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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 15, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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ll wong wong wing will. week is wrapping up the probe and missing transcript that the two thousand seven hundred korean summit prosecutors confirmed that the displacement of the document and a dilution of the abstract for delivery that's why other than a simple mistake. relations are showing no sign of improving after japan's prime minister called south korea a foolish country according to a japanese magazine before. a new record on wall street the dow hit a fresh all time high as any yelling what
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the white house wants to run the federal reserve testifies in front of congress the stores in more next on primetime needs. to prime time news it's friday the perfect scene here in korea flight from seoul and you can pay and job and thanks so much for joining us we begin tonight with the probe results on the missing presidential documents from the two thousand seven inter korean summit. the prosecution's months long investigation has come to an act that two former aides still a present in the leon ware in dotted on this friday on charges of deliberately deleting the controversial minutes the kinsey reports prosecutors on friday by two former aides to the president
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was time to really get former secretary for foreign affairs and national security and former national security advisor to tony time for the lead initial draft of the two thousand seven inter korean summit transcript however prosecutors did not indict president notes chief of staff when j and setting the lack of evidence the transcript became a hot potato in the run up to present reelection last year when the conservative ruling party accused the liberal new administration of conceding the northern limit line the effect of maritime border in the onesie to north korea. investigation revealed friday that it was a north korean leader kim jun an immense and doing away with the nrl. last week and then told prosecutors that the first draft of the senate transcript of last month by president hu supporters that the administration to lead the first draft as it was not a finished project. but
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the prosecution said any transcript whether a first draft or edited version in the presidential record that should be preserved and transferred to this the archives. prosecutors also said they discovered a manual that the new government use forgive the theme entries from the gimmick like the us sources them. along with traces of other records that had been deleted. one copy of the edited transcript was discovered in a store assistant at president know what to with him after his term. and another at the national intelligence service. the prosecution has announced that president note directly or to revision and eraser of the transcript and his deeds intentionally chose not to transfer it to the state archives at simply shocking. there was no reason for the no government not to transfer the transcript a bit trying to cover up its content he wouldn't have given a copy to the national intelligence service that you
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have transferred it to the state archives with a transcript would be confidential or thirty year us. nancy. at any tips. at that whole subway prime minister a tumble one but with the leadership of both ruling and opposition parties in an effort to jumpstart star proceedings in the parliament in a separate one on one meeting with each party the prime minister made the appeal to help pass the pending bills as well as next year's budget proposal through the current parliamentary session that ends in december in response the opposition democratic party stress that it depends on president park in may and her budget speech before the parliament next monday it was not only the prime minister pushing for the resolution of a prolonged standoff between the rival parties and the first meeting ever the heads of the country's five leading business organizations called on elementary leaders quickly passed economy related bills to expedite the recovery
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media reports the pick of the country's cycle or just visit the organization's met with the ruling and opposition party representatives to deliver a petition urging them to quickly pass a ten bills to speed up the country's economic recovery and support of the week of murders. that and old along with thirty three of the economy related bills. collecting dust at the national assembly with some of the pool for as long as four hundred and eighty days the parties remain locked me in the investigation into a misplaced a transcript of the two thousand and seven inter korean summit is as follows allegations that the national intelligence service medal than last year's presidential election the ten bills increase by the meter business groups include measures to boost the housing market and make it easier for investors to invest in the company to list it on the context of new stock market for small to medium size businesses. this
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is representatives also asked lawmakers to vote with a number of working hours were actually instead of acquiring the word power reduction to go into effect immediately the rival parties agreed that these bills should be processed quickly. but the relief kennedy party floor leader ted don't hide it. expressing concern that the ongoing political impasse could fall back economic recovery. the democratic party floor leader tom gone hunting and decide that the conglomerate said also play an active role in creating new jobs and increased investment. this is the first time ever that this news and parliamentary leaders have sat down together. well they all agree on that need to spring economic recovery. the stark differences between the parties indicates there's no telling when the bills will be addressed. beauty and i didn't use. they share some good and bad news on north korea's nuclear activities south korean government says the red state is well prepared to combat the fourth
