature tht has beamed down in okinawa since ancient times. local people not protected. this week the group centuries. it's a place to pray to god. on the rocks and trees. will richard sykes a book in our living legacy this region's rich history and cultural traditions . the new new new
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new new. he said the ukrainian cup celebration by going to government protests says. i hate cent of the impulse of the cctv spent a lot today. that's it. while she ever becomes actually called for weston to clients that says high level representatives of the eta bbq i was all that funny scenes but by the opposition is and the president also part two thirty and was


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