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nuclear test but there are no signs yet that indicate another test is imminent. our defense mission course on and on and small south korea's ministry of national defence has raised the possibility of a force in north korea nuclear test. briefing lawmakers of the relief committee party on friday and north korea's recent new contract to babies. vice defense minister pics and you said that the town is ready fourth test at the sou the underground tunnel. i mean this site in haiti the province located in northern part of the country however said there are no signs of an imminent test according to pay the western title of the messiah or the reclusive regime carried out its third new can attest to that area is now under construction. seoul's defence ministry also reportedly projects that if county and continues operations at its young gun uk reactor at
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the current case. to apply or six kilograms of plutonium by the end of next year. which is enough to make one new coupon. south korean military officials also reportedly believed that north korea's capabilities to miniature eyes keep their weapons have improved significantly over the past seven years. ever since its first nuclear test in two thousand and six although the south korean government says another test doesn't appear in an end to some experts say it may come sooner than expected. perhaps at the end of this year or early next year. and then me a senior south korean official says there will be sometime before the six party member nations returned to the negotiating table for talks on the new arising in or that special at the foreign ministry told reporters on friday at the six party member nations to korea united states china japan and russia agree on the need for specific
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conditions for resuming the multilateral dialogue but they remain divided on but those conditions should be he said the most important thing for solace to ensure that the north is i'm able to prove its nuclear capability while the talks are underway discussions will continue with us chief nuclear envoy grandbaby special to make a three nation tour will take it to china south korea and japan next week. anticipation is building that north korean leader kim salmon could be gearing up for his first overseas trip since taking power. citing unidentified sources in beijing chinese and south korean media outlets are reporting back and has expressed a desire to travel to china in january if he does the report speculates that the north korean leader could make a major announcement regarding pyongyang's nuclear development program. however it is also noted that chinese person shooting game with me too ok set to visit and that he hasn't done so as of yet south korea's unification
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ministry in response to the reports said they were not aware of any plans by enjoyment to visit china the trade ties between korea and japan are showing no signs of improving with the new report claiming that prime minister shinzo lobby has called korea a foolish country is dismissive remarks that stirs up anger and controversy and the nation and uses foreign affairs correspondent and he has this report. a conservative japanese magazine published on thursday. japanese prime ministers in the lafayette calling for me at least country that is the fact that the japanese leader reportedly compared the effort china. ate that while china is an absurd country it still able to wear it in a diplomatic matter. he said serbia on the other hand it's just a foolish country the remark is expected to further a title that diplomatic not between
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the teenagers. relations between seoul and tokyo have seen frosty with jeff and refusing to apologize for wrongdoing during its thirty five the occupation of korea vi demanding an official apology and compensation act and for an estimated two hundred thousand korean but men who are forced to serve as slaves for the japanese military. japan says that what happened during the occupation and in the past and that it has about a compensating the korean victims do a lot of pain and two eight nineteen fifty five treaty to normalize bilateral relations the japanese leader wants to be on the past and has been vocal about his hopes to hold the senate the president talk to me that it had to get to eat in the two topics but it's not an issue of forgive and forget for her yet president fox has made clear that she was a japanese counterpart and ninety eight data that it will be played less and less spectacular change their perception on what we get the u s were
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trying trying. penny ante to me. china's highly anticipated third when i'm wrapped up earlier this week with the leadership of proving a comprehensive set of deep reforms covering the economy politics and the environment among other areas for more on the implications of the outcome of the meeting and whether the world's second largest economy be able to push ahead but the abyss of policy plans are joined by dr him to stop professor of economics at the catholic university of korea. welcome to for three weeks be a full professor can you walk this are some of the highlights of the communique that ended this four day meeting but dolphin economic side. well i think the statement that is the kitty inputs attention is that market economy and will play a decisive role in china's economy the forty
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said to a plain piece of cool but not to give me a much more emphasis. another interesting. it's planned that they have is to give more property rights to farmers so that that the console and even sell and buy them and now that china was a communist country so twenty years thirty years ago this would've been unthinkable. but now they realize that having property rights makes economy more efficient. so do bring that in. i think this meeting is for showing vision showing mission statements. add to that extent i think. it succeeded. but will have to see what kind of concrete plans that to come up with an upper hutt said the most notable outcome from the plan as is mentioned in the beginning i was a leader such acknowledgment of the markets decisive role from the previous basic role so when you think esther reason behind china's apparent a pro i am an upmarket effort for. i think they realize that the quilt to have economic growth. you
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need a market system. ants but they would put them up a system now for ten twenty years has been fitted with can very well for them. so i think that doubling down they want to go ahead for good people more cool sort of growth for the chinese economy for the chinese people and also i think it signifies that. well i don't know whether to doing it for the show would actually feel it this way but i think they're showing that the two have confidence that the communist party can remain. remain in power they can have one party system but still move ahead with a market economy. because ten twenty years ago no one was really sure where that kind of command to do that. i'm also. i think the independent judiciary. the more market economy. it shows in correctly that they're very concerned with things like corruption and inefficiency bureaucracy specially and regional governments. if you listen to people who actually
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went to china did mention that it stuck to the regional governments which act as barriers for a lot of economic activities. so this may be an indirect way of saying that will deal with that problem. so do you think this pro market faction within the communist party has a good chance of making their big vision into reality well i think. given the economic success that the comments on it that the china had so far i think if they could continue and make it spread into other cities in other regions they have a very good chance. now the problem is those precept is the problematic sectors the match knowing this the state owned enterprises to regional governments the financial sector. they're all very very strong vested interest in what cases both are fun and a half on korea where the rest who were willing to attend to the fact that they said that they want more openness. andy of making up to the emphasis on the aforesaid just mentioned i think it signals that
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the one a lot of foreign direct investment now in the long term though if the reform succeed and they become a better market economy that also means they become more efficient producers become better competitors. so in terms of korea that means of the house did not go into more higher value added sectors and so on but i think it also means that korea has to find a way to be compliment a complement to china medicine competitor i think china is to reforms succeed. then bill become too big for preemptive have to compete with. so will have to learn how to live with china how to take advantage of china. i'll rather than compete with china. i was thinking so much for your insights on that. thank you very much. before your dna andnother began. get the latest line from seoul
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expert analysis from h's heartbeat with the viewpoint only caught with its local network and why. for the odd white gold accents. he always on standby. south. cheers all across the board from wall street to the korean stock market got a boost from the woman who could be the next chair of the federal reserve. janet yelling back the central bank stimulus program saying it can't be withdrawn without sufficient evidence that the us economy has recovered from the sun has details the dow and the snp five hundred and eight and in new highs on thursday. following comments by the us federal reserve chairman nominee jerry warren suggested that accommodated policies which continue as long as declan theres fresh now. her senate confirmation hearing on thursday. jonathan
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and offense meant to spur economic growth and said it's all trial in a small tree policy. she can t need to promote a strong economic recovery. she said the facts contained expansion of its holdings of bonds and securities at a pace that eighty five b lee us dollars a month have made a meaningful contribution to economic growth. if the setup counties delicate approval as expected. the full senate will vote on confirmation that curious on friday. bank of korea gov ranks and you stand back here as comments and said the bowl of central banks must not be undermined especially during times of economic uncertainty the bank of korea held its benchmark rate at two point five percent on thursday for six straight months the korean won with separate second drop in a week after for investors pulled money from local stops in preparation for defects
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potential hearing of its stimulus program. so different. i did and knees. a united nations report says iran has stopped expanding into rainy and enrichment capacity since the sunroof on he became president in august in its quarterly report released on thursday the eighth international atomic energy agency said that since august no major work has been done to the potential plutonium producing reactor that concerns the united states and its allies. the report also makes it clear that inspectors don't believe it could be reactivated anytime soon. analysts say the iaea findings should strengthen tehran's hand and put the onus on the west to respond during next week's nuclear tops into the top suntec musical role has developed an electronic or two that could revolutionize the way you use your smartphone and other devices it's also likely to heat of
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competition in the wearable to market a key means he reports. lateral and ninety s filed for a pattern for a wearable and tonics didn't add to that would be applied to the throat. i knew was like a microphone to communicate the smartphones another bad day. according to the pan application made last week. a taxi would be compatible with nearby move on to buy shares and has a built in microphone. the tax year which is about the size of a postage stamp but also allow high definition phone calls in noisy environments the hits of the tooth to buy it. you can also be used as a lie detector. going to drive a lot of revenue for two is a whole new area but as the whole system absolutely big opportunities on the horizon. it was already made inroads into the wearable attack market with its middle class which is set to be launched next year. though the class is a wearable computer with a small display that allows users to surf the net to take
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photos and send messages of hands free. the company has also writing new function for two boys command a prescription lenses for you i must wear glasses. major competitors it is panasonic sony also jumped in the lab tech industry. he's smart like his. an apple is also set to join in with it's new i watch next year i am news the baseball organization and it's off season but one team still playing the korean series champions played their first game at this year's asia series in taiwan and stephen kaye joins us for the highlights stephen big eyed peas on someone's face off against the tally eighteen forty two though colonia in their first game of the tournament. the score was tied to that silly the bottom of the eighth when
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veteran easing up whose pride in what situations the more help with a three run homer to break the deadlock and get the five to two way the asia series is due to comprise the league champions from asia and the screw me up but for the first time including the italian team which is last year's european cup tickets. now staying with baseball and this comes on line for that matter the team and their pitcher tom ones on the parade on a record contract deal. the thirty year old lefty got a four year six billion won for more than five point six million dollars deal making him the highest paid pitcher today. in other free agency action. lg and their fourteen year meant at the e don't you agree to terms on a three year nearly two point four million dollars deal contract now moving to the pitches south korea and switzerland went head to head in a friendly we had friendly match in scholar on to first
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s swiss midfielder chris on the plus one in far right post early on to make it one now. south korea presses on with mole locally into the hat. then in the fifty ninth minute korean back window hole scores the equalizer it's one to one bed in the eighty sixth minute the reliable until now has one and tobacco than back of the mat and south korea wins the friendly tool was and finally mess and with friday's kb election the first matchup saw i'm at the gc taking on the eq and elephants. katie stayed at the breaker of the np said that it's their own thirty five twenty eight and the fact that by default by the fourth and despite a late push by pt lead the dc on the back of more than ten or sixteen and then gets the win sent the two to sixty nine and looking at the other day he found some fun bears defeated the combo crony eighty three to eighty in overtime. that does for me here the sportscenter this
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has been stephen ten setback at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. do. a winter has arrived and i hear showers and snow are in the forecast for the weekend
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that's right pretty itself let's go over tracking down at the weather center of town in a stunning t hat while it may snow in the mountains of taiwan province on early sunday morning. now taking a look at our satellite map where seeing a mixture of lights on and smile are the countries of the speaker on the roads. now it's it's wrinkled from saturday night sunday morning throughout the country after the shower is on monday morning lows will drop below zero degrees in spite of the country possibly leading to snow in some parts of the central of the day picking up a light at tomorrow's readings late night showers are forecast to fall with a high of fourteen degrees. meanwhile kate winslet and top out at four sixteen and eighteen degrees respectively. not sit on their face and said this morning love reaches nine degrees with a high of sixteen. meanwhile talk to and now that he had his fifteen and four degrees respectively. on top of every
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i enjoy the rest of me and i'll be back with my updates to make that. thanks gal. and that's our broadcast on this friday nights and he's in pain so shy when thanks for watching have a great weekend see you soon. to the oneworld programming for globally minded people. sponsors and underwriters local contact test sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. the books. having it's a bit. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six to five. an
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